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Nov 5, 2012|

We speak with Bill Belichick as the Patriots are on their BYE week and get his take on the first half of the season, their newest acquisition Aqib Talib, how the second half may play out, and how they are preparing for the Buffalo Bills this Sunday.

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Patriots Monday they had bio weak version live down near Gillette Stadium in Foxboro my -- what Michael Holley. Steve -- time for a no nonsense conversation with the coach bill -- -- Brought to you might just be alive the no nonsense life insurance company and our -- renewal rates. For men and women call 888 get SP alive or visit SB allied dot -- for your frequent. Bill are we doing today. Okay it went. -- is all right you know world. -- network here lower back to work and Reagan on buffalo on no problems everybody came back safe and sound and everybody's okay ready to go. All little simpler tomorrow. Because stance here. A good start you know you're at -- -- think anything in particular you do to get guys. Thinking back. -- -- -- -- and sometimes he gets reported as a way immunity and Mosul track sometimes there are certain thing you'll see a little more do with film took. Get them back -- of preparation mode. I would gel well with says that's part of it just just get that done with the right thing is to -- how to present or whatever. Mr. poised to do but I think that's the idea those -- get. To get everybody focused then and it had a good day tomorrow. We just come out Wednesday forced off to a good start. And even though Buffalo's team we know we've got to repair form again and then and they certainly have -- explosive players. And weapons on the team so. Tarnished the big day for arson and BR target as a coaching staff and as a team you know talk to captains. Some are veteran players. And hopefully we'll get to account kind of response from our expert. They went on the road yesterday buffalo and played it very competitive game and they wound up losing by twelve. But that was 76 game for a long time. Very team even though you score 52 points on 45 point second half we all remember it. Their team that you have to take seriously don't. I mean well Mr. President this starts on specialties illegally in punt returns a kickoff returns in the -- that he is a dangerous player there and and offensively we know they can move the ball at its core -- often and defense -- you can block that from. -- Kelsay and of course a Kyle Williams and various inside merry go. There expert. Archer expert at a couple interceptions against Arizona and beat them so. They have in that they've got a lot of good playmakers on the on their team and now -- know it's always tough against buffalo and our think our first game against them was. As you said the score it was no where indicative of afterward Hamlet two touchdowns in the third quarter. What does -- differently from the defense because at the beginning of the season. That was something that people were looking at saying -- with the acquisition of Mario Williams. This is going to be a very good defense and I give up a lot of points as you just had 45 against you in the second half the last couple weeks the defense start to combat what are you seeing. I think they -- a couple scheme changes and and and just you know they've they've made more plays and I don't think they've dramatically change what they're doing and they still. Are pretty much who's there and do what they do and -- -- same players but there's there's just been more productive no more place. He got a in new player during the by we picked up to -- from Tampa. What was it about him that made him adjusting for the patriots -- I want to acquire. I was still it's good football player who -- So. -- -- at the wrong and we animal permanence -- happens to out height start. He's in Europe -- -- -- Well it out of that if I believe in second chances and third chances. Many -- -- -- that second purchase wouldn't be here. Right now but with -- -- he's had a lot of things though on the field and off the field. Suspended right now he's had a lot of chances. To to do the right thing in with mixed results. How how do you view a guy like that do you say whatever he did somewhere else that's the issue will deal with that and that's in this past. He's got a clean slate with dinosaurs the heavily away what he's done in the past and figure out that word this guy worked for you how do you look at a player with. With all these things in this direction. Well I think what anytime you -- player you look at. -- information can make a decision based on little bounce and quality of information -- so. We've done -- with all players in the draft choices trades. Signings and enhancement. It's a process that is -- international because you've done this before you've been very successful in the past with guys that are so called questionable character guys and you've got them on the program. Is there something that you demand of them from the state forward when they command here that that that changes some of some of their habits. Well I mean in the end we we feel. -- a player around any player on our team we feel comfortable with that player. So. Whatever the plan is to deal with any any individual player what are the situation or circumstances or whoever that player is doesn't matter. Then if we feel that we can do that as an organization as a team than. And we can requirement if we don't. And we we don't. What what is his particular skill -- and where do you project -- in the lineup. Who has played corner throws entire college and professional workers so. I mean according moved to safety or does it mean you won't there's a rotation I don't know him when the player on the field because. Can you talk to right now right right can have a conversation. Well yeah I mean how does that worry you he can't. Is that an awkward situation where -- you require a guy and you have certain expectations form yet. You can't talk to them for awhile and even with draft picks and they. He called them up and say -- patriot I don't looking forward to you working hard. In this case you can't talk to me is that. That present a challenge. Is it difficult. Well -- what the rules are so won't comply with the rules on. And he said this in the past we talked about these issues you said the most important thing is how much to guy loves football. And how much he you know just eats sleeps -- and -- football when you're trying to evaluate. The guys who -- -- some issues here in the past does that still play into it -- That love of football just morning it sure and -- Let's -- sometimes the people and fans still think they get the impression sometimes. Because a guy has had some issues and who knows their background what did they did that dealt with in the childhood. They forget about what they do want the football field how committed they are on the football field and most think that they don't really care about playing football. I know authentic conversation that did in the past I -- whether we're talking Brian Cox or whoever we're talking about I know -- had a conversation in the past that's. Appointed you've always brought out. Yes I think that's felon well. -- -- -- Pavilion you know is that I love the draft and have some conversations about the draft pros and cons of it. How it works sometimes Korea how it doesn't if you look at your dress you've had some great ones. And they've also had a lot of capital with there's been a lot of capital on. Defensive backs first round second round third round. With results that -- don't matchup with the rest your draft picks here with do with the patriots why is it difficult seems to be difficult to get that position. To get that position right here -- cornerback -- safety. Long and as you know Griffin's an exact science -- -- we can look at any any team many. -- or anybody else's and you're gonna see some. Some players or counselors didn't so. In the -- we traded us we cam that we're not perfect we made mistakes and think you -- with anybody else's -- -- the same thing with -- so. That's the draft. Is it is that it position that you. Are are you asking more out of corners that you think that a lot of other teams -- mean for example you know just play. Those simple defense all the time where. Indianapolis for example. When under dungy didn't ask as much as their corners. As you do it is do you think that's it that you're asking more out of out of that position some other teams do and therefore it's difficult to find that guy who can do what you wanna do. You know I don't know are really don't know until the 31 injured -- talent and the other players on those who we tell our players and you know how well well we run our programs so. I can't -- evaluate -- anybody else deserve hers until their guys to do. Bye week comes straight in the middle of the L season how much time did you spend in just evaluating. Your team and and you talk about you would you do evaluations every week which -- -- some extra time right now -- you might have some time to work on some of these things. How much time he spent breaking it down than what you need to fix here before you even worry about who you're playing in the next game. Oh sure well we've -- some of that then definitely a bit more of that -- we would normally do because it says it is a little more time so we try to look at. -- Ourselves over the first half of the season. -- See what things were doing well statistically and then from an execution standpoint just on tape and what things were mountains alone. Make some decisions as to whether we wanna. Try to change some things or try to do better or at something or throw an owner where the -- days so. And enters its common national those things I don't know what. What aspect to a phase of the game and so. You know -- believe we definitely spent more time on that same time we've. Still have to get -- getter team right to play buffalo and that's that's an external also. That game plan and intention than to. Everything you yourself going jump out of two on either in the spectrum good or bad that you have which -- focus on during the bye week. Via SharePoint things mom and -- some of those are -- -- -- -- Lamar. Unit things on Martins thanks. And we we talk to players about that when there and on Thursday we will continue to. Emphasize or change or modify some of those things this week on four. -- little things slowed things that are very from the unit the unit player player. But the answer it's all part of the community -- try to get better try to get her team. Individually and collectively better as we go into the second half of the season. When you're going into the second half of the season you've got that -- went right at the midpoint. Do you try to anticipate what other teams might be thinking about your squad or do you just. Really focus on your -- team. We -- not to. And I think it's a combination you're looking your team and you also look at the rest your schedule and say okay who who you know what do we can be -- -- these next eighteen and some in -- seven album. You know what do they have in common what does you know what would issues though are we pretty sure that we think are gonna come up. And -- are so common threat that are common theme that we would one have than two thirds of those games or maybe all the games are. -- maybe none of the games maybe something that we've had to deal with in the first half of the season we. Can look at and say. I don't know how much more this is really gonna happen this year you know demand substantially we get letters and somehow also. I think it's more of an awareness thing course anything could do anything any week we know that but. There are some things that are a little more frequent than. And others and we've looked at -- Then. Try to project is that something we think we will continue to see are sent maybe something in the there's a little more specific to these teams but you know teams like the Jetsons and and buffalo teams that we played the first of the seasonal play in the second half we played Miami and so it's two games against them. But you know there's there's four games are at their teams are pretty phenomenal. You mentioned those two games with Miami. That's one reason to spend more time on Miami and -- Buffalo -- the jets but is the quarterback situation that rookie quarterback you have placing -- before. And a rookie head coach does that present other challenges too if you really know what to expect. From this team. From. Well look I don't know we've we know more and now we knew it to the end of the season but. Models -- see them we get to them along with everybody else -- again on -- from -- big picture standpoint and you. Look at the starting your season you don't training camp and then you look at the beginning your season and secondly here's our first 2345. Opponents here are some things organized. We expect -- have to deal with you kind of take those in the consideration in her. Training camp preparations and and how you prepare for the start of the regular season then I think we're kind of at that same point now. Eight games that we played or are done well we'll -- to those teams again vote. We're also gonna see some of the teams and what does that look like we're going to be facing. How many 314 for three teams some influence on teams coming -- -- teams company. Multiple receiver teams -- mobile played in teams how many two back teams you know with like what does it look like we're going to be seeing more of on third down in the red area. Blitzes that type thing and just kind of have an awareness of what it looks like we shouldn't. Possibly be rated anticipate from that picture standpoint. But haven't done that haven't said that now it's. Time to turn our attention at buffalo and get ready for buffalo. One -- the other teams do they do but you know we've we've talked about some. Did you -- when you watch these teams from week to week. Tom you you always see something new and you always start looking at a team of -- and they look different than they look for three full weeks ago. The preparation when you're getting ready for a team. How much do you notice now when you get to this point of the season. That you know one player or two players specific guys they're making an impact when they weren't earlier in the season. Or changed changed up what they're doing because if found that they have a strength that they can go to. See a lot of oh without a doubt absolutely in and I think that's they key is second half of the season no question. You just can't I just don't think you can keep doing the same thing in this league over and over again. And think that's gonna work I mean the other teams that are just too good good coaches and players. And -- the same thing every timer on certain situation goes the same play. Let's say every team Italy can defeat that they know which are and they know which are gonna do. They're finally -- Just don't have an icon in bounds in the national football so. You've got to be aware of what you're doing you gotta keep it moving you don't think you wanna just do this and that -- don't think that's successful formula so I agree I think he -- thank you see teams change up. And in go to different things and teams over play certain tendencies and you countless times this story Foreman and that's where all those plays come -- is that there teams are working on they don't expect that haven't seen. And after it was thought there and execute well and that can unity event this time here no question. And coaching staffs over think these things were opening themselves in terms of trying to into experts from like that by century. Socialist. You know I know you know. You know -- you know it you know so. I mean in the end I think the bottom line it's an execution have to go there and do whatever it is and you play you on whatever. Coverage you use whatever it is you've got to be legal there. Do -- do well against multiples. You've kept out there and so. Accurate and two different things or -- play against the two different looks. The total Paul -- story that your place Philadelphia or something he thinks I'm gonna throw every time. I'm gonna -- from -- he thinks -- all right our round and round and that you on the running. At a place. -- is actually yeah exactly. Bill now it's time for the coach's question of the week brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers and their complete lineup of 2013 models. On the web at MD USA dot com -- Boston with a no simply what was the most fun thing you did during the Bible. Sleep. From being good use of time -- got caught up on that felt good and got a few good night's sleep and -- much higher level energy and alertness and clarity in all so. -- -- Really get what you get there and I was gonna say everything I don't think -- Boston realize that this is this abnormal head coach is usually head coach to certainly what we did during the regular season of his big week here. How much -- you get. Four hours column. That variants that. I got a lot more this week. And you don't have anxiety of Metallica on Sunday because that's this is one Sunday. Nobody's gonna get hurt it's not going to be any based drama. What the other teams play come back Gary go work so it's I mean I think mentally I really thought our players felt that too just not only the pressure of not another game plan not another scout report not another set of adjustments -- another setup. What else they do this what do they do that what do we do all that you just. You know just the relief of not not have an an exam for a week. You know even you know you know another one next week -- just that one week of kind of taken away -- of where there's there's no test there's no examiners know. Pressure of a lot of critical decisions. For one week. Really play in slow -- mentally. So during the season I guess you know another when the Bill Walsh -- his girlfriend -- wife has to one point. You start long somewhere isn't it though they're kind of got an at least -- is that what it's like for it for -- during the season I mean if you could be. Hanging out at the house whatever going out to dinner. Is it just naturally you start to drift off and think about. Not sure occasionally comes up third and long overload punt rush. You know the kickoff return throw back on the kickoff return on site can. Sure all that stuff the the goal line pass that you didn't defendant practice that they haven't run in two years but you know they have us. And the guys disaster if you want to work you know -- That's -- good as you get lots of sleep to Baton Rouge had nightmares during the coach Colin only you're only your players say they got the same monthly to sort of -- Bluetooth. And it didn't have a good news is we -- Jim Rome's streets in heroes we hereby grant for the oh wait that is good news there coach's hours brought you -- -- Mercedes -- Ian you know. Carson brought Cuba SP -- and announces life insurance company now offering new low rates for men and Nicole needed it it has been like. Or visit SB -- dot com for your frequent back to work. Good luck against buffalo we'll see you back here next -- advancements in -- -- is an excellent bill Bill Belichick right here on the big show.

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