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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joins D&C after the team’s win in Miami

Dec 3, 2012|

Tom breaks down the win over the Dolphins that clinched his tenth division title in New England. He also touches on the events in Kansas City and the upcoming game against Houston on Monday Night Football.

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Joining us on the eighteen T hotline Tom Brady quarterback than the patriots are -- -- -- with Thomas brought you by north east electrical distributors. Gallery BMW and buy staples good morning Tom how -- I'm underworld -- red -- yeah I'm wondering. Is there a particular amount of relieved satisfaction. In your mind. After having an odd even day offensively as a whole and your defense played well almost from start to finish and your offense of the running game finally at the end. -- you about that helps this team find a way to win a base above football game. He had that was important and I -- You know that's exactly the case I don't think you know it was our best state. Of -- production on offense and in north from Miami's defense played really well but our defense. You have got a full -- some short fields I've played really. Going in some. So really some tough situations for them where. You know coming off -- turn over. We got back step on that on our own goal and had putted out and didn't give up much our defense released. State today and it obviously you know where our backs have been able to do know he gets -- -- season has been a huge reason why we've been on a six game winning streak. I can't imagine a more helpless feeling if you're the quarterback on the other team in this case ten -- and you're sitting there on the sidelines of the fourth quarter and you're watching seven minutes and seventeen seconds go by. You guys go 77 yards on sixteen plays with twelve runs at the pretty helpless feeling I would assume. Yes that was. But that's what we needed to do and that's you know that's part of counselor football that's part of who -- trying to accomplish several weeks so. I think -- there's there's definitely tied for the situation of -- that particular situation is important to eat up a clock. Ultimately to get down there and kicked a field goal which. You know pretty much sealed today so that was a you know those are great late in the game. Can you explain how -- the running game accounts for eleven yards on seven carries in the first half. And then explodes in sufficient and does what it did in that last drive what happened. That's a good question I don't know why diabetic you know I haven't watched the film yet so. They'd usually comes out of execution is that cute little bit better but. You know I think the good part words. To do that out of Miami in the warm weather you know what we really haven't played -- warm weather along time. You know I thought that was really great effort by our guys in a situation where you know you party play forty whatever 4053. Minutes and 58 minutes. 52 minutes excuse me. And if you're able to play your best football wouldn't need it the most when you're most tired and that's what it's got to be a -- when their plane for. Our division title that's. You know -- obesity and got a club -- and and I thought we did a good job of that yes. Did you note Tom that you the only quarterback to win ten division titles and and what's that mean to you. -- I didn't know that. Well I mean it is game I'm play with a great group would go play that. With a great group of coaches and every one that truly committed themselves to winning and do and what's in the best interest of the team and I think that's. In the mark what are our team's been all about and today I got here it's. You know preacher suppose being selfless friend. And committing yourself to winning you know when it doesn't mean that you know the ball is. Always scored in your direction of the blitzes -- called for you work you know years. You're you're not always the focal point -- the place so you know that's a lot of guys who. You know make make an effort every week -- their play their best you know -- was pretty cool -- -- To win a place where we've lost the last three times in December so. That was that was put it took him out so we accomplished. We haven't lost in December lately and -- anywhere I mean you guys in the second half are just incredible I assume that's. All part of the plan is there an explanation of that why you guys know build up to such good second half solicit good final month runs heading into the heading toward the post season. Why is that our. Am sure for them sure it's a bunch of factors that it. You know I think it's the same thing it's been a lot of depth of our team you know -- -- guys feel and when guys get injured. You know it's so equitable with the help the fifteen men in the league great -- you know there's a lot of teams north injuries. But you know in your -- to protest figure out toughness is tested. You know I think we have the best coaches in the league so they get us prepared. Better than any other you know better than any other team in the league so that's the all those. All those little things become big things that's in the day and it was it was fun. This good on the Miami with you know know what was at stake in. You know really that was. A chance to put a whole division behind their vilify the -- division at this point which is. -- which is pretty good and and we were able to do it so this it was a very satisfied through all the way home. -- would you agree that your accuracy was just a little bit off yesterday from time to time at the answer to that is yes is that all on you or was that partly because the pressure the dolphins brought to bear it was clear before they got to you that they were going to get to. I'm not sure I you know whenever -- -- -- I think I should get them it's usually it's. It's saying you know technique issue and it's just you know not -- actors themselves and I thought our -- really hard -- very gets very different. David protective all year so. And I got to be able to make all of those throws what I have of them and you know we've missed a few her lead over could've been really important to what we were doing as. It's in the final outcome of the game. And you know hopefully I don't miss anymore -- them stretch. Did -- apologized for the -- Sat in the third quarter. You guys say -- when that happens. Know what those guys take a lot of pride in what they do so it's. And he's -- -- player and he is a great player and tackle and teammate. And you know he's you know he worked extremely hard and he's done a great job. Since being and then you know you go -- to get one of the best passer or should the legal means. He's gonna make those plays so and you just gotta be able move on which he always says -- -- And if you move our next place so that's that's who we all do it doesn't always -- -- great -- they have some very good players on the defense. Pressure of their Fred they're secondary basically just Sybase so. You know I I I give them a lot of credit. Was the wake sack of the for the won a major arrives water. You know no I actually feel pretty good today so no I think over the course and feed your body gets help will be enough. Those -- to those facts and back -- pretty good today so I don't. I don't really. You know me got a -- hit there's no question that. Well I came out of it okay. Thomas or -- shipment of more congratulations on another division title. -- -- ask you about the Brandon Lloyd he said in a decent some pretty big games early on -- last sixteen seasons he doesn't had a fifty yard game though he has two touchdowns. I think there's only targeted by yesterday one time. What -- -- getting back on track here. Well that's you know that's what I got to do a better job of you know I think you know you can't -- -- of the game targeted at one -- men and you know that's. That's from myself so. You know I got to do better just distribute the ball to him it's not that he's not open because believe me he's open them every time election forward looking after the game -- actually affordable and prominent place so. You know he's really he's -- very integral part of what we do live in. Yeah he's worked really hard over the course of the season and you know I got to do better job to get there before I don't think there's any question about that. Talking to discuss the dynamics of replacing a Mankins with a replacement and the replacement of replacement and how that. I'll let dynamic works of of making it work together when you have new people. In front of you on the offensive line. What I think that's part of you know why we practiced some white guys rotated mayor of that's part of football season so you have. -- you have injuries and in Logan's head. We -- had a you know if you this year where -- we've been tested with with the -- in there have been double release stepped up for the challenge and had a great season and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- MacDonald stepped in there and make. There are mixed on a great job for us this year so. -- that's part of the you know that that's part of football and that's part of you know what this is all about is. It was 53 guys on the roster and and you don't have back up through the position both guys are forced to play them. Very ordinary to play the best you can have and you prepare better over the course of the weekend. Of the better players -- you have -- -- roster from top to bottom. The better team you're gonna have especially describing yourself. There are some things where you lose one or two players and you know that's you can pretty much. -- -- -- your season I don't think that's the -- sort of so I think that the guys we have you know they work hard they're prepared and -- very cheap -- peer perform when they get their chance. You you disagreed with the person last year about the ugly when you're in the it was ugly do you think. There is such thing as an ugly win errors every went and if you don't did you did you following all the with the jets and cardinals did -- On the New York. I saw the final score right into the game but. You know those are those are two pretty good defensive teams you know we played we played both from you know yesterday we played a very good defensive team that we played. I guess that -- you know -- it's polish charge of first put that there was a time where we had one out there and a lot of times so. And we you know we went out there would everywhere and no three year old forward we were twelve of -- and they were two in -- You know they'd -- just out there so. -- they they gave us everything we can handle yesterday and have a lot of respect for the Balkans and -- some very good players on the -- -- outside you know we've we did a good job they're dead closer that we need to that was most important player is satisfied. Certainly gotten ugly -- that -- I don't I don't buy one definitely it was a great win for our team. Tom I don't know what what set of circumstances. Over the course of your career had you take the field the heaviest apart but can you even imagine. The situation that Romeo Cornell specifically had to deal with the focus and get his team on the field and win a football game yesterday. I mean -- that was saying you know. I don't know if I'm sure -- and for everybody was shocked since world war room and in the you know we've we're very close that organization where it. It -- a lot of our friends there so it is very future is very tragic and you know it's pretty remarkable that the amount when different -- So -- about the character that team. They blew up Monday Night Football do you do you like it do you and -- -- that excites you anymore is it -- -- the -- she get away all weekend and he got to wait all day Monday and and it just takes forever to get a year ago. I look forward to it and I think it's great it's. It's saying. You know to be part of the reason -- the NFL has been successful in Ireland and that. Primetime spot in its. You know there's there's one game one it was going to be the team that they're confused than it should be a great. References -- That should be a great it should be a great game. Houston guard great team they've been they've been playing well first. -- over the course of twelve games with one loss and and that. It should be it should be a fun night. -- you were called the just screamed to her -- is on the right in the third quarter when he came back against a grainy came toward you. Yet there are right now when when Josh and bill break down the film with you would you what they point out to you the gospel to shove your own guide to the ground sold her. I have no idea what the old school -- -- look at -- and he was right there they told -- detonated say on that play you know that was that was the hardest city difficult days I started laughter. Yeah I believe an efficient water you have a situation. I know we do this every week but this -- appreciation. For wells Wes Welker I mean grow at this point I mean he do you ever. Take your find yourself taking it for granted you targeted them. Eighteen times he had twelve catches he's like breaking records that Jerry Rice held I mean. How important is he too took the success you've had over the last five years. And now he's in our best. Let that after the game you know the kind of respect I have for him in. That nobody works harder than -- so he's he's agreed to. You know he's a great competitor and I think what he doesn't practice every day and his ability. You know for a guy -- whatever 185 pounds to play every single play taking hits over the milk from those guys that are places because there. You know get -- come back to a public media I'd be ready for the next play to be in that type of condition in his mental physical processes. Unlike anything we have ever seen so. He's saying. -- he put our people well so he's. He's a marker of you know patriot football player so no I never take a program I think. You know every day I'm lucky to have a guy like dynamite team and as a teammate. Final question Tom do what next Wednesday -- not this Wednesday next Wednesday. No I don't that's the -- your baby arrives 121212. Our highlight that -- a perfect and it it really can make it happen he or she should arrive about twelve minutes afternoon. At at at. That's a good that would let you would Wednesday be an off day after Monday Night Football for you guys. And probably know are not well this for you the baby arrives on 121212. Yeah I would bet -- -- -- all right good -- double talk to down the road architect director Bob Brady -- that Santelli on AT&T AT&T forgy LT ER conversation with has brought you by north east electrical distributors. Gallery BMW and buy staples.

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