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Why send Prince Fielder with no outs?

Oct 26, 2012|

John and Gerry lead off the show questioning Prince Fielder’s base running in Game 2 of the World Series and who does it end worst for, Delonte West or Tyrann Mathieu. They discuss if the honey badger (Tyrann Mathieu) is the perfect project for Belichick to take on, how much does Prince Fielder’s weight effects his performance, and who has the worst name in sports.

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Wondering. Which. Evans -- And badly more badly works a lot worse -- worse -- more worse or Delonte West or honey badger. Rule. To -- what I yeah. The -- I mean I think by the mavs and everybody knows anything about Delonte is very worried about him yeah well I think to what is more insane unhinged. He's like totally down the road coal Bobby Valentine territory that. Honey -- immature and stupid yeah I mean. That's the -- badge in no coffee he went pro he'd. The untold fortune to make a lot of yeah he's your way he wouldn't have to sell lead. Mean smoke and -- is one. An eighth. Catching some slack do you smoke -- your college. But said Allan don't we with -- scale in the bags and all that grinder all that. Get -- that necessary and -- mean we want to has an excuse as he's mentally well yeah there's there are emotional problems can help them sell this guy's just a bad decision make put the money would SI did the big cover story in all of them around and he wouldn't talk to the -- -- which I don't even get how that worked on some of these stores myself. Walking around him he wouldn't talk to them that they could he -- -- people said and we'll get to walk around Jason Barry Bonds for like three or four days of Boris although he spoke you know it is not darken it but that was like in the club -- partners was excellent at like the tailgate party for the game when it was -- -- announced on all right honey -- Until they walked near. And he sounded like he was cordial but it just wouldn't talk to the writer that's -- the -- the point is. Stories about recap reform writing that. John Lucas he's gonna get his life in order go Lucas helped about John Lucas talking about wheat and how it's not you know like cocaine heroin but as dangerous and a you're gonna give that stuff up and though he was on the straight narrow they were in there is there were some worry about -- concern like he's not mature enough Smart enough. Again smoking weed maybe you say in his got a problem -- selling it. Well you'll you'll you'll think I've gone soft with my day off yesterday but I can look at a guy a kid with that kind of background. Going to LSU where you -- the biggest star on the biggest stage and and you read the account and Sports Illustrated. Don't think everybody's trying to do something for honey badger wanna quit while nobody. Exactly they talked to his game and they don't call it gang grew. Posse posse. And the -- flat out says honey it's gonna take care of yet when he gets the NFL right. So he already has these Harrison is hangers on right think when he gets the NFL they're going to be part of the policy and then -- have to work in the going to be like the bronze. Ian and I'm sure it's like frankincense and they bring gifts to his feet every day. You know whether women or booze or marijuana and whatever the case may be and and kids from that kind of background indicated that. Immature age level said hey why not on the honey badger let's take it -- a -- -- on the other hand are released by the maps. After being suspended for the second time in ten days for conduct detriment detrimental to the team. He went off in the locker room after via after an exhibition game gunplay and a liberal and -- A lot that going it's fairly -- palacios guitar case I'm not that worried about eagle on Tuesday. Well you know what. We could talk all their vote wackos Knutson lunatics and we can't pop the time to get arrested in DC. I was stuck with the motorcycle target market a guitar case. With this gun in no more than one saw assault rifle. Like loaded assault right yeah and like a pistol like he's on Sons of Anarchy. A pistol in his bill. And he was with him like his mother's house trying to get a -- -- somebody that LeBron -- proposal yeah yeah. You have trouble cup and that means you have to be there some demons there you know one of these naked people on the subway in New York that -- boring -- Ramone yet. Have to be one of them atop the launch day job that your -- of. As -- real low throw that and the -- -- Delonte who takes medication for bipolar disorder. -- insisted he hadn't skipped his man's box very worried about that they ask him. -- said he's very worried about the two time Celtic I pray for Delonte I worry about him is not a bad kid he really isn't. It just as emotional problems at times you really worry about it. So that after its release and it takes off I guess he started tweeting. That's what really got people concerned. I we have one -- 33 I suppose worrisome tweets from politely when I can get them -- me let me work on what you work on that I'll tell you what the last loans said. His third tweet was the most chilling quote. And it just ain't right. I'm not leave it at that no ill will towards no one I'm just sit here across from the arena with tears in my. When was this yesterday. I get it on I'm just sit across -- that we -- in my in my eyes. Before that I love the city of Dallas love playing in the MBA no I'm not up my -- no I ain't on no bipolar. Trip. This real people lives. This real people lives or lives. Could be either 11. Before that attitude drugs and it's if I'm not what you're looking for that's fine. Just don't kick me in the ass on the way out the door I didn't do anything to deserve that. He is he gonna get another job. We go with -- to answer my original question. Which and lose more badly which -- worse it's the -- isn't it. Yeah yeah although I didn't register and a guy -- try not to be JaMarcus Russell you know just some stiff who just couldn't figure it out. So have permissions of the flash in the we need whenever the last adds up to elect go likely on straight past us banks. Mop and -- YMCA of. To fix our honey -- your thick of non quarterback more exciting players you've seen in the last generation. And on quarterback more exciting -- honey badger and then were Lou I guess I'm a public. -- met met and secondly. Do you think of any player anywhere on in the world that the patriots could use more than any of it and runs low eighties. And play making defense sabathia again -- makes plays although they would -- blitz that was specialty blitzing strip and the quarterbacks took second piece of -- out of our -- -- bill would say it will stay in our. Our base defense yeah. And abandoned but don't break but hopefully. He won't he's gonna go to -- -- -- no announcer next year. Probably not -- it -- you know luckily bill seen Joseph Lucas get -- -- the way that is of politic aspect though that Cuba. Mean is that -- Alonso and energy in the seventy off field issues yet and that's. Aaron Hernandez. Still -- -- there and silently he was smoke -- fourth round pick in a well run outlook had got look at the body look at it is tools and say. Out of 31 teams 32 actually let him slip to the fourth round it's almost as mind boggling as Brady. Just look at right and you say. Around everyone's kick themselves so I think money managers of patriot next puberty thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- third sixth when I mean small bodies yes ball and tough but it could certainly concerns would be. That he actually get worse not better when he gets into so what the national telephone or worse. It's worse Brady. Ago called the pros don't worst in in terms of his physical activity play the game just terms but -- ago. Stupid stuff don't think -- and then it's still smokes weed. And smoke. Before I was think that means. Here in your room smoke and we just enough trouble in real trouble -- a third room known as the real trouble. He's gonna smoke that was selling them -- -- at -- Jefferson. That was to have children the starting quarterback last year starting quarterback and how they got caught how it is yet this can we searched the place. And got to back up isn't sure go ahead. There or else I'll smoke weed and honey badgers apartment. And and the knock on the door. And it's the cops and the called the apartment because Jefferson when he came burst past somehow some way past security. Suite with. So don't wanna draw attention yourself at this point two Eagles and badge -- department and because he forced his way past security at the gate of the apartment. The cubs got called McCain -- on the door and they'll look -- the beginning which each shot movie was just an old dog and -- LSU but when you man yeah that was not a big deal. Cops didn't care. Mostly accurate. Having people like this year you've been -- Walked down story -- from all columns. And column. And the door and we shot that it wasn't. 1920s and right well no actually I -- it's -- well you know when I yeah I came are now after the. -- again here that they ban K eggs from the dorms. Before I got yeah and it was a really big deal like it was a big that you can't do that. And it was slick. Real controversy no more kegs -- the protests if he had to actually carry the case of beer in the room. And regatta in cans or bottles he couldn't bring a -- your Roman no it was like Nazi Germany -- So legally and champion and nice and make -- with a lot cakes exam you know like in in the well and -- -- do you get to be extant you know EU. Hold on to -- cake and somebody holds your eggs at any hair and the count how many gulps of -- today and what was your record your PB 37 o'clock a 37 gulf solid performance and come back up. How we know and now I don't want things that Jen has over a previous flash and all our. Meter couldn't be -- to capture that -- rum and Coke please let us I should put it on merit -- days cheap date 37 gulps them consistently chipped real content. Eighteen while he's also four times the size. At least and four times the size. You appeared Gene Lamont and the only guy on the team out of the new -- this -- bird that you might wanna hold all -- Just stick straight some about the body type genius someone who is 300 pounds jogging around the bases your inclination should be oh there -- not -- run the base I. I remembered spring training with the experts -- PM at. -- -- -- -- -- It is. Amazing that Gene Lamont years ago I wonder how urgently wants to rethink -- pregame comments that this out the Red Sox screwed up yeah. Now I'm not hiring Gene Lamont he doesn't exact cutoff we have this -- and under the bus -- all the rest and when it takes a picture perfect plate you're trying to start so you're trying to get them on. Fielder I'm kidding fielder is. Doug Mirabelli -- piece where Adrian Gonzales slow what does it feel that it would ask him like after the game -- if you lost fifty. -- escort and a you know -- out as many Romans now he -- is -- thanks in -- and work and so for Wright make 200 mile -- -- banker can I make 200 million of them start and in the World Series them. And cleanup here. What's gone wrong lol why is this what I'm doing here is not good enough that it is better to be better he could be but that's on August with -- anyways. His only super estimate James because I know to be like forty it's less than Pablo Sandoval lord. He's like 57. And swear to god ever since standout first ever and what it's -- first yeah. I mean -- the scandal show ever it is it is to outline how can go on first and looked out on come on Prince Fielder. It. 75 Amos and which means over 300 if there is a -- when it -- and -- a -- 510. Eagle 510595945. Doug -- 593 record sales at three bills what is the doctor tell him. When he goes is checked. They tell everyone to get lose even if you carry it well. I mean if you go to the doctor it was a man -- -- struggles and he relations lose fifteen -- a couple of windy triples when he asked the doctor missy 210. That would they -- -- they generally don't it feel like they used that your goal unit dropped right you can drop in the -- drop another but. Obviously no -- obviously didn't work and obviously if you put the pressure on Marcos grow you lose. The -- it was quick it was on the money is perfect and by the way if it's a little little left. Doesn't bust of posting like duck and hide and roll from that tank -- gun -- any curious -- season. He doesn't wanna get plowed over he gets in field -- wave that throws a little left. I think two things the giants lose the game and that was the catcher they used a bass player. If that for as little could be Jeter would it it would be devastating but it was perfect as is scooter row and school -- -- in on some -- the plan. Is a free form Friday it is a patriot Friday. Mr. Lombardi from the NFL network not Vince of course will join us in the 8 o'clock hour. Friday also means the giant glass little caption contest this is the portion of the program -- jury describes what it is you will see. When nest and shows it to you on this and where -- on the Dennis and Callahan page WEEI dot com. Follow me on Twitter at John Dennis WEEI if you retreated yes I did or you can check it out and -- -- coaches hey. Callahan and -- what is yours and JE and underscore are a lot younger square that's hard to do it's someone -- you name it is. Underscored just like an extra thing that you got to explain while is just trial and apparently they're somebody else that has my name in this on -- planet catches. Not cool. Don't like not cool like you elect someone else having your name I don't what did you change it to royal I mean now Royale so we don't have to reduce reopened when it would be nice what Obama port father's last name was derailed. It's close. -- -- is met them if you had your choice to grow up with one of three names in the -- Madison bum Gardner. Doug Fister or smiley. Smiley Fister Bom Gartner and get first Gardiner and -- that they can't garner I would be picked that'll -- -- bomb. And I love and plus he's the single most boring Hadley that elder daughter in the next day an expert on Lester. Sounds like yeah there anymore I would take any of those three make up is the right suck that's the name you have to change isn't -- like being named. You know Hitler you have to change of choice -- Jerry sandusky. Who I know somebody named Jerry sandusky let me guess he's the Baltimore Ravens. Orioles ravens right ravens. You had a hard time you know our time and thank goodness he's he's got more coverage for that than. Written Sandra Fluke did not have money for her carpet coverage on yet is embracing at these low eighties relishing. In that coverage and now -- it's tough but. Always to do -- changes. First name. The NAFTA and I always proud of his last he spells it differently than it's not -- if it be 6777. Inception like -- seven he's had Mike Lombardi 8 o'clock hour twenty. The in ninety seconds will take all your phone calls -- is and sports we right now.

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