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Jim Duquette, former Mets GM, on the Winter Meetings

Dec 4, 2012|

Jim Duquette joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Red Sox signing of Mike Napoli and the latest news from the meetings in Nashville.

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Back get a lot -- 93 point seven WEEI baseball winter meetings in Nashville going on as we speak and we talked the former general manager of the general manager. -- of our show you hear what MLB network radio he is Jim Duquette. Jim let's get right into it because -- your reaction here to the Mike Napoli -- in my opinion what's been the insider reaction there at the meetings Mike Napoli three years 39 million bucks. You know. Dietary I can understand that that -- -- bit yeah I mean it's still an out of -- have a down year. I think that the main when we and I talked a lot of people here and and as -- stated that. Majority that ambassador security but the majority of people and they understand what the Red Sox are trying to do Jeremy we know he hits well then why don't supporter -- He -- you know he'll grind out at bats which is what that they'll line up needs and so you to that it gives you some flexibility. I received planes and first you tax break -- -- -- over the very got to get some cute so. I think when you start to look at it to peace it's not if that's the only feature can't be disappointed -- -- figure -- season but. You know it sound like there's going to be here there's are a couple of other moves obviously in an -- purse out. Overall I'd like you did that as a L I now realize it's an -- memory piece but it's like a major piece. Yes up the fun read -- are in his game and offensively I like the additional these 227 -- about these 32 when he hater either. But he grinds out at bat that's they wanna get back to my biggest concerns are with us as an Internet I think my most underrated things in baseball is at first base and pick the ball out of the dirt. People just goes unnoticed or religious expects it to happen so. My concerns would be if if he ends up being the guy that they expect to get a 14550. Games at first base defensively. That would be my only concern. -- I -- this that I I hate them felt that same beliefs well liked about Gannett. About her on the side of -- what kind of first baseman -- -- well I would much rather had the defender that maybe gives me fifteen or wanted to run we -- we -- all -- Who has tremendous over first since he achieved by just I mean that's -- Gonzales was whether that was the real deal -- would have been a real good -- there. But I think it really looks like he's gonna go to and to the nationals but but you know again when you look at it from that from their right hand side you'd like he said. You look at the way the balance of their lives is going to be good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it did they achieve better offensively than defensively -- And if you if you shoot seventy with that street ninety on basic needs you know it's a 25 or moral -- that's pretty solid year for. Knowing that at this roster they technically I guess have four catchers you know be considered Napoli can catch a little bit on the big league roster and a couple guys and a forty minute. In -- miners are also look at team like Toronto that just claimed Eli -- they actually have like four big league catchers as well. It's got a White Sox keep and I -- both of these teams in the -- dangling Gavin Floyd and I'm doesn't obligate jeepers it's becomes -- -- -- -- are based possibly. Trade partner with the -- -- yeah -- -- there's definitely been some conversation their for crumpled front but you know both Toronto and Boston. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the -- except what I I think -- ought to just -- before. Anybody else settled -- -- -- convention but. But I think you you opened in Toronto I think they're gonna move where American idiot hurt itself you know that's a package you just can't get. Thank you can't get you know a real good piece just for GP straight up. But but I think that's you know when you're you're you're in that position. That's of a more of a position of strength you can ask for a little bit more because that there is that they'll start -- -- -- his -- -- look. -- in Davenport does not perfect either you're coming back. You know especially you know we're that some health issues that's yet to be cautiously but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're talking to Jim Duquette MLB network radio four Major League GM. That I appoint to the outfield Jonny Gomes is a nice piece but I think the Red Sox fans are looking for. That that solid piece in the outfield Hamilton has been discussed a lot Jim. What about Nick Swisher what is the market for this guy because to me as a switch hitter who could play a little bit of first can't play the outfield. -- with her talked about his clubhouse and they. I think he'd be perfect fit to the Red Sox hit ball to discuss. I I think they -- and there's a lot of interest and swisher because he's less certain alternative to those guys like Hamilton but. He can get is really solid production he's not getting out Yeltsin is. Healthy and play another forty or 45 games which he had he really does. I even -- -- 130 veto it is he's a forty veto once when he -- got it that's part you can't find the impact that the structures that next level which. -- I think he does and he's an element. And in addition to driving in runs a -- in his on base to his ability to draw walks in again to work -- -- His energy level he still has something left does defensively there are a lot of aspects that I like about some people felt like she is energy level is back. So you really think it's an act I can say it. I was spirit of it I've known him some -- about twelve years old I -- -- -- -- on Scott I think it's real it's legit and I -- -- perfect. In Boston. We tugboat Nick Swisher Hamilton these guys you receive qualifying offer so cost the pick but. The Red Sox are unique position them in their actual first round pick is protected they were so bad last year. They were losing 44 nickel -- this second round pick how much think that factors in adventure ericsson's decision. It's not a first round pick -- it's a pretty good second to the shy away from some -- swisher. Maybe not Hamilton because we know how goodies but swisher himself. And not give up that there. Like you know what I I think it might be a factor formal little bit but you know much in my -- -- -- in the team gets to pick six to 44 I think I guess people -- right it's forty. To look I was with the Mets so immediate stability at that and that's -- no doubt about it -- you yet -- little -- -- of what steps I mean you have. If the Red Sox were altered don't ever wonder rebuilding OK and then state your fixed you know he didn't get as many ugandans -- -- that. I don't lesser god but obviously. Every conversation -- -- with either Dan or you listen to battery is -- Larry Lucchino -- got my show the other day. So they're they're they're completely gathered there expecting this to compete again this year so. I can't let that second -- get your way of both but swisher or I guess that's really the only other one that they're going after that it is -- six were sure Elton. Yeah -- -- or what are few teams in on Hamilton but they said only on a short term deal and I said -- two years I give when he wants. Three years talked me into it you know with it looks like it's probably got to be more than three years. How concerned would you be of -- Josh Hamilton being how many years would you give -- and concern in this market given his history. Well I think the market I'd still like -- inflated but then then I keep getting reminded that they don't know what the revenue that beat you -- that -- only can measure to the revenues it receive this particular revenues so. You know I've perk hurt your we're seeing some of these bright and I guess you could sit there -- -- well we shouldn't be -- that -- I'm not a I -- not as concerned about Hamilton's it has got to be some side he's talked around Washington. Or are you heard -- almost every week and there -- definitely some frustration toward the end with. Hamilton thirty days or weekends that you don't feel like he can play physically and eat eat eat what he wants now you know in the -- -- like that but. But they should -- that that the level of play when he's healthy -- is it's hard to match and if it was five years. That would be my match -- you know I didn't really know about it -- on 67 great years I don't think anybody else does either. So I think it yet on -- it's it's gonna take five and it's gonna take a soldier out of how can you you know how is he going to fit in -- and and you know there. The one thing I don't like honestly is is the pressure that he would he would be under there in Boston I don't think it's good for him. Thought that the spotlight now that secures poured all that much. And it's I'd be a little bit concerned out of that aspect to more than. Big dividend five years actually. Agent to be hit are the Diamondbacks just dangling Justin Upton out there is are legit chance that he gets dealt here. As part of winter meetings. I think he's gonna actually I really do I think he did I cannot I -- that it stacked in the beginning of I couldn't get it confirmed from an agent Larry rentals but. I had a conversation than before that would seventh Garcia and they were there were -- says it felt like he was being. -- is being shown up and trade rumors wait too much eating too like he was supported by tips at your record it's an end and even ownership during the summer when he was going through those struggles. And is that a couple of years now I think. I think he's frustrated -- -- what I don't know he actually act demanded betrayed but I think he really wanted to and that's out so. That's got to stay below the radar a little bit I think they're gonna trade him it seemed like there's been more more. Interest in him and and a little bit more information and that's a -- -- -- surprise at least maybe not here but maybe about the end of the month street. They were -- laudable that year but really the problem with the Boston Red Sox has been all arms and I know. If this team's gonna improve its gonna improve with the guys that they actually have just he already last year pitching better or looked out there in a free agent market even some of the names that you hear. Not so sure counted those -- -- it gets them over the home prize is no aces out there to Alter require even if it works up what Theo Epstein I like Matt Garza but. Not sure if he's the difference maker read the -- they go with this page and try to help the staff. Four you know what blew it it's a tough cause I don't I agreed in cents. I'm really there answer it is it is from that it's got to come from Lester buckles. To really pitched. That means to play out there seem and then they don't -- keep them close and didn't go out -- treated the deadlock I think you're you're getting. You know once solid complementary piece back Greinke. Secondly since -- you know I think it's unreasonable view that -- Our personally I'd really like -- -- -- so we gonna get value they're not gonna cost a lot. And he's what 34. Years Jim -- -- your New York I -- more likely than anybody build it up to determine the contract it may not be. You know Cy Young worthy vehicle to sign a worthy like -- this year but I think he's a solid middle. You know number four starter and in Toledo been hit so somebody like that would be nice complementary piece they got to get that strike next browser and act and they're not going to be close he -- again. Any other team talked about discipline talked about patience but as a general manager. How difficult is it because that you wanna improve your team but the reality is made it is not that right personnel there than. This offseason maybe he's available in July maybe is available next off season how difficult is that to remain patient and wait for that one big splash. It might come two years from now. It is its probably wasn't it difficult aspects of the job because not only. Said the you know you need to keep teaching potentially. The truck -- and in some cases you have an ownership that's really got to wrestle still say this -- -- team isn't. There were trying to sell tickets were trying to sell hope and optimism in our fans are Bostick so. I think those are all elements that you it's very experienced it when I was in new York and you do in Boston and -- some of these. -- on the East Coast where you're you know you're trying to get eyeballs on the television and -- it it is definitely a factor. So yeah you get to that -- -- -- talk -- you start to look at the -- division in what the other team just dot are ready especially to rock don't know Baltimore not going away you don't. Holy crap right now is the seat and started today we're we're no better than we word that the into the seat which is the fifth -- -- -- overall maybe some cocktails and dinner is Brian Cashman drop its -- bombs after -- finding out that -- gonna affect not only got 46 months with a -- jets lobby to he's got four to six weeks of of rehab -- strengthen -- -- first -- -- out four -- six months there's a potential but he's not back until after the all star break their New York. I don't know how he. Sometimes how -- general manager that he I'd probably be trying to -- but it heated debate is always to block air it's curtains like fire alarm fire on a regular basis there. But I -- I didn't do that its interest in -- this. But the other writers ask about Iraq healthily inside you gonna be here at third base a couple of them are yet are you. -- RG -- straight legged the only so he never had a response so he's no longer he said yesterday it he's known for a couple weeks sitting -- that's still true this. I did at this and that I don't know I'd like to replace you convinced that freeagent commanders say that's an aside -- You have played every day for the first. First part of the city and papacy and as the second half you're gonna play you up to a few times a week. -- -- that's part of finally got to replace him and out but it's Chavez because of the -- so upset that they are not that's up spot right. -- for a Major League general manager get a much MLB network radio followed Twitter during this. Every day but -- -- these meetings great stuff come from Jim Duquette Jim appreciate the time get back to work we'll talk to you soon. Make him Jim Duquette MLB network radio joining us -- and -- we'll get back to your phone call 617779793. Cents.

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