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Buster Olney, ESPN, on the Red Sox signing Shane Victorino

Dec 5, 2012|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Lou to speculate as to what direction Ben Cherington plans on going down given the Red Sox recent signings of Shane Victorino and Mike Napoli. He addresses the speculation that Red Sox management has been making moves in order to eventually trade Jacoby Ellsbury and Jon Lester.

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Butler not a three point seven WEEI starting with the baseball winter meetings and to date three they'll wrap up tomorrow rule five draft. And welcome -- that sort of reassess where their team sits -- the Red Sox come home which Colby Ellsberg as part of a -- field. Joining us on the ATP hotlines -- weekly baseball guest during the year you see him everywhere she right now on ESPN he is -- are only. -- buster your column today I like hey -- you have a little precursor they're saying look this is just speculation. And then you go through a pick and choose what might be these options for Jacoby Ellsbury if the Red Sox were to trade emit sounds like from New York Twitter feed your reports yesterday. Some rival executives agree this is the road they're gonna start to at least look to go down trading Jacoby Ellsbury. That's exactly right and it's pretty clear that the -- it. Seemed that could be potential match on an L buried Il is pretty small because of all the circumstances because. He's a free agent after next season because -- represented by -- -- or it and it -- to get in. -- don't have much chocolate bunny suit contract extension I think one thing is pretty clear that it betrayed no L or do not think any you to return. So. They call her out more in APEC delegates just a couple minutes ago I got a text message from. Actually officials said. That's accurately male actor listening on Ellsbury -- sense is they're not especially motivated that something overpaid. Don't quite get to hang on elk bird but you know it's -- upon exercise of the LP who could they potentially match up what. The -- absent surplus starting pitching. I have no idea how the Red -- you about a guy like Mike -- medium eighties and match. Be -- Atlanta Braves -- demonstrated. The willingness to deal -- Delgado Julio Iran. -- Delgado didn't have proposed Ryan Dempster trade during the summer. And maybe that's something the Red Sox would would look at eating interest thing. That even the victory not signing off and he still opting with Cody Ross. Talking with a -- -- Nick Swisher. Would tell you -- paid any art leaving open the possibility that there's gonna be you know very accurate. Dead nation you know really -- mean that we look at Lester and and Ellsbury we realize that the value right now is not very high and trade market but. If they work to get blown away at least it did Victor Reno siding is put them in position to a band can feel that he can make the move is now -- -- -- -- in the same thing. -- with Lester. I still think you have to look at that too if the value is still what you believe it could be hopefully. Yes and in that particular indicate the belt where I want I mean is it clear from the guys they've chosen you know Johnny Celtic great clubhouse guy. You know Mike Napoli -- the club -- -- victory you know an energy guy. You know prepare as I wrote in paper and bought in the morning you're looking to change the culture. And maybe it not to be there on the right side I'd and it it at all not -- -- Colby. Let's face it you know no one knows if he's gonna be with a Red Sox after next season. EP -- probably he'll be leading. And -- it is so popular that that pay let. Get a group together we know. Is going to be here moving forward and that would be one of the reasons why he would consider moving out very cute yet. Archetype of picking -- looking for. Yet bust out is go to some of the rotations and I'm somewhat envious of and and it's the same thing right it's draft its draft develop or it's a big trade. You know and and that's why I think you have to keep -- and these two guys I won't be surprised at all that pulled the trigger -- get the arms that they need because. He -- piecemeal a team here together for the next couple of years is no question about it but if you're gonna have any kind of shelf life here -- long term stability and success it's gonna be because you have the arms -- 2426. Point seven years all. You're exactly right. That's why. You know I wonder about. And I mention I. I don't think regular move Homer Bailey and back I'm sitting here and it into the -- start -- he told me to point that I tuck them that there's no way. The red -- Homer Bailey. You know that that the Braves -- rightly point out I would have payroll issues -- -- they would treat form. I do think that there would be a lot of logic for the Red Sox betrayed felt very particular. Young pitching I would say you know I mean if you. It is the royal opera guy like Wal-Mart -- a lesser than he seriously think about it back you probably make that trade. But here's the blunt talk he what Lester. -- trade income. It's gonna be pretty difficult to -- and their rotation and be able to attend next year in my opinion. And you know that would be very different conversation. They're treating Albert because I think. You could trade him given that they've added the other guy and he'll be like he hit and actually get a -- return. We'll see art they tied together 'cause Lou and I debated this. I don't see hi Richard Ellsberg will Meyers I get a -- buyers the American prospect Lester excuse me because you can't replace Lester in that rotation next year trying to sell your fan base. We have Victor Reno on Napoli we're gonna contend at all while they were trading Lester for guys probably a start the year AAA are Lester in Salisbury buster in some -- tied together. In that debate think we can trade -- Barry -- picture. And then trade Lester for well miers and deal or place -- with that picture they get for Ellsbury. Well let me speculate speculating -- I haven't pose the question to like it directly aimed -- Red Sox people. But might get it and that they would be separate and other words if. If spot -- -- yet the height. Picking prospect that they really valued for elk bear I think it would -- -- without having to do anything with that Lester might. And I know that little apartment -- minor thing I expected that it cities so airport -- the prospect. Like she seen them treating. In and what about the outfield prospect in baseball and the best prospect. -- -- about whom there are a lot of question right now Lester. And and especially when he or expect that it ethnic. We look at these -- meanings in in in you you look dogs and a big targets here Greinke in Hamilton and those guys tied one another as far as where they end up and cookies in Texas does that mean Hamilton has gone. Back or get ready view. In -- -- -- in the sport they're paying and that's exactly. That this thing we're gonna debate about -- -- and expert this or of people but the buzz here is why the Rangers and -- It would be unlikely that they would invest in bulk right in camp in -- million dollars to players. So it seemed like at. -- -- given -- -- they they might be involved in these big trade talks that the Diamondbacks have been having. About a possible working Il has trouble Cabrera into going you Arizona. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And some -- Detroit he'd come down between eight beat duke and them would you rather have got can't help it and change -- Or would you rather have Zack Greinke and shut them up in its interest in -- topical question. But you know I don't think there's any question that is going to be our -- trade. -- -- happened today. It can happen the next week but you know once you at that needed it duplicates a lot of ground work being laid. And the most motivated gains or exit Arizona and Cleveland it feels like. Well Arizona Kevin towers up they're going crazy right to stalk and everybody in. Who knows what do not elect set it up and say the city of an -- -- for Anders deal and you -- center -- them trying to figure out why I've been hearing Trevor Bauer name out of Arizona when he's. Third pick overall last year's -- 2011 draft got the big leagues dominated doubly AAA. While I hear his name is available and if you lose Justin Upton and I'm just -- over here buster. They might need a center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury will apply his powers name involved. Well want it to our it. CE did not injure so much people organizational that your number one it was and it is you know. -- about personality more about substance to -- all -- when he got in the big leagues and a short an opening was. Down tremendously more went out 9190 mile an hour. It deposed in 9596. Mile per hour yet that you think that he got a reputation. -- organization very quickly. About someone not willing to make adjustments. Other people unmet need you know the C architecture. For example Miguel Montero with -- look at it -- strike -- And trapper who is an independent thinking diet and held it that you -- it up in the strike now. So that's part of the reason why. And I I agree with you I thought Arizona would be an interesting. You know potential paying that they're trying to win. I wonder if you know they can be it's called -- but it will be again a lot of ball here for the Diamondbacks. A gets out on this Stephen Drew his name has been bit in about a some on the Red Sox might be interested in a bunch of short stops -- prime Iglesias got an opportunity. Last year. Does that seem like he fit the what does that say about the Red Sox and their faith their shortstop position buster. I am it may. Are up but been very good luck -- not gonna go to the plate but he had pretty being in mediocrity correct -- -- beat the other. Now I hear a message in -- necessarily. The case with the Red Sox. And and you know maybe I'm wrong maybe. You're right it would say something about these guys they have there. It may actually result down that road getting to keep in mind. It caps really felt like it through coming up that devastating ankle injury. Was not nearly as good as he was four and it might be -- gonna get better with Mort I think he'll. But last year big red flag if that is the what. I gotta go take -- TV we appreciate taken a few minutes there -- set buster -- natural great coverage all week we'll talk to you soon. Our regular during the season -- only joining us on the ATP hotline AT&T -- LTE. With speeds up the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible.

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