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Dino and Gerry welcome Jerry Thornton to the flash booth by revisiting some Patriots issues

Dec 6, 2012|

Thornton steps into the flash booth and takes on the guys on Patriots issues including the Rob Gronkowski injury. Thornton defends the Patriots choice to have the All-Pro tight end on the extra point team even after his injury. The guys also take a look at Boston College’s new head football coach, Steve Addazio, and his inspirational introductory press conference.

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Think hard now Callahan last time you had a complete and total. Feeling of impending doom. Overwhelmed you like a dark cloud just at all Diana -- -- fog of the year there was the day I jumped out of an airplane a hole and. What Simon that was held together with duct tape and that's no lie I looked at one last thing that I notice -- jumped. Was a the pilot was fifteen years old and still yeah look like -- -- -- -- I looked up and there was duct tape like all over the top of the roof of the inside of the planets that. This play in the past they've let alone jumped and -- amidst this plays -- -- but I -- should stay in yeah is this moron. Who was piloting packed my shoot. -- -- above it did know and and I survived but it was on the great regrets in my life. Well my my most recent feeling of doom. About thirty seconds ago yeah yeah about thirty seconds ago also and it worked today to find out that everything is changed. -- -- -- continue as we look for our our new flashpoint and -- I have I have great faith but some fear. Jerry Horton and -- -- introduces that as with bar stools Jerry Thornton or step -- and Jerry Pollack stepped up. Also of WEL I dot com but I I'm sort of like Ricky Bobby and drive in the -- car maker yeah I'm just here for me. Tough decision to have a good time. Yeah absolutely I am not like aspiring to be. You know the next Bob Costas -- and we've had some -- boys you know. You have great aspirations -- -- know that but to be perfectly frank and pretty much a sports talk I'm prostitute. Like I'll talk sports with anybody anywhere. For anything to wait your whole yet exactly -- some. Also in the backseat as some guys garden and talked sports for ten minutes form for money I'll do I'll do anything well. Yeah I'm here completely represent me -- and normal out of the bar stool -- waved that flag proudly. Normally we have -- when people come in and do this touches here in on these running back and forth and helping in coaching and he's pushing the buttons these these really. Come up with things. To assist the process yet right so we show up in his -- Jerry's that purpose. Thing and and fun just to still in -- Hilton bet -- -- into white you know why because Dino didn't go to was 40%. At that he decided and on Saturday night he says screw you guys. Tina's not here -- taken Thursday. Evil side of -- -- here he has he has. This is his Italian revenge yeah not you know there's like the coast and no kind of thing and his thing is not viewers get to -- -- and I'm gonna screw you as best I possibly get right to church this morning I know over the years metres made it look easy and Pete made look easy guy to -- in this -- before there's been some time and -- understand that -- to push this button. It's like this this lever and and get this microphone -- spot -- talked him. -- Mike and all that sort of stuff. Source and Jerry I say whatever else around him this morning that Greg. So does Jerry know what buttons to push and how to get on the air sugar as well but I think mentally and so I guess the things he's lost it there it just starts talking and somehow everything works to go -- but did not explain it any other job -- and no big shots call -- at a time and get to win here to see in all Murphy and actually -- the flash yesterday. No try now sitting at home sleeping snoring forty under the sheets right now right and you're trying to figure out. What -- abortion language Dutch judges say it's just let them try to -- would -- a that and I -- guy fails then I don't think a valuable read because you guys they have and if you -- on the collateral -- exactly right I've just been flown to -- -- and for all in all I may hit a button and all the Powell columnist who the whole thing that the -- -- I said that checks -- -- -- can be isn't in the gas cell. So good luck to you guys. You'll be back it made a comeback so it is that is a social confidence in me or is it chest. What I -- Right I'm just the weapon and I against you don't actually event data since there's very few topics to talk about -- Josh Hamilton and -- will get to that in just a second and Jacoby Ellsbury and about just the second. Actually hoping that you can be the salvation merger at a bail us out by its much. Extra regular orange popularity. The to -- it mattered -- -- put no pressure on me and I do that can you bring extra curricula just real irony in that job was -- us in hours of this day that I didn't even know exist yet you better understand what might circadian rhythm is you guys do this music that I am. Absolutely. Operate on fumes in which thirty seconds in but -- I think we have to do is. I read. It yes you do or say anything. Belichick's Belichick as bad breath. -- Belichick. You know didn't throw one dollar into the bucket for the Salvation Army went last -- groceries. And the putts I mean he's one of these. True believers -- disciple via the -- acolytes in the -- on thin ice and -- Callahan lives at the branch Belichick Ian compound. One of the cultists so my guess is he thinks it's fine that growth was on special teams -- my guess is that he would just. Go nuts if we set what was their blocking he's what is not the 59 -- -- -- beyond that he's one of those people who the second this court touched it's like yeah. Dennis Callahan -- model one radio out in his second quarter you know one of those times when we get them everyday units. We asked the question and it's ago I want to have said this and then you know disagree on this. I don't mind ground you know extra points means nothing to me it's safe place -- He was trying to play Welker return punts is an issue of me for you used to it it's -- and you know you'd jump on map like that like -- now what are they gonna say welcome return punts but Santa like four years he should return on these two it's too dangerous. Block and a AT. I know it's hard topic but Jerry's here that would revisit that revisited. Block BAT's not a big deal returning punts big deal that's in DC. Generally see Larry FitzGerald return on UC Calvin Johnson return text no -- to. We've been dangerous here here's my take on this I think that a guy should come out of the game. A 100% of the time on the play before he gets injured. I think Belichick should always take it dialed the plea before he gets. Even pair phrasing -- funny lines right you tell me who's gonna get hurt when it'll take about that will slowly build up some old original for your for your lord and master I. Like I can't improve on perfection OK and that and that's it again went. When you know how to take a guy -- by the way punt yardage counts. You know if if Wes Welker is the best punt return -- on your team you you put him. Well we hope you you know what Jerry you're darn right it it has a gigantic. Difference an an effect on the game the Tom Brady's drive starts at the 30 am not the want. I understand the yardage counts you think that holds Tom Brady back in anyway shape or form does this offense suddenly have the wheels fall off the wagon because Wes Welker all the bearcats on the bunny and didn't didn't risk life and limb and his career and his knees slightly picking at night -- matter -- -- -- -- talked. Whether you should take as -- to protect him Belichick does every coach does that retirement win how often and which guys right. It will 'cause he used to be on kickoff return he's not anymore wise that your. We probably because he wasn't as good added -- ten other guys that I adolescent -- -- now of course not of course it took -- Marcus is too dangerous he's too important now when he was a rookie wasn't as -- militant I will I will again paraphrase Belichick I did you decide what you have recovered say number -- This is what happens this would be like if you were meant rockaholic. One of the Manson family -- Jim Jones is Shelley little crazy and continually say or Jim Jones I mean they do not wanna eat and discuss this can't. You can't discuss whether Welker should return punts he -- that the of the major differences Charlie Manson has and 13 rings taken has survived Super Bowls and won ten division titles. If he did I'd probably look at him differently. -- the the issue you guys had with sent Gradkowski got hurt on. In a blow low block and on extra points and -- on 159. Point. Like OK my my point as has always been there were 47. Guys that dress on Sundays. You don't have a back up. Extra point blogging your agenda would have went up guys and their four days later when they play the chance of back up extra Parker. No date page truck broke his arm they they had defined and I'm what I'm saying is you don't keep a second string. Offensive line just stand in the -- on the sidelines -- say okay we now have our second unit on extra point team. My guess is that a second string or a third string for the 47 guy. Would have actually at that particular point in the game tried a little harder than rob did it rob was -- for 57. Place and whether it was fatigue whether it was just going to the -- whether it was back that he bought the game was over right to meet if not I didn't -- best effort at that particular point. As a result. Who was at that. Broke his -- Mr. Huber Sergio Brown thank you. Was trying hard and really pissed off because they've had their nose rubbed in it and -- kind of sticks out of -- -- -- whatever arm broken. It was a freak accident involving a guy -- six to win like 260. Pounds and again had had Belichick. Seen that coming he should've taken him out of the game but that's not the way football works you've got to silence you -- call vote. But this the extra point team when they get sick you don't and and again does he go down the line it's okay grant. Your indispensable yes sell -- a 150 million to one charity gonna get hurt and weren't dispensable yes -- -- ready and sold her. You're not -- kind of a gray area all right Brian Sell your spend right exactly. -- yes that's why you're hierarchy here played -- Tom Brady but not Ryan -- Exactly when guys more valuable in the -- when one guy gets hurt you season is over. When the other guy gets hurt you put someone else in the journal hazardous to what extent -- -- love and adoration and devotion. Extend. To Bill Belichick and give you a scenario let's say Monday night just goes remarkably. Against all four. And the patriots. And opened the fourth quarter are leading 59 nothing okay. They just absolutely blow Texas out of the ball -- fifteen I had nothing to start the fourth quarter. And Tom Brady goes out to start the next series in the fourth quarter would you think to -- double -- was doing the right thing or the wrong thing. If bill Belichick's n.'s Tom Brady -- player like Tom Tom Brady evil ones out there now where we talk and it is known. It and then he will pull them out when he feels that the that time is appropriate in that aren't always six and five nothing -- appropriate. See your assets your colleagues well the Brady BR how can you talk sports. If your only answer everything is a Bill Belichick it is the right. That it's not rocket sports that's just turning your brain off and fallen like you are made of a zombie. -- Belichick ever made a mistake in mind. As you remain yeah okay shore he he's blown some draft picks. They're a bit there have been game plans that that Warren in retrospect is as good as others all for a while they had the -- That the jets' playoff game copious goes a prime example where he got out schemed about the two against the colts. And it will court at school I love that golf. Because that. That defense had no chance at it. On the -- like we -- on rice will kick. No little short order deploy them to wins that game and end and at it they're taken in the at fourth and -- they picked up a yard and like nine tenths of the art. And as far as I know it's the only time and Kevin fox career -- get the ball across the first. Well sorry it's -- one and 500 million shock there. Shouldn't build figured out how should he play the security of always Belichick the only guy in your -- beyond reproach remain Terry Francona won two World Series. Com where did you second guess things he did. You don't rarely if it is Terry Francona earn my keep my trust and another guy who has is Doc Rivers. So again you know they would not target papal infallibility here below we're saying is that there we've seen bad managing with seem bad coaching. We've seen very good coaching which had -- put -- in Francona and that. And then we've seen that arguably you and I would say definitely the greatest coach in the history of his sport. Is here every single day and I'm not -- you know spend it. The Belichick career for as long as -- last. Picking nets in -- second marriages but that's what we do know. Or a sports fans do they pick next they do if you talk in sports everyday a year. Especially if you're at this level of interest there is zone on all the teams are on here but the patriots -- Red Sox in particular. You second guess things you question things you also applaud thing even support things don't question but. You know you do question certain that moves the manager makes moves the coach make only Belichick didn't happen Franco. Do you have this cult that says if he did it right if he did it it can't be questioned no question you know it didn't happened doesn't have what doc. Doesn't apple would quote doesn't happen with that didn't have with Francona. You know in the course of a baseball season particularly sure there are times when. You know Francona. Goes -- guy acts out of the bullpen in -- of guy why you would ever put. What we can all agree that Francona everything he did there was there was a reason. You know he didn't play hunch -- you'd ask him after the game you know win or lose what why did you do this in he had an explanation that you could agree with the disagree with. My beef with the with the anti Belichick G Hobbits and I'll include you guys in this as absurd. I would agree with -- the best coach in the league the best coach ever if you if you will it doesn't mean he -- how to relate mostly against a guy to ask -- are correct I just said. As an example haven't Welker returned punts is stupid. I'm not a lot that's that's makes me -- -- at this. Suicide bomber on -- for the record. Well pretty much fields the the punts that are inside. The the red zone he'd he'd -- Grammy that -- fielded the ones that were there when mid mid field. What do you think the reason for that as you think that it hasn't heard the Belichick did anyone else or he doesn't worry about. He's the best -- fielder he's the best catcher of punts. On the team and it's an area we can't afford to leave the ball on the ground had someone my -- I would say you can make the same case for Larry FitzGerald returning. Months but he doesn't do it right it's too dangerous. I'm in. Look at it like a -- like doesn't it if it's an open. If you're the coach of the Arizona Cardinals -- serious about winning white he'd not have give Jessica later can't he win if he gets -- And there are certain time certain plays situations that are too dangerous shouldn't. -- Foster be running back the kick offs. Is there anybody would beat anybody on that field Sunday I'm -- Monday night the could do -- better than area Foster the cute did -- there is no I don't get maybe Andre Johnson. Rich that's -- let's have it run back tick off by the way wiry and fumes what did you views are usually I got. -- not so much but not this this earlier battle far be it from -- tell you guys had a -- -- but have you have you considered to. Getting paper routes. And they will be a perfect way to make a couple extra bucks before you come in a work in a growing and getting up -- the next -- or what might erupt -- good -- Big Bang out a couple of dozen houses may -- get money you get tips. Maybe -- Christmas they give via. McDonald's gift certificates as out of that system and I -- On her way she went producer going to be you. Harmful. To supplement there and I'm just happy in the papers -- -- we get -- it's -- small they have a paper boy yeah he's generally here on time. All right -- is not here on time. Jerry Horton is Gerry Callahan is John Dennis is Doc Rivers join us at 9 o'clock it is after all a Celtic Thursday. And did you Elmer Gantry yesterday -- Elmer Gantry sounded like this over Boston College. My dream was to come to a university. The Boston College. That in -- It was all about the family concept. I grew up and she wrong family. Was strong faith. And I have an opportunity. -- now the football program. Within a tremendous family. Was strong faith. My wife my family are Catholic faith. It's a centerpiece of our life. Now just it's me one question I'm looking forward to the the does GO era yes and PC yes. You think he said the exact same thing when he went to temple dream job to tell yourself don't you think he said and and read stories where they've. Dug out the old quotes but. He didn't mention -- on my Catholic faith but he split had much the same enthusiasm and the excitement but take in the temple job two years ago. That is Steven does feel he will join us in the 8 o'clock hour for those in attendance yesterday they said it was performance art yet we did not stand behind the day he did not need a microphone he probably a outs to. And and paraded back and forth across the stage like Elmer Gantry and revive. I can't get a -- like it. I can't get the mixed that Stephen does Leo and Andy Reid which -- -- the -- yet and yet this orgy guys and I give -- Brad -- this is what they need they need that kind of the LT they need that and he's a great recruiter. And he's an excited guy and excitable guy -- so far Dino on man man a man it's. It's easy to like the Steven does it -- -- -- -- it's different and it had to be different yeah yeah. Do think they mentioned they -- media interview that. If you do really well don't does that get attention from bigger programs that you're on the verge of being fired. Is that's OBC operates if you try to improve feel like the idea if you show any interest in going along major program. They'll just fight ICI for. He's just the part where he said this is my dream job this is not a stepping -- so you're gonna tell me Steve industrial. If you go unbeaten in the next three years and soul idol poll Arkansas Arkansas call -- election in Florida call somebody Lawrence -- Tennessee. It calls he's history and but that's the way you have to that you have to accept that appear BC. If accepted. You know if these things work -- great he stomped off on in the image and a Feller is gone to a better program. He'll leave you hopefully in good shape he's a good recruiter. And I don't think you want a guy who's going to be twenty years you you want a guy who won in five years you -- -- going to be -- five years one class you know recruiting class stay with them no noticeable when some games. Revitalized the program and then move on to Tennessee it's it's okay. I looked like a 92 break we will open the fault lines and talk with you 6177797937. -- full and is it as the flash guy and when we come back. We will tell you a little bit about AM scenario that took place in Nashville earlier this week. Remind -- bonds I think I know my body tree as I know why I know would bearing and chart and was there and know what he. -- -- -- -- And their invited guest yes I know what they were up to -- I intrigue and mystery in Nashville will be right back.

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