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Alex Speier on the Red Sox offseason

Dec 10, 2012|

John talks to Alex about the Red Sox ongoing moves in the offseason as well as some other moves around the league and if anything is on the horizon with Josh Hamilton.

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John -- -- -- quit here right now the patriots put a whopping right now on the Texans 21 to nothing with. Well over seven minutes ago in the second quarter at Gillette Stadium. Happy to be joined by the one and only. Does tremendous job for WPI dot com one of their lead writers Alex beard does. Great job cover the Red Sox and Major League Baseball -- -- I don't know if I need to mention in my Twitter but it's at Alex spear and also. Part of the hot stove show which will be. And Thursday night and is each and every Thursday night here. During the offseason during the hot stove season at 7 o'clock here on WEI. About that furniture I guess Alex. Yeah seriously artery -- -- Africa it will be on nights like this you know only gone up against. Against the Monday night game but we're getting through -- here all right first jobs. And I know we've discussed Napoli victory you know what's left here for the Red Sox what are the other moves a potentially where they have to shore up others. Well clearly hurting it yes first and foremost but the one stat that could be critical weakness for them over the course of the last. You know fees and plus a month. So that's what that they have to do that they really have to figure out great. Part of that they've accomplished -- -- -- because of me if fate in the attic victory at play right field. Presuming that they retain -- -- very important that both of them remain healthy. LP considerable upgrade from the outlook -- from the big picture perfect teacher last year when they were pretty bad luck all you in that's. Certainly could've been a great helps them by. They they still have to get that it -- you know get one additional starter -- capable of holding his weight in the AL east. In that you know there securely as a getting the rest of the starting pitchers back on track on the first play -- that they're done with the outlook position player portion of the show but it means that. You know date they are operating from a position of comfort other than one of necessity. So they can sit back and explore that just terrible market here you know see if there will be a three year offer. Out there that would end up being -- it's hard to believe that the Rangers wouldn't be -- To make it that's the case. And they can sit back on guys like even threw for instance. In the media -- but just sitting around on the markets -- I'm a one year -- kind of a lot Adrian Beltre albeit perhaps not the same box yeah he's still on the market in in January. Be at shortstop and in the are pretty you know talent to look at it that. Back to the pitching here in whatever move they end up making whether it's via a trade or they've you know aside and Edwin Jackson someone of that ilk I guess the question is. -- it let's say they -- a -- you know and a number for a type starter. Whatever they end up adding here is -- still go back to you know Lester and buckles -- more consistency there whatever they end up doing here. Whether its position players or whether adding that starting pitcher depending on who it is but. Doesn't have fallback god they need better seasons just overall for Buchholz and Lester. That's obvious that the obvious way to view it in certain leaders agree to a true true true that. That -- there you know we're not confirm. From see -- -- and in 2008 led. Wouldn't you would have said something along the lines of don't they just need you know better seasons overall problem. I'm trying to remember who would be in importation act in 2008. That he was a part of the -- but it was part of it in you know all you needed him to try to hold all the pork from what he's done. In Cuba seven but it does not spending all your being injured right guy like Jon Lester stepped up so. I wouldn't say conclusively that that's the case. By you know that's that that's the clearest most direct past. Put him to have a considerably better rotation if they get Lester in -- to being you know it's being back -- before about the kind of oh start help are very able to get those -- and yeah there. There -- immediate contender. And then. If you can get a few extra brought to continue that progression having pitched very well in the last -- that plays a big role in the -- can get. John -- being. You know something like he was the second half ago and what it does support the area of the elite that's pretty get through. Back to position players now right now it looks like the outfield if we reduce start today. With the victory in order right Ellsberg is underway with which you reference but. Gomes and left. I know that you know this guy can hit left handed pitching well can have righted pitching good defense is an issue for him. Comfortable with -- him as your everyday left fielder. Is not an everyday left field as it stands right now they would have -- in all likelihood it. We're -- about or where or court trying to use. Whichever one kind of impressed Maureen street trading. In -- you have options remaining on both from -- I think that you know. Going -- history says. That he apparently -- Decisive. Which you differential about -- let's say he's a little bit different than Cody Ross first. Against us against right handers that he's still without compel the that's -- -- -- -- not -- percentage. In a relatively high number of pitches seen in part because he strikes are a lot. The -- and pitchers but still matter is that circuitry and the picture that -- the Red Sox certainly aim higher and someone. Like accumulation or not would be it would bring greater value against orchestrated pitching so I think it's that. That's the way in which it's being you -- are all well. I shall -- -- that. -- -- You know go to made perfect way for him. Just as his numbers his career numbers against I can strike enters. Maybe lower than what people that you at least in Fenway Park -- -- straight answer because they're and that that's where you know he might not be like yeah and but still the dimensions of the park. -- suited went to the point where what had been a lazy fly ball out in cynical with the Tampa Bay -- into a double. I've sided issue staying the signings of Gomes and Napoli and almost. General fuel grew me a new school and old school approach. Back in the old school -- back -- that right handed power hitter that can hammer the wall and hit it over the wall but also in terms of guys that can grind out at bats. Yeah I think that they -- that reasonable way of putting it they they definitely do want to have. You know they they do you view home runs is as an important part of offense. And that you get on base percentage is deep counts. In an -- that's not as being another critical component of the debate really got away from 2012. In that they want to correct -- in 2013. Also and Alex which I would Alex spear of WEEI dichotomy as an article up on Josh Hamilton how risky business how many years is too many. -- recommend you read and Alex's stuff. Don't you think though Alex I can't imagine it 03 year deal and in Texas at least dodge at the beginning of the free agency period and actually go ideologue than three years. We -- Seattle as a potential suitor for Hamilton. The you know. A real wildcard I guess -- -- you've heard anything on Milwaukee you know Jerry narron is there as. -- used to be uses life coach and the Yankees now doing what they say an extensive background checked. Do you think you will get four or five year deal out here. I do I and I think it ultimately. Someone is going to look at the scarcity of of that kind of hitter on the free agent market. And even for a year it will be a relatively short -- it would be a relatively short guilt for what players Hamilton's track record. Had to get a free agents though. That element according to see that perhaps in the Mariners are -- incidents occurred because. They've had you know an impossible time. -- in freeagent acts too commonplace for them in Seattle and so maybe they'll say look it was proper for me to go there. You know maybe you're -- you're paying what made your -- -- what you're many. With a guy like Angel and but if we don't do it now open there's a backward B anyone else who's come through you're going to take the money or to try to sort of I guess that it's possible that they can take a similar approach without -- Nick Swisher on but get a really does -- In almost desperate to get -- get itself back sub license the office. You know and yes and they are moving in the fences as well. -- -- -- out there in Seattle. Does the signings of victory you know and also I guess Gomes eliminate the possibility of going Roscoe who back the Red Sox. And the only way in which in which it would eliminate possibility is that the Red Sox decided to trade -- -- very. If there was a scenario in which. Getting rid of in what a lot of to upgrade their starting rotation and then victory -- might move over to seminar which would open the door for Cody Ross to be in right field by. I think -- that would be. That would be a -- -- about your comments area of the out of the Red Sox because Ross would be below average in right field. In speech Reno I as much as they like featuring a defense think that you. Continue to be an okay so popular excitement because you appeal well above average right fielder who has advice resignation. Suite of skill but at this point that career the 32 year old he wouldn't rank as an as a above average and perhaps not even as an average center fielder defense -- it's slightly below average so if you're talking about alignment the future. For instance Ross and Victorino and go rescue -- probably makes. There isn't one it's too -- ended. As you as you know chain victory know has announced split. In the handles rated PG he handles left in pitching very well not very good against right handers even go to switch hitter. In number you rupiah at defense -- they really can't afford. To step back and both those are our. I do you like the moves do you like these Napoli move the victory you know move and also the most recent of the moves coach you are. Yes on all counts and and why not mean -- -- They have the money to -- They're not trying their hand for the long term they still have plenty of payroll flexibility both this season and beyond. Point where they can still think about a Josh Hamilton for if you were hypothetically could have available which it doesn't look like he has. Could leave here are some kind of make a contract. That might become available in a trade yeah they can they can think about adding the right guy. So from that -- I think they've upgraded. Their production in the number of columns from what they had it in 2012. In in in various ways Mexico they've they've addressed yeah. Foremost first they need that was really crucial for them to address at the start of the it's really pretty pretty early in the off season. In now say they still have a lot of flexibility going forward. What are your thoughts on now over the weekend the big news over the weekend while first Zack Greinke deal. And I guess you know so. It is incredible the a lot of money Alex I guess again just put it that way and did the Dodgers the team that ends up doing it we know Texas. Was team that was looking at him and allow I was gonna hinge on what Texas ended up doing weather was handled -- -- Greinke they lose out on Greinke but. Is what did you think about the Greinke deal. Well I don't think it was shocking. In terms of in terms of the final dollar figure that it breached. Obviously Major League Baseball has enjoyed a period of extraordinary prosperity. There aren't a whole lot of really good you know Cy Young caliber. Starting pitchers that there are not sure that currency remains one that you -- really really good pitcher and what the numbers of the last couple years. Were brought down by really crummy defense is behind them. It is. You've still got incredible. An incredible feel for pitching. And he has really get mechanics and so those are the kinds of guys on -- you bet. Of these on what are typically these kind of crazy long. Six serious six years in and I guess -- could benefit him well. Even though he's got the anxiety issues and always had that big contract but he's also pitching in the National League west. Yeah and the inability to be very functional liberating society you have really. In an impediment to an impairment form for. For quite a lot of bright -- -- there are some very capable parks that are. That are. That are going to play well for him as -- would for any pitcher. He's going to have you know he's gonna have to really get in behind him and I think that. You know he's -- a good spot to -- some competitive success for the next few years. In the move made last night by Kansas City in Tampa Bay I said earlier in the program I think it's a good move for both teams maybe Tampa Bay takes a step back. This season however you know they have. The data quality pitcher they had equality bad. And in will Myers is part of that trade. I Kansas City ends of getting shields for two years and feel like maybe they can be a threat to Detroit this centralized. You know Jeremy Guthrie at -- little bit new -- to what this my opinion but does the move of shields they have Ervin Santana all the sudden they have what who looks like anyway decent staff here in Kansas City. Maybe maybe we don't know about intent there's a reason -- Norton basically wanted to take off the angels and and it it was essentially giveaway by operating so to have the royals. -- the parity this contract. I got through he isn't exactly top person I agree it's been very at a time. The US -- pretty impressive -- -- his career with your -- And you know she'll obviously terrific pitcher I know from the extra. It's very amount of humanity years took effect for parts of the prospects. For two years which you'll. And then you know that -- wait davis'. Is a pretty extraordinary -- it's it's definitely outline what. With their costs if -- seen. In other trades for starting pitching to my mind at least. You know maybe it'd been someone like that -- late those categories the guy who's still in control for years. And it looks like it kind of balanced by as it is and seem like an awful lot to give up. To give up for concern and I like the theory of upgrading the rotation the problem is what it just means of Brooklyn Jeff Francoeur in right field -- -- You know not me not a viable -- right Gilbert does when we're or really for virtually that Parker's career. So -- they did sacrifice offense. In order make frustrated. It's not that -- opera without flaws you can that they have a number of young prospects who could help but take a considerable step forward. -- Butler for Kansas City sake it's been so long pick a winner you kind of hope that works out. -- recognizing that it without them you know they don't make -- the next -- damn the consequences of the deal could be could come back. And addressed it. Yeah -- good points on your report on lastly I'll leave you this Alex is the scope of the American League -- to me I think it's. Got a they -- as we stand I know there's a lot to be sorted out here. Tough I mean this is looks as the appearance of of a log jam anyway -- gone any which way I guess. Yeah -- I still don't have a good read on on how the division is it is stacks up I mean in terms if you're asked to rank. You know there -- teams in division I just honestly have no idea you operate. Largely on the -- the Red Sox are kind of operating from behind because they finished last year. Spectacularly poor fashion by I can -- have a pretty formidable and that will allow them to be competitive and as you went out from their starter come back. Then they could quickly all you know back up to it's a preacher -- -- -- form pretty quickly. And then you know you look at other teams. The -- obviously -- the bears witness that said there are questions about you know in early compete the American League east. I I think that felt really care questions at this terrible numbers division. You know Josh Johnson that's terrible -- numbers last year. Yeah -- -- so even though I like a tractor -- -- -- aggressively going for great. He's still don't know how Oakland play out no idea what yankees are or how. How much the typical to be impacted by their agents and roster decline. The correspond with that they shouldn't. Yes you know Tampa Bay has always fascinated scheme. 88. They've done some like effective response for offense. But they still don't have much -- stepped it Longoria. -- gets injured or let's say -- -- Oprah gets injured I mean they'd be screwed. And the Orioles are found to be as something of an illusion lacked yeah the book and how they've got as far as that it. -- them for playing their butt off but you know they're basically. In short as we -- -- -- position as being wide open. Well I always appreciate taken some time out -- so -- -- baseball with the well thanks John -- now all right Alex spear of -- WEI died --

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