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NFL Sunday - Week 12 - It's Thanksgiving Week and the Guys Recap the Pats Total Domination Over the Jets

Nov 25, 2012|

Dale Arnold, Matt Chatham, Chris Price and Kevin Faulk are in for NFL Sunday. The Pats aren't playing today, so the guys kick things off recapping the Pats big victory over the NY Jets Thanksgiving night. They also get into the pathetic display the Jets put on and their various issues. One of the big ones is the black cloud hanging over the organization with Tebow lingering in the background behind Sanchez all the time. Price discusses how the backup QB who didn't take one snap was holding court in the Jets locker room!

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-- bombed his its its the end of my favorite holiday. Of the entire year absolutely my favorite holiday of the year's Thanksgiving. And eat -- nice four day weekend although some analysts have been different days but it's still my favorite holiday. How much pressure -- the in the preparation part of the food in and we sure it sort of share that our house but he has a little piece that they do so it's on for everybody -- -- made it to Sunday Thanksgiving weekend it's like. Now we've got to go through the whole thing until Christmas. My favorite holiday camp and I don't know about. It's like you -- -- -- just like my career. Quick fares and yeah. Almost all mad at exactly the exhibit. I was -- lot of college football yesterday and last night it's not it's rivalry weekend in college football. I don't quite get the LSU Ole miss thing I mean I know technically that's our -- -- But but they played Friday that the title miss -- Arkansas that all the played Arkansas okay and is that their rival. It's not a I guess before I got there notes like a major rival with the school. What I guess. Other teams like Alabama anonymous become a big major rival would just want those traditional games should be played a day after Thanksgiving they've been doing for a while. What is it that way. It's not Louisiana Monroe. If that's why -- -- Louisiana Monroe is playing great right now I know you misunderstood listen I took a Jacksonville and Tennessee in my they're a great great great or as my friend from New Orleans said to me Louisiana Monroe was the farm team. -- I sweated actually as well I'll always rivalry game you're playing for what the old multi sock it hits the venerable rusty bucket or whatever that is a bag of seed Nazi universe -- South Dakota social -- state. That you big game and they both -- moved -- one double -- or what would it yesterday that would -- -- -- union what now it was a game for us and we play him like a twelve -- thousand -- a dome indoor facility and in division I kind of have to to homes -- you're -- has ago exactly. What you know -- -- it's not a you know you don't have this feud populations of pounds 151000 people so it's tough to sell his voice is -- one time a year. Please -- while my comeback it's a big deal back there and there the move along the beat. University Minnesota couple years ago and somebody beating Wisconsin has been competitive with the the most team play while. Probably Munro tight situation it's an hour and a corner of the world. And Chris Pryce got to spend his Thanksgiving night -- chauffeured around by -- -- rally it was fantastic and it was it that we went down we left 9:30 in the morning of Thanksgiving went down to committee game Thanksgiving night fantastic team but when the government -- glued stuff to write about and turned right back around left MetLife stadium at 3 o'clock in the morning. -- light the province to the -- from Providence to keep cod. This spend. The day after Thanksgiving -- -- were nice enough to post on thanks in Purdue's opening this arousal Annika playing straight and exactly like -- a ritual on the whole place that just that and Blair who played John Candy Steve Martin and the nice thing was there was no you know aren't that low on sat I. All those prayers -- but it. Well let's be honest as those of us who were sit around watching football Thanksgiving night -- working -- you were working. Evan and I guess with him just the observers we just I was a spectator I was a spectator. And and the girls were off doing other things that point my son and I sit in the living room watching the game. How. Second quarter we are lol laughing aren't asked. It was a comedy channel of absence on I don't how how many people was not there. -- if it was it was one of the most amazing things I've ever watched that. That span there in the sec rule 35 points in the second quarter is enough to vote on an amusement. But that whole span there where. Where or Mark Sanchez got tackled by the -- to Brandon Moore and then fumble on the on the kick off it it was it was. Funny your patriots fan Eric jets and you got. Suicidal. In a blink of 52 seconds 21 points in 52 seconds -- the thing that sticks out for me. Re different ways to score scored on offense scored on defense and scored on special teams in 52 seconds in in a matter of less than a minute that ball game was over I've been in her a couple of are being in the media room of course Belichick -- two years. And to see the way -- replays unfold. It's a situation that he's talked about so many different times as far as situational plays that you make as a player. They can account for the gain in I think those three plays in that -- really made a big difference in a game in which the jets couldn't really recover from -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There was say yeah there's a famous piece of patriots historical footage and I know for a fact that Belichick has shown it to the team at times so I know you've seen it. The one where Andre Tippett is basically throwing Johnny Hector at the quarterback. Like picking him up and throwing Emmitt the quarterback. In this case Vince Wilfork took a 330 pound grown but man you know and -- -- quarterback you're forgetting one. It was a double teamed he fought off. And grabbed his self and pushed a big guy backed into a stances it was actual ability mean outlet while. Hot he's displaying awesome right now. It's funny because we talked about as there was there was actually an article on pro football focus yes recently talking about -- along with Vince Wilfork. I honestly what generally pro football all I honestly truly think this is the best I've ever seen imply. What it it is it in it's interesting because you can't look at. The numbers they think you get caught up in and know the guys at pro football focus and him and I really like and respect a lot of work but I'd I don't know. Did seeing the one thing I'm looking at the number indeed it just doesn't it does it doesn't mix for me because it's yours your. Watching the team in Britain on the box or is it in industry it's it's it's -- -- because he is dominating guys like you said in in Belichick talked a little bit about this after the deem it. You really can't look at the final stats when you look advances. It is not -- Thursday night was three tackle yet numbers mean nothing in that position -- -- incident in the interior it means that the mean here's a great example I think when I was watching the game the patriots got away with a lot of coal -- play. Or you know it's it's like a motion motion trap for the -- incoming museum wiggle around their in the box and on the snap the ball. He steals the knows it's the nose in the noses meant Tacoma -- zone -- and you know -- to -- the site. That's a play that the patriots just gassed the jets with in a look like the guy was not aware I think it's quite Cole -- I think those were the two inside guys. The -- zero awareness it's taken and that's one of the things that. Again there's not going to be a stat for a but it's more awareness issue and that's the kind of play you always try to come after column Vincent and you either you don't see that position -- movement. And you also see you heighten awareness so again there's not a stat for that. But the ability of the idea that those players don't work against this team you're never gonna get away it was sort of trickery -- like -- can't move those two and the awareness is sort of otherworldly. It's just kind of an example of you know you can all be the same height and weight and stand and a spot but where is quick missiles to the kind of things do the little things make a huge difference. There I was reading Ron Borges is report card in The Herald today and he is talking about the defensive line. And look all the great great as you can imagine in -- ending came like they played Thursday night but he was talking about the defensive line in particular. Any pointed out that the jets -- gash them on the ground pretty effectively early on. And that you're kind of seeing a little more success running the football against the patriots the last couple games. He suggested that Kyle Love is not playing quite as well as he was early on -- year do you agree or not. Not disagree I think the issue is. The cracks that have been in the patriots run defense. Have been insult. And that's not a patriot thing it's it's an NFL. The -- for future took advantage of that same thing exactly and you see teams all across the league challenged -- nemesis is the real tough thing -- teams are gonna go spread. Can you match them with just a six man box in -- for defense of -- down what you see the giants -- thing. With just two linebackers in the box can get away it would not happen -- safety down to bring sort of seven which is more normal regular or can you live with just six. Most of those big runs that happened especially in the first -- last week and also Minneapolis game with a pitcher trying to get away with six. They've been -- a little bit and solve -- soon as they go back to -- your you know any normal 4334 set the kill people they still do ruling while on the situation. There's been some cracks and that that makes it opera makes them have to roll or the player to recovered bring another guy down or makes them have to make a decision whether to stay in regular but. Yeah I mean column is not built to be in space run -- when he's really built -- -- Maybe quite as quick p.'s role to play -- what he does so maybe. You know maybe the space guys do -- -- for -- it would've been nice if that hadn't gone that way but. Not to save a bit laws apply equally watch all the time I think he's doing a great job which is -- it's not a great situation defense sometimes shift of you know accommodates. I will say this the watching the patriots run defense here in the last 23 games. They haven't set the edge as well as I saw them to -- C yeah I -- is that I was two weeks ago yet that has something to do it and I think that. They've they've struggled a little bit to this point and I think when -- some of that in in a wonder how much of that is due to defected to Chandler is in and we talked last week about you know maybe you know the real precede the rookie wall I think the effect if he was not in there. I think you're you're seeing a little bit of slippage on that point and I think that might -- of for a while he had those problems -- two weeks ago with the judge himself and I think it was something mega re emphasize and they did better and last week but you know edge was an unusual thing we hadn't seem to be a problem was they I think they corrected it -- You know you got to first and tore ship outside integrity second second thing is are you yours saute -- siding can -- away with six and sometimes -- much just not a patriot and an assist all defense and FO. Talk to Peter King last night on -- and daily and one of the things he said was that as bad a night as Rex had Thursday night. In Peter's opinion the worst -- Friday. And it was one of the strangest weirdest conference calls I've ever heard. And and look an obvious question for everybody there was only one player on the two squads combine touched the field news Tim Tebow. After the game Rex says. He was -- A couple of broken ribs I told a -- Mike west off and Sparano Tony Sparano don't play him. Well then the natural question for me you've got Greg McElroy the other quarterback who's healthy who's inactive. Not uniform. So that I can put a uniform on a guy who like can't play. And it's I still don't quite understand what what Rex was trying to say in and quite honestly the more he talked the dumber he sounded with the whole explanation. I wonder what point to be turned -- In -- look. It's the which he got you know I mean to be because he's -- I don't really exactly -- empty bowl for for what it's worth Tebow was in the locker room after the agreement back up quarterback told press conference that was almost attended as the starting -- -- press conference. Only that you know a -- of the story. I just I wonder if you're the jets at what point do you turn to -- all right let's let's -- which you can do not always I was only gonna play Tim if we actually had to have them. That's why you -- was not on the on the punt team who wasn't on. You know had no snaps offensively and then that was a reason. I just from macro Roy Cooper for what it's worth views have been for a pay Q was pretty highly regarded -- young quarterback Rhodes scholar -- that Alabama. Just to you know -- -- immunity if if you fall little bit farther behind in the report for seven with with five games ago. I don't know why you don't make that move through that. Lick of problem right here which is that it uses Tebow was having court with the reports in the locker but that's a problem we are making it bigger and way it is right now. The guy didn't play not once net. Why are we going to run -- him. -- interview him about what would we go -- picture the media going around Ryan mallet to locker. After a patriots game and asking him questions what you pretty proud of good points for the show were aware. You know some of that is on him some of that on Tebow did he doesn't necessarily have to talk he doesn't necessarily have to make it known. His situation what he's going through the kind of add to the circus add to the drama that was going right I think this is this is sort of a whole organization circle ability type thing because I think they're really. You know. They talked about this sort lines down that they came in to by introducing to go to the locker -- -- as the bad guy or not because she's going to guide bio indicates it's not because he's going to be inherently controversial just because. The media is going to pounce on that if you poured in from assertion that particular media group. There get older you're gonna get those daily cartoon back. Page things each and every day with a silly headline that's just gonna happen. And they could ahead of the soft right at the beginning and simply said I'd Tedy Bruschi and visceral image -- Gmail I thought it was a really really intelligent point that. You don't you always have three or four guys on the team were sort of the voice of the team in on the beach or you might middle linebackers. To somebody in the second area. You know Troy Brown type and then like Brady you know. But you don't want your backup quarterback as one of the voices of the team and you just by sheer volume. You know you open the paper and there's only certain amount of courts are gonna -- -- article and if everyone -- your backup quarterback is sort of drowns out of the voices and you'll need that it's a distraction. Tim has the opportunity that you can't just turn down interviews when you have to every request. They give five or six podium spots and -- what you can say nothing you really can you can be Vanilla and you can learn to handle so as not to create current first I think the team should've initially just said. -- Cubicle you remembering dad to -- just you know. Keep the Vanilla and bill mention become bored they won't wanna talk -- you but if you give -- -- and that's natural fall this animal sort of created team perpetuated this -- Look who we -- talking about the New York Jets. That's what they wanted to do they wanted to -- all those other voices out because. -- by the last few years how has those voices being would have -- being. Where have -- been talking about whatever they've been tried to accomplish all these no easier says Rex has been there it was tried to quiet down totals voice is exactly. Yet and it it again if Tenet came out and just said to play. My opinion is a matter. -- now that's a perfect answer why you asking me questions I never got to -- -- we made him. Week later -- -- he has to respond now he. On the media again I'm. I. Color right the guy right now so I don't know what we paid him. And it's where he is now and lot of things as who he is as a person and what he represents he has to respond and answer is is that policy that. You grow the quarterback and -- temperament anyone. The quarterback is the quarter recognized Johnny did you use the -- down taken the Texas -- troops and never Reynolds CN. The girls that whole thing is sometimes it's kind of hard to give the quarterback out of the quarterbacks -- even when you're not the center of attention. It's hard to convince you that -- still not the most important -- -- -- -- just the quarterback. That's a -- thing but it is not his fault by the -- fault but it may be a mental disorders may be difficult to subject yourself in that situation.

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