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Doc Rivers with Sean Grande before the Thunder game

Nov 23, 2012|

Doc Rivers with Sean Grande before the Thunder game

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Celtics that I presented by -- continues from the garden it is to salvage and the Oklahoma City Thunder part of great cart around the NBA tonight was a great point guard matchups. Our final piece of business is our conversation with that coach Doc Rivers brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvard pilgrim. -- -- we trust that your Thanksgiving holiday went well. There was -- report. -- -- -- -- -- You know what that's really nasty things that we try to you know. It -- nicer more friendly you know. Now maybe they're all right especially or type metro penetration -- right from the top -- now everyone and he read articles like the void if they really got lit up and chemo went -- -- look at the numbers that the San Antonio beat but what there was a reason for. Well there's a -- -- -- Unfortunately your groups that probably puts -- an advantage. But now yeah I mean there's a lot of things would argue that reactive approval. Senatorial completely comfortable throughout the game -- there but it did it all a lot of that was of penetration that Parker Ginobili treated. And -- helped the defense none of these places. And so they get the blame and that's a moment was there is with some of the a lot of with guard penetration. It's fine. I know it's always why it's hard for people and compliment media particular kind of grasp of the day it's -- laugh at how many times you get hammered on the offensive rebound and question over and over again. What do those numbers if you could explain. The risk reward numbers what do they look like. Well that the biggest joke about the office rebound. The united could even as a rebound and what -- when you agree office. You know before you start anything. I mean to be one the other one -- agreed with regard -- that that probably meg going to be agreed offer rebounds. The other thing is we -- shoot very well. Percentage wise so that's gonna cut out Hefner offered to rebound but the biggest office rebounds that if you get back. On defense CCQ ports. And for every office -- you try to -- it that you don't give a bucket. Every numbers in any place you look what -- -- stopping short positions and stuff scored. Is more important. In the in the today did in the office and I'll probably get them wrong. But I would also like to stop guys score that's the problem right now and doing. There is. -- there was an example will play in the second quarter. Jeff to be Sharon's government usual stuff and stepping back. And Rondo and a moment of you know you get caught in between so -- the offensive rebounds didn't get and as a result. Jeff and that -- guarding Tony Parker is that the kind of they were docket yet that's exactly. And it happened probably about five times which is amazing. You know our guards. Which you should never try to crash the glass from the quarters. If you're are on offense when the -- -- that should actually get back and we did 45 times that the essentially made his plea for the -- One with three I think they scored eleven points. From that and that's the point we made about didn't back injury issues. Well luckily his -- -- gone this would be much easier and I definitely this should be no problem at all 44 -- that are but now going perfectly with obviously to be changed Kevin Martin's replacing James Harden sort of with personal Kevin Martin it's funny because. Everyone was so down Oklahoma City about trade don't realize just how good this guy's been for so long as a player and only -- -- on -- -- Yeah well they I don't know I don't mind but he's been on the radar -- that way. But he's the he's the score is the bona -- story and that's who we put the ball in the basket he's started three years I think it does that is underestimated as he gets to outline. And when you get to the foul line you create. Opportunities that you did so he -- a lot for the change you know you wonder why did you move I mean who knows that. I knew when he's on the floor he put forth. The only difference now if you don't want giving its methods with a kind of keep him at the hard spot sort quarterback in the -- -- -- -- that -- -- Alaska would game. The ramp Westbrook it's always on the floor with. Yeah you know he's not that he's not a hard guy where he wants to catch and create he treats himself -- entry from the July. So you probably do need another -- on the floor with that's sort of make -- a better player with really good players. Last year after the first game your observations about what were confidently that he had. To change the culture of the Phoenix almost a full year later the keydets sort of the graduation in -- army. They're one of the better defensive team that's -- -- -- -- over here. You know the other accepted through it and you know there are times for just a lot of credit doesn't that doesn't -- But I don't think. Anybody can put a number on procession. And on -- what people think about your team when he's on toughness factor and I think he brings. There's still one of the hardest days you've had in the in the nine years here. They have 30 yeah absolutely there. -- You know we have a great relationship but you have days like of the coaching. Him and there's -- Dealt with in thunder that should be fun and out of WEEI Celtics radio network.

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