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Wednesday, December 19th Whiner Line

Dec 19, 2012|

Congrats to Mut, Holiday Cheer, and a look back at a Titantic 2012.

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying TTP. Proceed with caution and -- discretion music box to. Lynn Morris and now losing Laura your line. Large or having lunch we see Chris Carter sit next -- -- was this started Cris Carter has to. Try to get him on the show. Didn't work out so well that it -- now I really didn't work out so well thanks to show he was a nice enough guy but really -- in Norway have screwed up so WEEI. -- more senior lying because it's a big name guest. He wanted to come on talk football what does he has a lot to say about Deion Branch in the patriots but. Because. -- in order weigh in handy in those guys play over and over again Deion Branch disappear cuts. Like. Dial 6177793535. And somebody told Chris Carter. And Carter answer when he was told WEEI. Was I'd love to come on dot dot dot. You guys in the afternoon still kill me whiner line totally relaxed. And having getting killed ever since they crushed. They crushed me thank you -- order labor and now he would come on talk about it today. He's obviously on the bird but Colleen normally ruin it because their incessant hammering a portrait of WEEI. Weiner lie to Michael. All that we know what that time that that would bring into our world today. Carter Daniel my audience waiting seven pounds and two ounces is only as all of them. It's at a course like -- it ski. -- -- just screen. Just can't help himself with this Chris Carter I think he might be at he named his kid you. Chris -- he went up and a -- after congratulations. -- and. I'd like job. I'm really do until he gets you -- -- you home while. I don't know if you guys checked out -- senate last night Chris Carter interviewing Adrian Peterson vikings complex I did I miss that that wardrobe. It looked like he was wearing a bathroom. While interviewing one of the smoking jacket you know buddhism is ironic. I think or got a well scored the next level -- mutt named his kid after Chris Carter Chris Carter will now be weekly -- On the Monroe -- No I don't get much notably. Did you take about this woman excuse kid that grows up. It'll be. Playing with a bunch of kids will be Brady in the -- the Brady you know him on the radio there and the Brady may be Westhoven there. They'll be Carter cart. -- is a lot of Brady's. It's auditorium. Or plus one or two kids in Iraq. Either you're white lights but AT&T WEEI -- when your opponent Rand drug Blackberry device that brought you like. AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE speeds. Would be ten. -- -- That's that's as fast as -- it's hard times faster than three GAT and T read thing pops with congratulate him. Like in the higher. Yeah and little yes. -- and it looks to Europe. You've got permanent but they did killer app that can't maybe they're not prepared tell -- I'm not. -- no doubt I'm very little weight problem. You know about that. And -- it's a game like it actually that you can buy that'll Paris. It's welcome back -- yeah I thought. She knew it was it was a little handle on it. You -- gone to a baseball players in Chris Carter. Recently with the reds that's right you could have done that nobody else again the starter at guard Andre Carter characters as you. -- -- -- it's a lot of color but you can by the Carter line of clothing in the kids' -- currently. -- Don't mind my asking going to be a -- yes I was excited but it can't congratulations it was that. However I will it -- that you -- But I and talking got a little bit today that the picture you know about it on the board. Try to come into a four arguably can do everything. And that -- you know we can't help. You know some of the green -- I had my. And -- are hurt. That it was my card. That wasn't even the guy you know it's just another guy since it's contagious papadore army drink afterwards -- From one. Yeah it's true that one -- it was more. The mark gave a press. And after that pitch with. The visual. And now that mud -- -- it was David. We go on maternity leave for about six months but it our political. And that message I don't know we haven't. A -- that you watch our next caller addresses forests like it. What would happen wants this whole thing. Of the -- It's anti discrimination law buckle -- -- error upon birth of the child as a direct to what we've we've adapted. We know a lot of benefits court inherited. Testing equipment and doesn't know that I certainly hope somebody else. And that's how we got eight wigs that we get copies of that it's eight weeks at a time right candy is right it would have -- as -- -- -- he would know about that risky could take off eight weeks and mail gets eight weeks what -- president can -- weeks as soon. I'm -- -- good information good information. -- But not that well then why not many and the end of the world that not. Only cannot abide by it and -- world more. Anderson did you know Manning's Carter he's Carter and John Carter Daniel men and ski and we welcome to the world world's a better place with that's right excuse. I could just. The only good thing about people it's going to happen it won't have to look at that the -- it -- went to do it anymore. And that strategy at Shea who seemingly Jason lives in a movie even now I have a -- are now on I'd be able to blame for -- elected. Not if you haven't haven't won a serious look forward to check on loved the way you know honestly that those vampire don't know enough about that -- now I don't know that's true you know that vampire it's not. When I hear now. Geneva holiday movie recommendation for listeners that are yet to see -- grateful. People listen for a while. But you know -- that was that was a month -- it's still out there though don't -- -- -- ms. Pelosi doesn't Carter have a role in -- As Jimmy Carter. He does things -- point he would. Rob Parker with. Which way -- went -- I was about to get fired. Up his head up this again. It started talks a good job -- And if that helps certainly -- -- -- -- They -- -- equipment. Partly because you throw the ball immediately don't rock the boat. I don't know I don't know -- You know I just couldn't help but wonder while -- -- -- -- Why not. Put out by fighting with the weather gets -- The other day it had taken their -- I don't know it can Tebow effect. Wiping out. And the message. So I heard that at. The senior white rather busy or ball quite an editorial that it was a little little movement even just hinted that -- reporting now that Tebow if he doesn't start one of these what do you released just -- -- -- play. You try and -- fight my idol isn't a bad that you call everything about it really so bad. Consider it like it is auto zone. And -- Ahead of the -- back. You don't play in Daisuke. Is he might vote that you're about dumped like a lot -- -- here about a year and a -- It's unbelievable he has the Asians have joked to -- it is a line. That's through -- -- -- -- organization. The New York Post elegant lines as the one day. They released. My athletic. Out. People that are. Going to be in the first game play another effort you might be right the Canadian Football League -- The white guy. Partner. At guys and tell -- that apple. Aren't -- great. He has and has been wouldn't give it up Greg McElroy started -- -- yeah it's a playoff -- chartered about a playoff long. -- -- -- he just wants to dump on that point one million over the camp next year -- team assembled the team yet. And it just happens out there -- I had Sanchez that's laughable when people say that the patriots are team like Pittsburgh like -- Indianapolis others. Who have managed to capital and that's what they're constantly in the next jets' top. They got to face the pretty women lined about this I want that one that was that when that would another stock. State and Tebow did this not that in -- look back and didn't. You know I'm. Violently in the field outside -- in my liberating ability. -- of course is that that it was favorable but problematic. But you know what it meant by the. And that's just why haven't you read it accurately you know you notice later in the replace ESPN was doing a little bit digital is that little computer icon. I ago let's listen that's in the don't do that I think -- if you don't have the words out -- protected by the SEC you know. People and are clip the side does that make Palestine. And it's managed that it. And. After last night's game because -- was there and doubt that the -- -- -- -- -- said that by Obama this conflict and they get the paper bags are you period. I'm glad it's getting out of hand out these officials that the beyond bad. -- -- -- probably needed awful consistently against public and have you not apparent bank did this some kind of agenda. I don't think that's the -- he could have its effectiveness which. As he in my towards -- like there are a lot of people. Need to go to the kitchen before by -- -- -- Go to the kitchen and Bennett Salvatore -- -- I can keep going down there. -- -- I -- 100 you don't really. Those green and yet they don't actually. What. -- -- Felt it was officiated his bad calls but don't -- because that was not that was not the violence that has happened. The worst defensive minded team what's happened I wouldn't happen writers have like 62 jokes today on the lead -- rider Edgar's picture of me talking about guys. I know. I feel. They don't give up bad debt problem about -- about -- -- that Iran I have another record. And excitement that I have about I think it's not the end of -- like that the funny part. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And to viewers that you did the lakers. You know I grew up. Well those people Carol overall there -- that I had a good spot right field corner. Well. And all those good old you know as a he's built for he's had a lethal balloon -- -- -- that day when this Pacman came out. A little while controversial this -- next level not just pat and I can't miss Pacman. SeaWorld set high school our bed my keys it's. Along came out a glimpse at director -- said that there to show yeah I've. Well when you were talking about all those island gal was earlier pre 1977 reference. It's everybody taking Christmas. Happen. And -- Christmas. Catcher Paul. All have to do. So only you know that long ago he used to date Babe Ruth. Chris -- if you make. Another idea. Ali here's what you. Plus then watched CNN. Time. Today and today. Accordion man as great as finished the year as usual our lives recreated himself of course -- great Oakland. A Titanic thought that a hundred here later folded Boston's board. We have a lot -- to take a look back at our 2012 peer review. Are you ready to go back to Titanic. It's exciting day as we. His body counts and it's 45 manager of the Boston Red Sox bid to shift some assurance can. But you go here we go out there when this came and went many great memories dressed like. Beginning a whole life that I think it's going. Extend beyond anything that ever go to. -- And. That jump off the good. It was sort fiesta and France on super ball champions. And she has done -- had the -- through school over the top of the. And he's. As physically or emotionally. Into the game as soon as he has been in the past achieved. From one tonight this is my job FaceBook is my first back to -- it nicely and you know there's just something. I don't really understand. When I was trying to do that's another way we go lower. They are accurate about the three series. There are so many unhappy people that organization you can't even imagine. Responds going down we didn't. We -- do the Dodgers. Josh Beckett Carl Crawford it and Gonzales but so they -- there are a waste of money. Doc Rivers had to get the Sox. You're really -- up this. Honestly Bob I just thought we had that were involved and you feel with the coaching staff have been loyalties during the course of these. Now just get rid of the can hear you lay in bed at night because about you know everybody that you could a couple of federal. -- -- -- -- -- -- I bet that's beyond while I don't think we really gave him anywhere match that up with anything. Does that the special ports such a categorically got it won it. Book it put a ball on -- that fit as you very special Christmas Wendell wow and light. AT&T AT&T forgy LTE woods -- ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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