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Howard Balzer, Sports Exchange St. Louis, gives insight on the Rams

Oct 25, 2012|

Balzer joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the Rams.

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Final hour on this Thursday -- and -- not a three point seven WEEI it is off to London for the patriots and Ramsey home gate for the rams out the window they'll celebrated. At Wembley Stadium and for some insight on this 34 Saint Louis team. Our balls -- sports dot com and the sports exchange joining us on the eighteenth the hotline. How much blue -- Boston power you. All. We're doing excellent I look at the 2011 season ending stats in the NFL and the rams are in the bottom five. In terms appoints a lot of look up today they are top ten Howell had the rams so quickly turned his defense around our. Well you know they've certainly improve the secondary that's tremendously. And -- last year than what it's got some point during the season they had 1010. Cornerback. On injured reserve there was just. A constant parade. Of injured players. And so they've upgraded there with the the addition Cortland Finnegan an artist Jenkins and Bradley Fletcher who had been the starter. Is now. He'll come in and in the nickel so they've got some depth there. Also in the improve the run defense. Especially in the middle with the addition Kendall Langford. And Michael rockers their first round pick Robert Quinn the bright defense event was -- first round pick last year. Started coming on at the end of last season and has been playing a fairly well and then make -- unsung guy there's Q1 Dunbar. I and one of the linebacker spot next -- what James Laurinaitis if he's done a solid job so. You know oh overall they improve the personnel that can they get after people now it's kind of a defense. In the philosophy of course of Jeff Fisher they were forcing. At turnovers which they haven't done the last two weeks which which is hurt them in losses to Miami and Green Day without any takeaways after having nine. The first five weeks of the season but. You know oh overall it's just a combination Qaeda philosophy better players. And the offenses. While. Not very good in the red zone in the offense is still move the ball at times and been more productive than it was last year and so that helped. The defense in terms of field position. You know defensive side of Jeff fish by the for nets who receives a quote Finnegan is really kind of set the tone and Ellis of experience back there than endorsed Jenkins but. A bit of an impact as he had on the secondary. And -- yes. Yeah he's got a big impact I think -- and it certainly and just go the way he plays. And the way he prepares. Off the field kind of that physical instigating tone a little you know that toughness. As that he brings to it and and so you know I think he's been a big factor I think he's helped. And those younger players especially Jenkins John Jenkins had a tremendous amount of ability he's gotten beaten at times when you can guessing a little too much. But he's Jenkins is learning how to prepare. For games from Cortland Finnegan and you know to -- and Johnson is another rookie. Who gets some time in the secondary he's been helped by him too so I think Finnegan. -- definitely -- a whole variety of ways. On the field and off the field felt that defense. One more fall apart on fitting because I was obsessed with him I want the patriots to jump in the market at a with a price tag was high. They don't get involved the ends up there is they're feeling Howard that because Jeff Fisher was there. But it was almost. It was almost they locked equipment again want to play for Jeff Fisher -- -- Saint Louis. Yeah I I think it was a pretty much if they've accomplished and he signed very quickly. I went free agency opens so yeah I I think that. Of course there's never any discussion before free agency began. Right course not they would talk before you actually can't come on. An -- so. And and VI I I think that it was it was pretty because of the connection and all those things and and obviously you know. If you wanted him bad and knew he needed that type of player for his defense TI I think that. You know and another team could it jumped in and thrown around some some different money but I don't like it I don't think you would have made a difference. I know Sam Bradford is good short intermediate passing game but I think you and all Saint Louis fans -- -- love seeing Sam Bradford throw the ball deep this week because everybody does against this during the patriots Russell Wilson. Mark Sanchez looked great. What what what's the where is Sam Bradford right now I know a lot of expectations coming in as this one of those things work. Third year start to turn a corner more expectations here for. Yeah I think that there because. -- certainly got -- a lot last year which. I was probably very unfair you know considering that that was a new offense with with the -- course Josh McDaniels. Coming into the coordinator didn't have an offseason that with the lockout than any injuries at the receiver position. Stephen Jackson was injured early and then and then Bradford got hurt in the sixth game of the season and he was never the same after that. And and and Stephen Jackson played one game together healthy. Last year just one. And so that's obviously you know he you know he's a key aspect in the this year now it's a third offense in three years for them. And so. That's why I think there's there's been some incremental progress -- this season by the they get better players around them and certainly solve solutions on the that the line. I mean the guy can play in you know. We know that the quarterback obviously -- so scrutinized wherever wherever team plays and when when an offense doesn't work that well -- the quarterback Blaine but he'd have to look beyond that and so. The guys accurate he can throw down field Chris givens. The guy that's made a big impact. As a rookie fourth round pick you know in the first set the seven games of the season like it that when the when they get better players around them. I think the sky's the limit for them especially if they can stay with the same offenses that the effort -- -- your yard he came from the offense every year. It's an adjustment not only for the quarterback. But for everybody on the offense and it takes some time and -- the patriots there Tom Brady -- that offense and pretty much beat the you know consistent for a decade and that's true if you look at other teams around the league and have a consistent offense that's a big part of it. -- -- balls -- Lindy sports stock -- sports exchange is joining us getting some insight on the St. Louis Rams game in London on Sunday against the patriots running back perspective. What's the times but like as we speak and I keep I Zia eyes AP got a good for second. Richardson. Vs Stephen Jackson how is that Jeff Fisher split up these carries right now. Took the goal is the two to one or you know really 67%. For Jackson. And about 33% for resistance the -- on your game situations obviously. You know it contained some by the might be more even elapsed last week it was 6040. But you know that's what they're looking to do and it's and it finding that a lot about -- how many plays you get also and so. It's tough because of a back like Jack and need the ball you know needs to be said the ball a lot time to get better as the game goes on and so. If it it it can be a negative he's going well all the when he sits down for for a possession but it also could prolong. That is careers so Richie Richardson has shown that the written Goodspeed. Real real quick burst. A through line. And he's got pretty decent ball security -- a real surprise you mentioned you know not meant to impede the second round pick that's what. Everyone was expecting him to be the guy. And Darryl Richards in the seventh round pick just a testament training camp. And has has kept on that -- -- out but I think people still going to be a pretty supplier but you know right now those at Jackson Jackson Richardson of the -- You ought to then now Vernon Davis against -- division record against tight ends like Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez when you think about the signal is rams' defense thing maybe weakness outside linebacker safety play in -- -- -- -- than you think take advantage with a tight -- houses defense attacked those two guys. Yeah that's that's going to be a big -- it should be a big factor in this game it Dunbar Dunbar is a pretty good linebacker but I think in in most any teams. On defense it's very difficult to match up against a very good tight ends when the other team is intent on getting the ball out of that guy. Because that most linebackers don't have the speed to stay with a real good tight end and safety you don't have the -- so it's just they're just -- And and the patriot obviously over the last year to have been able look. Capitalize that on the very you know consistently and so it's it's just difficult to stop we hoped to do -- the defense. If you're not gonna stop the -- is most likely but he hoped to stop the big plays so. -- not to give up the touchdowns. And things like that but that's awful hard to do what planet is very. Don't order it looks like this team is heading in the right direction the defense has gotten better obviously when Danny Amendola comes back you had a pretty good piece to the offense -- Is there any sort of brush back Howard in terms of boy. I wish you would have kept that draft pick I wish we would have found a way to put RG three in a Saint Louis uniform instead of trading for hall of the first -- Washington. There's there's a lot of people who believe I -- say a lot but as we know and in in this Internet talk radio world there's always going to be those who have the contrarian view. And suspects after the first week of the season when Griffin went went crazy in Bradford you know at a at a decent game wasn't great up all the ranch in the done. And it was kind of that a little bit back in April around election to depict you know treated Bradford and and pick reference. And you still hear it from time to time but I think you up there there was. I don't I don't think there's anyway that the rams getting work -- to the trade. If they try to trade Bradford and who knows BI closed doors -- they actually put out feelers but there's no way the game is good at a bit betrayed package. Because of the salary and you're still trading Bradford salary which. Was the big reason want that made great console and in the early picks now so attractive and so you weren't gonna get as many picks. And and then you're starting over with a new quarterback again so -- Kristina waited and starting over with a new system but. The other fact is there were the salary cap that the rams would have taken by trading. Bradford and and all that that in all the money that was in the signing bonus so it really really didn't make any sense and -- and the jury still out I know that. People wanna put Robert person in the hall of fame all after seven games and the guys -- heck of a player. But let's see if you can hold up physically over the over the course of time in terms of running the football the way that he does a Bradford hit and that. Mold of NFL quarterbacks that. You have to protect obviously begin on the players and I admit they're gonna be very successful site you know -- No no reason why he won't be with the rams as they -- like I said earlier they recruit players around him. Powered game dole was limited in practice any chance at all. You see him this week thirty think this is you -- back on -- that game next weekend. Well you know -- the -- is next week. And so yeah -- -- that injury occurred three weeks ago. Tonight when the -- played on Thursday night against Arizona and it's hard for me to believe that it's actually fully healed. To go out onto the football field and get it. And and play and play games and you'll last year Amendola. Had a dislocated elbow but he also had a torture partially torn triceps. Came back trying to practice. Any -- aggravated it. Got worse needed surgery. And without for the rest of the year the -- don't want that to happen again. And so they're gonna I would I would think you know yesterday was basically running around on the field or not contact you at and some balls and doing some drills that. But that's about it. I I would I don't. You know I think the week after next week after the -- that would be five weeks out from the injury could could be potentially where it'll play but I think it all comes down. To whether doctors say that the injury has healed enough where there's not you know real chance of getting any further problems there. Good insight on another NFC team for the patriots the -- Howard balls when he sports dot com sports exchange Howard thank you so much and enjoy it again this weekend. Appreciate the insight now let me ask you your -- Louis rams -- you've seen the first 67 games here at the -- from the third -- I'm Michael will bond PTI on Monday called the league MVP. -- seven games. You little bit pissed you -- RG three -- Sam Bradford if -- it was France and that a and picks up a -- you are crazy. The way RG three is played and -- think you could -- him in your offense. And he could just drastic you had to pick could've made that thing happened. All there's got to be some buyer's remorse they -- from some fans you can't help the most exciting player in the league. Could have been on your team. Roll around they complacent and a quarterback position the no knock on Sam Bradford. And no knock on what they got they got a ton of first round picks writes that -- these things down the road. But I can put RG theory I'm not saying every St. Louis Rams fan is like -- but he has been in. Awesome so far this year and just the thought of that. That was back to all Celtics thing and that the Celtics won a championship so it's a little bit move yelling at you wanna go Durant you wanna go championship. Rans or wanna championship yet but RG 37 games looks like the real deal they -- it but -- looks like the real deal David. 31. Round picks and a second for RG three sick sick I'm just saying what they you know a couple years. You you in two years from now right but three years or whatever that's in town that they bring in from the draft -- these additional draft picks. In witness organization is -- four years from now where Robert Griffin his four years from now -- party patriots tickets is successful. That's a lot of pick someone a deal went down at that this is a great deal for the rams didn't. If three additional first -- And the second. That's a that's a pretty good at all. And they've already out of some players and they will go on Ford but it's just it's the sizzle RG three man -- as state. A football fan realistically you're right the draft picks are great to have your back pocket. Who knows well the B of Washington is good it might not be next and brings public -- -- -- -- -- -- takes you know RG three and that's truth. You know last year at the same argument but Cam Newton feature Cam Newton. Now he's doing this year let's see in three years from now in the draft picks developing -- the talent that Saint Louis brings in the few organizations better off. They just the quick hit media hit you know sell tickets RG three. Cam Newton is more like I've heard this analogy for not originally -- -- Roethlisberger -- he is RG theory. He's a big guy RG three just runs around 76 yard touchdown run. He looks more polished than candid he's made some big throws Euro I did yesterday that now can you -- Cam Newton now. Don't think you said that last year physically built knuckleballer Steve looked problems last year and RG three but could not run. It could run over guys in the goal line running back with a great on the RG three's quarterback -- and Ron Lewis is a different guy. Our quick break 92 break we come back wanna talk about Ray Allen because -- wants -- while the Celtics so we'll talk about right that's next.

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