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November 29th Hot Stove Show

Nov 29, 2012|

Kirk Minihane, Rob Bradford and Ian Browne are in on the Hot Stove Show this week. They talk about Larry Lucchinos comments about short and long term contracts, Jacoby Ellsburys future when he hits the free agent market. They also talk with David Ortiz and take calls to end the show.

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It's amazing. All day long. People don't have to me and said this these two guys debating on -- and it's incredible it's changing the way people talk about television. It's Lincoln Douglas for the what centers us. I don't know who who has bad a -- to dance. Rob Bradford as always this year -- -- off this week filling in again. Museum brown you didn't who's who's -- to -- against -- -- -- -- a perilous. Well you know what sucks but it was -- Ellen -- again one Juan Pena -- see why you -- Why you even here at the request text Ian -- Well the fact is when you have three kids texting Natalie annually at the text three letters actually a thirteen year old actor Robert. While time is these guys are on -- and debate in. It's it's spilling over to tonight it really is. So I just think the question that -- said before and he is asking kind of joking here in the -- time. But you know yelling at people say but it's a fair question when the Red Sox want to do something. -- -- the Republicans have Alamo it's fair question. Amanda gestured -- restless if I was team with 69 games or see them. Used to -- -- is not fair to ask when the Red Sox and. I -- it as fair an aspirin and I Arnold is fair to say hey you know what it's it's unbelievable that they haven't done anything could snuggle bags and says I know while I'm putting words I go back two years ago and using that example once again the only move they had made at this point two years ago was. The into military then we show for the winter meetings where were in the airport. Flying to where was Orlando the swift might play three times -- -- it it yet because Adrian Gonzales stuff is going down the next thing you know a few days later their Carl Crawford all's well best team ever the proposed or -- for 69 win season. Of people right answer for them do so they they also didn't have as many holes to fill but the when you get to twenty million dollar year players. You obviously have two holes to fill my message out. You understand bad bad season tons of money presumably -- and is waiting but that's the biggest thing right. And so now when you look at them but one of the questions everybody asks about inevitably he's Ellsbury free agent year coming up after this year. Larry -- on this morning with John and -- and was asked about the future of Jacoby Ellsbury. Police source center fielder and we -- in their note to those discussions active discussions with with regard to him that that I'm aware of its. You don't know whether someone's got to come deal and make you look at a proposal but our plan is to. If you would have to go feels that it goes here's -- secular this year forward. Well I mean you know you can look at 12 ways obviously he's not gonna say hey look -- look at the trade Ellsbury who's in whatever you ask him that's basically what else is about Jon Lester thanks called Abbott. But I mean you can look at that way but it is sort of the burning question look at the off season one you look at and say well. You have to think something's gonna happen Wal-Mart the other. And you know quarterly -- opening day will ever be on this team. But I think that you know and Alex -- about the stance and he wrote the story and then disappeared somewhere real nor has there -- -- but buttered BJ -- when BJ Upton signs in and turns out the Red Sox. Really had no interest in BJ up through net and it tells you where there that a little bit anyway. Now will it be Justin Michael -- you know there's been some reports may be there there. Kick the tires and -- I still can't imagine they gonna go that route both guys I mean would it surprise you at all. If two weeks from now we have a Jacoby Ellsbury is being floated around rumor out there. I'm not not Florida or number eight a look at this way. Bring Scott back with a year left Wisconsin he's going to be Hungary is gonna wanna put up the -- did two years ago and the -- excellent benefit from if he's gonna have another MVP air. Typing and cares believes -- It was a rescue with his MVP year though in the onto anything else in the ago that kind of the year and -- said the economy but anyway I think there handed title putted stadiums point I think that. You -- the only time that you're gonna trade him is this offseason because coupled draft picks scenario right. He is Steve -- regular teams trading for mark played into the draft picks. When he blocks. By. July race but that's my point though if he's not you know actually get the value are now because if you traded to a team and that team has him for a full year meaning. When he goes signs somewhere else they get to Trevor -- he's ever really good years ago and you make any higher level of play that you would right now all that is well again and that's the problem right now though. -- right -- -- -- but that he'd -- looking up to -- got what 75 million yesterday is that right now is a basis of disasters to ninety. Some -- drop parts of licking his -- -- look at that and you look at the Ellsberg thing if Ellsbury has a good -- -- two years -- good. -- North Shore and it's at that right now and that's why a lot of people feel like jokingly annoyed at the point you -- -- this year and then. He walks and you get that year I got that -- even here in Toronto market. 9011 of those here's the thing that's on baseball reference. At this time there so but when you look at some of these other news following these rumors now are going all over the place to talk about Lester at some point. Now here in the last half hours ago. When he Jayson stark -- you said Johnny Damon right in there talked about Adam approach now the Red Sox are looking at him kicking the tires on and they may not go past three years three years. You know is is that a reaction to doesn't battery though it's -- hey Napoli. Leopard yet we have we have someone else here that we we might be interest as well. Well you know as you said before the show though -- Napoli. You know is we always say this and it happens this give him for open primary in importers. I mean I haven't talked to people down at Texas and Texas doesn't seem to wanted to more than two years. Well I think Seattle might be only team to Seattle so gentle that ballpark drilling -- -- -- -- offenses are so and then when he went there they sold him shortly tried asylum on that. And they're desperate they're desperate for offense and -- -- that's why you don't even though we have no evidence of this being the -- -- strategy when they talk about ms. Lester will Myers saying he says hey you know what. If you didn't wanna spin around a guy like will Myers it would be to a place like Seattle -- desperate for hitting. Who you might be able Packers are Zander Bogart's with and you get Felix Hernandez back I'm not saying that was ever discussed -- that whatever happened. But Seattle so desperate for offense. And removing offensive as they said and so you know that's where it's gonna -- that that was I think that is one MLB theories -- Alexander broke arts for for -- And that's the goal of everything they say him. Or in -- look at Napoli for an average annual contract for him visited. Well that's interesting thing right you really see a weak arguments we -- -- we talk about years. But with Napoli you have a team that team off from qualifying offer of thirteen point three million. So in that teams as has Ian pointed out. That team supposedly was in on him or has -- trust him so he they're not gonna pay him thirteen point three million so what is going to be the annual average of these looking for. Ten you would think so but. I'll come back to -- if a team ICL's desperate enough maybe they opt out and get too uncomfortable -- -- to be more valuable to the rats and other teams primaries perfectly suited for. Well I think it's not only for Fenway but. I think that type -- hitter that you want in the middle that lineup in now line up in general. Another Russian thing -- -- -- -- today to -- here about a couple weeks going Merrill was this idea of giving. Josh Hamilton won in thirty or you know -- what incentive for one -- you know don't get bogged down in two years but give -- more of an annual number bigger number. Best which you know about that today. Yeah as a general proposition now against certain certain situations that may peel away too much to attract someone yeah I do believe that the dangers. That the -- station free agency in particular are are the dangers of of election night. Tying up -- financial capacity. And making extra long commitment because of the pressure competitiveness of free agency that assigning someone. You might like aside for three years and yet it does create a market analysts in the five or six years. And now you have to do it because you don't know what the other close to doing -- Yeah this is not an open negotiation -- applying -- -- -- until this week and that's that sometimes lead stood along the debilitating contracts. Same philosophy ironically is Robert Redford indecent proposal. For big money. Really small you know hard for us -- Arab those things that together around -- -- -- dark time. It I think that actually -- -- singing code there is that when Maryland shows a Christmas at Fenway on Saturday and by the supply an option is bigger unveiled to us now is it is this audio tape out look at what your fifty billion. Is that something it may not happen this offseason but you think about it doesn't make sense here a couple of babies -- off of these we go on here. You look at -- you would you say is going to be the sort of new ways gonna happen is somebody in the fall this contract in could Hamilton potentially with all his you know problems bedecked. I don't want to -- but you know. I don't know I think isn't due later I W I do away for the Red Sox I don't know -- it's a new way across the board because there's so much money in baseball right now. And there's been in you look at Josh Hamilton and he's going to be looking for whatever six years there's going to be team's gonna give it to. So we can't say hey you know what everyone's gonna take this strategy and I don't really know if it's gonna work for the Red Sox will be intra through CP does. But I aids itself and wholly different and it should be. -- that answer from the team do you get the idea that that's something they're going to do after that that's what that's their strategy sees some of these guys. You know don't get that 456 era program and they have been waiting now for the big -- through three years -- -- battle I wouldn't be surprised -- the album did the Yankees for Kuroda. Mean that was as we talked about -- shows ago I think that was just an aberration it. This is guy who want to play a certain place and play for one year and need money wasn't that big a deal form. But -- you know they've also been helpful over already overpaid slightly for some of these other plays if -- -- Neighbor -- who's going to be on the zone Nomo won five medals five minutes David Ortiz will be kind of in the case say that they're overpaying for you know after -- -- if he needs is incentives. The but David Ross you know so. Hey Jonny Gomes. If Johnny -- how -- it take to announce that Simon and -- they come to throw their families they're examining one body part today -- it it. Not exactly the FB rush to unveil Johnny -- it's it's like you said it's all timing out for Christmas at Fenway on Saturday Jodie what are you under the Christmas -- as -- some 10 o'clock be there. Last night before we get to Ortiz probably Andrew Bailey you know obviously -- was -- be part of that potential -- compensation now boss role earlier this -- said. They'll look at trading him where they view him right now we had was we have Farrell. Jason there's a closer yourself right what what what is -- -- you want what's the option somewhere else is he gonna set a registry what do you know. Do you think they're actively looking to deal well the fact is that if you was given up as an opportunity or one of the options for the blue jays. In the federal deal then -- Sally -- Evidently. It. It read much and Vanderbilt season last year missed. Four months of the company and came back Pettitte pitched well for awhile and pony -- but it's such a small. That partly related to law and he enrolled early good story about the you know the issues he's having with the newborn kid in. -- you think back to it is like you don't like to make excuses for a vacation yeah there's a lot of stuff going on still win this guy's been healthy he's been pretty did. But does he do you want him to be V guy. If your bullpen or do you wanna go out and get someone else the guy that they thought Mark Melancon was going to be last. On its way closer to get through that six in 97. An -- again Keith spoke with rose 89 in 91 and and locates. Three David Ortiz you're 92 break we get back to violate sounds like the Red Sox industry now doing the next week to -- other week of Niagara actually think -- well what all this you know I think that I think decoded -- is gonna happen next week that the of people know about just under stock about something's gonna happen. I mean. It is bulletin -- that David roster Johnny jokes like him who the front they would shorts for the 92 break we get back David Ortiz of the -- -- David Ortiz after. Hot -- showed 937 WEEI Kirk men and rob Bradford Tim Brown in for Alex spear -- joining us now on the AT&T hotline. Is Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz David it is cartman and rob Bradford Andy -- out of Boston Howard you. -- -- -- -- Not much you know we had the assistant general manager of the Boston Red Sox on it today. And he had something very very interesting to say we're gonna play you clip. -- -- Cities there. Microphone. Yeah upside down -- I live on the got a -- pass the microphone to the you know and it kind of reach around behind my back in. I'd be all cool and helping on penalty on relive that now. David do you buy it. David. Yeah are you buy that you buy that excuse. No -- Obama and north -- in my side -- -- a reach around and does whatever it -- -- we should they did before it's a bit. They want to make it open so. Wanna make up the issue about army he had fathered other Nazis and you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- It does as your health right now physically are you feeling you were weighted where you're in the process. Opened with a I. I. -- written about her early years. Is -- left one basketball but it was. What you know. Yeah okay. Kirkland you know he bill it's the wounded the -- Mark what do you do when it. I'm older and we. -- Severity of those people that are not serve. -- wrong thing so. His father it was. -- -- remote where the -- -- your day. I'm not about who would go over. They you know about who didn't who form -- who have supported this sort of it. The burden Rose Garden zone and not on them. Or in the regular -- -- at least four months. So. Then there is considerable competitive. There he says the you do that shockwave treatment dollar Boutros gonna put -- action pro. A few weeks do you think that did a lot of good Fauria were -- -- did that. I think sort of -- in. It's. Not a ball. -- that you. Would remarks. Mobile -- into when he called. And oh. Yeah. -- They -- it -- be at it and wouldn't that -- So. -- -- This reform -- want the Berkman hit. There the one of the things happen and few weeks ago is due -- -- honor signing with Detroit -- First off did have you talked to him about that decision at all and I guess the second question is. Does that worry you at all about free agents coming here. Are coming off the year in you know to do it sounded like -- really wanted to go to a place where. He he thought he was gonna win right away do you have any concerns about that. Well he told mr. we. Where are eaten bone or. -- -- -- -- wanna find Verifone -- symbol. Or met her once you're in the united -- better. Economic growth who. Who. Called -- didn't ball abuse -- that it is a -- from Limbaugh. So once. -- -- the that are normal. If there. Burton who you know our. Odierno currently under -- -- Brattleboro. Who with. Did -- would you like see this team do this winners or what is there a guy -- out there on the free agent market the you have your -- you know what what do you think this team. Really needs to take the next step next year. What I'm bound on. Yeah. My little. These Shia group -- -- -- on the road in little bit and I look for. Or one. That that when -- on the -- -- you know and and the public that they're not meant. That's one person and will be. And I didn't perseverance it was a little addition. -- it was -- by about coming up. And a lot of decision -- was made. Where -- The remote and local police. Kamal on the scene in. Who -- to a considered before or remote that would have been so touched the that they. We didn't films home of flowers that are so well in one down on quality. Where. Do. Yeah and articulate -- car. And some of the room. Well our system with Lauren. And I think. In the who murdered in what. Tiger come back to a David need to get a chance to answer -- but are you concerned at all of low. Free agents health free agents view the Red Sox because your whole time you've been here the Red Sox have been a pretty desirable place to play. But they -- is at any concern in regards to that. Forward. With the word in the -- in the first couple of years probably. But. Wouldn't -- on the agency. Yeah and yeah ultimately it instantly. Yeah -- be felt the same as you are looking for or whatever -- -- Would not want to -- -- it. There's a lot of weird it's so and so what I was wondering Juan is because of a confident we'll deal with person nonsense. Or. Just look at that hurdle and -- -- -- -- -- Income that. This is not certain we -- Google that was minimum compliments. Very well. Recoverable or Boston -- important game and -- certainly. Might have been currently it was how -- who are. It's the same group which it. David Ortiz joins us on the hot stove show the David Ortiz celebrity golf classic takes place December 6 in the ninth. It century grand resorts at cap -- out. David charities for that is what what is the. Well. There's not a or -- Quote none of them. Who. My the year he -- upon. Would lose. Months or. Parker for certain. None of water -- men and women now live. You know regular it was yeah it was in our salute the might lol -- -- or somewhere in. Bella is gone down -- Movies as well. It goes from -- -- in full. It is -- -- it was not a great. -- -- Yeah I'm I'm choosing to make things happen this David actually inactive that robbed -- -- golf course I -- that that they'll never be the same again. I think in my young life here in Atlanta at number -- The front -- just lived up and blow. You know everywhere -- you can whether god here. Yeah -- -- -- As they hit them or at least I don't know -- around that convertible. He's British anything stands them up. Up pops up. Robin the speed -- yeah that's it and let. -- -- -- go -- pit incident or I can be it property you know if it goes up. David shifting back against their Red Sox batters with the manager John Ferrell I guess I would ask. What does John fell bring to this team that Bobby Valentine couldn't last. -- He's a man who we. Our good old form. -- need more water. Well on the missiles would work well. So I don't them for a world com more of what we moved to get into Barack and so. He doesn't like. Political. That's on -- -- was what the problem that would. I think the start up from. A mile somewhere yeah yeah I mean it's. We -- our. You know the team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But no luck so. It was but what we're pleased to be. Form the black and that's -- as. Or accomplice. The moment. Of all the rest of Ramallah. Form. A purple -- so -- Yeah the other provinces in the are. Rather than -- and I said go to -- -- -- thing is there's a lot of good things happening. And I think that in the long wrong going to be. The state. Obviously with Valentine you spoke about the college wrote there and that NBC shows that you know basic gave up on the season you had any contact with Valentine's since that. -- really. I'm on the what it was like. A first look. Who. And as much time and and incurable and over the long run Columbia. -- -- Obama yeah -- whether. Four and one -- so -- -- was calm and are -- Marilyn Bill Burton. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That goes on as you and interpret. It was. Alone -- certain -- so I'm I'm support bounce it. I'm human the regular now. Certainly an uncertain whether it flopped with its own. And I think a lot of that is what I do. I'm not here to garner north. The one of the older brother. Although there are certain -- -- Lover we know not a lot about the problem. Look I'm glad it worked walks in our no. One turnover. Margin. -- world group so one worth noting. Bob most a lot of confidence is involved. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There a bomber -- Political. Loan. -- -- there was a curtain. And reliable. David let's go back to the couple days right before. You agreed to a contract. Did you think that there was a chance that you gonna hit the open market and that that you actually might end up not a member of the Red Sox. Now -- I think. Written. Apportion the firm and see what the -- And -- -- -- -- Iran is now are important. Ahmet Kuerten. In the line out the bottom of the lineup. And it's about the surgeon general. Basically earlier -- So. A remote live album. The ball well what do. Or. One big big -- gave little thought almost firmer. We're about to. -- -- To David Ellison talked to a Cody Ross this offseason and so after playing with him pretty area how important thing to be this clubhouse of this lineup to have a guy like that back with the team. Well I think I think courtly insert that would -- the poor. Who are home. -- abuse not. Only on the proper side. The rules go into the end and so pretty yeah. It is really he. He's a great human. Well war is great great he wouldn't work here and in what order. For the record some of the -- would sort of welcome among. Every day certainly is -- But without purple birds are like what are the further -- over to them it didn't. Didn't. Cordon. Over that wouldn't. Did you -- another sometime this summer remember. The well -- -- for. Its current. Situation. -- or broken a -- The medicines and other want to know. Why. I warden Kirkland but also them and doing what it is but it didn't have -- -- David most important question that day. Who who's in my foursome. Hopefully well water. You have the common ground. I -- its damage now tomorrow. -- a lot of -- -- -- down their embarrassing myself. Mom and give it a war and then. -- I offered it could be my caddie. You think that are quietly what we I mean. About that durable but the numbers -- two. -- -- so it is amid a term a bit -- some corporate. A -- of a look at the online auction -- you have the auction items you have right here. Unbelievable you throw a first pitch at Red Sox can go to David. Ortiz celebrity golf classic dot com go to the quality online auction won the first pitch at Red Sox games in a fly you out if you want to go. Red Sox giants get a chance to meet you but the big item. David you guys are -- guys aren't dummies running this thing. The second IAC out there as it is a lunch stay with Heidi what are yeah. Hard right now is 600 dollars David the guys and around a year ago. Twenty times. Have -- tonight he is a great I've. December 6 December -- December ninth that's next week David Ortiz celebrity golf classic that benefits to David Ortiz children's fund Dave we appreciate your time thanks a lot. -- -- They still -- who can talk about what are your brother died. That's David Ortiz right -- Disney -- not mean your your -- self right afterwards and some work. There's an agreement as an agreement -- -- Dave -- enough. Let's get that obviously has put its foot down just put it this way my wife has a better chance -- playing golf tonight do they are. Quick break here now where it takes a focal fix him any guys -- talk hot stove talk possible Lester trade Napoli. The Rocha and you want -- they're wrong calls right before the winner and this is like. What do we do brilliantly half an hour left the last half hour before the winter meetings. Penalties -- six was 77797937617779. 790 reset your hot stove. Phone calls yet. That's right pat the breeze. We don't we don't have title at a brief. There -- these calls. The boss what what do you take away from the Ortiz conversation. I think he was really just a body balance -- got fired it into a -- -- That not just that last for respect ever left little respect I have for audiences easily -- place he got the contract he -- -- now you know it's. You vehemently you into that -- question with the -- I -- Christmas card question which is what does -- does Chris -- the Genesis of current thought all you do the envelopes in case -- big Thanksgiving to sell you brought that out again with the John -- I did are you still looking for the envelopes. But I know the -- when you have a feud with someone are -- anemic Christmas card well I was -- Let's get to the phones are all lined up 6177797. 937 John. John do these -- all the citing his -- on. Yeah yeah I was made interview and don't get back and under a good luck David Ortiz. Just. I I think about him and I -- he's -- and I can only hold over from from the good times. I'd like to see it get one more good drug that gets you guys around it until we can do or -- you know. I didn't write up in the right way. -- -- there to a small part of what he said and you sorry about what the needs and we need to you know power -- goal line. And I think that's is important you go back to when he's been here obviously you and me and then even when many laughs he was you don't one million do you when you close stepped up and became a Sunday -- yet entered a few guys I think this is a real concern with them in and that's. What -- bear to look at this -- absolutely take artistic Ortiz out for argument sake look at. We saw what we saw the last two months the -- is right I might be on Friday and you know eight guys among the -- I think gate ten home runs -- told ten home runs after. Ortiz left and that's why they're going after -- -- a couple of the reasons but. We said -- get time and time again those type of guys are hard to find baseball one of the rarest thing in baseball and that's why you signed it Ricky quick -- on the home runs in the what was it from land and total is one since argument and Penske. Well. Do they were told George pretty easy get me Georgia Rourke and -- club. Guys I -- I've behind big name Adam LaRoche in dressing and maybe and I'm not sure which way nightly at 9 -- -- You know now at the trade that match made they have the option to move washed out to first base and maybe that's that is. Biggest destination anymore. I like am I like the -- especially what scares me as he usually started slow and have a a better second half and then coming for the NL. You know I know is -- for eight days that's interesting in that as an aside. I've always. Well at all or been disappointed that the Red Sox didn't close the deal on Alex Meyer who went and that's. And I -- I vs Kentucky it's two point one -- -- we knew would get so. They even have a chance to drafted in 2011 so that's why I'm really following Matt Barnes because then I'd like to ask them. If there -- high on Myers. They must have been higher on Barnes and they have a shot there and what have they would have grabbed them Myer where they took slight kind of spoke with -- -- but he never got there I think he stopped in between him put the net. Right misuari art were sets and we -- he hear it time and time again how hard it is to find catching and how is that a risky proposition even draft catching that side by. In their eyes -- a lot of people baseball lies even though he's a high school kid he was as much a can't miss as you can possibly having to catching position would. So good -- right bows and ask you when you look at and the -- the guy you wanted to be 33 coming up a big you're going to have three. That the -- actually yen. And the Russian Mike Napoli and basically that it's obvious to me and Mike Napoli warm yet won't intuition too is -- -- recent -- -- and a four of those two guys fall through you know that Euro rose like they like him. And and I don't know what they have sort of safe option but I think this the that within the most upside Napoli having -- I think the perception was will Roche would cost more than Napoli. You have gone into the better known the guys about it -- legit first bases and really did defensively attitude offensive year. -- -- power buy it and write him about it yes or car Napoli from Carla Boston Europe next hour. What to bury guard nor -- You know up a little bit you know what Tom Kelly in the twinkies released what he's no wonder what -- would -- -- While you're better question what happened after regional news is really good that first year what are. Well Greg cobra school grows -- was one of the options alongside him and he's there today -- brand management right. -- -- -- No Jeremy -- -- -- cured with a originally ahead of the depth chart of Ortiz and metal -- started. -- you guys are relentless can go to -- in the American League. Reports Greg Manchester hustlers is well there was no what happened Greg your elbows as he into. Big guys got an error occurred even as darkness. -- you know it amazes me how optimistic people are. What this offseason and what this team you know they're going to be adding Mike Napoli there all the ancillary pieces of fundamental problem with this team is they're building Iraq and they have. Core of players who -- too inconsistent he can be considered a core. -- Greg let me just say this before electrocuted I don't get a sense of overwhelming -- now from anybody product policy that it is sort of a wait and see approach a best. Well I mean who I mean bringing Mike Napoli in. -- recently given a sense somewhere of who's saying that's a good who's jumping up and down your segment. Bring Amanda yeah. I mean that in the Mike Napoli is pretty good how many people do seem optimistic about that but the fundamental problem is. I mean who are on the scene besides maybe Pedroia and -- course it would itself. Metal box played papacy than last year what is this -- -- on the pitching staff what is the political the core players that you're built. I'm not thinking about when you say that we talk about the fundamental problem you know that's where you -- you don't know about Lester you know -- tonight it's better laughter at times he's been over for a year after that you just don't know that it -- that's -- -- that's where the conversation about the success for next year -- -- -- that's because you can make cases both ways with the last of the buckles that you -- Lackey. You say hey you know what all those guys at some point have gone. By the same time all those guys -- some point you know mail users -- -- a worst case scenario I'll buy it but that is yes absolutely if that's why it but it does speak to how two people are viewing this team. And the impatience and everything else. -- -- what's wrong with waiting to January NC on -- Roddick was. Proud of as far as your tears and all 69 game I I understand -- impatient and did not -- here's a question Prius to a key freeagent. That the Red Sox signed in January 2003. January 2003. A -- full archive and David Ortiz in 2002. RTL out of you know a month later they -- alarm. And you know this -- makes this point on Napoli at the time people are saying you know as Camelot it was bill melanoma -- David Ortiz went one -- these where you and me I'm all about the big names this time no way. And if I understand that and live -- it the same time you have to look at how many calls -- yet the oil. And in -- -- can't go when it's like with the patriots when they get that they got on this run by this bringing the Joseph Andrews he's of the world and every in this. A ton of guys that some might hit you can't rely on that you need some foundation I think the color of right before. Is it that's where the concern with this team is it's not so much you know -- you gonna get in to fill the -- are what are -- what are what are what are you building around right. And it's a fair it's a great question and I think what they're building around to be perfectly offices is a lot of the guys who we haven't even seen play yet. Is the Bogart and other Jackie Bradley juniors in the in the Matt Barnes in the guys that they'll grosses. 6177797937617779793. Said your phone calls we get back -- -- I -- it's a couple calls and here's what's next for -- this thread that. Big game both good man and wore it out as a reminder for people -- -- show or listen to show. What -- got in the car that's what -- -- -- not thought deeds re cinema bosom. Of the I get -- hour. They got they don't they don't got no I think it's that -- important thing here is not so much what they do to 2013. To -- they don't do. -- trade that young count on it because they young talent we have. Is more important fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth I don't what can -- a -- that impatience of the trade committed guys because they feel the need to make. Splash that -- great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In no -- you just said these -- the bridge year before wasn't really debris here because president this is the real wanted to be but it was never going to be this is the ultimate bridge year. I mean they might get lucky and get some of the guys we talk about -- them in excluding the pitching staff to go and buy it. You know. I don't think anyone thinks of anything by the bridge -- get to the guys we mentioned before Soria right now offseason lines the winner meeting starts. On Monday -- Monday. OK so. This is it's going right it was a Monday through now Monday's statement -- slow things start picking up on Tuesday and Monday through -- author Seymour I guess for a masters a week from today Thursday introduce it into the show what is going to be different this baseball team a week from which are part of him. I would agree that. Yeah I think fit. In week we've heard at different points in the off season. We hear things that we had no idea about Jose Reyes right yeah we we had no idea about big Jon Lester Kansas city's and we no idea about so there's going to be some thing. -- apple though shall know some and I also think -- -- -- you start mystique key guys giving -- you like to BJ Upton of the world where there's going to be a trickle down. I was a domino effect meanwhile is way for the with those persons and wants one thing happens one leads to another day on Monica you anticipate Hamilton Greinke those guys -- the weighed heavily as -- and Neil Hamilton in particular -- -- -- -- He's going to be issues fielder. Dad that and that little long long time and in no way and no one thought. When we were the winner being last year -- name was mentioned lot of people thought you know what force -- decide. He's not gonna get his money's not gonna get -- years ago our monitors here or is -- the money is mostly name's Ryan Madson. You expect a huge Fleischer it's too easy just died I don't I -- I would I would better -- us and enforcement and trade and not in anybody's radar. And -- we've talked to us of that thing this week you -- might have been 10% down the road. With Lester will miers or whatever but that's a big threat that accurate. An accurate present ubiquitous it was 10% Basra to start yet a bug but it's something you started that could be continued. Ian thanks offered -- thanks I'm part of the time go. Amazing it is amazing how fast the one our show it was a clinical affairs committee hang back and -- -- radio and Asia have to -- mark -- -- -- special thanks to David Ortiz and David Ortiz celebrity golf classic. Go to David Ortiz celebrity golf classic dot com because by the the where the windows online auction a mill itemized what that the whole thing actually is from. -- items great cause David Ortiz children's fund thank the panel today. There's a couple of company rare good Thursday night football game falcons saints that's next.

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