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Greg Bedard, Boston Globe, talks 'atrocious' defense by the Pats

Nov 14, 2012|

Dennis and Callahan talk with football guru Greg Bedard about how many mistakes the Pats defense made on Sunday and how the performance may have been an all-time low for this team. They also discuss this weekend's matchup with the Colts, including what to expect from Andrew Luck and the new look Colts.

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Mid week mid show. That means one thing and one thing only conversation with the Boston -- Greg Bedard on football Greg joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE. Reporting mr. -- how are you. I would say that you're not a man given to hum. Hyperbole or -- area you -- measured thoughtful individual. And you call. Sunday's performance by the Patriots defense. They're worst performance by Bill Belichick defense in his tenure with the patriots you used the term atrocious. And this is an analytical assessment -- eyeball test correct Greg. Yeah when I -- I mean when I went through. The film the first time in. Electric said in -- -- commitment locally killed there are a lot of times. Albeit at a game and actually being at the game almost collapsed bush you'll be right here. If your product and axes and those guys because there's so much going on and you can try to keep track of the mean different things that you cannot often. Yeah -- a lot of things are even people home are picking up and I told -- also part of the film but the match up with what you think you you build it that was that was horrible and you go back the ability actually -- -- about -- -- -- -- The work to bat and I did not have that feeling after watching the game on Sunday it was it was every bit as bad about -- then. On what I saw in person and then you know and I kept thinking how -- night. How can I qualify this -- don't want them. Say -- reduces the worst that I've seen in in two years and so -- I've sort of going through the data that I have been. You know went through this kind of metric formula and I haven't made just worked very successful on very many plays and I have them and they were had successful players were. Basically it was a -- probably made. Did their job the offense. You know in my amid a big players something like that on 55% of the snaps and I went back to -- numbers to. Beginning of last season and that's the worst. The past two years so that. I kind of backed up what I thought that -- in their news that was it was the worst -- -- but I team. And I'd been here and you have to think it's during the defense is much better. Earlier -- about expert and I mean that that would be up there was the worst. Are you right out of the bill's 81 offensive plays including penalties the -- -- positive performance on just 55 point 6% of the -- -- -- -- to say. The patriots were the ones who missed a season high ten tackles which gave the -- another seventy yards of offense. The patriots were the ones with times totally disregarded their GAAP and -- responsibilities against the run. And -- pass coverage were often more concerned with what was happening in the backfield instead of the routes developing in the acreage behind them. And then you want to say it's as as much as the players it's the coach's fault it's a lack of preparation. For the Buffalo Bills which is shocking when you consider they are coming off the bye week Greg. Yes and it was divisional opponents -- it was somebody's near you yes me me. They shouldn't have allotted to do a lot of prep work and pretty much what you saw from the bills. Is what's. Which you -- on paper mean probably the only difference was. They were a little help your spurs' offensive weaponry then we can perform in the first problem this year. Pompous Fred Jackson and he did the roller ball player but -- both been out with injuries Spiller really shouldn't have played you deal with the shoulder. Issue he played big news space to plan -- one arm on 11 correction due to which you read it. This has been corrected online at least. At boston.com. It day. Abatement they've missed fifteen tackles totaled they've been missed tackles on ten plays so this one does -- -- this season. Fifteen of the season high in the I'm pretty sure to -- going back to last year there were a couple of games there were right in the same area I need to double check those numbers but. Yeah you know I cut the players. What was mind. Numbing and I have to be the coaches watching film and man I would sell the fly on the wall this week and they are watching film and correcting things. Because the coaches had to be furious that they saw. I think we were talking rudimentary stuff that they do. Each and every week like you know I mean for Rob Ninkovich -- in the Jones to have as many. Education gap problems that they have that -- they have basically what they do. A season full of errors. Early perhaps season. In one game I mean I you know Kaelin don't I don't know what he's doing at times and and I know. The -- offense is tough as they do a lot of motions in the got a spread offense in the -- Spiller in Jackson ran in different directions and Stevie Johnson. But that's that that it's no excuse -- -- you know in pass coverage. I don't know how much the count of three -- four times where there were linebackers or safeties. In the same area were covering the same guy that -- that touchdown passes Scott Chandler. Was -- calm Chandler Jones. It was wide open on. It actually -- legitimate touchdown when he was completely wide open I mean -- Stevie -- Stephen Gregory and -- -- our bowl. Jumped to pull back out of the backfield. Who America's only Akron I mean it is but so. -- -- I oh I think a lot of blame fault in the players who play those guys really enjoyed that bye weeks but. Look it's you know it's up for the coaches to crack crack the whip debating during the players were mentally ready coming off the bye week. -- and work more -- -- weren't doing the properties you ready for the game. The -- should crack the whip and and gotten after Carter but I do what I saw out there. Was an unprepared team as opposed to. The film and I've been watching on the colts. Who despite having a very young roster. Look very well. Item before we get the colts on this bills game you coupon outdoor hardly any adjustments made. No extra pressures dialed up only five blitzes total and the same Vanilla coverages mostly covered three. With -- safety in two quarterbacks back in deep thirds for much of the game. Do you have questions about Matt Patricia as a defensive coordinator if and when you're watching these films that break and down. Are you asking these questions saying why isn't the defensive coordinator doing more with the with the with the guys he has. In this -- period the -- there X-Factor isn't what I can't answer and you know what Bill Belichick is not an answer to. Anyone properly is especially publicly. It is you know are they. Is the reason for all the and -- -- and we've seen them at times do other things. I think part of it and do the bills and they're afraid of how explosive they could be. But I you know I I it is Belichick saying in the medium term in atrocious -- look. Where we're not good enough these guys can't handle but giving them more things to do soul. We're rocketed do I mean -- they're saying that that they believe in there with those guys every day in practice them every day. You know among gonna really blame the coaching a map but I you know I do you have. I do have definite questions about. Patricia in about. How the secondary is being coached him. You know also they lack of varietal. Lack of imagination with the pressures I do -- and however birdies like you know secondary -- -- -- communion is going to be the Internet you know he's -- and help. But I have -- many I would have rather seen. You know a dynamite third down pass for sure yes me I mean I think. Look you look at the giants' Super Bowl team last year how many quarterbacks for those guys losing. I'm starting in the pre season and you know you have to have some good guys back there Teddy built it for -- but I mean McCormick for the most part. Are expected but the reason that they were so successful because in the past. You point out and and -- in on Monday as well that the bills present some unique challenges our defense. But and god knows Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller they had good games and their explosive players in and the calls have nothing like that but they do have a passer. They do have a guy who control -- on the feeling get to the to the secondary to that to the deep guys. Doesn't that present the biggest challenge for the patriots guys who can get it deep and pro and exploit the second there. Yeah but I think what Tom and we talked about it before I think. At least two more people -- keep in mind is you know I'm sure they wanna kick ass beat them throughout the game mobile -- you know Bill Belichick starts Cuba. You know any point first. I wanna win. -- what our best avenue went. And and that's you look most -- overly aggressive on defense -- -- expose herself when I send me six million rushes her you know certainly. I mean they do and -- cover zero blitz but it was in the red zone and they do that would've backed up on a wild weather sent everybody. But you know what let's. Look back things off and you know over the course of the game we make the bills drive eighty place. Ryan Fitzpatrick is gonna end and that the -- that team is gonna self destruct -- not that we're gonna win the game and at the end of the day. Go go check was right there again it's so. You know we -- -- would bands would. You know -- a bit like good football what he'd better defense throughout the course of the game yes but I think. The end justifies the means for the -- What stands out when you look at the colts footage on both sides of the ball Greg. I was extremely impressed we have. Just how -- -- -- -- You know in their running a complicated defense scheme. That chuck got don't have with the ravens and you know law I don't think -- bit. On all sides topic of the most they're not very talented. They really do with the pole and execute extremely well. You know I think they're gonna have some issues -- secondary because you know -- powers is out now. And that means Gary -- is -- you know we now full time starter. He played well against the jaguars Kerry continued especially facing a team economy after two years. They got some. You know former undrafted guys -- the other quarterbacks are gonna have issues there but. Just overall mean they just on both sides that the the offense I mean. They have had injury problems in the offensive line -- -- -- you very well I like. The rookie tight end Dennis Allen. I didn't think much in common now but you know he just he's a good players does the right things in an Andrew -- You know they're not very exotic on offense. Babel run. You know an -- around every once in awhile that -- would probably make judgment being jealous. By. I would titled who's very fast but you know Andrew Luck is -- You know eighties he's really -- exceeding well he feels pressure. Unbelievably well for rookie. In he's able to deliver in the tight spot to. And not the other have a deep roster weapons that's for sure I mean it's pretty much were you win them -- else. Do you do you think they at the patriots one of these days are they gonna have trouble on the offensive line giving Mankins is out do we know about -- which I guess. Connolly. He got a cheap shot out from behind by -- more on the screen pass the marine before halftime we stay in the game. By that you deal with some sort back injury. It doesn't look quite overly serious this Sunday is a bit of a question mark. Mankins it's just you know where the paper realism in. That would it would seem to me. You know what I. I've got a song I mean I think I think clearly got a soft in balance as they are yet to J. D. Drew to his knowledge. They all wet and not if but when Romeo Crennel gets fired what do you think the chances are bill considering bringing Romeo back because he has been known to do that people who were in his favorite -- Mangini to the world it's certainly the the Josh is of the world what about Romeo. I've -- certainly not opposed to what I just being good bill. Something what I mean Patricia what adapted to meet Patricia. Would have to get a job someplace else for that happened -- from Romeo would be defensive coordinator who because. It would be. Kind of committee and -- for a -- while working out. If he brought Romeo and to be defense court judge came back as bill left. Sole right. Will seek to debris on the staff the accuracy -- but -- you -- think that maybe harper Romeo you can not execute coach. You know he's at that age where you know you might think about. And I -- sports once a delicate colts its -- -- it's time for the jets again Tebow mania. Again. An obvious on the daily news yet -- Greg -- that they're quoting. Hump and an anonymous couple players defensive starter who says that Tim Tebow quote. He's terrible and they have guys who are anonymous questioning. Tebow in this singer amid -- -- is it gonna get worse for the jets and they're gonna stay with Sanchez they think he's the bad and the best choice obviously but he -- They stink as among -- are -- are we looking at a team that's gonna give up at some point there. I think we are I think you know we -- news that people thing -- it was either gonna go very. Very well about. And they organize and implement them and have some sort of neat package that was in the give people problems or was going to be a complete disaster. And it looks like it's going to be the latter are. You know does not surprise me that the players. Are saying that about Tebow because angry. Watch football -- can tell -- that Tebow is not a good quarterback at this point needs to be totally revamped but. You know I -- I don't. I riot -- trying to -- much he can I mean and and saying that he's sticking with Sanchez I mean look approach -- he's going with the best quarterback that he had might mean you can think that it's Tebow but judge policy. That's mats Larson's callers and it's not even close Sanchez is the best this guy back there. And Greg in him meaning Greg McIlroy is is their second best. Yeah I I think dumb I'm surprised that's worm a little bit surprised. I. We we would have seen back Roy -- -- now am but I I think. Now it is is that would be another -- admitting a mistake it is you know if if stitches in the guy and I don't think these guys haven't Polly was there for -- unaware Armitage. Word they go from here I mean it's. It's tough times they're used to back is that going to -- Tuesday -- of defense coach. He had vision next defense -- and Alabama you know now Romeo bring in -- out. -- that would be awesome bill but indeed that offense would Rex Ryan coordinating the Patriots defense. That would be something -- He is Greg Bedard on football Boston Globe you can follow him on Twitter -- to Greg a Bedard talking to -- -- next Wednesday. Greg -- Dennis and Callahan at AT&T outlined AT&T four GLT -- next up Tim Kirch and ESP Campbell talked baseball trade.

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