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December 13th Hot Stove Show

Dec 13, 2012|

Kirk, Rob and Alex are all back together again and talking about what has been the most active day of transactions so far this offseason. The Red Sox introduced Shane Victorino, Josh Hamilton agreed to a deal with the Los Angeles Angels and Ryan Dempster agreed to a deal with the Red Sox. The guys talk about all that and how those moves have changed the landscape for free agents and where the team can go from here.

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But still show your 937 WEEI Turkmen and Alex beer and rob Bradford are all attendance the first time I think it's four weeks. And it's a good day albeit attendance guys absolute. Insanity a muggy afternoon in Major League Baseball started with. Chain victory in those press conference in appearance in my Maloney south like that Chinese who was on the commercials with silly 3000 hours and he's. Sound like him for all those four and 1991 and exactly. Rob Bradford -- the burial which is always great -- in the studio with them. Bringing brown back -- great Josh Hamilton -- 125000005. Years and now looks like Ryan Dempster. Is going to sign -- with the Red Sox right it's our guests are well agreement is done pending physical whatever we don't know physicals go -- yeah pending physical. Two years and 26 point five million yeah. With shoelaces as I was talking to Alex earlier today is is somewhat suspect that he turned down a 226 million dollar. Reported contract from the Kansas City Royals and now he comes back and accept this offer. I think you had more to do with the fact that are never existed rather than you really want if the. I understand why because I look at Dempster as I did with is doing victory on Napoli to lesser extent of those with him -- You see a guy who split and actually his whole career he's going to turn 36 and they is that correct first a good job at right on a -- -- as fast Shane Victorino for the rest of the show. I don't into the Red Sox are under any illusions that he's going to be atop the rotation guy I think today they wanted to get a guy who was a reliable innings guy. Who's you know who is an excellent clubhouse presence -- who has a track record that's actually. Really good if you look at over the course of the last five years he's been playing. In front of really bad defense is not that nevertheless year after year with the exception of poignant last five. He's posted pretty darn good idea are raised -- a good quality start ratio with Texas even after making the jump. He had a couple of starts that you know kind of went off the -- but he got a better quality start percentage than any as a member of the Rangers. In any member of the Red Sox did. In 2012. Class of outs but to be honest that's not exactly you know not that's what -- Orioles here and -- out -- I -- -- stick to soccer National League. It's two months in the American League got his brains beat means you -- it was over five in the American League his whip was one point -- his career ERA in the American League in league with the Rangers. It's four point eats -- Yeah I mean I think the biggest selling point was Ryan Dempster is that the announcement was he pitched the law. The game they needed someone like that I do you think. It's kind of a costly thing for our wanna call insurance but that type of that type of pitcher because. You can jump in and say hey you know what were upside. Slot in Franklin morale Allison and off you go. By that I would -- well yeah but he's a little bit of -- yet here's a flip side of that is that. No and under no ones thinking of Franklin Morales -- the -- innings it right Dempster has pitched for last or five years so. But. I do think it was a very expensive. Quote on quote insurance isn't eater I mean his season is -- really get by in. There's actually potentially play a good answer that welcome back to my original point is that. I think this was the priority is that they needed someone like that in the rotation now. I still think today and I've said this all offseason and guys that they really wanted to get in that slot -- the -- -- thought Daniel Bard was going to be. Which is a controllable guys who could potentially be atop the rotation -- may be along the lines of -- missed out on Josh Johnson or something like that who has except that he's not controllable I don't know I understand why every for a couple years he is on the control what I uncontrollable forward here that's a bad example but it. That's true it is -- yes and I thank you and -- gets something right. The but. About a guy I guess it -- well the reason I mention Josh Johnson was because a guy who could potentially jumped in the top rotation we look at Ryan Dempster. And I think that I don't know maybe Alex -- two little different by the league Turk and I agree I don't think anyone think he's just beat opening day starter one or two no totally agree I think that that the Red Sox I. Him to be a a reliable three or -- someone who's going to be able to absorb some innings someone who in the words of one talent evaluating that I was in touch with today. Said he could he he can kind of pick and take the butt of of some of the weaker lineups he's probably going to struggle against some of the deeper lineups in not in the major leagues. But still he showed some you know he showed some pretty interesting swing and miss stuff. Both with Texas and with the Cubs at times that was -- was actually higher with with Texas down nine in August starts but still. It was -- I go back to the Red Sox here assuming Napoli gets through will talk about that and by the way we have no guest tonight. Interactive guys way sports talk. Every as the seventh show. That's what 77797937617779. 790 three's and get your calls here. Throughout the hour look at OK so forty mound which is -- for now. Forty million offer victory the team in the 26 for Dempster 1066. For Ross won twelve and how much for Ortiz. Thirty potentially. Except us spent about a hundred how much this off season. Tied fifth with some I was 840 million direct. We -- -- -- return back because there's Jonny Gomes as well talk to Carl Stewart nine everyday put it is a good return so far all through all of it it will be okay -- it calls not a good and this is a good contract you go up a deep Ortiz that's. Other than Ortiz is a guy you look at you say this -- -- are going to be paying for the ball. -- -- -- think that of all these guys are complementary guys and then we've made his case where they fit needs for the Red Sox. I think the one guy that can make this a make or break is remains Napoli I'm a big that was. But potentially. Policy difference maker but that that was an important piece of the puzzle now. If that goes the Ryan Garko south and it's going to be problem's going to be real problem because if they didn't get Napoli big Fella Napoli wasn't gonna work out. That you maybe you extend to four maybe in five years for Josh -- I know they went through that but. -- right because that middle and we've had department Theriot that -- the order bat. So hard to fives so I understand where you're coming from when you asked the question of are you -- with the return quote on quote but it essentially the Red Sox have adopted a different model of risk assessment. They've decided instead of kind of putting the eggs in one basket if they're going to diversify and they're going to get a lot of different baskets and -- out there that there's a lot to be said for that coming off of a couple of seasons in which they've been just crippled. By injuries they're taking the approach that we need to basically build insurance into our roster -- the signing old guys to do. They're signing older players to do it correct who are in their thirties and I I wrote about that at some length today. The question of whether or not they're going to have went there there is a risk associated with the strategy they're team things that are going on. One that they're going to need depth in order to make it through the next couple years to their betting that their next crop of their next wave of prospects is gonna be really freaking good. If they're wrong about that second part. In the whole model of this offseason is a bad well in this VR is that. The success of this a lot of it depends on two guys who are already on the team -- Barry Lester. To a certain degree buckled so I think. By you if if those guys don't perform those type of guys don't perform then all of us doesn't that that is a really bad strategy because you're getting complementary player. Are around guys who aren't performing to level yet. -- how well that then good tried to do it here and some fashions. A punt. We're just punish him by doing two or three years of it right out of doing and the way ranked boat tried as it tried I tried to -- tried to move Lester keep those guys. Long term get guys back start over completely start over and I understand that's kind of what they're doing on the slider -- these two or three year deal. Not 56 year deals that's I would do. But they still can occur I understand daddy they haven't but they haven't they they've basically kept complete flexibility they're able to say that they're building a team they're investing in a team. In trying to see if he can become a competitor and 23 team right. And if it's not then Jacoby Ellsbury is trade value right now stinks even though he has the -- even though he can get a draft pick for a team acquiring him it stinks relative to what it could. If he puts up a huge half of the season. He can be this -- Zack Greinke haven't talked to have a season out yet to match in this world is on these guys healthy the Red Sox are going to be that's like while our -- yeah they're knocking the tree. Right correct if they're -- contenders that may well nobody plays at their 500 at that point. Beat last year there were 500. At that point there were two and a half two games while the decision making process -- a lot different when the guy has half a year left before free like the other team went on that team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- that's the trick that's the problem that's exactly they were last year they were very good but they weren't they were they were bad enough. Right it made -- they've made the big trade mid August sitting right till I was out of it's -- -- teetering at the trade deadline but. There's no perfect target trade Jacoby Ellsbury as Alex do you bowl pointed out it's. It's an imperfect scenario but I think with this Hamilton thing the conversation becomes interesting with -- a little bit with Texas we talk about the Red Sox in their offseason. Ball Texas missed out on a lot of things here and I know they were in on Justin Upton. But you wonder if there they've always liked Ellsbury if they're gonna get back on that that train in. And now. -- the Mariners or there or it these teams who missed out the -- of the thing is gonna push things along whether it's. The trade like and -- very trade or even the other outfield market. It goes according to a source -- that swisher wasn't gonna sign until after Hamilton signed so -- sides. Now we get the ball rolling not only with swisher but maybe with Ross made with some of these. Rates 6177797937617779793. Set your phone number. A break we get back to talk about Josh Hamilton or what's wrong with Mike Napoli wonderful fit and can you offer anything a monopoly situation. Now. Is it nothing until as any as in any case you know. -- You know every every aspect situation resolved you know. Right now we're we're here knows in victory. Are you are you optimistic about this situation and I'm not gonna. I spent -- today talking to the Boston Globe's nick apart out. About Mike Napoli and -- and -- get the phone calls were to the restaurant second what is the situation right now as we see with Napoli was going to. Follow. We as you know we talked about earlier in the offseason the red flags of Napoli. There in the world of baseball there are some red flags monopoly in terms of was wasn't qualified for me. Lexington qualifying offer for Ron Artest which is -- in -- again that was the first one well why didn't he and white -- day in day and this might have been the reason. Nicely get the fiscal and and if you're the Red Sox -- any team you can ask about that. And you're gonna get answers but you are gonna get definitive answer until you have the actual physical on that seems to be -- -- umpire as I said before. If if things don't work out here in Napoli to me that's a big dent in this offseason. Yeah I agree because then your alternate has become. Either Adam LaRoche or Nick Swisher homered good players and LaRoche -- and it's not like he's asking for crazier is asking for three years 33 or. He's thirty he's he's not he's thirty series he's gonna be age 33 for next right. -- -- but he's so he wants three years but then you're getting into it giving up the draft pick which is something they've been trying desperately to avoid bonds is he fits caught up better as a lefthander. Well and any other thing is so we knew about his leg hip thing anyway it and it might be some red flags. Well now there and we're guessing that there's a prominent okay that's one thing and you rework the contract but what happens now you gets to go to first base. And couldn't -- -- this guy move around like he was already a questionable first baseman divorced. Nice and hey you know it is this physical problems really -- -- bred him from becoming a better first baseman. It adds up estrogen Hampshire's first recruits going out. They got a lead overnight you're you. Had a shot as it did or are you 100 trade up to kick out of my head held -- it relates to Texas and Olympic Hamilton's side techsters are trying to do I'm desperate to make up that. What else very unlucky. For Derek Holland might all continue to have all and middle brought to play the corner for the next ten years. I just thought I'd flip the coin though from Texas perspective. Why would why they get to do that the. Because you get old very teachers how to tell that the future that it's not about the first year. Because I have to -- to compete Kuwaiti year assignment for next year. Yeah I I think. I think you're slayer and try to like in the bought your scenario as is -- is an interesting one but it's I think that it's unrealistic John Lackey isn't going to be moving to really any team. As as trade value until he reestablish is what he can be going forward. -- Barry has some -- is interesting but I don't think that his trade value is all that high right now. In order to be able to land elite prospects and I should add that the Red Sox basically are only thinking I would only consider moving Ellsbury if it got some legitimate starting pitching kind of guys who were established. You know mid to upper part of the rotation controllable pitchers back so I do this scenario that you're offering wouldn't get it done. I guess Holland actually isn't isn't isn't a bad scenario but again and I I think that. You know Els there's value wouldn't get you'd necessarily Derek Holland. Shot link is up the hitter is up next as a Goetschl. Doing well thank yeah I think you guys should just scrap the whole game. Right everybody protect and promote our. About it you know we would never show 617 does that set a history there after that it had to figure it -- and 6177797937. So Anaheim or Boston Angel season for the second straight years who by the war. Get the Big Five years and won 25. For Hamilton sounds like the Sox were not gonna go past three years I can understand that. Five for 125. For him to win the offseason started was. That's about what I -- neighbor yeah I mean it's in the assumption was that some team was gonna come in and five. Even when we're at the winter meetings and everyone was saying -- three -- you say you know what. It's such a shot in the dark it's -- remain at three or even four. The the the part is surprising wise I guess despite the Rangers to evidently getting go back to the Rangers likely said they were gone because. -- that promise or are. Assurance you would think hey you know what Texas would pay that does look at what they have. Let me ask you this -- the Red Sox for three years right what what is the highest number -- they would be willing to go for those three years I do wonder if they would have gone two or three in ninety. Richard Hamilton eagles' three and 939 better than 51 point five. I know are you going to find it as a as a player with the risk of breakdown. You know and there is considerable injury -- there. Are you going to be able to get two in 35. On the back end of that three in thirty. I don't know that he had some tough ones besides which it's nice to know where -- going to be right or a significant stretch of your life. How seriously did Red Sox series and again I don't think you got that serious I don't I don't think that they I think they were kind of you know they kind of remained in the background like -- You know got it back -- if -- forgot to three they want to position themselves the best way possible that's why you have the meeting and so forth and so on but. If it did get to three would have been interesting because this is what they. Big win that battle this offseason more times than not because they're willing to overpay for these short term contracts. But it just wasn't gonna get there. That's a problem to Napoli -- if that if it does fall through OK let's just say it just doesn't happen at all. A good line even even with Napoli -- topic it's a great lineup without Napoli Agassi to plug in the -- potentially puts him as a real concern and. Well I think I think it's we're gonna have to hear more about the ailment. But I think it's already concerned because as we pointed out you need this guy to improve as a first baseman. And I think that if you played him more he could but if this physical limitations and it becomes a problem. Joseph in the car she -- stuck in -- he's up I don't -- I got a good -- good -- Put up Rodriguez stepped Alex rob and that depend compared to week. I -- and yeah. Mike Napoli we were. I can think -- cut it off right now and do well. I mean like no what is stopping them so I'm really Nick Swisher -- Cody ross'. In the outfield in trading out there you the end. A prospect or a picture. I went out so I wanna step back from the specifics of what your raising because I didn't write down all the all the components of it -- I just found I just I just I just -- -- a lot of time to be fascinating in the sense that. You can throw just about any scenario out there oh yeah they should trade Salisbury and -- Napoli and go to his free agent out. Inside this fourth outfielder for another you know for another 1529 dollars. It is all available like this is one of the most unpredictable offseason with the Red Sox. We've ever face -- it's there's there's just a -- -- -- -- to sports talk radio. It and if it's two contrasting. To see where the market you're guessing where the market falls in Greenville last year they waited out the position players and they got Cody Ross -- one year three million though. Now they were gonna do the same thing with the pitching market but now as we sit here you. Even despite his criticism of my story every other day if it does raise an interesting scenario which is Cody Ross is still sitting. And you still have Nick Swisher sitting there animal -- and he pointed out about the draft pick compensation but still is that the better way to ago. And it better defense at first base Dick Cody Ross in the health field and I don't know I mean I think you buy it the conversation because I've I think. I thought Cody Ross the beside -- now. Yeah I did not I just thought that he as a as a right fielder doesn't have doesn't have to defense necessary in order to be the right but I about tiger over the Red Sox 00 okay -- are up and army evade the there's. I guess Cody Ross has lumped in with a lot of these Al fielder -- up what were gonna be relied on other guys getting side. With a victory show on Josh Hamilton. So now I would imagine his interest is going to be a -- their art is always been teams in on Cody Ross there have been although it is amazing that there's a glut of outfielders available on the market this offseason it's you know and the trades that have occurred. Amplify that -- really interest in fashion to the point where it's kind of this interest in game of musical chairs that's reminiscent of what happened. With the closer market last off season where a bunch of closers gonna help a lot less money except for Jonathan Papelbon all. Speaking of closers. All America role Raphael Soriano right. I mean in this despite it I don't know the Boris fives away last year yet Victor Martinez got hurt yet Prince Fielder in there. -- feel Soriano. I don't do you guys see something that he and I don't hear Michael Bourn are in tough shape right now spot Tim is got to take stock trade him good evening. Good evening and -- -- you. Looking around at free agent next year you know we've been dark and so much get rid Ellsbury who grew appeal I am. Looking at the national that would like Michael Morse is -- three here I don't think we'll be able aren't they could be a bit. And -- -- helped -- or what era. Beat up but Michael Morrissey you know Britain optimal lineup and you know potential deal the questions aren't -- -- The first thing about Michael Morse is that it's unbelievable that as a six foot five like 270. Pound -- He was a shortstop coming up in the Mariners system. Those -- line. But I think you're right he's kind of this profile of an interesting. Interest -- power hitting first baseman left fielder right handed hitter which is something that the Red Sox are kind of heavy and I do think though that the Red Sox have put themselves in position for some flexibility going forward with the outfield especially. 61777979376177797937. Your phone number mad dog and all the rest after -- a flash. Hot -- show in 937 WEI. Turkmen and Alex beer rob Bradford here today. It's -- the most busy day of this threats of this baseball offseason today it's here now I'm missing something. I know you're as always you are not missing something out I don't think it while I was on last week so you know can I know that -- past the longest cup -- -- his his best he does it really from the winter meetings yet I think he did. World's highest paid pimp -- Boris sins -- Give back to the phone calls if you gonna trick or treating that I still don't move him like I thought our fifth dug a little over Europe and. Hey guys I don't what's. It what prevented teams from single play before they make more formal offer. We went to the medical stuff. First there waiting to avoid that situation as -- happened happened now the gauntlet the count something that the the Calder cup after the did the medical exams. Well as I said before I think they knew about some things may ask around they do their research. But yeah. They did Kobe get there were eleven of the you know whatever whatever it. It will begin in the guarantees himself that he is similar to wanna Indian before making an on an awful it. Well why I will say this is that sometimes medical our exchange for him free agent situations and that's one way grip I'll say it again. That -- truly don't know exactly what you're doing live until you do of his I don't think the unit they're gonna get the medical by the -- and do the physical until you get the. It happened guys would just say that they find obviously ponson they don't like what is the likely sooners can do more than that there. Right talks to -- in the neighborhood we saw. With Lackey withdrew contract I think I think very clearly were very likely the latter -- they found something -- just you know that they just use a time bomb which is the Rich Harden scenario right remember that they have to think deals before based on Matt Michaels. But in this case I think that they understood that there's probably some kind of risk that was going to. And -- -- might be out there. And so yes they'll find some language to protect them or perhaps they'll see about you know saying okay let's make it a two year deal with a -- yeah. I I agree with Dallas but they -- come back to it still. Used -- you need a guy who can withstand playing first base and an infield and the Mike Napoli for the last few years even without this does physical risk are concerned. You know he wasn't going to be the the -- first baseman that you wanted your hope that you get a -- -- healthy guy who's gonna get better but moving around with a bad -- the first base. Is not an optimist -- will put our -- and Red Sox medical staff. We've always done at all as a whole new ball is sort of new medical staff we'll see Allison in Cambridge as I don't. Know. Hi there I'm gonna start out with a it is expensive which is -- -- and I truly believe that and that's you know but obviously it did obviously this training camp. And people forget that he was like -- 500 until Patrick. And minutes while again. That didn't forgotten back. The punishment that's -- attitude that were probable and he assortment of other than it is here. Is that -- whenever I don't get frustrated and that's kinda thing as saying the same thing present player. -- Bradford with the inherent unpredictability as. I disagree with that -- of people that I'd like to -- remains probably repeatedly talked about the. But our problems are critical to our strength and ability that they got -- didn't chosen not -- -- -- -- right -- aspect. And that but the fact of the nominations at one point in the proper proper effort and a -- yeah I didn't -- the Angels -- the Yankees. And -- I was having to think about that at the beginning has been pleasant and even after. It wasn't looking at captain's pick up at the end and to recognize. -- think about it I was first there in the transnational in the via. We're talking there was no talk about power both me and crap happens that the Yankees. Al Alison I'm sorry how does this tie into what what's going on right now the -- I think that I think that I've done the bench management. And be confident that it would be brave and I think we have done well other than that I don't I am worried about implementing this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know he's he's tried with Ellsbury year he made a move the Dodgers fine it was obvious it sounds like he's been trying at least talking. About moving masters I don't know what that big move is in the past give it to -- yet. Well it had been of the flip side this is he talking about a brave move. I would imagine that the ownership group did have a very good day today when he found out about Josh Fields and I would be. And when they the Red Sox -- -- because because I I would not put it past him at all to say you know what. Hate to come on the -- for years and -- go five years and see what we can do and you talk boat being boulder whatever. If you're gonna stand pat pat and say hey you know what there's something better down lineman Josh -- something that makes more sense. That's not easy to do a lot of times in Boston. I didn't but to be fair here mean Henry when he talked at the end of the year and Lucchino here and said they don't want to make those deals and I understand it's it's -- you say nothing and don't listen to it. But you know if they signed Josh Hamilton for five years yes I could be some people who like it. But I'm getting in overwhelming Felix from Red Sox and the third set -- to Josh Hamilton five what 25. Other Rivers says there's a faction in and I understand where you're saying but still you go through Christmas at Fenway and you don't sell as many tickets as you thought you might. Then things change a little bit your your view of the world changes a little bit -- a little bit -- it's human nature. From the ownership side from the front office side is different and that's why she did you know they believe that they have to dig and. With regards to -- Tim and his general compartment as those. I do think that he's more of a he has more of a long term build -- do you think that is what he's been doing the way in which he and his front office. Have been attacking this offseason. It is kind of consistent with what he did it with building the farm system. From 2002 through you know through its its best years really through you know 20052006. When it kind of created this nucleus it was so important for event 2007 to 2009 team that ended up being very effective but. You know I'd I think -- to a degree I sometimes. Sometimes. Sometimes hesitancy or at least -- or at least caution. Can be -- kind of bold statement but it doesn't seem like one. When you're -- well -- Josh Hamilton that's what I immediately obvious everyone knew Josh Hamilton signed. There was going to be in -- Kirk you said that hey you know while lot of people don't wanna judge Hamilton -- but there's the lead to do as -- for the big show. Gotten people people screaming saying why didn't they have signed Josh -- that after the Blue Jays trade names were Glenn and Michael yeah. Marcus and tell you on the tax on the clock a lot of sense but yeah I know some majority but there and I don't think actually it's even a good team -- I think we'll also Paul find out -- -- -- -- we -- do it but I think the Red Sox fans had seen. What is happening and he signed as long term -- the situation you're put in before they got bailed out by the Dodgers again recognize that Hamilton's time examples of guys. Would fall to that mid to late thirties and -- -- 56 year deal right the risks associated with him and ages 35 and 36 -- real artists historically very rarely works to we'll go -- Auburn first stock but Jacoby Ellsbury -- I think it was in my car or. I didn't think you'd be a lot like I try to trade out there and I get -- it retreated quickly that I could be like to hold on him. -- appeared to navigate here I think it should definitely try to keep them. Because they won't hurt. Chris Chris of it's a pitcher put bullets but to walk through this scouts say Ellsbury has a year not as good as 2011. That are really good year you've seen the contracts for these guys. What kind of numbers Jacoby years in number Jacoby Ellsbury was up horses is agent point. Yeah I don't know I mean look like -- -- -- BE -- European getting whatever. I do it ought to be our year presently hello political if you look at Matt -- contract and lucky to go beyond that was just a back up wasn't a free -- this Ellsbury is a year for argument -- 2011. Then forget it I mean he's gonna get six or seven years and a 130 and forty million bucks short easily easily -- -- six times when he and the Red Sox have basically said they're not going to do. I I think that it would be especially because they have viable alternatives at least in center field Jackie Bradley junior brought -- -- that and we've talked about this before over that raises an interesting point because we're just saying. RL's first got to move on injected ravages of movement. Well we've seen it before where guys don't don't go to many hits a bump in the road and it might be another year you added to his progression which. You know and that's where -- Victorino factors that. Exactly that's why they got victory -- insurance not just for Jacoby Ellsbury and to give them the kind of flexibility in order to deal him if the right deal presents itself. But also so that if Jackie Bradley progression doesn't have mop the majors. At the start of 2014. So then chain victory -- can be here every -- center fielder to start when they're paying victory -- -- thirteen million to be an okay hitter against right handed pitching if their top prospect isn't really good and Jacoby Ellsbury leads. That's about right often is there one thought -- for the other citizen India -- the typical fight. -- -- the I'm in southern part of Indiana. Appear like it's not to -- I did let one of the typical we -- scenario oh yeah I sure -- -- -- -- call on and overlook -- uttered it you 88. Well. We didn't know what he got I would be out keeping. I totally believe that you're their biggest problem I think well in 08 against that are going to help you. You know I got it. Out what that there was nothing like. A deal out there and it really I hate you on the entry guys and it's like Chris Sale. -- and company I think he should only do you almost 200 inning. What they -- -- art I heard about it quote that he would be enough. Yeah the White Sox are going to move a guy like I was there because he's you know he has one year of service time or one plus. Under his belt he was an all star who should just tremendous swing and miss stuff. As a starter last year so. But you know certainly that kind of is that that's kind of the profile. Generally I think that might be aiming a little bit high for what they would be seeking for Ellsbury but if they were to move Ellsbury it would need. Solid starting pitching they wouldn't need Vance Worley isn't going to get it done the Phillies pitcher who moved from Ben Revere I don't think -- Trevor Bauer who moved in the Diamondbacks deal. Eyes to the Indians would run would've got that question really. Is the -- -- the going to give back -- view as more Bible as the draft potential to back situation they were definitely need to have. It's more valuable than the draft pick plus a year of -- and that's considerable value. Gary Ellsbury is enormously important to this team is. We keep come back to Napoli in the in the caller touched on about the offense being underwhelming. Well I think it's a good offense in that would Napoli in the middle there and this is why they got -- got to purge that hoping that he can play first base. But if he's not there or if he's hurt he's out of the lineup becomes a totally different wanna be relying so much a Jacoby Ellsbury bouncing back to exactly what he was. A couple years ago. 61777979376177797937. A breaking your calls we get. What's going -- handle Sanchez. Well funny mentioning -- -- baseball wise it's now. This -- to three some reports I guess the news the Cubs -- -- -- offer. It looked like it was trending toward him going there but Detroit evidently won't get the last -- -- -- go back to Detroit and say you know like team matches. If they do. According to reports. He'll end up in Detroit. Which the Cubs I've I feel like bird for Theo and the Cubs this is just like Nicaragua and Jose Contreras so it will be a broken chair. I thought I was the window with the with the chair was the winner meetings intimate guard all on. -- a real -- It as we always reflect -- testing for a ten year anniversary is up. Beautiful Villa thought -- not only were that I took -- -- -- quiet -- other than this right I mean it's been a quiet who's like he's almost a ghost that seem like you guys there being too much United's I don't at all see you in now on the at the rule five draft on the last game they were that the Cubs. Folks didn't make it much down into a lot. Robin that -- you are up next with. Berkman and -- -- rob Bradford. If you're already -- don't let's not. Well in the contract total so far under forty for everybody involved. Claude number need twelve million balls to complete that thought steal those week. That brings the total look at your 106 degree and also -- Why would the Red Sox make -- -- -- with the Georgia clearing brawl that salary off the books and think won't spend it in the fashion. Well because they had a ton of needs I mean they had vacancies all over the place and I think it. The way in which are viewing the spending by the Red Sox to say that they've basically spent up all of there. All of the money that they've -- is I think that that's. That that presents a falls. Version of what -- actually spending on they've diversified but they're spending on the still have a lot of financial flexibility that they wouldn't of had. Had they not made the deal with the Dodgers so. Even accounting for all of those elements that you referenced -- I think they still have twenty million dollars under the luxury tax threshold will spend this year in like fifty next year Robin. In if you look at it is like when you can look at it and said hey you've you have those same players he treated Dodgers next year would be better team short. But that's not the point the point is that you would be so inflexible. Going forward that -- Yes so in that scenario. And why -- all world -- and in Europe you're making my point is that. Then the fact this is that you were still flexible because of these contractor sign that's why deciding these type. Economy here's the thing on I do agree with rocker to an -- thanks thanks for not you thanks for -- Yes they have the money -- -- understand flexibility understand they're doing in terms of the years are right. But the pleasures and a great players. You know he's overwhelmed with Jonny Gomes we overpaid for him. Nobody is overwhelming Ryan Dempster stunk last year against these outings American -- Walker's seven years old. I mean look at these guys is nobody's out if you got this guys a short. We just maybe a 160 million dollars and don't. The only interesting thing I think this speaks how much money some baseballs that. You have guys and Shane Victorino and you have Mike Napoli in some it and who are coming off the worst years of their career. I -- -- status but I. Yeah I understand where you're saying these are we've set a time and time again these are to fill holes short term. And that's where I come back to a Sydor early news show that the how this works for the Red Sox in the short term is the guys who are you there are stepping up in being what they were. One's war and you need to be careful about making the assessment of what they are whether or not they're good players based on their worst three seasons because as we've seen before the Red Sox for instance have benefited considerably. By signing Adrian Beltre where'd you looked at his numbers and yet like a sub 700 UPS like year. And right when you are but did well suited to him three years or what here well I guess but I mean I am and I understand -- I'm not looking at. Victory about him in his career against -- looking at Dempster it was old it was a couple years ago. I was good rusher in the Cubs is not you know again against American League and with. Napoli now there's an injury situation you throw and Ortiz who by the it was her Leicester too -- to probably that deal. And -- the overpaid. Colts -- 47 million dollars. It's fantastic return you to beat them but where do you see huge holes. This team -- -- Right -- the -- to -- the rotation of Lester Buchholz to bronze. Lackey and Dempster may not inspire -- -- -- OK it's pretty dead right side I mean at a -- five guys were were capable of at least average to above average correct yeah I think we can go the other way too short and -- can be -- -- do you have for any you'd welcome that and more certainty that with -- -- that it's. May be so although really if you look at the careers of Lester and Buchholz and and factor in things like. You know batting average on balls in play stuff like that they were they had good stuff last year but he had a bad -- -- a -- is Buchholz and -- those guys both going to be healthy. I mean I guess that that's across from the you can ask about any pitcher and anytime that you have more certainty that some guys healthy -- not now I I agree there there -- there health question marks that loom over. A lot of those but again those are -- endemic to pitch and I think you guys both -- People wanting more next week. -- three Deborah to do you know that's it hot stove show I think all three of us we back. Next week is -- correct or say -- again -- was no meetings always embarrassing to see him brown Ingram all have an answer for position if you rob I brought it on our as a whole video that. Always always at the ready. Bengals Eagles pat is that next Thursday night football. 937 WB.

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