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Rob Bradford on Mike Napoli and Josh Hamilton

Dec 12, 2012|

Rob Bradford who keeps us abreast of all things Red Sox, joins John Ryder and talks about the status of the Mike Napoli deal as well as whether there has been any progress with Josh Hamilton.

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C lined up on the fault lines appreciate that I'll get back to the calls but now we go to. WB I dot com's rob Bradford rob. Thanks such short notice for joining me tonight for first off let me ask you this and earlier in attendance at -- really working at the Celtics game. But you know what the Balkan issue has been about Avery Bradley for Anderson -- -- would you do that deal. Are now you would dog. I would copy two factors Tuesday altered when ordered Bradley plays. They wouldn't win when Garret Anderson there is no plays now and historic art well we have to -- it at my opinion and. I like it we can agree to disagree because -- must dodge -- -- did take more than neighbor Brian Hayward by getting to does the pressing matters override yawkey way. Any latest information on Mike Napoli I know that it's been. Rob I think just dropped off. On the side. On the court aren't quite orbital I wouldn't ever hang up on you -- even it was a personal conversation first there. Maybe it was it may news. Mike Napoli is agent. Aren't you in an apartment that Michael he's -- I know that it's really tough and is nodded. Many reports out -- what what's holding this up clearly it's the potential physical ailments and probably some language in the contract right. You a lot of the guesswork because everyone -- locked up but the fact is that what we tell -- we don't appear that our company Q good morning late morning. It didn't happen they were well traveled Friday to -- you Hewitt also keep extra. That really took the typical Monday morning. Ritual of the the truck and it. There yeah I mean you're a bit and -- -- and now we're awaiting you and and the only logical explanation really -- it. Did it an injury problem that in order to get medical issue that. I think a moderate approaches -- what you -- here or important even under concerned about it like. -- Well this -- bet. Yeah you can -- you take a picture opens -- the kind of restructured contract and Olympic ought to here -- there. -- quad injury there's been multiple different injuries with the Napoli. Going forward here with this team what do you think this I guess is tough question to answer but do you think this deal will be. Boy did it and he'll be back on the free agent market or at the end up working out the language honesty. Are you are again. Crews just worked -- -- original people did it. The I am here you know Mike you would be going insane he took a perfect that -- -- -- all these difficulties would be the phones -- the lines. The you know and it's it's the ghost in the machine they don't want they don't wanna show -- on on -- -- -- something you know it's a good. It's the government rob that's all that well. Regarded and I think are right now the our esteemed producer had a day is on topics. Okay well I -- -- figures -- distribute could be blown up. I adult that you could be a north J. D. Drew a -- a few years ago or it could -- shopping page. This -- -- language in the contract what you keep in mind is that the Red Sox don't do -- -- all. And -- try to look protocol with John Henry executing what he'd burned on Alex Fernandez contract in the late nineties Arnold -- -- Let me just stop you there I give you extreme credit for that note. What it is a good one that's key right there Alex Fernandez -- the secured or are you. That's a perfectly. But. I. I don't do insurance and and what did you do period in place for those things. It may have closet like you have black he ought yeah elbow you have to J. D. Drew clause. -- and group that's what protects them against these sort of things so. Again -- -- but I imagine that's exactly what to do and try to figure out exactly how to protect themselves in a -- goes spell. Sox have any shot -- Josh Hamilton. Shot. -- is going to shrine oh shot but do you think you might happen. And I thought I I know him a complete your treatment because when you're here. He's gonna go do actual collapse and I think actually -- demanding -- wants him. Though we know there where the roads are all gonna -- cute but keep going or five years. And -- -- Andre you know it not work. You know I think it. When you hear it actually took political Russia are built that you -- there. Yes and it makes sense for Hamilton to go back here in you wonder they've been -- on three years if they end -- going to four years. I would if I were the Red Sox -- -- I know that does Napoli thing will probably go through I -- it. -- -- three years eighty million or sell it and this report out of Philadelphia today for him and I know Seattle's interest did it probably to rule the Dodgers out. I was -- -- sites that do for years 100 million for Hamilton. I could have really in the Greinke deal. If you're secure I don't that you're because your aura back out of Monty oh yes yes I did like it. But you know it's forty years tricky thing is debatable thing. Which I -- -- certainly we're trying to. If you go let's go back about a month or two ago and we preempted -- Josh Hamilton I think most people around here in no way I'll ever do it the color red -- you. But now we're -- yacht speed earlier report automated trade. That's where we're we're gonna help others are still compete well -- -- Asia tour -- what yuppies and liked to watch extracts. Well you know OK get pressured the right I -- I -- -- -- things -- guilt that I won't go over. The the tides have turned rob but I've been an I've been harping wanting -- to go -- appearance I'm Josh Hamilton all along but. Yes I guess -- that. Because that's because you're clearly are not discipline like the job. Well I. Who wins and a look at some of the deals on the Iran and they I don't think a -- here how about all the teams out the assigning these it is Jeff Keppinger getting three year deals and everything else is going -- I thought let's let's look at this -- Evan Longoria and always -- -- younger -- some health issues there. He gets that crazy you know well over a hundred million dollars David Wright over a hundred million dollar I don't Hamilton's -- his younger. -- the orbital Victoria. You -- make 200 million dollars to make up to that college is a lot the first -- right. But still the all being said. I I'd be more comfortable signing Josh Hamilton to a four year deal and Zack Greinke to a six year 140 supplement million dollar deal. There because once -- 140 years. Not even if even if Greinke was more years and rather judge you know. -- -- come from. Our. Much did you -- the four year deal for cocktails at a secure -- -- something -- You don't wanna get by him when it comes to the payroll and we've got overtime and -- together at our strategy about short term contract overpay a little bit. Not to get locked in that the issue depicted before. When -- -- at bishop of the Dodgers by. Here all the time. The fact that -- what do you date all right -- help people understand that there is more money to keep the contract. And we're so focused on for a start and I'll -- -- being disciplined in -- being careful and everything else. But there's so much money every what you -- -- It is incredible I still baffles me that. Los Angeles and all of the dodged a goal while people pay attention. Texas -- down down there the Arlington near where you know cowboys grays you know the Rangers made an impact but I'm just floored by these TV contracts and knows one of Philly and you go to on the list it is incredible. Yeah I mean that college or TV contract contest by. Yeah or yours. The extra thirty it's it's unbelievable and and that's saying it is that we did you focus so much on the Red Sox and out of our approach -- -- How much money being out that by the that a lot of cheap how do you tell you chip what it is you -- and how. But you have to pay a little bit now and so -- felt like they might do it -- important market. See I think it's crazier rob. You know call me crazy. And I know we know about Hamilton's issues in some some injuries and and I know not major injuries he's going to be 32 of the started season. Are excited if you score out there it -- -- Dempster to a three year forty million dollar contract something close to that it's crazy. Yeah I don't you -- a stripper at a price and otherwise normal -- And to me right try to year's -- I I -- -- I feel -- -- you rhetorical or they came out a week ago. You should be an operative two years 26 million ideal first factor that opera never -- go. So I don't know what he would do -- doing in terms of the future impact -- You try to try to pin number on somebody OK you know that's what we're looking for thirteen million dollars a year. But you know per year for Dempster. I'd rather wait around and to be perfectly aren't you have nothing no no problems frankly morale in there and civic and tried to contract. I agree or even -- you know Edwin Jackson on a flyer for a year or something. Yeah I mean deputy Pete are you might cost -- money to go on our home. Don't -- Tokyo locked up especially with pitchers. Well it did -- it seems -- -- nationally fed. This spring training down in Arizona would prefer nationally T and I can understand why he's had better results in the nationally. Yeah quite you don't just because you don't you what what he's somewhere great. But the actors I know that much how much you me how much you eat Ryan Dempster on a three year deal. Well that's just deadlier -- you're making my point the you know it is. If this guy wants. All -- reach all these different demands in and wants. You know a lot more money needed to go play in Boston in the American League east and just say you know we can find someone similar to that at a lesser contract. Yeah yeah I I didn't think that there are actually -- who does the pitching well like their approach if you came to this place last year. Which is. That the market. You can be seen -- guys all some guys are going to be out -- little bit Garza a crew took pictures. So I think that it might be strategy to waited out where obviously it'll act that route -- player. Well you're always proactive rob and I appreciate you joining me is always. Bob you are very proactive in the brownies in the -- -- -- You should go for -- I wanna give you some time before this before the Celtics game. RJR all right take care rob always could hear from. It took the patio under bush and do absolutely. Thank you -- well well well deserved had a good day terrific employee. Artwork or everybody is very eager to get to a little bit -- -- online. Now that's not his problem. I don't know how that was sabotage but that's nothing to do them. Initiation of -- They do that to me anyway no matter what -- it is yet but yeah. Our rob appreciate it but. All right Carl thanks rob Bradford WEEI dot com breaking down the red sex.

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