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Chris Mannix, SI.com, on the Ray Allen hate: 'I think it's all real and I think it's all pretty stupid'

Oct 30, 2012|

D&C talk to SI.com's Chris Mannix about the upcoming 2012 NBA season opener between the Celtics and Heat and the bad blood between Ray Allen and his ex-teammates. They also go into the growing rivalry between the Celtics and Heat and how the Celtics look as a team without Allen and with their offseason additions.

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Couple minutes from hooking up a sports Illustrated's Chris Maddux he's going to join us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT -- Speeds up to ten times -- -- three GAT and T. Rethink possible good morning Chris medics is sort of like. Christmas morning for you when the NBA season opens reopens. Well -- have I don't know what you -- bad analogy it's the start of pretty long -- I -- I think I'm kind of missing the date of the lock out when. He'd sit around the hotel on the you know bad hot dog -- outside a building a -- -- start. Pay in this in this -- out of Miami Heat Boston's Elvis Kevin Garnett little dust up do you think it's real or contrived. Whatever animosity exists between. -- in the Celtics the Celtics -- -- I think it's all real I think it felt pretty stupid personally because you know -- made a choice and obviously there was friction there with Rondo obviously did not want to come back but. Boss's reaction to me it's and so over the top mean just basically. Branding him a traitor and in declaring that they are -- all positive we knew -- -- all real solid the Celtics were. Before Ray Allen Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce teamed up rant every it's just too much to do with the double revival from 20082012. That any of those three guys -- players did and it's just the seat. That the vitriol being skewed. From -- basic mostly from -- inside other racing is meant prefer to keep the story going by releasing more Ito after more deep down I'm just really surprised. That got to this point to get your question I think it out of there real you know in talking privately. With people in the organization get the sense that this is something that that that being then that they really are all worked up out. It truly bothers them that raised in Miami. -- in your estimation with Ray Allen out and Jason Terry and Avery Bradley when healthy and Barbosa and Courtney Lee in -- they are better or -- team than they were a year ago. Other better team I think will win with this group instead of -- -- had -- -- no question about it date of date their beef with ray it and that he left exit where he left in. It would that I went to Miami left all that money on the table. To go play for the team that ostensibly standing in their way. On the way to the championship but I think the group they have now with David Bradley potentially starting when he comes back. Jason Terry Cordelia the guys you mentioned I think that they'd better fit because one way or the other. Ray was going to be -- reserve -- he came back to the southeast -- the net job. It is Avery Bradley now we need in -- great chemistry played very well. When they are paired up together. And I think now having Harry and Courtney -- you guys that are comfortable coming up the bank sticking beauty that kind of production you need. With that second unit I think they're better team in -- system a much deeper -- all all across the board with a group they have now. How how important is deep how important is depth at this point. Chris and a minute you look at them as a championship. A contender championship caliber team. Well I think the depth is incredibly -- dispassionate positions that they haven't been having versatility in the backcourt with Harry you can play either guard spot. If called upon Jeff Green the play either forward spot might -- in this spot five minutes. Would be really small lineup I think that kind of versatility to help you get blood he Demetric opportunity got a lot of hybrid lineups. I get some of the Eastern Conference team in the knicks are gonna like -- -- dot America five may become a vote of five sometimes when. When -- what do marched out they've been a Miami -- Chris Bosh the five and LeBron before I think having that kind of versatility. Is going to to really help you -- -- are the celtics' title contenders I don't put them. In that top tier group in the Eastern Conference to meet its two top teams -- number one Miami obviously and number Q Indiana I think Boston's still ranked. -- cut below them mostly because guys I just don't have. It did have a compliment that maybe you should have a title game would they would at center position that you know Kevin Garnett -- He's fantastic last year at the center spot he shot every doubt but I thought it would ability to play -- five spot. Operatives that the -- they actually do it over there at 3536. Game stretch that -- -- -- game. Is is totally different story and if you're gonna bank on Darko Milicic. Our Jason Collins giving you real productive minutes well -- I got a bridge in Brooklyn -- so you do that one of those two guys. Have to step up and give them consistent minutes or else you know Boston is simply going to be in trouble. We -- we hear about the depth this team has and clearly they do have in the backcourt -- -- the in this wings blog but. If Garnett goes down and you know he's he's the oldest. And if he breaks down. What happens then. Well they're a tremendous took the trouble I don't really know what -- you can go from there. Mean you have to try to play guys like Darko and Collins and play green a lot more at that force but we've played a lot of in Oklahoma City earlier in his career and I I think this whole team. And he every team in the league is it Brad and that's -- -- -- -- he played it down from Miami there are a lot of trouble in Indiana in the lakers under. The -- and especially so if Garnett goes down I think this season goes down very quickly. We're talking with -- -- -- -- -- -- of all the new faces in new places here who do you suspect at the end of the season we -- say while that guy. Created an impact be positive impact on the basketball team and throw Jeff Green in that mix of Jason Terry and Barbosa and Courtney Lee and anybody -- to an uncle who's going to be the impact guy. Oh I absolutely Jeff Green I mean I am like many people I'm shocked at how well he has played. Coming back from that heart surgery meat looks like you look at a monster out there this guy looked like he was there preparing to come back. From the moment he got off the operating table and is rated player right now it is body's physical that is his conditioning. Everything looks great with him in any guide it in of people you know he kept dealt Oklahoma city Oklahoma City -- no desire to give him up. When they dealt debate dealt him because just like they could -- James -- they couldn't agree a long term contract to -- you agree to they wanted to keep him. In the fall there -- screens showing at least in the preceding right now. Why they've probably why they want to do that to me he has looked fantastic and and I think that. Because you can't necessarily relying Garnett to be big minutes because need to reduce Paul Pierce's minutes. But it was paid during the season having Jeff Green there. And having to be sort of go to -- a lot of -- played either one of those four spot I think is invaluable he is gonna have. A major major impact on the team this year. Is it his job to cover. LeBron to cover Carmelo Anthony is is it is is. Is that you're still hours and Jeff Green. Well you know I guy -- a defensive ends in situations and I think that -- When he's in the lineup with -- -- -- -- -- -- at that time it will all agree that -- the reasoning used and he has that the success you know playing that role for Boston. In the happening either one of those guys he is considered a lockdown defender across the league -- green. Because that you divert the -- -- he can guard bigger player like LeBron when he goes to the basket -- little bit more strength and provide a little more bulk. That situation I think he's probably going to be you've got the -- -- gonna get a minute they're doing here. These credit wants that challenge in the fourth quarter of games he wants to be the guy that. That stepped up the defense the -- to -- or any of those -- situations and I think you'll still be in there in -- Chris why should we not thank. The Miami's gonna win sixty threes 65 and and just roll to the finals again. I think they can have that at regular season and no question about it I and it's hard to find. You know flaws. On this roster when they return all their key core players you know the addition of ray and Rashard Lewis. To a lesser degree is going to be they originally to help them as spread the floor like that couldn't do last you were shooters and any transition to a remember talking Erik Spoelstra. After this whole process is over and what they see that first was that they wanna play a lot faster if they're going to be up and down transition more debating race. And Rashard they're but it knocked down transition -- president three point shot really. Obviously gonna make them a much more productive seemingly the only. Problem might force you at Miami at that bolsters its -- seem intent on playing spot the five. And the brought before more and he didn't get one of those guys. Really like playing those positions -- has played those positions for an extended period of time as a people up against the physical. Seems like they -- off that they get their act together or Indiana. As they showed the second round last year those type teams have a chance that I beat them down physically but. You know that that's your only advantage -- his bat there they're aggressive they score a lot they can defend I mean this is just that. A team that now that they've won a championship at a place so what more freer and they're going to be out there. Really playing. A very good brand of basketball. Hey Chris up most people coordinated you know Miami and the lakers to meet in the NBA finals what could go wrong with Dwight Howard in Los Angeles. Well I mean otherwise help me I think that you know that back injury he even though we seem to be recovered from a plane up power spot I think if you think that. -- that that -- that others senators and not going to be digging that 400 to their backs are crazy because yeah that it's like a pat little Pat Riley to coach you'd tell guys. To look for every possible advantage I would bet anything that Kendrick Perkins when he goes up against Dwight Howard regular season the plastic to be digging that big massive elbow. It to -- back and really trying to affect him that way in and I think that could be a problem. Ford Dwight over the course of the season in the other part of it is chemistry mean Dwight is still going to be. A free agent after this year and you cannot eliminate Dallas Mavericks. From is possible landing spot for -- if this thing goes south and it is dealing with a personality there with Colby with the with it would polite with Powell with Steve -- I mean I think that could potentially. BA combustible mix it -- -- doesn't feel like you gave the cuts he wants to polite doesn't feel like -- Receiving the attention the respect that you want to -- we never we don't really know what goes on the guy's mind you make bad decisions. After bad decision seemingly every single day back to be something that that a fact that he may knock them off because there are still some. Some very strong teams in the Western Conference led by Oklahoma City but not only not including the clippers the grizzlies should be a dark horse in the -- -- Am I am but you know what I read that I reject cover story the cover story in SI on. On Dwight Howard and lakers know what amazed me Chris is this is a bunch Alston has drawn together. They have their own separate distinct skills and it's and it's a good mix if they all. Agree not to play together and to just go for the mingle for the wins in in the title. Why wouldn't Dwight Howard like -- -- sounds like they can on the and they love men -- -- having a good time and -- get along with everybody. What would the outside V. I don't know and let you know I have to say that you know what I didn't know what to what I was doing all last year you know he seems to just make these decisions that a women I think it's a lot of bad advice. From the people around and he just Borchardt that are Landis situation in ways that didn't think he would pop. Meet LeBron -- it looked graceful by comparison with with the way -- handled things. With the magic city received it -- you make that decision but I agree with you. -- a lot of ways that this this lakers team has some parallels what went off and came together in 20072008. Because that you have guys. That seemingly on paper properly compliment themselves and I think having Steve Nash. The facilitator -- it's gonna make things so much easier if he's gonna get guys involved. Early on he can make sure that offensively. Everybody is on the same page in my I didn't have that a couple of years ago they start the season nine and eight and looked like irrelevant trouble canister like -- having Steve there is gonna make this team. -- much more quickly but. They all come down to what goes on -- that we just don't know what he's picking up the time and I am sure. A 100% positive -- people at his camp. That area I don't whispering the doubt -- -- here you have to wonder how that affects him during the season. And it's not exactly sure what this term means Kobe's team oral bronze team. Is this Rajon Rondo is team. Are absolutely and it was Rondo is team last year it might be right -- in the last couple of years and he is the absolute most indispensable key player. On this roster in the -- and it goes far. And he'd take them out for people talk about Rondo at an MVP candidate this year I think that's a legitimate mean I think -- the chance the rank among that. The top five and beat these guys in the league this year and I think -- -- deservedly so he has all the talent. As necessary to -- that kind of guy and he's giddy and -- huge for the team guys you really -- after. Don't control the offense did you know I don't like a lot of ways slightly Chris Paul does offensively he's skeptical -- there. And the facilitator been more to score like he was last year and really take control these games because they can't rely. On Garnett and pierce to give them more than eight point five to thirty minutes per game and expect and guilty of the many things. Once the playoffs start -- have to carry this team and be as much the leaders have been in the past. If Jered sellinger health is not an issue what do you envision his role and impact being on the basketball team press. The great. That a little bit surprised at how well he's played. And it just that the NBA games so -- -- concerned about his side is still there are a little bit -- to play the form. For the five populate this guy can play is no question about you're seeing. Why. Don't like seeing -- -- of him as they'd pop five or top ten talent as recently as a year ago and I think if he is. Healthy came to view you know it can that the minutes he'll be out there on the floor you have to starting role. Aren't the first big up the benches are those those -- spot and he's gonna be able to play is going to play. Big minutes this team as a rookie and I really really think they they scored big it would -- -- Who on this roster for you is ahead scratch that seems like and ill fitting piece of the puzzle. Anybody. No I don't think it is that the head scratch -- -- and so much of -- I still think that. If you're expecting Darko -- to be anything but what dark about it is that right course his career that you that you're here. Iraq -- for too much and you might get a guy that dropped twenty label down fifteen rebounds. On one night -- completely disappear. The next that's why I think that a guy like Jason Collins. Could have the value that the college is what -- -- he's not gonna score he has no no offensive moves whatsoever but -- still want that guy. That you know what the starting center for a team in in New Jersey -- -- back to back NBA finals and easily opposite of the older now. But what I saw him in the preceding it looks like you lost 1520 -- he looked a lot more spry. -- -- out there in the Florida he can defend separate screens and rebound the ball little bit to got you I count on court you can. Dark -- originally gonna get adjacent you know we going to be that guy that delivers the little things in that could indicate that he's been loaded with offensive guys that -- be pretty. I think he's the best number 98 I've ever seen and Celtic uniform. They are run that low on number -- 9898. Yeah he -- and go from Los -- but -- is that a -- and I viewed instead. Charismatic is always a pleasure talking basketball with you contradict -- time on not on the day it all kicks off yet again. It asthmatics and Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds up to ten times back to the three GAT and T. Rethink possible.

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