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Bob Ryan, Boston Globe, on the Celtics 120-107 loss to the Heat

Oct 31, 2012|

Bob Ryan joins Mut and Lou to share his thoughts on KG’s cold shoulder to Ray Allen and what it signifies about Allen’s relationship with the Celtics. He also tells the guys he thinks Lebron has what it takes to become the greatest to ever play the game.

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-- -- -- -- He -- city government says downloads on -- -- The -- got the level play with them for five years he wants them together and I can't say enough good things about them. At Israel last night his Miami Heat taking down -- Boston Celtics in the first of 82. Celtics will be home on Friday night their home opener against the Milwaukee Bucks -- Lou 93 point seven. WEEI we start with the basketball everything last night this season going to be a lot of fun and give yourself expand. And joining us on the ATP hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G. It's AT&T rethink possible the great Bob Ryan who is -- still riding part time and post retirement. The Boston Globe saw last night when NB ATV. Is that going to be a permanent thing with that did not little pieces for a BAT Bebop. We -- to say we have mutual interest -- -- it works out -- the first one. That this will be a contributor won't be idea. You know the time. Total presence but yet something else I thought was a natural fit for me and and and so deal worked out. But big story coming out of that game was even before the game even started with KG and Ray Allen and I -- trying to. Give him a pat on the back and KG just game facing what was your reaction when he saw. KG it's predictable. In many ways you can unfathomable human being but that aspect of his personality is quite obviously was going to do that that's KJ. My game based on and then he's already declared that he gets lost race number blah blah blah blah blah. You know KG set back -- complete act he's got this whole like scripted off the Cairo court on the court and he's he's got an image of himself that he wants to live up to. And so it doesn't surprise me that he did that. I would just remind him -- one thing. And that just that the only reason he's in Boston and -- -- -- has been traded to Boston. And that was there and it -- he could've cut he could come here and join with gradient tool creation and and perhaps win a championship for two. That. There's a bond that unites those street that should never be broken. And to act in such a overtly publicly anyway. Is stupid even knows it's the until we told you can -- pretty comfortable his own skin oh absolutely QKG has and he's not even going to be my understand why we're even having this discussion. But I'm just pointing out. That it did there's a certain held a contradictory elements involved here. When you consider what I just said take about it one which time he only came to Boston would never ever said what in Boston a a couple of that the pain of you know. That obligation to play the game for another team. If Allen hadn't just been joining up with pierce and that we could make so they are they're all united forever and ever but you know that. Surprise you need to phenomenon. No Bob listen I'm not surprised he did that but I agree with you and when you look at it I think it'd just. It's personal with him is up people stated the right thing economical Doc Rivers gave him a hug I think that there's. Just as much animosity there if anything but yeah obviously it's personal public said he came here because Rio which what was traded -- well. So maybe that's the reason why -- I came because of view and then you left. Mean not -- without -- five years later he's you know hostile. The business aspect of -- and he he should be able to understand. And -- and and also the first got the great trip we all know they took less money. I mean animation motivation was it was a was. Not to anyway to be questioned him and he he took less money. Two to do this. You do that he'd have a better chance of winning. With very adamant and -- had a better chance of winning with Ray Allen yes they -- amnesty and and he wanted to be you know -- everybody likes to be flattered and -- at some point. Even -- given a guy would go into the hall of fame like Ray Allen with a distinction of maybe being registry portion of all time and Mitch. That that is really significant. Yet he still wanted to be wooed according to him he wasn't enough by the Celtics very. Around -- has floated the where you go out there with you know and he doesn't mean that in the disparity why we ought to -- about set egos that that I have propelled justice and in our profession. And then he's got an ego that propelled him and end though he's been portrayed as this. You know it has hit a certain image of the gentleman and a hard worker and -- -- guy in net. And and the well dressed consummate. It's polished sophisticated. I guess -- -- that the community doesn't have a very large ego and and and he didn't feel that it was. Played to enough by the Celtics -- appears to be one of his the things he -- Bobby called it an act do you think we get the same response and Kevin Garnett it's say. Re headed it up in Phoenix ended up in some other team not -- the Miami Heat last night. Interesting I don't know you know that's a very good question and I certainly can't answer that -- I would. Lean toward. Yes couple walking leadoff personal -- -- towards yes. But I wouldn't be blocked and that that's a very good point but I just stick by -- act and we try and make sure it -- -- We all have an act. We all have an -- And you know in that sense and -- don't think without land available to have a lot of things about like that. But that we all have an active and and in his is very very specific. And very very end and an end in a lot of ways unique and even among other great professional -- can be a lot of guys are noted for their intensity we know that and things you can go -- and -- sport. But at the in a different category it's like. You know it's like to around -- we got that. -- idea to put it really remote comparison sake. Okay and high school hockey that we got that division one and we've got super eight is super reader considered to be even better than the better even better in the best teams they do their different. He's different he's a super eight he he's a super -- intensity guy. And in in he's if it works for him he needs that there's. To go out there and play in the even more than in the next ten hardworking guys. But -- if that's part of his act and he's got an act off the court to that in very difficult to deal with it. I think go and watch this heat team last night. I think pretty scary for the MBA because it looks like eight different confident. In himself I think at the Bryant James and and I know that James Jones and Mike Miller made some big shots for his team down the stretch but. You know they're not Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis look like more like the Rashard Lewis and in Orlando I mean this this is it this is a team I think that is the clear cut favorite out of match at this point. I totally agree and about it we've got 81 to go and to see if this is the -- we're going to have because it was such a bomb and in such a waste of money the last couple of years but. But absolutely. That was scary to the world last night and they do have. Most of the -- touched covered that he needs and modern games that you don't need to be accent -- any -- that's rather obvious. It's different world and they don't have one in in in light goes on. But they're better and -- and we will make them better and an on time I think we'll see that the Celtics are better but clearly that thing needs time to get together. -- for doctors to go out and and figure themselves out. And of course the defense have to be better that. But yet they're really good now also they have and we've all seen this every team they get that's a championship swagger and I don't want it to develop into complacency and I. I rather doubt that can happen with the outline the overseeing the whole thing. So I don't think that's going to be a problem and also we're looking at let's just appreciate upon I've been preaching this now for a long time. What -- pep rally -- mine put the decision out of your mind he's made amends for that. It is that lets enjoy this guy I mean cannabis Acura sports and and you have special talent to our lives to let the medics to Brady stepped. You know they come Miguel Cabrera at seven and then my tryouts and now and LeBron James is the best best player in the world when -- -- his career is over. It will be a legitimate discussion was he better than Jordan and and I don't care how many championships he's gonna have -- I have to. It's going to be a legitimate discussion and that's celebrity is and and he's everything good about the game it's about how to approach to game play the game and when that. -- blown up so and to appreciate discuss. Now we're talking to Bob Bryan let's -- abroad for a second because the thing that the -- when I took -- it was Miami good. About LeBron played differently and I'm curious if Bob when you look back -- is. You know Michael Jordan a lot of pressure conducted the pistons finally broke through -- won that championship. That he played different after backside -- there was a different Alec competence with the heat. But a confidence with LeBron lasso like yes I've done it and now a cultural mild skin couple my game -- 28 years old and nobody can stop. At a big difference between the two I think and that sent assistant Michael Jordan had to develop. Could reach a point where he would Entrust. The game to somebody else other than Michael Jordan that he would go to ball that John -- for a game winning shot. In which he did innings in a playoff stated that he would let the Purdue stuff. The -- Problem was that he was too good hearted to essentially -- to -- great player. He and bird I would have to say that I that they came into the league with which -- high level skill. And and and complete feeling that this is a team game I mean Larry decently ridiculous passes early on produced on passes because it's been doing it with the ball. The that it could cause he he -- colored Jersey. The quick illiteracy -- stop the wind out of there while and I mean a couple of tiny on the baseline type -- -- a baseline you know stuff like that. Jordan was I mean I'm LeBron criticism Obama was each shrank or what city shrank as much of that he -- He's the in the team got left out I think he's got a calibrated he's got it calibrated now. A better than Jordan needed to learn to trust people the -- needs to. And learned that stopped just so many people and and and and recognized when it should be him. I think he's got it down now we're we're in we're strapped in now where the next three to five years of a peak of his career. And it's going to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The as much I agree with you with the heat noses and saying the same thing. I still think that this Celtics team and Avery Bradley come -- that's ten deep but you get a lot of new faces -- in. You got five new faces and the guys nine guys that played last night and it's gonna take some time. You know we're where your thoughts -- -- clear cut number two in your mind needs. Until -- -- its back on the court. The yes they are until Derrick -- comes back but they're gonna would assume direct question number games without him as they did last year. And then in the playoffs it wasn't good enough and that's fine but if he comes back and -- and -- -- himself than that you have to follow them right up there that by the playoff time they should be ready to do some damage. But I really don't see anybody -- -- two teams down and you know new Yorker or an intriguing it's staying. But I don't think championship caliber teams and certainly nobody else in the conference Indiana this is the ability. Did -- it came out of the time that this be a life. I'd like to Milwaukee Bucks -- eighties a cult of the great -- students. They studied hard -- that goes -- every day and they did their homework and they try to look to the bottom of the glass and they look both ways before crossing. But they weren't kidneys and they want they just weren't good enough for -- to the pacers and that's that they're not winning championships when you look at championship contenders it's gonna come down to three teams these. Miami can draw a line and maybe Boston and maybe Chicago. In the Western Conference did you like Oklahoma City dealing James Harden at this point. Bob let them make a lot of sense. Not you know I've read read up on you know the explanations in the financial applications and their decision and how they're -- proceed as a franchise. And -- that and to me what it comes down to a they decided they picked and a block over hard. They picked a -- over -- and it's just been dispatched teams and inspired -- Bakken well and then Olympic Games without the ridiculous but the fact is they didn't. Brought him up the bank cities and really do much either. And -- lot to like about him and we started making jump shot to play a lesser which scared the hell out of people. But don't tell with the puck over a hardened that's a recession that would -- if that would come out till the technology that they couldn't keep ball forward Max contracts that they had to make decisions. Okay. So the decision and it was a -- over hard and I'm I'm questioning that it does set them back this year now the X-Factor is this Kevin Martin. There's a realize -- I don't think despise -- so you know like player. We're gonna put up a lot of pointers but just that he is in the great defensive player of something going on there must be one of those. Irritating -- the scoring guys that -- basketball turned him out by the thousands over the years. And it. And now he's only played them bad -- mediocre teams where he's been allowed to go score and and can he blend into what is it obviously very good team in and and find a way to compete with teammate Andy used a scoring ability is in the team's way if he can do that -- suddenly if they expect a little gold there if he could be capable of that. Then they won't listen so much Hartman and they'll survive this pretty well but he can't. Then and there you know to -- -- their stances that I want to the windows closed but. It's did -- would look like they blew -- opportunity last year. I mentioned blending in. And I'm just curious and they blend in in Los Angeles the lakers and they they lose game one. You know Steve Nash had nine shots Dwight Howard three for fourteen from the line to get all those guys blend in and get done you want. Now that's great but they're the most intriguing team sport right now they have -- -- that would Eagles worth star of the 2000 level policies and the you know we've wondered. How's that gonna work out we know what worked out. In but this is the most intriguing team in professional sport right now they're listed George -- future is now team Google -- right now 380 point garden. And and and five stars over thirty and it's definitely rotation players over thirty I mean they're going to port and and it's gonna take a while their two. I'm not the biggest Howard they have in the world in the abstract but obviously is going to help them. I don't know you know I just told me. Will allow managed to have the ball all the time and and play off him rather than talking it. This things -- gonna take honestly and we won't wondered nobody knows nobody knows they just hope. That they can and I tell you this I'm not -- I don't like their coach is a wonderful times -- good next door neighbor he might be applied some of locked in he's but I just. I'm not not about Mike Brown I just can't seem to -- cut rate cut this. I'll post retirement he's a contributor now for the Boston Globe and NB ATV Comcast other places he's the great Bob Bryan Bob great insight appreciate the time we'll talk tease him a -- -- -- -- Bob Bryant joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster. And three jeetz AT&T. Rethink possible we get some insight from on the Miami side of things -- win -- bottom of the hour 1130. Your phone calls ninety seconds.

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