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Mike Lombardi, NFL Network, previews Pats-Jags and lends some sanity to the Jets fiasco

Dec 21, 2012|

Dale and Kirk talk with Mike Lombardi about the Pats' matchup against the lowly Jaguars this weekend and how they're shaping up down the stretch. They also discuss some of the expected openings in NFL front offices this offseason, including in Cleveland and, with some recent news coming out, the New York Jets.

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Let's talk some National Football League with -- NFL network our conversation with Mike Lombardi is sponsored by. Town fair tire. And by HSA. Insurance Mike it's -- Kirk thanks for joining us here in Boston how are. Great morning good morning Merry Christmas to you by the way you. I'm gonna go back to Sunday night's game for just a moment 'cause I was there at -- I'm sure you watched it as well it was such a strange game but to see the Red Sox. A Red Sox the patriots down 31 to three. Put together that stretch where against the stingy as defense in the NFL they put together four incredible drives really made me wonder. How good is the San Francisco defense. What except this -- -- really good defense but I think to which you saw for the patriots and -- wrote -- so much on Tuesday the patriot fans should feel some sense of comfort that. The team can come back I mean in the past when teams have tried to play the patriots with a certain style like the -- in the playoff game. And and the patriots didn't seem to have an answer for and I think they did have an answer for that took a little while on the you know maybe electric too bright for some of the young players and and they turned the ball over way too much but once. They got a good group but once they got comfortable. They they got themselves -- the 3131. And it wasn't because the nod for playing prevent the first ten minutes to go in the third quarter. When the game was 31 to -- for the niners were completely trying to. Play their defense and I think which -- -- was the patriot offensive attack that could score rapidly. That that has mental toughness and has the will keep fighting and I think it's gonna benefit them come playoff time. Like the patriots chances here Mike if things hold up what they do as a safe three cedar -- -- potentially to Denver and Houston to get to normal. Yeah well I do I think look Tom Brady and Peyton Manning can go anywhere plus. And -- I mean that's the key you know winning on the road starts with mental toughness and I think that's with the patriots team has been able to demonstrate the issue whether it's the drive against Miami. That and the the victory that perform that players that they ran the ball down Miami's throat when they needed to whether it was the comeback -- separate Cisco. What what that was the domination of the Houston Texans I mean you concede the middle of the in this year's team. They didn't have early in the season when it was report quarterly to -- the got a ten point lead against the other an opportunity to put that game where they did they would have an opportunity for the Baltimore game where they didn't do it. But part of football is growing from this season and I think what you're seeing with this picture -- tremendous growth and I think to date now at the point where -- -- -- loss. I think they have the right mentality to be it would go on the road win I'd make the Denver since December there was -- game could essentially be for the simple obviously. We were talking a lot yesterday about the situation in New York with the jets in the quarterback situation. I -- it almost seems a given at this point that neither Tim Tebow nor Mark Sanchez will be their next year how hard will it be to rid themselves of Sanchez. Well look I I think people are missing the point here on the jets and it starts with their capital in the twenty million dollars over golden next year's cap with the players that currently house. And some of those players that they currently have on the team perhaps county contracts that skill injury and salary cap which means you can't get rid of the incentives for example. Has that it is -- contact -- does Tim Tebow so. You know they're gonna have to take have somebody take him off their hands. And and rid themselves and they're gonna eat the cap charge essentially so. It it's really problematic in new York and it's going to be interesting how they solve these riddles I think what would people misconstrued his. Is last off season after they didn't make the playoffs the jets put together what they thought was a two year plan for the football team and part of it to your plan almost guaranteed contracts. A whole lot of players and now what we're seeing was those plans and the players accountable to be effective who they guaranteed. Are no longer effective players so that to your plan is no longer place. But the money -- place that's gonna affect the -- can be worked it was a -- -- -- Woody Johnson do you fire Tannenbaum and Rex after the season. Well compatriot and perhaps no I don't know I you know I I think it's going to be Woody Johnson has to answer that question this way does. Does he think those gentlemen have a solution to solve these problems with their mess they've made. Or does he need to start over deputies to start over whomever comes in he's gonna have to get in the long term contract as. You're not gonna fix the jets in just when you're just like the raiders in terms of how their contracts were constructed. Out there and Reggie McKenzie takes over it's gonna take some cleaning up to do into the -- -- losing -- games before you get fixed adjustments. I've asked this question and we've heard theories about -- was that wanted Tim Tebow to be on the New York Jets who was. Well I mean you know it's the same the same god who wanted -- who wanted to pick Vernon Gholston nobody that would -- that what they want to hit because Smart enough in the NFL. When things don't work out nobody takes calling for a couple of things work out with a thousand people in line there and take credit for. You know look I think this I think the -- Are reactionary team. I think they wanna be like the patriots they really think they can be like the patriots. Because some people in the building have had association with people at the patriots. But the reality of it is they don't really understand the core element with the patriots do and therefore they always are trying. To find ways. To be creative. And they confuse hope for a plan they were hoping people could come in and helpful but there was no plan for people who -- helpful. I mean is it really took people's fault that you have a press conference for backup quarterback. Is it really can people's fault if you make him available after the practice every -- from the -- you'd think that the patriot way. No I don't so I don't know who made this decision but I think the plan would fall I think they didn't have -- really aren't out and I don't think they're planning of the football in the building of the football team. Has been very effective I think if you look at thirteen the last three years they have repeat do they have certainly gotten worse. Every single year. I've heard it said that Woody Johnson wanted Tim Tebow but the marketing aspect depth to compete with the giants for the back page of the New York Post. I've seen zero evidence that that's true. I don't I don't know how to you know people say that I mean. You really think that that these teams if for all the Jersey -- -- -- do you think there's that much money injured these cells that can cover. The expense amicable and that that's so. Really out of whack I don't see that I I think you know it is winning makes the back pages. You know that's what makes the back page -- -- winning and that's what you get paid to do -- and I think it's really this is what I believe and this is just the theory is I think that Rex. Was told by enough people for years ago that we really miss Brett Smith you know Brad Smith and often truly gave -- an element. And so his reaction to solve that problem with the GM's reaction to solve that problem was. You know let's bring in PP going to be cheap we can have a back up what this. You know and people you know the other kids you both have faltered -- people -- an opportunity to protect or where or New York. He chose he knew Jackson would really reluctant to take him so he went to New York because they were bracing them and now look what's happened. They random question for you here Mike. Let's just say you -- general manager of football team is Josh McDaniels some of you might look at the target as a potential head coach. You know. I really does that separate the reform this -- -- condemned running Josh discuss unique skills. In terms of his vision of football has the ability to command. And the results -- from his proven on the field starts up fictional Denver -- -- a lot of times we confuse youthful mistake. And we think their -- and they're -- and I think we all are growing with all alerting and we all are. Understanding each day what we can try to get better performance I think the -- judge is. This year that would improve. Beyond any reasonable doubt that he's an outstanding football coach and he's made an offense that was outstanding better. You -- buy a trial of sorry. I was that you buy into the idea that somebody is second time around like -- check like these coach you -- sometimes the second time around. I think the second time around period it is misplaced I think it's that people call retreads I I I look at it is re learning. I think to -- out of all the most school you go to to become head coach. There's no there's no institution you can national training programs you have so you make mistakes on the job. And if you don't have the right support system you don't have the right infrastructure sometimes those mistakes of -- which after the jobs which happens to all of us. And I think if you're Smart and you learn from your mistakes you can come back I -- Marv Levy was in Kansas City. And he came back to what the buffalo what the forcible -- was a retread coach. I think there are sometimes for guys have second chances because they're Smart they learn that you could sit down with them and you can understand what -- the mistakes they've made and explain. What they learn and they're willing to change to be willing to adapt which most Smart people are but I think he can hit that hit the trifecta with a could coach -- -- -- that. And I you can ask about -- people -- the mistakes we've made in Cleveland that both dealt paid for our internships are partnerships. And bill went on to really benefit and the -- benefit the most from. It seems as though the coaching carousel although the that the wheels will start turning perhaps as soon as the Monday after the final game. Would you expect Andy -- in Norv Turner will be the first choose to fall. I think that would be about six of them perhaps so put himself Monday destructive for the new year begins an -- question there's going to be a lot of changes and has -- San Diego. And Philadelphia both the owners have said. You know this is why it seems to be happening so quickly both voters said -- would we be that we need to melt the playoffs are often have to make some changes so you'd know that's going to be the case. A lot of people suspect Carolina a lot of people suspect Cleveland we're gonna change right away coming up about some people think Kansas city's gonna change coming out of box right away. So there's five teams right there that could make some changes and I'm sure -- will be some surprises but I do think we will see. Because the competitiveness. Of finding the next coach because of putting yourself in position that interview the right guys the -- had been quickly because once one team makes it. You can't linger behind because if they get the coach you really want because you're you're waiting to make a decision that's not good for athletic ones means more. But at least in some of those cases in Kansas City is one Cleveland is in all likelihood one and I think the jets could be one. You're gonna need a new general manager before you get a new coach -- -- Well I yes I think that may be the case submitted all depends on on this they fire. The GM in Kansas City if -- fire the GM Cleveland I think it all depends on what the impartial should be organization wants to look like. Certainly at the jets I mean maybe they fired the general manager at the jets can keep Rex is the coach. I don't know those situations but I do know that. That time is of the essence because that is a competitive market out certified coaches as we know this. The coaching staff in its entirety the infrastructure is really important to have success the next season in this quicker you get that the federal PR. Who wins this weekend giants from Baltimore. Well out -- lot. Everytime I think there are two teams have had me confused lately as a giant -- -- -- like he played for the field to turn around they haven't done it. And the same thing with the giants like he'd wait for them to turn -- but the giants are -- unless their defense and wind doesn't want to play the giants are that are really an average. They're not a good defense if their defense -- as the dominant. And so that's been the case the defense of life has completely leveled these two played a provocative play this week against Flacco. And really rushed out -- the the ravens offensive line has struggled really Michael ware is -- what left tackle. Their guards Bobby Williams John Reid has struggled inside Matt -- got blossom Harvard graduate. You know he told one -- he's trying to play but it's stuff like that the -- should win the game because their defense wants them to step up against the very weak or offensive line. Mike it's always fun to talk football with him not Merry Christmas stealing your family happy holidays and we'll talk -- against him recruit everybody thanks -- but I care at some Mike Lombardi from the NFL network -- -- Mike is sponsored by. Town fair tire. And by HSA. Insurance.

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