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Dale and Dan open a steroid debate, from baseball to football

Dec 26, 2012|

The guys open up a discussion on the Hall of Fame ballots and how votes should handle known steroid users. The two are on opposite sides of the debate and come to odds when the true benefits of steroids are brought into question. They also go into Dan's personal steroid use and how they affected his career.

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Our number two DNC Sports Radio WEEI my name's Dale Arnold Dan silly always in studio with me and he'll be here tomorrow and Friday as well. In from WQ I am in Miami. He's got enough energy. And and a five hour energy drinks apparently that he'll do this show and in -- into another room and it was midday show on Miami. Greta finish 10 to 1 morning slowed no way man my grandfather would tell me I work three jobs. Port no C news was it was on lobster man fire man. Well you don't you don't work for a living in my -- to get ready play pro football president -- Mike Grant can break. We get into the wrestling later off that's where -- bone -- -- -- from him he didn't he wasn't called bone crusher at the viewers Tampa Bay. It was called bone crusher -- was wrestling with pro war public gets that off. This is the this is the Baseball Hall of Fame -- season. There's a great piece in the Arizona Republic are written by mark Fowler. And in that he tells about his ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame. He said and I'm quoting he said my ballot for the national Baseball Hall of Fame 2013 election is in the mail. It's dutifully signed as my baseball writers association of America badge number recorded all official. What it does not have is a vote -- single player. He sent it back blank. It's his way of protesting -- What -- -- and and -- let me finish -- protest -- off like a rocket -- let me tell you what he sang let's. Well he's saying that that poll voters are really left with three options as they make up their ballot he said. You can vote. Based on player's career records and just forget about -- forget about it doesn't exist. You can selectively vote based on whatever suspicions you might. Or you can vote for no one because he says there is no guidance. There's no there's no rules but hall of Famer Major League Baseball doesn't tell you you got to do this he edited at any said so I I am left with those three options. Steve said his ballot back with -- Name them -- voter. In the right mind me these guys like -- Supreme Court that they feel so entitled to have to use a vote. -- someone else's career to make a point. Part of the story now this is what I hate about certain writers. Bob Ryan I saw him say the same thing about that Clemens or bonds. And I don't European units. I care that those men are hall of fame baseball colors he's not a doctor he's not a pharmacist. Is not a chemist how. Possibly know. Which steroids do to a player you don't steroids -- Sarah. Liking your career they don't make you better instead. Having to work out during the regular season that your strength I've taken them I'd never had a problem telling people that I took steroids okay. Didn't make me a better player it may help your player because like state. And became longer my body could stay the punishment. Okay make me a better. Are you gonna tell me without steroids bonds would be at seven home runs in a season I'm telling you my second -- steal sixty minute and I. -- that's that's beside the point are you gonna tell me without steroids he doesn't hit seventy home runs and a season. -- I'm gonna tell you your wrong that's -- problem and it's argued that bonds got help. Okay sure are okay he got help -- I know it's got jacked up because OK so wait so you're telling me Sandy Alderson and Tony rooms are sitting at the dog out of the oak. Athletics and they see Jason Giambi. Mark McGwire Jose Canseco and there are bigger than the raiders defensive line and you're looking at those guys going. Guys are not any kind of performance enhancing drugs you know like -- Because in 98 -- race was going out they were filling ballparks and and saving the game from the 94 strike. Then when we return to turnstiles. Suddenly started getting. They're taking -- take. Steroids out of the game has diminished game to see the interest in baseball needs. As much before we pageants in the game. -- is not as the -- was it -- -- 5060 Albright. Turning around but the guys at 4035 home runs that. Don't have the same people into the game as the Jews and maybe it's not not got. A hard -- people back in -- game. People to the ballpark like they did in ninety your absolute and now. Claiming. You've played the French for out of the game. You know what I feel bad about I feel bad about a guy like Henry -- Who should be the career home run. Whole record holder and in many people's eyes he has because. Bonds numbers are -- jacked up by the fact that he illegally used substances. That's what I know I nobody would hit seventy home runs in a season but he never came close to it now. Before he started taken stuff case -- like we talk about the greatest running back all time and he felt he put -- -- number one. I you know I thought it's probably unfair for me because I never saw him play but I just assumed James Jim Brown is number. One OK well when some tells me the greatest moment hatteras. You really need numbers as a parent that I regret the most look at who holds the -- well well again may the biggest impact Henry Aaron did. Reggie Jackson was right. Over 600 adults over 3000 hits over 700 home runs. Talk about consistency when he was forty years hit forty home runs. This is back at 73 when he did this right this guy here was the most consistent home run hitter but game has ever seen. Played a heck of an outfield. The best all around player of all time I that I put him up -- Frank Robinson might be the most under rated wearable type. I don't like it and no disrespect anybody when I say this when you guys like Andre Dawson and Jim Rice and the hall of fame. Diminishing the hall of fame when your putting guys who should be and just exclude people outlet and McGwire and bonds to put this -- and to make a point. Diminishing the -- you do that are you when you lesser guys and rights dominated for seven years. All of a ten year span when he was just not in the baseball I don't Arnold feared hitter in the game he really wants -- no doubt what he do it for 101213. Years. This guy Qaeda was a little bit like Mattingly a little where you looked at Matt knew what kind hall of Famer sinking Reich's. -- -- -- -- Your putting guys like that in and -- -- gonna put people like Fred McGriff Alfred berg filed friend Fred I'd love to. Okay. -- -- aggressive in the hall of fame over McGwire who was maybe the most feared first baseman in the history of baseball. -- first baseman in baseball argued. McGwire. Now acquire Paul. Maguire McGuire yeah those are all run hitter. This time did two things well he's not he's not a whole Famer in my opinion not because steroids not gotten. He hit home runs and is on base percentage was pretty good look at but he was not hall of Famer in any of the other half -- first baseman now. -- -- that position. And think how few guys were dominant at that position. There's been so few people at first base. Eric. Quote -- So people who played first base -- a lot of what's my point. If you support at home and hit at first base nets' Derrick if you had a vote for the hall if you had a Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. A number of years. And Manny Ramirez's name on the ballot and he put a check mark you Batman suspended twice now sentenced Jerry's sense steroid testing was implemented so you can even use the excuse in bonds' case well it was before they had testing. Is this in Manning's case. He was caught he's been suspended twice you still vote for. I do of its latest Red Sox never been the same since managed left that I I don't and bat out. And if Manny being Manny is 554. Home runs seventy under plus RBIs. Manny being and if at all day long do I. I think this story is going to diminish. Dale the more we get into further down the line I think you're gonna see a lot more forgiveness is you know like the voters are gonna change by then. And you're going to see more leeway as we become more forgiving as we are as a society more forgiving. I think you're gonna start to see more people. And you're gonna understand more the game. OK it was under the influence of that. More pitchers were like Clemens in these guys always thought that was so stupid -- that one year when he was at the Astros got tagged because apartments and I'm like yeah that's a steroid master. Don't realize I said -- -- my. My PD animated like. Are you suggesting that Roger Clemens on steroids and yeah. You're taking heart medicine. Take an art medicine it's just passed. The risk of but that's all that's what we do you Marty and you have been very forthright in the past about this that you took yeah. -- -- 'cause I wanted to do this. I wondered as I suggest just wanted to get bigger and stronger and faster and all those things you want to be a better football player. And I wanted to be richer. And I said that to myself that it took five years off my deepest and if it's five years off your life and like eight million dollars. And you could become a professional football player. Dale right would you -- Cuban might say that but he actually. You know I I understand the question and it's. It might my audience is no. It's up for -- And you're not going to be there for the final five years who cares -- It's it's AD 75 my daughter's three talks about evidence 75 or your credit. I've got in LA to a bit. -- an -- but it's because people always question ago. Touched there I mean -- would forgo that one could be better football and I wanted to be -- Right so it's -- use of it in my point here and taken -- to bonds and those guys. It didn't take it to get healthy he took it because he wanted to hit more home runs it -- you want and I hit it out stronger and make more money. And so why should I reward that if it's if it's against the law ought to take them. And that was it and and well it it is without a -- -- exactly and then after the institute. Test after they put testing and I'm used in many here. He gets caught twice after they have testing watch several warned that got caught. Wants forward Jews once for the massacre. Isn't it when you take pregnant when insurance called HCG. Today I've taken. It would it does is it brings back your testosterone and what you see that in someone's system you know immediately while doing. I doubt for any reason -- -- -- game fertility drugs and was trying to -- -- emblems like I got -- other than that you're you're not doing so. But I think we're gonna become more forgiving. As we get down the line here -- you can't exclude the numbers and you can't exclude the dominance that at me. Many mayors is the most feared hitter and pop in my opinion it's a two adheres to recover from that do not being an outline. Jason Day really. And -- like urinating on the green monster. And it all all bribes and matching Gehrig in grants and at any other guy in my lineup that's that's never appeared lineup since that guy. That's. And out of your line when you had man of -- Manny was entertaining to me and Manny was a producer forming. 6177797937. As the telephone number you can text to -- 37937. Hi we we don't always agree on stuff and this is going to be won the Dan and I are gonna agree on I'm afraid Joe's got to Connecticut HI don't. I'm doing great -- a darn good but not. Against Abu. In -- -- -- the question earlier about Eric -- year. Gartner -- that they don't they don't like any better date it's. Prolong your career. Well. Very good yet they question and I doubt they can look at the better player. -- isn't okay do you think longevity makes a better player -- yes OK I'm waffling because. I I or else come from these in this okay how many of them warning shots. That bonds it would be warning shots instead of home runs I agree with that probably an extra five feet. And feet. You're talking probably 1516 home runs that it's going to be a different spot for -- For steroids I think it added longevity to guys like Clemens. And bonds take a look at what those two men did after the third after 37 years of age both guys. One guy made a 190 million dollars another guide me to wonder thirty million dollars because they signed contracts and they saw the production. I get. It that it gives you more longevity does it help -- A lot in extra feet does it help you when eyesight I don't think it helps you and I site does it help or they -- like it's okay. It helps you when it comes to those warnings shots. If you. I'll give you that joke. -- reach out and slug cleared up. But enjoyed listening. As usual so I really important to normal morning earlier. -- at all. -- thanks. 61 out in -- had. It's six point 77797937. As the telephone number hop on board -- like obligated pats and dolphins as well and just a couple of minutes. -- Kevin -- is here against silly old Dale Arnold filling it pretty NC Sports Radio WE yeah.

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