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Ed Cooley, Providence College Basketball HC, on his memorial for the Sandy Hook victims

Dec 19, 2012|

Ed Cooley joins Kirk and Lou to talk about his reserving 26 empty seats at PC’s recent game against Colgate in honor of the Sandy Hook victims. He also employed Nike to outfit his team in green jerseys, the color of Sandy Hook Elementary School, which will be sent to the victims’ families. Coach Cooley coached at nearby Fairfield University previous to PC, and has been deeply affected by the events of last Friday leading him to make such a visible gesture in the victims’ honor.

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That the last thing I want to say is -- really really lucky because I'm gonna get on an eight hour bus ride and -- arrive in Rock Hill South Carolina. -- -- in my house from a walk upstairs. Milwaukee in the two pink rooms. Guy with a five year old and a four year old -- and -- -- crew. With a bunch of Teddy bears slain in their room Obama give them the biggest hug in the biggest kiss I've ever given him. In -- families in new port Connecticut. They're walking into a pink room with a bunch of Teddy bears with nobody -- in those events. In its tragic. And I don't know what needs to be done I'm not Smart enough to know what needs to be done. -- I know this country's got issues is it a gun issue is that a mentally and illness issue or is -- a society that has lost the facts -- understanding. At that decent human values are important. And our leaders -- -- for President Obama okay but you know what he's my president now he's my leader I need him to step up. OKMR Boehner as speaker of the house he is Xavier guy he's a Cincinnati guy Garrett he needs to step up. Parents teachers rabbis priests coaches. Everybody needs to step up. I was right to coach pat Kelsey last night after playing Ohio State and he said they gestational surrogate talk obvious thing to say. He said and we played in the last seven threes we played it there again was our guest right now -- in the AT&T hotline. AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. Is that going to head coach of Providence at -- cartman and the Maloney or you. Are you guys do and put out for having me on I really appreciate it. -- thank you coach because that in -- Speak as a Providence College alarm that I don't think -- that it prouder moment than yesterday afternoon when I heard we were about to do in that game last night and obviously it affected you. That talk a blow when that decision was made and how the whole thing came to fruition. Or you know Sunday night -- urgency and and in you know obviously. To all weekend. Well it's -- that happened down. Down at Connecticut they're just really who has two children. It will put them in a -- day old advocates and I would love hate you later we take that term program. -- called Nike about 9 o'clock 8 o'clock and I gave him. I -- were represented at the architect Eric Barton park in short of the college basketball side. To the possible forced Arab League surgeries. Too little -- -- arm. Tomorrow. And I -- -- Pay tribute to the families the community. You know I don't even know what they're abortions are I wouldn't wanna be in -- Superstars what. What's going on and I just want to pay respect to them on them in some way. What little way we use communities Providence College to our shoulders or. Sort -- makes you a lot of credit not only deter -- -- around and it will branded -- one last names on one kilometres school's name on the back of maturities. Because we want to play some open. Bigger than ourselves you know and we want to -- -- different purpose wasn't a ball game it was all about spam and sector. And community. And -- -- say our players were. So bought him it was so I didn't. Know each -- -- certainly different from last night. You know they want it just a small token most in 08 we love you about -- particular. I think you know everybody's trying to do just do something to suit -- you you want to do something so badly and I'm sure for you and everybody. You know has such strong feelings about this but coaching -- Fairfield four. I think it was 56 years being close I'm sure it must figure that differ when you first heard about you must've thought my -- this -- as a milestone or coach or live furloughs. Roughly what I mean you don't want my neighbors that we Lipton milk sorted out they have choose children and second great. And I sort of -- -- you know I heard coach -- to talk about the cute -- rooms and I just couldn't fathom go through Vietnam general and our children and I have been watching it together that you really. Give us perspective on how to talk to our children I'll try to defend him. You know kind of blown out fairly close out and reflect current everything we can do show. So emotional physical support to -- scrambling to Connecticut we are will we will peak or other. There it definitely was if you put things like this put things in perspective I'm just wondering you know a addressing your team you know being a coach you at this level and responsibility and young adults turned in during these kids rather in two young adults. Was elected dressing your team in your players. Like a -- my entire lawsuit teacher cute in the life I think you can teach a -- -- -- became a basketball becomes. Pretty easy because that's what we're -- for. Oh we want our guys to be hopeful we want them to be hungry want to be great human beings all sworn Egypt -- In the conversation would lose very somber. I stop them and have court I talked to them all things that it transpired barometer. But don't you don't know the -- agreement to him in the great teammate -- -- brother sister great parents in old that are brought to be leaders. We -- we have this -- -- we are we're we're extremely portable with some local search what was on the -- world but we almost have to take. Our color -- on a lot from your student all week here. The more we do people get. Overcome a lot of different layers are -- to -- to -- humility and humanity. Sources Robin play Sorkin also themselves. You speak of your team any -- -- desert. I think picked last -- -- -- -- I read the actually put those standings up in your locker room the kind of remind all team. That is in my locker room that in my practice facility -- and all -- that in each and every individual locker couldn't spell out what. Aspect reality that's our reality right now to legal prove it. That's what people must think about it so I want our team to play it would pretty. Sent a desperation. -- want our kids to play -- I want to -- should be and I want to play it would personality that you may pick their -- the start but I woke America. We put a team together I think it's a lot of fun to watch him over -- at their first look at Chris Dunn last -- Vicki Johnson as well so I think. Latest a lot of excitement and it really has a better upper Providence basketball and an -- you in neighboring gives you all the credit world I haven't met you yet coach everything they hear about you. I think this that does the alumni. Couldn't be happier with the guy kind of leading this team moving -- client who at lose and lose in Lubbock and later in the -- -- well you see some. And greatness that year. -- problems are too important opportunity or cup in Boston had a great experience there but at the same -- at all. And anytime you can back in and understand streets the vocabulary here this. Big difference in the way it -- and not -- if you process. You know. It's just a dream come true from the intellectual armor that -- before an op program we -- a lot of work to. I do -- stop all the credit in the world they're they're relentless recruiters. In the -- it put us in position to have some success long term. You know you don't recruit every single day every single -- people could not happen it's like not have an oxygen -- -- -- -- -- -- Why do guys -- a great job last night with a gesture that whenever called it the stuff you do with it but securities -- the point six seats and I think people. Retouched Biden like you said this is that is the best you can do the motion do this situation we appreciate your time thanks a lot. I appreciated and thanks a lot happy holidays to everybody talks. Always look let's go to -- thank you. Regular coach. -- who -- coach a province basketball and you could hear province 13 point seven. Out there and they've got a Boston -- Moscow Saturday setting him up and BC. To be -- -- the legion. Of which it was. Part of it. Six was 77797937617779790. Threesome touch the budget topics here. Patriots were restarted. It would should they be playing for different seat year to be resting guys this weekend we'll talk patriots have Tom courier -- fifteen today is that right. Tom Carter won fifteen. When you take your stuff in your calls we get.

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