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Doc Rivers chats with Dennis and Callahan after the return of Rajon Rondo

Dec 6, 2012|

During his weekly visit with John and Gerry, Doc talks about the return of Rondo after his suspension for an altercation with Nets Forward Kris Humphries. He explains what kind of person Rondo is behind the scenes, especially when it comes to Rajon’s relationship with his teammates. Rivers also touches on the added motivation in Kevin Garnett’s game when he faces his former team, The Minnesota Timberwolves.

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Our conversation with Doc Rivers has brought you by northern bank and trust all the space and buy -- Mercedes-Benz -- as always joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE good morning -- -- are yet. But -- what a week from now -- -- -- that game last night as anything more than a Workman like consistent -- victory in a long string of games during the course of this basketball season but -- like what you saw yesterday from your team -- -- not. Yeah like what I've seen the last report it and drilling. We just got to make it a little bit more consistent and -- 48 minutes. You got better defensively as the game wore on how does that work. Well we we knew what they're doing we didn't our coverage -- go to start the game we kind of went back on and in the second quarter and everywhere in back of playing our our deep into the third and fourth quarter and play with more energy just I think our god started to give it -- the big -- our minister of multiple effort involved -- And our -- to really start to put more pressure on the ball to a lot of things to come together. And again we just -- do -- more than one game and then Morton and two quarters it we have two people full course. A dark Tommy Hudson says Jared soldier is your answer for Kevin New York east York Kevin Love. And I would love would you agree with that. If you're undecided. The B Kevin Love but I do you -- unbelievable rebound if you really is. They're terrific rebounder he can shoot symbolic and the one thing they also have in common is their -- cute. I -- -- great rebounder. You have to have a high IQ and that any of that. Do you really high IQ like splintered like say I don't pose the greatest real Moses Malone Greg brought. That are Smart -- of this -- brilliant on the floor. You -- minimal on the all those guys. They had a great -- for the day and that made him great rebound. Is it -- and angles is an anticipation that type of. -- -- I -- I played with Dennis Rodman and play whatever you do more. Sometimes that you would watch the ball in the air and when you're watching film. You would notice it more world and you break. To ride it to the left the mortgage rim yet. If you take out of you know little bald eagle. There -- but that's only hit cared about right remain and other players. No are directed at mr. Richard this is a great -- Four. They think you do or do may have been the best defender in the league as well. -- since it didn't give enough credit. One held -- was because you know we've entered later on his career start. You know it didn't start just care about rebounding but the the last. For five years of his career but when you're with the Detroit in the first years ago when you -- -- don't know you mr. But don't you agree that it helps when a guy goes backup put the ball the you know your Moses Malone Kevin Love. You're not just rebounding to scoring and Rodman was content to kick it out -- given up. And you know I think. Last night we had two rebounds and three rebounds. That they kicked out for three. I don't think -- shooters mindful of that -- -- -- sort of backed out but you do display of ridiculous score more. But no you'd -- children that -- -- about it did publish. Now I don't Robin could jump but it seems a little antithetical to meet -- that some of the greatest rebounder for guys really don't get off the floor Moses Malone comes to mind Kevin loves another one comes might it doesn't seem to be a real. Heartland murder yet another guy didn't show up. It -- it is great body position. It's great -- you know with the talent it really you. You know it's one of those that if you look at the great -- in college they use the -- rebounds and India that's not a went to. When last we talked I think of Mott mistaken it was right after the the Rondo well incident. And I said you have the conversation with Rondo go news and I haven't had to yet I will have -- with him tomorrow how did it go and he showed contrition. Yeah I mean Romo understands that that we need to. And in the gym I -- it like I saw when I told you go to bed and by the local Serbs simply. The -- going to that -- young women here to push him off Kevin and that union though. He grabbed my arm and did not respected him. It speculated -- could that would never intended. To fight in that's about what I did I just try to push him off to have him you know where she didn't detect other that. Did he really go to Mexico -- be honest with us. I think there are bills that don't I don't object. In the grown man than any -- and our locker room and so I do -- don't you want do what you want. Just keep working out more display need to build. I think he's just mess and what lessons to the united as. Right he wants he wants -- wanna think that it wasn't that bad you know and bad at time like he he was in this homes signal. And I've been battle but but it would make stupid it's you look at it. That's a good point is there ever really lighthearted moments as ever told jokes and laughed and and and could it. From a public purse on the you'll see that and Rondo the web site. I mean while the -- teammates. Membership. These these that you -- they'd laugh. They argue all the time and you know. Sports argument right you would call it debate. Where their lap and so that you have observed -- personality. And then you have the personnel what did you see as well. Yeah -- yeah. And what's the status of Avery Bradley's return how good little ones to come on back. Well I'll see them do skeleton all -- but -- -- beat them. And you -- by the moves aren't mean is that blades are great applicability didinger. I'd consider that I don't know I could. I've heard yesterday. 223 weeks before he practices. So I don't know I still couldn't -- doors. -- we just had the new BC football coach Steve that does EO on darken. -- -- -- Brought down did you seek -- -- Room in the Bronx. He had us regular run through the walls here in the studio ago -- for BC. It's important calls football clearly it's probably the most important thing would be -- a motivational guy can be and high energy guy. -- is important for you do you give goods to to this day do you give good speeches pregame halftime and it doesn't matter. I'm you know acting. Department though. But it didn't today is that it's better -- get him ready for the day. You know and if -- motivational thing that's what does he domestic and work as the source symbol -- work more short term I don't know how long your work -- It's more this season -- it to continue. It's game needs today and and and and hopefully that can be motivated. Who was the best that you have -- -- it. Was a little river in the -- then tell me one. Obviously there's a double approaches where you would use water you know after the speech and -- you work. Wake up from network. And I'm sure that at times myself but Pat Riley was the best. Pregame speaker. And you know 82 games. You know what we're joke about the one year that he was like have Newton for. Northumberland. Was written and -- good at that. Melbourne but it was more motivated in practice though Rick would be best practice coach you could possibly play under ever. I mean you report. He prepared to he wrote -- got -- -- -- question. Mean it everything. You would want at the college -- to -- better. An amber did that. You don't talk a staple of NFL coaches pre games speeches generally include bulletin board material do you ever do that. Rare it's rare book would have to be -- -- you know the reason I don't do it much severity no. You know I would guess that worked out late bulletin board material would have been terrific. Because there was no Internet yes there's -- just starting your opinion. Now home. By the time you get to the locker room they've heard -- they talked about it -- seen -- they probably evident there are a lot of rhetoric. You give the day off for the vets how much thinking -- ends of that to get. Paul and KG in Jason Terry had a day off. Well I doubt it I thought about it. Probably would too would support. Nobody came and I told him a couple games before the game. To Milwaukee did it we're gonna do it and we're doing it. You know we're doing some stuff today there was no practice. Were you ever in you know on and say November -- era. Four of your five starters at home just on the go home when you do that or will it where you afraid to be too expensive. Well now I am. You know I didn't know that there's a protocol. To that -- never has been remember last year at that told my guys stadium. In New York only what Sherlund -- -- when we come back. And we played -- didn't move back and played in New York. Him so you know obviously. There is a protocol or in the -- to follow. -- you know we had the note didn't go Popovich knew. There wasn't -- sit well with stern he knew could be repercussions. I don't know -- they're going to be repercussions. You know whatever you do -- effectiveness at work and don't listen -- shouldn't. You know you David Stern the commissioner horribly. He's trying to protect the entire league. Republican -- to disperse. And he's trying to approach this -- And there is absolutely. A contrast there. I wonder if Popovic has any regrets in that they lost at the buzzer again that it if he had a star she probably want to make those -- won't come unless he misses. You know home court advantage by one game at the embassies and. Well the debt to read this because of if those guys played -- Dwyane Wade and LeBron and worry about those guys play better yeah. You know it's the worst news we -- is right before game final I don't lighten. On this let you view of the political better team. So we don't know that. He can go back and say you look until today and they're playing what seven game and indeed some like it like we had just -- -- of two weeks ago. And you -- him. I'm meg gonna win both these games are much better chance to win as the one at home against Memphis which is the division and conference dimes and the more important. And I think he killed that day and I think that's the dumb decision that right. I did you do you know when went KG playing Minnesota that you're gonna get a very focused and motivated KG does its. Still only look December portion of its it is really there's no change in -- But it was clearly ready. I've loved our aggressively work -- we are -- the fact. 81 at the ball all of the entire day and that was my that make the Tibetan. It would be good points and bad points the ups and downs of playing Philadelphia and back to back -- home and home. Well that that there's a lot of great point Stewart there are few bad mortgage -- -- are really good team. And you -- did call -- have been too -- Dayton and then all of a sudden they got 30. And they won the big yeah. You can -- so that the bat. But they're good -- so many government and personal. When you play about Tibet -- I've -- intensity of the games to -- the playoff yeah. Many playoff series during the regular season. The W the little shorter that's for sure the garden who played him last night. And the personnel. Or did he know you play a one night. The mix right you don't need to go over personnel much they they know it goes the other team as well also. -- -- to be good day. Hey I'm just look at you get -- Houston and San Antonio back to back on the road next week. What did you do that went on to descend on you guys home for the San Antonio game. I think the little notice. For awhile before we do that but we'll listen -- I'm gonna -- guys are adept whichever. Four days here and airdrop over whomever posted 4. But I am gonna do it in. You know I'm just gonna go to the right protocol and hopefully that's good enough it does this we punitive fine. He can -- -- final question -- me duck you got Sunday Monday and Tuesday off back to back to back days off before you to do lots of football action yeah yeah. Pretty much. You know I like it last week there was great Port Authority Davis. Some good practice time. This week we're gonna do the same thing very light on Monday. Go pretty hard on Tuesday but it gives you a chance to clean up approaching it and the watch more film and prepare a little bit better for practices so they're good now I wish we had. You know -- it would deploy three days three games a week. Everywhere you it would be terrific. -- good conversation we'll talk to next week. Our -- guy Doc Rivers to Dennison -- element AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE our conversation with doc is brought to you by northern bank and trust. Close race and buy a Mercedes-Benz.

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