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Legler, ESPN, on Celtics-Heat and the 2012-13 season

Oct 31, 2012|

John and Gerry continue the NBA talk as they're joined by ESPN analyst Tim Legler, who helps them to breakdown the Celtics loss the the Heat. Legler also analyzes how the new-look Celtics played in their first game and how this team looks to gel down the road.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan it is always a pleasure to welcome one -- most informative guests we ever have on this program ESPN's basketball NBA analyst Tim let -- Joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LT is good morning Tim how aria. I did anything you saw last night he's -- or did anything -- plot about the heat and Celtics change based on what you saw last night. No not really I honestly going to this year actually the cute teaching career play in the Eastern Conference final I was actually despite fact Boston relished vocal -- like sensibly. I'm I've brought -- not a whole lot of resistance to Miami. I still think they're going to be better team this year they were a year ago and the Miami Heat right now clearly -- they're investing in the east. And it showed it last night a little bit surprised that Miami is that effective offensively this early this season. They're typically a bit slower -- gate. To get going the last couple years but last night really -- essentially they executed. And shot the ball as -- they were in that she's in form so like a lot of credit to their little short. Timmy and I'll talk radio works we are all about knee jerk reactions to very small sample sizes -- wanna know. Can we accurately conclude that of both the heat and the Celtics played to their maximum potential. The heat win the vast majority of the games. I think so -- -- virtually right now they are you know they weren't chippy -- year ago and you can just television and more relaxed told about thirteen they also went out at a reality at a Rashard Lewis. This is routine that now is just very very. The culprit the friendly and they were last year but there was also time last year wouldn't you offensively. You know you kind of knew they would go restriction and stretched their struggle to make -- -- -- good job of protecting Elaine. And now when you add those two guys -- -- -- you know who. Their primary -- good -- or not their perimeter shots and try to load up on the project straight away they just had so much more ballots in our lineup now they're going to be a more difficult to defend. So -- think both teams played their best basketball. Of my reach -- better swing but. We both know that not every team plays its best basketball whether passed through and therefore you know it's it's you know that's been. Far too premature to conclude that the Boston Celtics would have a chance. To get back to the NBA finals because you don't know. -- beat -- -- agent -- cup finals again. You you don't know at that time you know what kind of injuries taken place car rid of those teams. And bought the sort sure that you pedigree they took the seven games a year ago I guess in Boston we'd better this year as well as Miami Denver. Well we saw when LeBron went out with the cramps in the -- caught up we saw one thing that could bring the heat. Dynasty down. If LeBron goes out of LeBron roles and ankle other than that how. It would give a scenario where the Celtics could actually overtake Miami in the regular season or in the playoffs. Well I think the biggest thing is it to me in Boston. Clearly wasn't close to Rutgers are going to be defensively last night. A idea to bring you baskets and keep -- your puppy baskets -- you know taken note during the game. You know and and I stopped take note that fourth quarter. But Miami had a pretty big lead before Boston's comeback but no respect for example just basic. Plays defensively that. Were -- -- lost contact with their defender they turn their head basic fundamental things we got beat -- -- got beat off search result. Our gave up easy penetration -- pick and -- Because they -- -- lightened benchmark charmer tiptoed down the lately the ball and state like that Arctic and are gonna get tightened up to sort out on Boston's and so. -- he's really into Boston's best worst part was that quite I don't know how much better Miami to play that make it last night so. You know I think that's the wanting to give also Oakland. Analysts said in a -- -- ago that it over the issue as far as it also orders the Miami Heat are investing in India. Or why do you think I mean they got rid of they get rid of the lost you know -- ten time all star Ray Allen may be the best shooter of all time. We know the additions they made what makes you think sit here and now Tim that the Celtics are better now than they were a year ago. Well because I don't think there's going to be any appreciable loss in games of Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce. Rough ride on -- that you hope will continue to evolve as a player shortly hoped that he still continued to get better. With pierce Garnett they're saying look at what they have I do think Jeff Green even though he didn't show last they're very appreciate your configure. Fine eight he won't put them and if it mortified all -- A level production as the year goes ought to be better Jason -- at this stage of his career. Is it any more productive player that Ray Allen from the standpoint. Jason Terry do you think the basketball and running pick and roll and it being playmaker rail can't derail it. It's still not -- stop and start to open -- scoring threats. There's plutonium nights when Jason Terry is gonna make you forget about ray -- And the other part also coming here late picked up and spoke spoke last night now that's where he could do that every game. But with Jason -- and the other or both Kamal prepared they've got more scoring punch in the backcourt the world Specter at any time since the scrutiny that together. So QQ and you saw Brandon Bass I just think that the team. That ultimately. Will be better it's early and I know what you just -- a jerk reaction. We're gonna do to get killed there's overreaction here over analysis to take. Not not us -- we don't do that now we're gonna look at that did the big picture of the long -- hey do you think either team. Both teams are too small with a with a -- nights they'll be days when they appear. Where they are just too small and don't match up against bigger teams. Yeah there will definitely directly to -- Miami or conflict a year ago they proved ultimately that. You know divorce so here counselor got athleticism can make up for some of that. Boston looked real small glass but but but those -- probably a year ago you know there are different defense fifteen. That -- work early on during the run disregards. In what they everybody's struggling to all thought. Actually Kendrick Perkins that Shaquille O'Neal Jermaine O'Neal of the -- big body and -- back here underneath the rim. They were a different type of -- even have a guy like Glen Davis who took a coach Horton was always in the way. When you try to drive this is that it achieved that they're you know Kevin and mr. Pickett died most of the time at fort he has not. Great as -- last -- -- deception either great defender out of the perimeter and defend multiple positions and where best to roll defenders of all time. -- -- -- But that's out of war chest and into clog the lane and neglect -- sentence and hit somebody. That's not really the strength and that's what ball and I thought they did at times last -- looked like what you've got -- initial defender. The local whole Lotta resistance in the lane. And I saw that I'd rather than a year ago and and that's. Who they got the personnel that they have on our roster now so that they've got to figure out you know -- -- -- that are -- with the rotation. And then they have to be so good offensively at times he'll make or what to give it up -- strictly and that's that's Miami's Travis as well. We're talking with -- ESPN's Tim Butler and Tim referencing the defensive deficiencies that we witness last night obviously a lot of that has to do with new guys new faces in new places and not I've -- continuity but I'm wondering when Avery Bradley comes back in mid December. What the influx of that kind of on ball defense of talent duke for the defensive group as a whole. It's huge because I was watching the game last night and I was looking for somebody. Could be chest chest with a with a perimeter player they really work left by the court inquiry. I -- early in the game. You know try to compete but there's also are not -- giving far too much ground to Dwyane Wade. And continue to give give give it accurately read -- overpowered you achieve continued to back up. So that you have to get him to -- Forced them to turn the corner or do you and then hope that -- -- slugger wrote in ballad get to rip. I thought they were soft and passive defense with the wall stretched to the program that's right. And every Bradley. Being able to professional basketball in our half court get up in the -- reached court it really worked at. It's contagious to arrest of your team that's we also pressuring the ball like that. Makes other defenders who aren't quite as quick it makes them quicker. Because now. You know a big guy the -- -- -- basketball being held it and it's -- -- prepared to deliver the ball to the diet you're guarding. So it crossed support in which really -- where its future. Catches thoughtful player clarity Utley went up all the pressure in their point of attack and that they program -- -- -- doc thinks that. Rajon Rondo is or may be the smartest player in the NBA but do you think dot worries about the maturity level of Rondo him. I'm sure sure that's up to that that keeps them open eight times. It's probably never gonna change. But looked -- around those guys they're not a dark couldn't believe last year as many firms are hurting and they've come up to trade reversed. He just the population and popular basketball games the one thing. At the hospital for this team to -- out and really make a serious for a title. I just think there are times indicating that -- has to be so much more wrestle Serbs will be looking for his own shot. In looking for little gain or whether to jump shot or not I would welcome more evolutionary jump shot having a better shouldn't -- -- supper for. But I'll probably -- -- just what he attacks and get to read it with those floaters -- work. And I enterprise that means you're looking for guys too much in need care. Because he's the quickest player of the floor apartment yeah out of the center. Matchup advantage they needed it will be more -- score. And not -- -- 68 miniature at times when you've really got to press look at the score are they need debt at a camp. Because being news networks has -- in the political pressure or change that the -- They need him to behave himself what do you think that would. You know and her to miss a pledge he have to beat the in his panic that he can be a jerk out there on the court I guess I'll. Well it took me I look at -- as competitive inflation he noted in the look look at the play at the end of the game last night when he -- stopped wearing red rubber neck -- who let him go. And then decided to grab rather -- -- -- flavor or are thinking you're that was going to be -- out. So many. I'll just say to myself why is why we eighteen seconds left in the game to force somebody thought that and as I've got -- personally. I'm somebody that dot -- optics yeah. I'm get sick watching the game how many times. Our god is gonna turn the -- get the basket. Without any sort of resistant to contact. Don't know all of the talk about. You know Kevin Garnett -- and operate out for the game in all those strangers and attitudes are at fault but I -- it manifest itself for the court. They didn't play that game like that he's physical has -- playoff game. And that's that you need to do it. It didn't really clerk told thirteen twelve except that game with so much -- -- -- well so I don't want probably -- -- -- the -- -- in the super. There weren't any enforcers in the game I mean. I guess Haslem played eleven minutes but none of the big back ups the played for the Celtics or shortly -- it was that kind of game. There are -- list of them that slipped through the laureate gains and integrate it into that kind of game where it's kind of like almost like attracting. It's really -- speaking because they just have with LeBron James Dwyane Wade intercept you guys. That if you tech game is played that way it that porous and that they driving lanes were blocked because they're they're gonna dominate you but getting extra lanes and and now you either surround them with better shooters as a platform that you're thinking that brought changes have played on. So that's gonna make sure that much more of a weapon because he knows what he's a willing passer. The value actually -- are that are that are not shot makers are consistent shot makers. They didn't have that in your. I tell molecular does LeBron James get the Michael Jordan treatment at this stage in his crew of the Jordan rules if you will a latter day version of LeBron rules. Well I I definitely feel that he gets benefit of the doubt and call spend it and he got some last night questions in the first Catholic. I was commenting in the room while watching game. I should Mayweather so disposed direct delicate touch anybody -- that seem like there was a stretch as you look at the -- of disparity there really that it is it's pretty even. But don't destroy -- but the second quarter -- -- -- just every title or -- we're going to Trout line and you know -- like coach Paulson and so what brought definitely I think get the benefit of the doubt those calls but I wouldn't say that he is much different than a lot of star scorers in this sleek. You know -- get those calls Carmelo -- and Kevin director of the elite scorers get those calls you know LeBron the I know it's frustrating yourself the standard people awaiting the biggest source data recorder and can't breathe or. -- crucial to guard a guy like government I understand that frustration but that really has gone on for years and years this week. Just ask the guys used to guard Carl Moore yeah yeah could you couldn't talk to guide you wouldn't we provide his talent with the -- -- 1213 free program that everybody. It's really typical defensively put. That's the conundrum facing played against great players like that. Tim is there a chance that the newly -- lakers could turn out to be an unmitigated disaster whether because of lack of chemistry or just the the the the ingredients don't mix up there. There's clearly a chance because obviously anything short of winning a chair which it would be a disaster for that team so the expectations bar so high. That there's just an absolutely a lot of room for that and you know what it's saying you saw last night and opium -- reaction to that as well -- Of the way they've played it out to the one thing that bothered me about watching that game. Is there was absolutely sure we both should have lost hair -- back -- stair -- They didn't play much together and appreciate and he's not a lot of continuity you have guys that are older older. And they're you know not having the greasy and sometimes those guys -- you know what six weeks to get impeached form I understand all the -- That doesn't explain the lack of emotion and you look at the two teams -- -- -- over the -- that you need to get direct aim at Elton Brand. And and the bread and white and college here and Shawn Marion. Were playing at a much higher level of intensity than anybody of the lakers and -- thing that really bothered me I'll watch that particular. When I actually dallas' bench there's four guys standing up entire game. We are supporting thirteen minutes into the game and fired up and then the other of the war when you look at six lakers with their heads of their -- and on the bench. That's immediately swat team emotionally and they can't show up. With all the hardware in the locker room all the names on the back -- -- that people are laid out and that's how they looked last night and nobody. They're gonna get better because they got to play together for awhile -- motion. Father's beer or lack -- bothers me a lot of running that team or public share. Eight and before -- ago there's a group that some people in Minnesota who aren't happy with the timberwolves. Because they're too light they only a five white guys and they think it's. For marketing purposes or put accused in the team of you know you're doing this for marketing purposes. Did you ever I mean you play for six teams was in the MBA did you ever feel like you know you were a token -- there just the you know reach out to the tune or certain demographic and get more white people interest and your team. You know I know I never felt that okay. That there -- a couple of years in Washington you know the only like player on the roster. My last few years there. But not a person never felt that was achieved I was on I was I was pretty much always -- utilize it served its purpose. And I played. I didn't feel that -- in the community and you know its its interest -- if they feel that way. In this. Sometimes those types of things with your roster are are cyclical coincidental. And you're trying to acquire the best players that you can I can honestly tell you right now I would. Shocked if any thing like that ever took place during a conversation about what. Plate of player demographically they -- their roster. It it it the FB extra item level there's this you have to put out -- winning products that region to its best players before which can -- regardless of the skin color. And and I think this -- understand that it just so happened right now that they've got guys that they've acquired. You know that there that -- that bowl. Well but that doesn't mean it's a stay that way. -- -- are always a pleasure talking NBA with you always informative thanks for the talk and they'll talk you down the road. But -- our report -- get him like -- from ESP and joining Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTD.

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