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Week 11 fantasy football podcast: Getting ready for your league's trade deadline

Nov 14, 2012|

Welcome to Week 11. Following an injury plagued Week 10, Pete and Jim dive deep into the fantasy impact of all these injuries, the potential waiver wire pick-ups to help fantasy owners get through those injuries and the last bye week of the season. Most importantly, the guys offer analysis on the upcoming trading deadline, which is this Saturday in many fantasy football leagues.

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-- -- We've your hosts Jim Matthews -- Peter Davidson from -- Obama -- go. He's everything you need to know about fantasy football the fantasy football broadcast on WEEI done. Com welcome to the week eleven and addition of the WPI fantasy football podcast I'm Jim Hackett joined as always by our fantasy football expert Pete Davidson the chief fantasy football writer. For Audubon dot com which is the fast track to fantasy football domination -- We come into week eleven. In a couple big things happening the trading deadline is coming up across a lot of leagues. This weekend. And also what we're coming off this week a week of big injuries to some key people I think. That can have an impact on the waiver wire decisions that you make as well as whom you might want to trade for and remember you might want to trade away or need to trailer. Yeah and and I as diligently on dual miles and 60. Degrees outside. It is based. But you're right it has its its its interest -- because you're getting into the last week of the -- right we collateralized by -- week so people are starting look at the trade deadline. And look at you know future weeks for the and other they know they're gonna have a stacking their -- after replacing key players on a weekly basis. So this is sort of that. I -- would call maybe a transfer weekly start changing your perspective yeah. On the waiver wire and our move should not so much looking to let you know plug holes in your boat so to speak but you know you're looking for players. You know you're standards might be a little higher -- -- into the -- for a player moves the needle. -- he doesn't need just you know -- plug and play for this week you know you'd say well can this guy will be weeks thirteen 141516. And it is targeted -- you're gonna have full lineup so. You know we're moving into a different phase of the season. It's easier to separate that the teams that are in good shape from the desperate teams that must win now and and and that's the big dynamic a look at entries -- -- when you're trying to make a trade. You have to look at the team dealing with them and what that's that team's situation. It's a great point is you don't -- -- the team. And you know strengthen somebody can be till later in the playoffs that kind of defeats the purpose but. Yeah that's another thing to look at it as a team -- -- again absolutely. So this of this week it's interesting you have that transition week as you said. It's always interesting it is the middle of the week of people making their -- wire transactions trading deadlines ahead of us. But on Sunday and capped off on Monday night we had some key injuries happen this weekend to one position in particular the quarterback position. And I I can guarantee their fantasy owners across the nation and people going into listening to this very podcast to -- a sticky situation so a couple people to talk about. The impact those injuries will have not only on those Tennessee teams. But the teams actually play for and all of the Tennessee followed that can happen from that so the obvious what happened on Monday night with Rossum who Roethlisberger. Yet Roethlisberger is. That's obviously very tough. He probably has as big an impact on the players around him yeah as anybody and he's the guy who even effects. The running backs is as I sort of -- mentioned in my interest which waiver wire. Column on a WEI. You know -- defense is go out of their way to deal with Russell Roethlisberger you know because people scramble. He will evade the rush keep plays alive but probably better than anybody in the league. You know you have some guys who move him by himself time but Roethlisberger. It's just phenomenal. In terms of shaking off contact in the pocket keeping his head battle field. The whole freaking doing all these different things and making plays at -- drawn up. To be made that way if he does a better than anybody and with that absolutely. Changes the way people defended the Steelers and there's no way they're running backs are gonna have the kind of lanes to run in the they had with Roethlisberger you've -- the game last night yeah excuse me and on Monday night. -- the minute they bring in Leftwich. There whether anyone into yards a pop didn't receive most of the way I mean with Roethlisberger their run it 345 so. Yeah it's it's gonna have a big impact of the Steelers and you know the impact may be even bigger on their receiving talent. -- guy like Mike Wallace is a big big play threat to break big plays for fantasy owners. That's a tough ticket. Yeah -- and other new offense with Haley has already hurt Wallace's downfield play making ability right you you know you've seen a little bit more of our policy dink and don't -- you know little bit more -- get the ball out kind of offense. And a lot has been adapting he's managed to stay productive now can be productive with the left would try and Todd haley's offense. Well yeah it's tough question no I in the past. That they have made big plays downfield with a backup quarterback would actually been there they did this do that on occasion. Different offense but yeah this is gonna be interest in I'm very worried about all the Steelers skill position guys are now. So just into a drop with -- -- I'm having trouble -- name today for whatever it's Roethlisberger. He's more dangerous third and seventeens sometimes and his first intent and in -- impacts everything around that's still our offense as -- talking about. You brought us birders like if you remember the old asteroids video games like the hyper space spot -- You know you just keep -- you just don't know what's gonna happen you can the second and and he's one of those guys where. He thrives on the chaos. He loves it he's comfortable and and and that's the way they play -- and then Haley I think over the course of the season has been a little more accepting of it and vice Versa I think Roethlisberger has has. There will be -- -- but he accepted haley's offense and I think it was gonna end well if he could to stay healthy but now we have to see -- -- this injury is really. It's going to be tough to tell I mean I'm sure he's gonna try to play. But who knows what the effect is going to be -- is is then going to be big bad when he gets back and when it's going to be back it -- conceivably could be the week with a little. Yeah so let's take a look at what with big -- sidelined him does that impact both on the waiver wire with opportunities for owners to pick up players in my -- to replace that. Statistics statistical weight with war. We can then segued into some may be people he didn't look to trade for the can help -- deposition but let's take a look at some of the quarterbacks that. Are in a percentage of leagues available out there. A couple names pop in the article that you put up on WEEI dot com. Surprising to see Carson Palmer out there with a healthy stable of receivers he's -- he's a person that should be gobbled up and relief. Yeah I don't think. I caught a couple crap from people that I've put on -- -- a couple -- as saying you know basically sitting at its very early doctor -- yeah that's sexy but -- -- Who refuse largely available if he refused looking pretty good week to week in and and since then he's actually it actually lit it up. Over the last couple. So yeah right now parliament the guys I mean statistically he's a QB one professor in the he's report he's performed in the top twelve. And as you said right now. Although actually businesses their tight end Brandon Myers did. Have a concussion last week so there might be a little bit of you know one guy who's not LC who has been performing well why. Would reschedule the ball out of the backfield and with various more playing the way we part you know the way we thought he would play and with Heyward they really raising the game last couple weeks. They're moving the football through the air and inability to throw the ball because they don't have healthy running backs. Right in net team rarely over the last few years and had a -- talent to -- -- position but you never see them on the field all the same time. And that looks like it's finally starting to develop over there. Right right the troops -- report done for the year but yeah apart from that you're right. Good and the bad guys they have Streeter Kagan at the other taken place you're helping to fill in the cracks sure yet to throw lots. Yes very much so and that should continue. Another into -- I didn't but -- give it up on defense sure I mean yes there to the back to Kenya won a total audience right now this is the race. A chip -- a couple other injuries happen to marquee quarterbacks in Michael Vick being one Alex Smith in San Francisco being another let's talk a little bit about. Vick in his replacement -- full us. Probably a guy before this week not a lot of people had on their radar screen no you did some scouting. Of him in the three seasons like a little bit about what you saw tell us a little bit about what Tennessee owners might be able to gain from a guy like -- Well you hopefuls I think is interesting the couple ways you know. We're into this stage of the season where a guy like falls maybe isn't that exciting. As a quarterback for -- EU because most people. Have their quarterback is quite -- If you if you've been hurting -- quarterback throughout this year you've probably found an answer somewhere along the line because they've been out there you know Josh Freeman or somebody. And we talked about it on the absolutely and and you know it's been really good time to impress upon people. Because you know you -- read the draft are next year and you're gonna convince yourself that some of these QBs. You just have to have a you know. But right now is it -- -- when you're when you're in that frame of mind think back to right now and remember how old. Worthless quarterbacks aren't -- go try to trade what are your quarterbacks right now cute you can get -- -- didn't -- -- -- right so. That's the way you need to get it up they were right when -- draft. You know don't sell out for quarterback -- things that are -- selling out for quarterback so you but but your question about forced. He may end up doing well and he may be a guy who does make some fantasies -- here and there but I think where he may be more important is. He could resuscitate some of these. You know. Be starved receivers EU it's possible that you know DeSean Jackson value goes up in the back of value goes up it's. You know perhaps Celek value goes up the tight and perhaps the running game it's a little bit more at night because it'll Morse basically McCoy finally as big game. You don't conditioned player you know he hasn't really been bad ever -- he's pretty much had. 10111213. Fourteen point games almost like to -- -- I think maybe he's under ten once. The whole year yeah but -- I don't think he's going over fifty once either. And is not winning leagues for owners in Alaska -- McCoy was winning leagues he's winning games for people on a weekly basis this year. He's almost like -- really really good running back to that consistent guy but not giving that person explosiveness but why is it deep in in Philadelphia that. You might get more production from Maclin and DeSean Jackson and Selleck and immediately Riley Cooper. What with polls and there what is it about the way that offense was or wasn't operating that now with the changed the necessary change. Things could you know develop for those guys. Yeah I mean it's it's could purses who will write you know it doesn't not a guarantee that happened but full. I'd -- if you look at what the coaches say it makes perfect sense he trusts. The play. A little bit more than -- EU Vick goes off the menu a little too quickly he is athleticism will. It caused him -- maybe. Move out of the pocket a little bit suitors in the coaching staff once -- two died in them. Yeah I don't look at a lot of times he'll make a play you know it's not necessarily a bad idea for -- to move -- This offense is really better. Historically. Wish -- pocket passer who trust play and who let guys get into their routes and you know who keeps his eyes downfield and force it there's no question fault is that kind of player. And if if a guy like if you would call AJ -- a couple years back up who played so well their system that they got to second round picks from. -- and also sparked off the system are open. You know you remember guys like that if you know called is another example which he looked real good that offense they ended up getting a -- package from Arizona for them. You know this this could be the next guy they end up moving the trade to be looked real well when he came in for injured quarterback. Wouldn't surprise me and you know I think keeping with folders. It wasn't going well would pick it seemed to be trending poorly. He seemed to be losing this state of his coaches and perhaps seek or or certainly the fans. -- is receivers to. Maybe I don't know utilities he definitely has some backing within the teen pregnancy I think you might have -- there you might have some you know bit of a divided house over there EU I don't know. But. Right now we do that in Philadelphia who did the coaching staff the falcons did its job and it falls it becomes independent. You know -- real well down the stretch and everybody -- and if we display this guy we could turn it around and enacted by the coaching staff of the year so. You know I think that's what you look at that. You know personally myself I sort of like Christians and I think you've got a better than 5050 shot to go in there and sell that off that stand. Make it function correctly. Into -- have your Vick owner of you wanna get this guy in your roster of guests at. Well if if if you don't look there's rumors particularly good place to -- -- partially due to the head injury partially due to some of the things we just talked about. So yeah I mean if Vick leaves a hole in your line up if you were especially if you're tethered to -- yet you better read -- -- defaults. And hopefully have another option I I had chicken RG three. In one of my what a minor leagues and yet now I'd I'd I'd. I don't I think usually the prior to very much because I had a good team all year long and -- an alum. I'm RG tree falls. And -- on good good to know. -- laying off of the Eagles but staying on the topic of cornerbacks and injuries. The 49ers. Took a hit you know it you could or couldn't have a long impact can be -- to -- this week -- -- MetLife has a concussion -- that changes things with the 49ers a bit. Yet complex that could play this week but but he. -- -- this is a sort of essentially irrelevant succumb -- -- yeah it's -- is an exciting player. So yeah I mean if if it's it's written this there was clear cut fixed this is one of those. They're they almost have to change the offense for the new quarterback -- you know it could have -- -- they can never dismiss and you have a whole different list of capabilities that you didn't have before cabinet has it done. It's not pretty all the time it's not necessarily accurate as you want to date but he can make people. Grows quickly. You know any moves really well as -- that the cabinet even more so the offer under EU he can you know and keep guys off stiff for a -- He's a physical football player he likes to -- before. So it. -- related to media blog warfare -- upsides and Smith thing is I don't think that it happens. You know in a flash right. -- you know I Catholics and all those guys who came in during the strike here. And hasn't had as much football time as most people would have at this stage of his career. So yeah I think I predict interest staying. I'd like him a lot of long term formats like dynasty in the and so forth you know is it if you could if if this could happen in week four. I would say quite get discussion helped a lot through the bye weeks down the stretch of the season. And this is more to sit and wait -- Yeah and then the question I have with him. Is really about the the extra parts that effects in San Francisco -- Let's kind of talk about some of the players have been making an impact throughout the season. How does let's say Alex not making it or not -- -- -- -- a lot of people have been helter skelter so long got it comes to comes to mind went up but the bat when I think of helter skelter I think of a Crabtree you know who's who can give it Syria and certain weeks can really can win a week -- but then suddenly you know not so much. So he was off to a good start. Sun -- right and then all of a sudden Smith goes down in a change. I think you know I think. It if if if you want it like gut instinct I'd say the you know again -- I think it probably plays next week but let's just say hypothetically they're going to capita for a period of time. But my guess is that would help Davis. He -- who I think we're getting killed by Smith and I think they might be more inclined to its. To free Davis up she does pass block more than people think. Because he's so darn good at it -- and he's one of those guys really can they can can -- defense is by not. It is not bringing him out when they think he's gonna come out and that is they try to sneak attack with a lot. They'll use him as a blocker and right when you're not looking for boom he's out there. I mean even -- phenomenal talent it's it's it's a shame is that such a tough year I don't think it's Davis I think it's more about forty niners yeah. But I do think that Britain. He could be a little bit more interest and when it comes to Vernon Davis brought. I don't really he's gonna make some of the tight windows froze its list. Can make but I don't think he's been making good deepening consists. Guys think it's is in his whole career here have but he you know. That's what got probably helps status probably -- Crabtree a little maybe could help Morris make a few more big plays -- -- is a little bit off the radar at this point anyway. As far as the running game goes probably watch maybe help the running game a little bit. I mean capital -- stressed defense a little differently but he took one of the house against the jets the wildcat formation. And he referred touchpad pre season -- yeah yeah so yeah -- needed to kneecap richest guy that I really enjoy watching a football game marketplace. Yeah he's an excellent cooperation and things started to take a look at I I've I've seen enough ballots at this point that's. Pretty much know what I'm getting right. Right exactly. Well it just is done it's it's definitely some things to keep an eye on with what's happening in San Cisco because. -- guys like got Crabtree your Manningham or moss might be on rosters and the -- just in to see what they can or can't do with the trading deadline -- owners need to be aware. Of everything that's happening you know wanna trade for someone based on this stats from week three a week and you need to know it's gonna happen moving forward. For sure you know -- -- you know another edition of our capital because I think if if you get some more playing time. It's huge for next year because differences -- basic all kinds of choices especially that the trajectory of mr. continues. And they don't goes -- to plaster which certainly seems to be what's shaping up for them. And they're good team they could get hot but you know they end up being less than they were last year I I really find it hard to. Believe that they would go back to battle Smith. I would have to think they would you know make an upgrade at the most important position if they -- If you look at that in the history right there he's been getting some some play. Throughout the season before the injury so mean that shows you that they see value there they wanna integrate them a little bit they -- scales. Yeah there's no doubt but that's said. I don't know that they are the kind of confidence where they were just say okay cabinets quarterback backed Shiite you know I'm maturity there yet. But I'm pretty sure not actually yeah but. You know again there it's a very interest including -- -- I'm pretty sure our bus thinking. Which you -- probably has title -- more for next year than this year -- -- if you could get -- under like sodium pentothal slip and obviously you can't just say that bright you know acts. I think they might be willing to Warwick Smith this year or jeopardy but you know next year if -- -- three of the program. I think they're gonna want to solve their quarterbacks. Singled in the next year and and you know -- playing a little bit for that from now at the end of this year could certainly help them in terms of evaluation because as I said I mean they've got to be in the Nolan Smith at this point. Interest. So it's thinking of that down situations have Cisco would stay on the topic of so moving parts because of injuries yeah one is the packed field in the while switched. A couple weeks ago Darren Sproles. Had a hand surgery is targeted to come back playoff time. For Sproles owners or people like myself who believed in Chris Ivory. Getting a little bit of a spark there from him. How do you do you see it shaking out. Over the next couple weeks in the regular -- season with the -- with the saints' backfield. And then into the playoffs. I -- most of this situation to avoid big big big exception would be. If Sproles for some reason -- stayed down EU you know despite all the becomes back. He's going to be applicable -- fantasy week to week two will I know here's the instinct thing you know he might not be as playable as he watched. Because it has its which sometimes -- two things happen at once you have trouble figuring out what related to what. And in this case we -- Sproles go down roughly the same time that bit came back right. Right so just some of -- stuff like hey I rejected. Everybody assumes sprawled out ivory and the more we look at it but that's not the case. You know because they -- it clearly favors power running game. So -- he's been active anything getting carries but at the same time look at what Mark Ingram has been doing you know programs that had it -- sixteen carries last week. That's like 25 and on a team that doesn't have a community and. Can carry -- -- -- seeing is a lot of chatter you're absolutely right -- so you know an ivory got his you know five to ten each week. They -- obviously done a lot -- right salute you know an -- pure Thomas who I feel terrible for quite honestly yeah I'm not the you know about the emotional -- -- -- -- you know he issued a guy who really earned more playing time sure. And an I was you know any -- are active that I mean I have a little bit wrong the last couple weeks on this one I I thought Pierre Thomas is gonna. His role would be expanded if anything it's been taken away you are now he's got a lot of snaps but very few touches. Really about the same -- a year -- so. One thing I think we've learned is no matter what happens with this team don't ever buy into pure promises being one of flak. About that that may -- one thing we've learned last couple weeks. And also we've learned I think it fit. It'll gonna be a little bit more Harden those guys been patent. It's looking a little bit orange in pounding Iraq. So. You know right now looking at this actually go to our -- I've really been too good for them to just don't them so you can get -- -- -- -- -- -- you can get some touches. Kept -- done nothing to disappear he's gonna probably put the same role with Sproles comes back. He's got to put ornament they don't wanna get him back involved so. It's pretty tough to sit there and say any one of these guys going to be stuck list. I think that's -- that's I mean that's just the cold numbers it's unfortunate because I think all of these guys have appeal I think they're all good. Bet that's the frustrating part you know you're you know I'd -- -- -- what -- what Mark Ingram would do if you got fifteen to twenty carries every week. Or ivory or Thomas bribery or Bryant. Exactly it's interesting it did it seems to be a thread that a lot of teams have bomb gone to New England obviously being one. And it's it's happening throughout the league and I think it that this time of year. It becomes the most intriguing right because. In a lot of leagues in in a couple that I'm in the trading deadline is on Saturday and I know when I look at my own rosters -- shore. The people I compete against and compete with are looking at their -- and like but you never offering somebody up. That you. That you're willing to trade. Content you. Absolutely want on your roster right you're trading them for reason and Nate in to try to position that value and get some back that we where you where you have a bigger need. I don't. We're going to be carefully -- -- from -- At a fast idyllic I think sometimes even you Jim -- a pleasure don't wanna lose because. There's went up 210 yeah no questions and let up but I don't exercise and and you know it's. I think a lot of people in the sink backs are wishing to trading deadline to maybe just do it one more week off EU you know continue to guy could have warned Beijing and and as you said you can package of it's. But. Booklet you know and -- Unfortunately this -- to just. They're back has some value but they're in twelve and fourteen team league yet about it -- if you're in a small public attentively. You know with the exception Sproles -- look at twenty PPR. There's really not a the value of their right now. Yet the really bye week replacement guys who were the last goodbyes so -- -- but you know with with that said you know who. You're right -- committed acts of by the way you know and then did that this -- good example of -- -- -- a -- guy like. Ingram could be off you know full load back in and -- said that last week that he thinks -- guys you know maybe the belt out. But they've got all these moving parts and they put together and it sort of works for them New England does -- kind of thing and -- a couple of guys you know maybe marine in ruby both could be lead back you could be you know. Palin really actually it's sort of look like right now I should and shouldn't. Shouldn't the shouldn't write him off rejection -- -- looked really good. Last week he did it's just never know it Belichick's gonna go on it's this. You have great yeah it is numbers are there any ability to talk to him back right now but if you're -- donor there's no way to miss those two would have its course and that's right absolutely can't buy -- because. -- could -- growing every guy wouldn't touch of the ball -- are muttering. What. The an intricate last week just. Just the tip off topical and well that was another boot build in -- put some very interest in Pope. They do it was a shoot out I just. It's interestingly analyze it here you know in the Boston area you know we wonder. We've seen their defense add impact players slowly over the last like seven years but this year it almost seems like okay. -- they made a nice run the last four weeks of the season I think heading into the playoffs we're deep in the deep into the playoffs last year. Patriots fans felt better about that defense that they had all you along so when you had a couple pieces in the off season. In a nice start against Tennessee got a couple rookies wreaking Havoc all over the field. And then they get into this conservative Vanilla defense whether or not. Doing a lot other than being on the field and trying to prevent big plays from happening which I -- it wanted to yet it won but. I think people here -- left thinking. How the heck to buffalo almost -- -- with fifteen seconds left to go and what are what is this trend and and in. And and the drugs back and how much in the first. Process five or ten minutes of that game. Now buffalo I mean -- that is I'm just what -- will be the first drive the patriots had. If I'm not mistaken buffalo dropped two picks that would give VCU I -- easy picks. Won ugly -- it all it was a tip I think what came off policy idea bridge into right. Our and -- four drops in the first half. Yeah so I mean really but because of it now the first what -- gone back for a touchdown. -- stated that the linebacker hold onto it and it would have dropped in 86 so that they've dropped right and there was a lot of old. -- -- opener and then there's usually became pretty much. Follow along those lines an and speaking of committee backfield I mean. -- -- buffalo. And put. What what do you just wonder sometimes these coaches and and I'm afraid Jackson fan I'd like Fred Jackson and the runners up the good football player but. If you have CJ Spiller EU. And you got a huge -- still. None of that soon sorry when you're at when your horse race for the team like New England. You've got a guy who can break a play for you that's the guy you have to go to it was -- not to -- is -- Yeah I mean it's it's it's it's you know they've got themselves into the Carolina situation but it got to the actual both absolutely starting running back. And they've allowed to become a problem. -- you know working it to their advantage now it is is it -- to make to -- backstabbing no it's not it's not easy putt. I'm sorry you can't be unified against a team with the offensive firepower the New England has -- CJ Spiller and your team. And feel to get him the ball fifteen times reads it combined you know. Running and throwing it in the end they're almost using. Jackson took his -- to their detriment it yeah. You know try to forget about the foremost Jackson that a Fuller had a rough game whatever I'm not. It has got to do with that. But when you're one back. -- every time he touched the ball is doubling the performance of the other. And it's -- stores dropping in the split up put the ball on the carpet he's not doing anything that would cause you to think about it yeah. It's just it's it's rather inexplicable and then coming off -- last week release of all the ones we need to do get the bulk of Spiller. That's an account -- yeah so it makes it makes you wonder. Now for -- purposes this week it's. It's not going to be interest at all because Jackson doubt right did he suffered a concussion at the end of that game go to -- absolutely. That's been hit do I'll may oh yeah about halfway through that gives you took a couple big -- -- keep they keep their head the belt pretty wrong. And it really got Russell. You know absolutely and so you know Fred you know -- could be a real. You know he could really be big go forward as you know fitness Jackson misses a couple of he just takes over. So that's something to watch -- there was no tomorrow night. Share and what they got a lot so let let's talk a little bit about. From people who watch moving forward off of the wave -- that waiver wire but now let's think about the trading deadline to end up. Its interest in this is -- interest in time of year because depending upon how your team is doing or how it's forecasted to do it changes everything about your mentality heading into the deadline right. So so let's look at some players. And you have an article coming out to believe you publish later today. At Audubon dot com about. Yeah yeah about the trading deadline and broken into a couple different parts. From the perspective of people you might wanna trade for. And then people whom you might wanna -- depending upon where you are and why it's going to be great article so let's let's touch on. A couple people that dumb need your on your radar screen for owners that might be in the mix. -- looking to add an important chip in this stunningly. Short. -- maybe let's start we always like to start the quarterback does it check. Then there's a name that pops to me. Now come right after about I want his tee it up for you and you can speak about a and I know he's disappointed owners. Across the land is Matthew Stafford but you've got him as a guide -- target to trade for. Well I -- look I. As we said right now I think a lot of leaks did not concede a lot of quarterback -- exception of back ups and -- a lot of people like you know what I've got a guy he's all right. A -- -- does better among OP continues to. You know that there's there's fifteen to sixteen pretty solid. Starting level QBs out there and I think in most weeks everybody stop torture brought if you're in a situation where. You know. -- got a quarterback problem may -- -- you win it all in convicting you didn't get falls or whatever that you know again got burner it's absolutely it exactly did you do have a problem. Yeah I think Stafford is a guy. Where is an and one of the religious Stafford there's I think he just played early and I think a lot of people may be may have. Moved to fortify their QB spot and out its staff its governor around. They had two quarterback EU so I think the you know he's one of those guys -- there's a good chance stat guy has another quarterback. So yeah I think he's not a -- got a target. His schedule closing he gets spent -- that a pretty rough schedule so far but you know Green Bay. With injuries. And in Houston a little bit soft but the colts Green Bay again you know at Arizona closing with the Atlanta. Not an easy schedule but nothing that that that audience can't handle. It's -- -- an -- think I would -- the tendency to step up supplies and tough match yeah so I'm not worried about -- Stafford. But I think the thing about Stafford that. Is that most people maybe don't realize it. Is that he hasn't been that bad but you know I think he's the guy who's been maligned because they're losing games and you know when you gotta gotta gotta. But that's staffer for the most part. Has given you fifty points each week he never thought -- yet another stinker all year. Right expectation was an issue I think think I -- -- isn't. He sort McCoy like I said earlier where he. You know where's the big game you know why we're not getting those 3535. He's really only get one monster game all year but is -- Davis thirteen. And in performance scoring and out week to. You know since then. And I'll go -- actually putting 2420 force 1736. Fourteen in week nine people played great in that game yeah I was wearing a shirt -- the diving touchdown right where he you know -- -- a lot of receivers tackle inside the five. But he played well and they at least seven last week so. Staffer really. He's he's been a fairly high -- quarterback really EU what -- lacking is he's not having that monster in Tibet last year. I think this thing to me. That you really want to focus on if they broke through I spoke last a couple weeks ago he was in our trade for column. And I get a essentially what it -- eventually. People throw to first touchdown to make a truck. It's gonna happen again when asked -- they could start coming in bunch right well it happened last week. And and they got to think heated up even before that but the touchdown in -- you know now meg trying to say about 200 yards last week and score again. But the floodgates could open them and yeah I think it's a good time to move for Stafford. You yeah the only guy out there to move for the departure I think that are you know little ripe for the taking. Yeah what they -- to touch on quickly is how you position the reason that Stafford and guys like him might be people that -- trade for and I don't see a lot of people. Offering this insights on listeners of their tuning in out of tune in. All the more intently one thing Pete does it roared -- on the I think his -- -- this time a year I think it was the trading deadline is. Looking out that all the players that can help you but -- and a big part of the of the the answer of the question of why is who they're playing with a match upside if you take a look at this article when it's up on -- later today. You'll see that the players with the rationale will show you can be playing in the in in the critical weeks week eleven. Through week thirteen in the regular season if you're fortunate enough to be a playoff team. In the three weeks of the playoffs what those matchups are going to be and you might have someone that's on your radar -- playing the jets Jacksonville Kansas City you see you might want them on your radar. Yeah there's no doubt you know had been you know what that that. That's a good -- indicated Newton. Another guy who definitely has not performed the level that the people drafted him hoped he would. A lot of it has to do this team I didn't quite honestly I don't know of any team as perplexed me more. What play calling -- the -- at the EU. You know the jets and chiefs are close but in the in the bills definitely built and. Personnel decisions. Yeah -- get back to you know what part of its committed to the Panthers had a little bit of a but yeah a tough break -- and shall we say you know when they when they finally got that labor situation solved they created if I'm not mistaken the -- for. And an independent social what does he keeps it away under a minute spent a bunch of money to add to it as it. You know wasn't a matter that they you know that the cap is -- a -- window verses just the -- -- and dumped. You don't that contract that they -- to digital Williams from my understanding was largely due to their their. You know their their relative positions of the two -- to the salary for. And it is that contract definitely hurt them I -- feel fortunate thing is both of these guys are very good backs DeAngelo Williams. I've watched every -- so what you hear the guys got it you still got that there's nothing wrong with the envelopes. It's just that you can't have -- started back. Getting to ensure that we these guys -- the ball more than that so you know it's it's frustrating but but back to Newton. The thing I like about him. When you look at his schedule in the if you make the title didn't go to Oakland but for now it's you know I know I'm in a league. That actually you're in as well. Where I've got Newton and -- you know I've got to trading assets. I've got some really good -- guys low cost guys that I could move yeah and upgrade I could probably go to breeze if I wanted to do and -- we're going man. No matter who like jet. When I get two weeks sixteen I would wish I had Kim who. Yeah it's Oakland at at seventeen cents against the pass -- right and yeah. It was sort of a case study just to sort of frame exactly what you were talking about it comes to it would just sticks trades in the position team -- -- schedule all the best. You know -- the situation where McCain performed well the next two weeks I probably will have a -- yeah nobody really not but it does. There's a really good chance I think played into week fifteen so once the schedule look like took it looks like two weeks right at 615 and sixteen. What matters -- you right after the underscore what. Two weeks we are supposed to but definitely there's another week that you and -- -- -- where you are in a similar position to. What I've been in this time in his possession yeah I hated it happened saying that it's it's so. You're looking at. Weeks basically in my opinion. You're already in a position where -- should be looked at 1516. And really nothing else -- the odds of you playing week fourteen are very small EU. -- Well actually you continued but -- arm. I I'm pretty sure you're going to be a 1516 -- so that changes the way you look at that you're shrinking the schedule down to 33%. And in various Foster peace political media. It can really I -- Segway up for that because this is a fascinating. Fascinating way to look at this and I would I will put the -- there to the universe and people can Collison email us and tell me I'm wrong. But I think it would be hard to find an article -- listen to a podcast anywhere that's going to tell fantasy owners that it might be consideration to trade one. -- Foster. So probably pleased paint the scenario for our listeners. Are rolling onto a rolling their eyes back right now -- -- you can mean these guys talking about right tell tell Tennessee owners and I'm I'm in one of my leagues. A candidate for the specific such. So that's it it's funny how that works and you are that this actually go what was written for you armed and all of a lot out sort of tell you what it says in the article it. So fosters hatred -- a guide to trade. And it and I started out with hear me out since since the people who don't stop -- its bottom. And if it as I say it's a very specific trade recommended. But yeah I mean if your team had declared security into a better if you're one of these teams that are is already looking at at the last couple games of the season. He gosh I mean did try to don't try to be -- -- try to you know like union lord of the -- -- a little glass ball extend and what you see and we units sixteen well what I see for various clusters that I see a guy who's going to be near 400 carries you. Because right now that's what he's on pace for. It didn't allow him to continue in the church directories on now I think you end up around 4090. -- -- he's been between 2329. Every week. To break and it's not it hasn't obviously it's been -- they have been able to get much rest with Kate Kate had a total intake had a hamstring us about -- and say yeah. So here's who can't dispute this scenario that's got to be scary if your Foster owner and you're gonna keep winning. And the Texans can keep winning you get a look at the Texas schedule. They -- New England that New England. Apart from that there's not one game on the schedule they're gonna that they are not going to be favored by -- yeah. OK so I think -- a real good chance of of losing one more game. Now what is their motivation and ability week sixteen. If they have a healthy -- -- they wanna get ready for the velocity doesn't play very much and they've got an overused Gary Foster who's at 300. 68 carries or something you. The one arrest. So that it now that's frustrating thing if you just sat there and -- you know road area Foster all the way to the championship game and all the sudden. It up and this is stepping up we've seen this for the colts. Not Peyton Manning is to kill innocent. Absolutely and we we've we've you know. We could see who would -- political ties within the. Don't -- blazes guy that's what I saw it on Arianna who loves Tennessee owners and the playoffs that's for sure. Keep firing the patriots. Let's I couldn't couldn't finish that baseball quote -- But that yes it's it's it's something you have to look at and into the rosters just one of those things where you concede it. I mean yeah. In an ideal start from bottoming out -- Iraq if they decide the rest Foster placate. -- you have to date if I'm not mistaken you'll be fine yeah they have a lot put up great numbers unified. But I'm dreading that well we're gonna -- -- some work. You know a little -- then you know get him out of there at some point. Yeah you don't hear you hate to see Sunday come in Foster gets. Six carries and you plan and take at seventeen. And yeah that's gonna hurt fantasy owners you said it right. You ride him for you know fifteen weeks and suddenly when you need -- the most. Disappearing -- Right and it's rough and visit the trading deadline what you. Once you keep Foster passed this week -- maybe it's -- -- that's next -- -- what you keep them you're stuck with that scenario and you know it's it's it's definitely something to look at I mean right now if I could let's say I -- your position. And let's say that somebody offers me. -- wide receiver that I really need EU. And CJ Spiller EU to get Foster. Who that I I don't know what the offer because if I take it. I'm I'm I'm not thrilled if I don't take it would -- thinking about why didn't take it for the rest of the yeah Spiller looked up 52 week extension. Until they're muttering and it -- play -- made the different tall buildings so. You know it's. It's a real possibility that this is why some people don't get -- -- also two great gay rights. Because this stuff goes on and you can make these decisions. Let's strategy -- you if you think about it like that. And it Peyton Manning used to do that to people all the time in Italy and -- -- in the in the middle of last decade you know. At the height of his of his scoring ability. Q do -- split up. I was listening to. Sports Radio in New York today and there's a certain popular guy who's going about well what we're talking about is what caused Bill Polian is just. Use. So yeah. Very interest -- not the only 11 suitable during that time and me that rests you know -- -- the end it didn't look sharp in the divisional round playoff rounds them. You can go into an argument that they did. Actually let's still on this topic we'll get off of Marion Foster might have been my sadness potentially -- -- an open doesn't happen but it. But -- there are you know this is a really interesting topic -- I would dumb venture to say a lot of fantasy football owners may be haven't slot this way so let's think about some other players. I don't know what that's the key thing educate -- to Foster that's fine but it. How the mental exercise think about it think it through you look at the scenarios and your key players. It's key for teams like you -- dominated for ten weeks. Okay what that is -- -- -- EU is the right to look further forward than anybody else you can use it to your advantage. Similar -- Smart -- -- device so let's think about that so. There are other players -- a certain that are in the got a situation so hmmm let's think about it a little bit you know a couple people. Highlighted in the maybe you wanna trade away article and he's a big names but you know Mike Wallace sweet talked about him because of the Roethlisberger injured. -- -- -- You know Wallace's overreached and -- losses not having a great year that -- -- drops the bomb. -- -- -- -- exciting -- out Barrasso as he's he's just exciting in general that bit of the reason you may be deal that is. At least nothing that worries me is that is that Roethlisberger gonna come back and play. But it didn't even have an -- EU because essentially sounds sort of basket yeah that sounds like an advantage. -- I don't -- Roethlisberger to me is sort of like. He sort of picked up what Steve McNair used to do you do sort of pick demand pull up from the -- the guy who doesn't matter how much you hit him he just keeps getting. And I think you've got a problem for that and and and and certainly for the Steelers. -- -- -- armed Ben Roethlisberger is better than batch -- left would put together some -- so there's no doubt they're gonna find a way to get him out there if he's willing to go out there. Like yeah it's it's you know. It definitely takes some of the Sheen -- a guy like Mike Wallace and if you you know if there's someone willing to give you full value for Mike Wallace right now. He might wanna do it and that's the tricky thing about these trade article is. You know logic you used to trade Wallace well no secret that he could literally got what we said. You know it's it's always about getting value you know any time we suggest trading a player. The did general. Thrust of it is right now is value slow. You know you can go get him at a discount -- trying to -- -- right now we feel like. His value is higher than it's going to be a couple weeks to move while you can't but -- -- is always to do yet. Market value for the players that you don't ever feel like you to the World Bank is devoted if you give back something that's good it's okay to do something. Yes -- case in point is the first person that you highlight the article. Is Robert Griffin the third who has. From the guy who we were told people -- weeks ago. Yeah so in the span of a few weeks. You were saying get rid of lump me right now it's like go get him and net. That's how quickly can turn and that's -- so Tennessee football owners have to look at more than the stats and the trends you have to look at. What's ahead in terms of -- the opponents and and what value can get because of where they are right now. Let's it would do well we'll be grip and -- was complicated -- first of all it's tough recommending to trade away a guy who you really like -- the guy who I love Sharon I don't know won't look at. And we you know he was the cemetery twelve target in our precinct in draft -- today. Because of Cam Newton you know -- Stewart told people hey -- can pass -- -- Grabbed the second -- to track to be happy -- -- now warped but this year is like you know what after Newton -- I didn't RG three in the second half -- You know jump up and get him in the 78 to be there and he can be your starter that was right. But he got so far ahead of the pack -- -- then -- has hurt. And interest Davis is hurt. And you know what to lose out for the year and they're they're still level guys that could help the overall. Drop that you know them. And -- -- -- after just dropping the ball altered Robinson letter -- and you know and you get to a point where you don't. This -- can end up as the number one QB infancy he doesn't have a with a -- CA that he is somebody just have to be honest in public to see if we put out -- get at the other thing about RG three is that the soft part of the schedule the early part. You know he had a tough match ups coming up that we should look right now is number one ranked QB out there everybody wants him. Right it was entry into the stadium for the first time. It's not easy to trade a guy who you can't -- any -- he's carrying you yeah hard to trade act I. But somebody showed no. Interest -- political I don't time so just -- to hit a couple of people that -- along the lines of what you were talk. About yeah let's let's hit what's at -- Let's hit another one to get rid of him potentially and one to go for. Okay that gore is a guy I think who sort of up in the high. Trees down at the deadline and -- indicated the dialogue I think francoeur is this is a phenomenal running back tough to. I didn't say you know reforms to -- good player. We'll talk all the time very fundamentally sound but. It has -- say in the article yeah. Can we itself is a good thing. But it doesn't undo all career injury problems -- lot of miles on them right so it is still a guy gets hurt even though he has stayed healthy this year. So -- due to injury the risk factor the age is all you know they're all reasons to consider trading gore but I think the real reason. To some to -- court if you care and and debris coming off a good game right so right now you can -- oil well okay. But if you look at this steadily got the bears this week based at the -- expect that the rams the dolphins the patriots and Seattle EU that is not. You know an ideal conditions to my knowledge I want playing from -- for the rest of the year if I can avoid -- -- I can take Frank Gore right now. And cash in the end with an equivalent player he. Was cut. -- not like the patriots and Seattle and Chicago an adult since then it's the ranch all stuffed the run pretty well. Yeah I'm looking to make that move. Interesting and so let's let's look at a running back. That might be. Quote on quote of the value got to go after yet. Well I mean can hit as much as it pains me to say at this now this would be even a trade I would wanna get more back which our -- on the jets just. It is not a guy that's sexy he's not going to hall of -- right. Get a they're cheaper you know and you know he's got Saint Louis and doing the coming up the next couple weeks but he closes with Jacksonville Tennessee and San Diego lose. And video does not bad they play good defense so far but by the time we get -- -- sixteen to -- to become a part down there. Yeah and -- the way out yet to move the ball on them yet possible on some greens again and by the way -- -- to get all -- fatigue -- but the jets for whatever reason. Dominate the dark chargers they just do so. Shawn Green -- the guy who if you if your if your plan opting Buick and a lovely team they really need help back to back spot EU. Go -- green for not a piece that he'll help you he'll be back to back who doesn't kill you. It reached 141516. To interest you know they head into -- other guys Jonathan Stewart who I think is gonna slowly. You know pick up some steam that is that and I say to the article all week the Carolina would say he's getting fourteen carries a week -- -- he's on the back but. That's that's how they roll them there but I think Stewart is predicted back -- I think she will. Continue to get better week to week and you can get a little cheaper it. And other guys Ryan Mathews. I was just gonna ask you about him. Yeah I mean he's he's he's. Pardon was to blame him but maybe they missed minister players down there exits unbelievable what they've done to have -- mean Ronnie Brown you really need Ronnie Brown of the game are -- Kidding -- that the tied the tires were. Flat on him a couple of years ago. Welcome -- -- did they found something that Ronnie Brown does well running Brothers -- good all around player he'll do whatever -- asked to do what he'll do it well. But yet he doesn't a lot of tread left of the target doesn't have a lot of first doesn't brits actually used to. But he's real good at taking. The top awful proud and -- future as -- -- But I think it's kind of an end and and the chargers are real good allowing him to do it you know for the life of me get over what to try to do the other -- Do it because. You know you you gave away Sproles. Why they why ideological believe I'll never though did he give away Tolbert. You know really these are guys that when he played for the chargers they were household names in the heat they helped them. But exactly they maybe were Ku players will be big plays Sproles on third both of them actually a third down goal line just very good versatile back. -- One can only assume. They would get rid of players like this because you want to give a full time role for the guys took I would you think. Apparently not celluloid addiction Jackie battle for the and running -- on the -- and Curtis Brinkley whatever other steps they can come up with it's it's really mind boggling and David Brinkley. If you had a pulse 3COM. It certainly you know I I do think that as they get closer to the end of the year. They're gonna have to get Matthew chance they've essentially taken all the important things away from him is he's become their between the twenties back. He got a full time Golan back he doesn't play -- passing downs. I do think they have to give him shut down the stretch and right now Ryan -- orders. I mean they're just. They're fed up they just -- -- get his name off of the screen. And so here's a scenario since you've got a guy like Foster. There isn't real there's a little while the dollar Closser right Peterson but if you're a Foster may be you have -- -- -- back and productive back like -- You know maybe target a guy like Matthews and Shonn -- may be getting good receiver back in the mix too because hey you talking about Frank Gore or area Fossett now right. You strengthen your wide receiver to spot instructing your running back to spot and you. We have to keep that's the key thing. I think obviously everybody was polite outgoing guy Cooper grooming anymore thanks for the end and that would be really insane trade all things being nickel. But if you bring back Julio Jones in the trade. Or maybe somebody better. You know it is ridiculous it's it's it's Shonn Greene in metro. Dissidents say contributing a mega drama about that. Great so now now all of a sudden -- I've got you know I didn't say he had a hole a three receiver and all the sudden -- make a truck and you'll get to number one actually is still have a number one back. -- -- these are things you might wanna consider the leaned forward and maybe your stomach. To get rid of a guy who's got you where you are distraught all the way there yet. -- -- you gotta you know have opened eyes with the stop and say all right what's what's the path to victory and take. That's great that's great great advice and I think that's a good way to wrap it up. You know I'd take the long view. Tennessee football owners out there go forward if you're in the mix go -- -- and we're telling you. And obviously we didn't talk so much. People -- opposite situation. People who are. -- -- five or whatever. She's 554 and six EU -- you know for its seventh still -- -- concern about division or whatever. There is genocide -- -- -- anywhere any article we do takes steps to say if you're short going you know here's a move. You know looked kind of thing. That's ticket take a minute and -- it a little bit in terms of a little bit. Maliki to -- -- could be you know literally moderate -- that -- did the key thing to do is not just assess the talent but assess your situation and assess the situation that the team you're dealing. And and that's that that's key it's very important -- do that anyhow because you got an offer some guy who clearly doesn't even know what your record is. Clearly doesn't know what you're looking for what your needs are you just want this continuity and out there will be that guy. Great point it's bad form it is that some people don't like that order food assistance and Adobe are likely to trade for you quit in the future. -- -- -- -- Guys that's good stuff. All right TJ that's a wrap on the week eleven edition of the WT EI fantasy football podcast found here on WTI dot com. It teaches our weekly conversation -- our guy our fantasy football expert Pete Davidson who's the chief Tennessee football writer for roto bond dot com. So come find all these weekly position -- rankings and advice on the potential waiver wire pickups each week. You can make sure you visit wrote a bond dot com to do that. That's robot RO TO. DA HN wrote -- -- dot com and check out WEEI dot com every Friday and you'll see Pete starts and sits for this weakens against. And also a new addition to the W yet Tennessee football world. -- is hosting. Every Sunday at 11 AM right before the 1 o'clock games. A live chat on WEEI dot com he -- this can help you with Cheney and all of a last minute roster decisions so you have those annoying. Injuries like Aaron Hernandez on the patriots you never know what's gonna happen live chat. Get on -- Right get on WEEI dot com get on the live chat you'll find it. Accessible on the home page. Throw your questions -- He's informed he's got access to get to the answers and help you with those last minute. Ross's decision so Pete as always great to challenge you to do it again next week and good look at the trading deadline you might be hearing from -- -- particular place slot well that.

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