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Troy Brown on Mark Sanchez, Rex Ryan, and the Jets

Oct 29, 2012|

Former Patriots WR Troy Brown gives his thoughts on Mark Sanchez, Rex Ryan, and the woeful Jets.

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Butler got 37 WEEI rob Bradford in for -- -- -- is always is every single. Patriots Monday or day after patriots game. Mark Sanchez yesterday Detroit it's. Outside a patriot YouTube favorite things about -- Bobby Valentine. And the jets quarterback situation. Is Valentine's really off the radar for the most part on a bar -- We gave this to be portrait leave. Or get up I want toxic his first one to 54. To -- 83 yards yesterday sacked four times. One touchdown -- -- -- And it quarterback rating of 65 point six. Mark Sanchez set after probably. His worst game the 39 home loss against the Miami deal. Clinton big market this is you know grown man's game and yet. That puts you know they wanna they want results were not playing well so -- for somebody else. Than that I just have me in the spot so. Presley goes but I really think about it it doesn't really. Button on just on his plan and then followed -- -- Up out there -- on the phone with my guys as the crappy as quarterback. In the National Football League all may -- out that's not fair to Matt Cassel and and Brady Quinn their Kansas City. But it is it time now at the hearsay it just him out there having fun there was another pick yesterday sacked four times. Ready to -- it's Tebow time in New York next on the plane. This week eight. And we have not seen a single -- bowl package away yet. And in my opinion census deals give the media just the best system we don't have anybody -- -- sliced -- Asked about my Rex Ryan. Whoever they don't I don't wanna put dominant this it was a done -- -- decision to bring in Tebow offered FAA it was it was. -- -- PR all about marketing all about China is apparently is back on that -- win championships when the New York Giants but if you get a break and then why are they usually don't get out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We bought Esperanto we have a packages examined -- -- put this in -- -- put those together and obviously the equipment training camp and we haven't seen in the government. You know since he's been I mean he gets the ball and he runs. Left between the tackle in the garden gets to -- a dozen people go crazy you know and seeing any block somebody on third down and people go crazy like this you know liability by any any risk abrupt but -- and as is the blog negative blog and six the other way crazy what -- -- and that was. You know it's like. They'll get me wrong I'm not I'm out like they got the key works -- -- he's a great guy. And all those things -- demanding NFL. I think -- a place of people like him and and it has got to found out what it is but quarterback is not going to be people like him -- quarterbacks in camp broke. Basic existence and from the Miami -- the way back in -- that he didn't admit -- everything no. And he did today in DC tables and a good guy if you smoke Tim Tebow is note Jim Jensen. And that I don't like Obama's opponent every darn you know. I'm doing nothing with this offense I just got beat thirty to nine here's the here's the beginning of that game this is this is come -- this -- New England. Be the topic the entire week here there here the first half possessions. In order. Punt blocked punt fumble punt punt punt missed field goal. They had two other seven drives go all over Kenya net yards or more. In their first seven and it got Tim Tebow is not the answer I got news for this steam he might beat -- in there run wild cat. -- better than at least it's better to what -- covered doing an appeal to your dad. -- would -- to me remain to -- -- traded for him given a draft currency. And you can't get him on the field. Betrayed you you gave up some really -- about what we're excited bought and as a BM more than thirty million dollars because you'd you'd trade stuff for him. That's worth something. And this what to get a vote in this weather does this -- commitment when he obtained. And you loose players you -- potential. Don't -- your football team. And this is what to get back in return and and you're not gonna put him on the field because he's on and -- -- best chance of winning football games and Rex Ryan is Smart and know that. You know the equipment seem I never saw this come and that's understatement I believe in and all of our players. And I now believe the market and having Markel. -- Has proven that he can he can win in this league and he's proven that it went you know away and I just think that. Figures is our press you know our best chance to win and that's that's my opinion that's one of matters. In a Smart. Our holy smokes you gonna say he is no they had no one has faith in -- is a joke. -- is -- keeps -- believes incentives because he has no other options no other place to go for. Quarterback -- -- you can bring some money in the apple knows that and they -- be behind ammonium in this. Was the purpose of them things -- going to -- now and -- don't believe analysts also go back to west and it has brought the big market thing and remain with him with a marquee. If if you're Jacksonville. You if you've already been replaced. All right because they probably have a better back up than him Tivo. So. Big market has nothing to do it. I guess the fact that we're talking about has summoned to. That's at Detroit -- -- is. That there's no backup there's no solution your compound they don't have -- -- and I I don't like that while a -- licences having fun. Because he doesn't have anybody taking jets fans aren't having fun in your right is no pressure for because he -- -- in the big market committee he's info -- him in his gas he. I'm questioning why is not like that get a pound trading for me -- a fourth and a six for Tebow. You don't like him year old again a special teams right and you can rate this controversy by making the move warm. -- just been so band practice that they know they -- -- -- estimate some sort of wildcat series once during a game. Would be better than a Tebow and Sanchez in Sanchez in punt. You have some form entity that bad practice they head to head to. Pennington this for practice 11. We -- -- and he was out they saw our first and I saw him -- NFL draft then. And he -- it into it like my limited everything you know and players and teams and let that happen to come up and he uses his assessment of the situation was that it wasn't even close. Between census. And Tebow while just dorm balls to receivers against the in no DB don't know the no meant no 707. Just born to run the people and it wasn't even close. Explicit outside the numbers. And you can't put took offense in the hands. Of that guy and expect to go out there and win. Tough football games. And when you -- -- narrower set of numbers. Aren't you Mark Sanchez -- will be to pages. Well that's more an indictment of the page decision also -- nobody saw yesterday we don't know if you have northern options that's who you play. Mean you have to you do it marks it says well what would -- -- have to deal with mark -- a simple -- -- run us all -- the ball in the wild had a simple plot had offered to let my defense -- place. But it -- -- and it. They had a traitor Ronnie Brown but -- -- give -- -- of the goodness of Duisenberg Isabel it's like oasis. Yes about players and who was he doing there and to think about what Adalius Thomas the -- and most. Wanted the best players give me -- -- suggesting. And as a requirement that the team. The best present I mean and tables not the answer because the end game yet. He angle me in the game because he isn't there were trying to best sensed the wind -- you wanna go. And dignity -- just down and play in new in. The big twelve and and London -- option. You know Beckham 1980 that's exactly when you know like today you might have a good chance of winning the football. -- got to be a middle ground and if you're gonna trade for the guy. There's got to be package -- -- -- guys are traded for all the time is not work out in a number of forward -- as it was on the right. Probably they've made a -- day. And so that's it's I feel that I give us an I -- -- at -- and then because Woody Johnson we knew this from the -- trade. More about Tebow is the spectacle that make enough football team that they've been all over the -- didn't not a Pope -- in them and that's what they and we had to. Art alma lab India title a lot of eclectic the any final Bobby Valentine I -- and that and -- -- put on demand results include a bit but I did not download the Costas Costas in the view and listen to before looking -- and I wasn't appears they're gonna hang out if I want to play them yeah and that's the Iowa -- into the final -- and Bobby Valentine and -- strong as he brings it back from the -- with some Luzon. You know yeah. That's not a product you know the guy in buffalo and their got Troy Brown says screw the bad weather stick around Abbas and Paul and John and all your phone calls get a stake now Bobby be as well. Final -- don't go anywhere.

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