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D&C on the Miami firesale and the Sox staying out of it

Nov 14, 2012|

John and Gerry discuss the blockbuster trade that sent the bulk of the Miami Marlins' talent (and, more importantly, salary) north to Toronto and how it was a good decision that Red Sox Gm Ben Cherington didn't bite on the deal. They break down the deal and discuss how the Blue Jays may not have made as great a deal as many pundits would have you believe.

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Okay -- -- -- close your eyes and picture the following scenario Red Sox general manager bench Harrington is in some luxury hotels some -- doesn't matter where does that matter why. It's 6 o'clock in the morning the darkening drape your pool he's sleeping soundly it's almost time to get up and go to work. What happens at that point what's the next thing that happens at that moment. That would be -- note that shot just stop. So sophomoric. Could be the wake up call. The phone rings on the nightstand and it's the wake up call it that happened yesterday for Ben Carrington and Boston Red Sox was that'll wake up call that says -- -- -- It took the blue jays long to decide -- the compensation for John Ferrell would be the betrayed every single prospect they have their entire minor league system. For every single person who could play baseball from the Miami Marlins. You'd think -- -- yet I know the Los Angeles and gets we might -- is a line right yeah he might have set his alarm for six -- -- program. I'm here to say and if you just waking up. I commend you nice job ban way to show some discipline if you had made this deal. You've gotten all kinds of you know plaudits and credit and kudos today it would have been stupid it would not have been disciplined. Among blue jays didn't do exactly. What the Dodgers did. A lot of similarities pretty it and close and and it must've been attempting it must've been attempting to ban. Put this way banned if Theo we're still here have done this deal have done he would have done this daily asked. As the Marlins if they had -- you know he would ask for -- well and they Woodson wouldn't trade rated him captain wells and I have a contract gonna pick up in chief Carlos and his ticked off we need an outfielder went over. By the way you can we get us out of the way first and for another year here -- As he. As used in this market as well yeah but. Do we give a damn about my balance. I wanna get the center -- first -- all the national shows it. Hope that the poor -- and the market the Miami market has but the -- we care about the pledges that the national take is this is so bad race I don't know everybody in baseball -- upset about this are really. I keep hearing that and every time that and I watch a lot of analysis of this. Advocate to support Miami market and the taxpayers and to bring in Steve yeah. You know what -- -- -- last year and our manager that's their problem that's their problem that we're dealing with weakened it I'm I'm. -- We're dealing with -- with the blue jays did it did and won the -- auction that could have done. What they should've could've they could've done is exactly with the Marlins in the -- the blue jays did they didn't. -- that I commend you. -- what got right now are too big splash. -- -- -- right yes it's triples. And probably why I remember that perfect. Game. Just jobs and he's hot he's big -- somebody and build -- to -- -- two dream team right. Now police units and you -- -- a very good point about the he'll he'll have looked at this and said. We shortstop and a mature Iglesias is ready and that we -- you the right handed pitcher to bring in Josh Johnson problems left ended it let's bring in mark early chaos on a plus you can still basis for I guess we don't need a catcher John Buck seventeen captured. But anyway. I remember that one time that I was awesome yeah in my some guy with Kansas City. Product yet -- went -- pop. -- Feel would have done this. Deal he would have topped that the blue jays would have said we can't let them beat us. We know -- part of reporting. That the bench character was in on this course they had to address -- had an I'm not sure how much the show up and around. -- but an interest in Josh Johnson and -- race. The whole big package the whole big pile of flotsam and yet some. He wasn't so interest and and he wanted and we knew -- an interest in just Johnson in the last year of his contract coming off Tommy John all that we know. And we know Reyes you know they love short stops here in New England I'm not sure if you -- -- what they do we collect the shorts like stumbles like yourself -- -- That's what it's you know eight and some people go in peeking. The Red Sox shortstop shopping in the off season they get a new one every year so they definitely were kicking the tires and Reyes. It took discipline it took discipline he was. At the the dealership -- you know -- you know since he was at the car dealership looking at media. That new Audi. Satisfied you know kicking the tires and -- I would love one of those the sales guys. To him by general manager I have to what gets into this deal today he was tempted. And didn't they didn't do I give credit TO the I was texting and right now he missed them -- -- raw deal like dude what are you didn't read the papers. That butchers are better venue today because that is probably pissed off the Marlins didn't call him and get a shot this week. Pocketbooks for the show's open you would like the -- because I mean on I mean that the blue jays are awesome now we're gonna kick the Red Sox past. Because I think it took real discipline I think is the first example of band stick and it was guns and doing the right thing he could make a deal tomorrow he can make a big deal tomorrow. But this had to be attempting to trade with Josh Johnson. Is -- -- sexier player than Jose Reyes out there sexier. Splash year he defined splash he did not -- all around the Rogers did -- splash but he's owed 96 million dollars. This is what the what the Dodgers just did took on salary or splash this is what the roots are exposed to get away from. And they they did they did I I can't believe it but they did this is a new era in new GM and new way of doing business -- today he might turnaround and make a big trade for a -- -- might signed Josh and military go for like eight years and I'll just take it all spread out the window open or go back but this had to take real disciplined. He knew two things he -- week he needed -- pitching and that was pitching and neither shortstop and -- shortstop. He knew that was splash in six he involved here in east L. Still held. Held his ground. Gian Carlo was not in the steel and why is he not in the steel would he be like the most attractive guy maybe that's what happens to good as the star that they wanna build around and that's likes and -- the judge -- include Matt -- is -- the offering a stand I got the he's he's you know the statement I am now that's just off to -- what ever had these guys if -- and you say you're not sure how much they shopped it around are you kidding. If you're dumping salary if you're just Willy -- getting ready everybody who makes any money and -- on your team. Are you looking for the best possible return I know it's very difficult to define. When it comes to minor league systems and prospects he's the second rated prospect he's the eight rated prospect that's all nebulous and I guess that comes out of the computer your Skelton all those kinds of things but don't you go to almost every single team and say. What would you give me for all of this now. It in one of put the and didn't wanna queer the deal than what I mean if they didn't they they had a chance to unload these guys. I think it's Julie Bennett had a shot I think Ben had a shot out of -- a couple of teams but they didn't want to go public and didn't give credit. And they didn't want I -- do you think of all the players. All the agents all the Marlins were still literally Gian Carlo Stanton. Found out about this that they might not of on a monkey wrench into it they would have and they did not want this to get to go public until the pulled the trigger is due in countless fans tweet. All right I am pissed off. 1234. X -- To report plain and simple. That's it -- is all -- Jose bodies to -- off. See I was able to -- it's a great great date to be a blue today and you know what it is it's an end and that we can we get the stories of Toronto earlier. They're celebrating they haven't been in the playoffs -- 93 this is a big big deal that when you pit stop and look at you say. -- his -- from the -- Are serious about changing their image. That's the line sounds kind of innocuous right yeah. Your departure image. If you're trying to win the trying to -- not. This was made in part I'm currently -- for image this was made for splash right. If the Red Sox did that I I I'll just be honest I'd kill and that -- -- say they're back they're always they're doing things for image for splash not for baseball result. By itself is that nearly enough image is your perception of what you think about the organization's. Constitution what you think about the organization's desire and goals. I'm guessing that every person who gives a rat's ass about the Toronto Blue Jays in Toronto or anywhere else for that matter looks at the success they're trying now right they're trying now. Thought that weren't trying to do you think the blue jays I never had that the exception that the blue jays were there with the royals. No no -- -- they're spending a little bit of money but just in terms of out of their dedication and their desire to do every possible thing they could to. Enhance what their fan base popular ghost image again. But images of no value unless image translates into success on the field and that equals more than 69 wins so I think from an image standpoint. It's been a good thing it is a good thing for the Toronto Blue -- -- it works out but it works out at the Philadelphia Eagles dream team and assembling -- -- -- or whether it works out like that like the Los Angeles Lakers may or -- may not work out with their multitude of stars and their brand new head coach. Is you know obviously. Remains to be seen but having so far so good for the people and rod -- saying hey where where where we're all right big boy pants like the Yankees and the Red Sox now but. -- didn't they say that in Los Angeles when they acquired. Gonzales and packet in an hour ago. We'll see -- -- wells didn't work out initially you're right but we'll see these trades are. Always applauded on the data -- German and -- -- -- -- again of church and made it. We would be applauding before we even looked to see what Iggy Pop you know we would -- it also states not just these duplicate. Big ball hard he works fast out back to. Right and we just pick and you say mark early is one of the best left and is in the gamely through. A perfect game. And then you get to was numbers against the AL east peace -- -- dailies with Jon -- he sucks against the Yankees. Against the Red Sox you know he has struggled. And that's not a surprise this is it really tough division you know you could. The should be elect an equation you put these numbers for when Carmine when you go from when you go for the Marlins. You know go from the National League to the American League in and particularly American League east right face in a much better Orioles team Roger you are the Red Sox we think are going to be elected the Yankees of course are going to be able to hit and then -- and the -- are always. -- so -- in that it will city. A burly does -- adjust Johnson does by the way Josh Johnson as well. Content. Mean if he breaks down. Who's gone either way probably. These guys don't love the idea -- his second year after Tommy John this is the Goodyear they might have a good year but it's in the last year was contract which is why the Red Sox were so reluctant. Reluctant or maybe not maybe they thought that was attractive but. But he's ID EC guy who gets traded to try and generally think his first -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in the neck and back to the US back to reverend wanna go out back. To feel you feel thinking on this would've been you would have done the math and he -- not needed Carmine he would not have needed the the the calculator on his desk he would have said. We saved 250 million dollars thank you magic Johnson and the Dodgers this is only gonna cost us 160 million dollars. Hey John Henry I saved you ninety by doing this DeLia not -- -- 250 I've saved you ninety for doing this deal. So at least. At the outset that we not agree the bench hearing Tim's -- throw that he has been chanting. Like yeah like like like a monkey in a monastery since the day he took over since the end of the season about discipline. He's sticking to that marcher. And I and I am sure as as a -- points out that he was interested in Johnson I'm sure he was looking at Reyes mean. They get shortstop issues were not sure who the shortstop is in my -- has gone. But. He didn't like the whole package you like taken on the payroll -- like that the commitment -- mean Reyes. Might be good but is worth 96 million he not stepping back into the same kind of mess and guys and the Marlins aren't done yet heard rumors that Ricky Nolasco could go next. I mean I don't want all when you went to the Marlins you say no. Nothing out at extends from everything's for sale off the market and I think but -- -- again. I hit the Marlins get killed for the strike and hit them but we do is get praise for this. It gives the Marlins went last year 69 again as the Red Sox went 69. The Red Sox unloaded a bunch of payroll 260 million and were praised by everybody around here everybody thank. So tomorrow is just unloaded a hundred million bucks on sixty and we're supposed to be. -- Manhattan. 69 games. So they didn't do their jobs you know they didn't perform they fired their manager just like the Red Sox did and that load at all -- payroll now. I think the Red Sox will spend more and have a higher payroll in the miles -- -- -- care I don't care about the Marlins fan I can't damn -- target is disappointed. You I couldn't care less apparent what -- bench during had to say about the deal he said we have a plan for the offseason and we'll see how much of it we can execute turned and said. If this trade does happen and I guess it's supposed to be approved at some point today. If this -- does happen it's not going to change what our plan is or our ability to -- acute that plan. I'm still trying to get through the 69 and 93 season last year has been -- Now I think a lot of people have written this on a number of web sites and a number of blogs and a number of places in in in columns in the Boston Globe and Boston Herald today. But this is part of a discipline thing is to look at the long term picture I know that's almost. We easing into that terrible land that is called bridge land. But if what bench Harrington is doing if every deal he examines and turns over and and and kind of -- -- in his hand and throws in the Carmine. Is dealing with long term future long term success of this baseball team not the quick fix up the immediate fix how does what he did or didn't do yesterday by jumping in -- both feet to this particular. Deal. Applied what he's going to do going forward is David Ortiz and two years speak to the long term. Affects of of what he wants to accomplish here would Torii Hunter do that I know I don't think it does I don't know if I'd be short term short term ending. And you know two years and I think that Ortiz to you do was stupid to give them one year and a he -- It buckled on that count but we'll see mean he's got a whole lot of money is spent a lot. And these are the kinds of things you don't see coming right -- Did anyone and again did you did you read about this here about this is no it was forty hush hush and you know all the baseball guys were. We're still around on the work and I think you know. Right up till this deal was male and John payments and Jeff Parsons or in pastoral knees and they were. Out there and shake in the bushes and came up with enough and on this there you know and -- could be a deal like this. The terror is working on today and will say well that makes a lot more sense. I'll do you don't why we didn't hear anything about this I'm not sure this is a a proper scenario or proper valuation but isn't it because you think about all the players are involved were talking. Reyes Johnson burly. Bonifacio and John -- at five players. And that's five agents and all the underling agents in those offices. That's all stuff gets leaked out agents have a conference of agents have a players talk to somebody you know you talk to Paul abroad well would she go to university of Denver and talk about it yes. It didn't get Al because my guess is that debt that Reyes and Johnson and -- and the rest of them once this deal to happen. If we're going the other way if somebody like the Red Sox or the blue jays or a team that is viable and in contention is dump and up people to to the hinterlands. Of Major League Baseball and it would wanna go. When they have tried to queer the deal they didn't want us to fall apart. Is that fair to say the players the players know that is not fair to say you'll think so absolutely not -- they wanted to -- -- -- wanna -- wanna get out of self teaching go to Toronto no way. Now in terms of winning baseball games and know what the philosophy was if they heard the Marlins are dump and everybody who comply. And I'm not the only one all the opportunities and I don't do what do I wanna be left behind won't be Stanton let's be first. Time that Reyes and and early in Johnson heard about the -- it was when they were told there were gone that's my opinion might first. Word they got was you're gone pack your -- on a trauma you go to the American -- I think. When you think that they warned them. About stuff like this gets filed out not this not in this case I give credit they kept it quiet and they had to there's no way. All these guys wanna go to the AL east and go to Canada. And go from Florida would no state taxes to the -- Canada get to see the Yankees -- Red Sox -- eighteen times right I mean that's tough for pitchers. I think -- if they if they want -- out that did not want to go to Canada. As a team without a manager. He called -- team without a manager. And I'm sure you know there was some lot of issues in Miami but they had -- hired a new manager in the probably thought they were. No but gonna bounce back next year and you know that's that that's a destination please don't come. It is -- anymore opera baseball player wants to win games 61777979. 37 its midweek Greg Bedard Boston Globe. By the way perhaps more than any other media member in this town. Earns his money is yes Curtis -- Yes he doesn't and he gave himself -- day yeah with the breakdown of the the patriots defensive effort called that one of the worst TC atrocious I think as -- word he used the defense was they were atrocious and it has to be among the worst performances by a bill. Belichick defense. In his entire -- Blow with renewing the patriot breaks it down and and and that's not just some you know talk show -- going off half -- I hate that -- the tackled at this -- -- guy who broke down every play and he will tell us why it is one of the worst defensive efforts he's ever seen from a Bill Belichick thing Greg Bedard joins us at 805 you can join us in ninety seconds.

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