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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com, on the noise factor in Seattle

Oct 12, 2012|

Mike Reiss calls in from Seattle to talk with Mut and Lou break down the Patriots matchup against Pete Carroll and a tough Seahawk team. He talks about keeping Ridley a key figure in the running game as well as how the Patriots should deal with the loud environment at CenturyLink Field.

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Or will you set the CO -- you know he he practiced. Late last week and then and that some things yesterday and on Wednesday missiles CO is today it's. So if that some of that record and set an actor you know how that went and them. -- the data violated. On Saturday and -- -- on -- so. I don't know if could be game time decision. Naval boats and depend on how will what information we have today there. Before we -- Subsidy goes wrong. Bill -- tech breaking down the injury Aaron Hernandez. Got to figure this thing out. -- make the Tripoli play we'll -- Mike -- ESPN boston.com joins us every single patriots -- this week. I'm Mike's gonna take your phone calls -- Mike does a great job his mailbag at ESPN boston.com and interaction do you guys your chance to talk with Mike. And our brand new phone number 61777979837. Again the phone number 61777979. B 37. Mike it's not Lou how are you. Do great guys actually RT out here in Seattle and I'm -- bit. After a great stretch of weather we're gonna get pelted with rain here for the next few days that some in the -- about here for the games Sunday. We allowed to blame you for bringing great out there like a fair. You know what it. -- hit -- beautiful out here it's and and there are so excited to again open up the Seattle times. Sports page this morning and there's a big picture of Pete Carroll they're calling them come back to did. Playing at this angle of -- Carol pacing the team that fired him for the first time so very excited you can you can feel already the very excited for the game. Yeah a lot of talk about this defense in what he Kallis put together Mike and I'm a look at the other side of the ball in America's Marshawn Lynch we all know what he -- what he's like after contact he leads the NFL in yards after contact and as patriots run defense. Offensively what you what you should expect to see a lot of -- it's when you think that that will be what Bill Belichick will be trying to take away. Absolutely Lou extremely. Limited offensively. The Seahawks are I think they're last in the league in. Red zone offense so -- even when they get the ball down there they're having trouble punching it in. I had to guess the way of the Seahawks are gonna try to play this game they've got to get Marshawn Lynch going. So certainly that's number one on Belichick's list -- that the key concerns that have some Belichick is. Donta -- you know if you ready to go. At 6327. The he's you know one of my best run defenders and with a hamstring injury how much short his status for this scheme. And to you let them move some parts around because you're pretty -- at linebacker. And in the last two games he played a lot of the a lot of sub decent not you probably going to be looking at play more of your bigger base defense so. Rate there that sort of can be summarized the big concern for the patriots given what the Seahawks wanna do offensively. I might take a step further high tower is affected I'm seeing here from the practice report said the initial part of practice Tracy White. Out was not seen he took that spot a lot of the folk -- correct they -- what happens if if I towers limited in Tracy -- limited is there a guy in your mind that would take that spot it at the linebacker position. What you're you're all over it not because it's such a trickle down effect. On multiple parts of the roster and and here's what I think that have to do and it's not ideal. It probably move Rob Ninkovich back from the defense have been position that he's been so effective that the last two weeks. And play and and that's strong side linebacker role which he's done in the past and there's some similarities to what. You know he's done this year to that we see them drop back into coverage a little bit play over the tight end. But that's something I'm actually expecting to see if hightower doesn't play in this game and I think you do that now all of a sudden maybe that means Jermaine Cunningham. Is playing more of the snaps at defensive end depending on what scheme the patriots won a place for 334. How they want to approach to see our content with which is different than anything they've seen this year. Mike -- -- I'm expecting to see is a much improved secondary just because of who they're going up against now. A musher can be reading that because of what Russell Wilson does but -- but Alfonso Denard you expect to see more of him this week you what -- we look -- last week. Well normally do I would say yes you know he came -- he was basically in the nickel defense and as the fifth defensive back and they played so much of that. -- defense the last two weeks. Because the bill like to spread the field and also Peyton Manning and the Broncos do I don't think they'll be as much in the the help in this game the way. The Seahawks played the then you're looking at basically four defensive backs and I don't think. Denard would bump McCord -- or bump Arrington. At this point. So I think we thought he might. Play at the fifth defensive back but I think he was 31 snaps last week and they look like 31 pretty quality -- I think yet at -- at a couple pass break -- in this competitive in coverage -- in the fourth quarter. When Manning went after of them back to back plays. But I think they might in the sub let -- might be left with him but he still might be in the same paper roll. We're talking in my -- of ESPN boston.com he's already in Seattle to cover patriots and Seahawks Sunday afternoon. As we picked through the injury stuff today you heard Belichick about where we start the conversation talking about. Aaron Hernandez could be a game time decision reports locker room that is travel back was -- he was asking players what time the plane left then -- Not spot on the field like you have followed this for years you've followed -- they work as any. Any insight as to what might happen with Hernandez on Sunday. Well I would just they'd be aware of the travel bag because we we've been on the book -- guys rare. The patriots to dot other guys scrapped all their keys that. Today I wouldn't surprise me if they that he can travel bag in front of Hernandez's blocker -- an hour about the way when you're walking through there today. I have to teammate would you know when when -- when we might be leaving on the plane today and to make sure it's within earshot of the media. That wouldn't surprise me. If the patriots -- to those -- look we we talk about it last week in and it's a lot of guesswork with the patriots and injuries I really think. He had a chance to play in the ski in the one factor to consider is that not a whole game and they're leaving today so basically you -- make the decision. Eighteen hours earlier that you would on a normal -- week or even an old home week you could go all the way up you know Sunday at 1130 so I think. The condensed timeframe could play a factor here if I had the gift -- I I I do think yet the chance that to make the trip and put himself in position to possibly play but I just stressed that to get on the part. I don't last week the -- -- it was ridiculous the speed that they went and it was it called now talking about the noise but does the defense is. Have something to do a debt to a Denver all the pre snap adjustments try to confuse Tom Brady where Seattle keeps a pretty simple. Lou and I think that's right on and that's one of the -- and that that and studying up on how the Seahawks are approaching it that that they said. It's an open -- So they looked at all the places the patriots ran no huddle last week against the Broncos and a lot of their big plays this is what the Seahawks are saying. Their defensive coordinator Gus Bradley he can -- -- -- -- because the Broncos -- -- fact. And so they've been focusing this week -- -- just to get in Europe linemen be set. And play your fundamentals and I do think the difference in approach. You know the Seahawks -- a huge -- team like the Broncos are. So I think there is the difference here and I think the idea that we might see less of the up tempo no huddle up probably has some validity this week. We're talking in my -- SP in Boston and we're taking your phone calls today at 6177797937. That's our new number 6177797. 937 with your patriots questions thoughts for Mike. In terms of the the up tempo part of an. McKinney get this idea of those who have not there how loud it can get and what Belichick does specifically terms of -- enough for the practice this week. Well he just really I mean might turn the music way up I will tell you this in 20089 note at some of the players that said that I was out here for that game. In 2008 at my first time ever in Seattle in this stadium and they you know they were out of it it was December it was Holmgren last year they had not to the plate for. And I it would who needed a loud environments I've ever. Experience that the media members they keep false start a tally of them up on the scoreboard it sort of incite the crowd. Even -- so from a patriots standpoint how do you combat that you know Belichick turned up the music at practice but that can't. Simulate what they're gonna experience. On Sunday they're gonna use the silent snap count at what they always do on the road not just sort of refresh our memories you recall last year. They going to Philadelphia. And they had Brian Waters the right guard sort of look back. -- -- And he would look back. And get the -- from Brady that the offense with set in with in the right position they needed to beat and then waters would sort attack. The center. They hate it here Q now that snapped the ball. And oftentimes what they would -- -- one -- got tapped from waters did note that he at this -- that within 123. Seconds. And the whole often sort of understood. That was the way the operation is gonna go to I think that's what the patriots to going to be working with on Sunday if they go to that no huddle. I'm Mike Kris is joining us we'll get a quick break we'll come back he's gonna get your phone calls in your brand new phone number 61777979. B 37. That is 6177797. 937. Your phone calls of Mike -- next. Butler not a three point seven WEEI Mike -- ESPN Boston joins us every single patriots Friday he is live. In Seattle. -- reported earlier and in the news. -- -- Logan Mankins -- -- you guys are better than the news reporters who showed up there to ask about Brandon Spikes we yesterday. Yeah -- we stick to the football frankly that that Twitter stuff can be dangerous play kitten reply all of the world you know. I've done that unfortunately and I and that's specifically about the credit Crown -- involved -- -- and related artist I try to turret down like that yeah. Not specific imminent where you're running against outstanding gathered here we go now. The the idea of not the Twitter that tweet itself from spikes but the Belichick approach like I get the feeling he hates. The stuff that happened this week ask questions about Wes Welker asked yesterday's teammates Logan told us. They hate being asked these questions as far as you know is there a ballot checks social media policy that he sets -- these patriot players. I think he basically told them to be careful but and they go through it at the start of the year specifically with the rookies it's just so hard I mean what what. What can you control -- what can't you control. I would say but that whatever they're doing they probably need to. To do a little bit more fair because even before this stuffed with Brandon Spikes and I've seen some tweets from other players that -- my eyebrows. To just say. If -- the team I don't like this and it's simple stuff like a player tweeting hey I'm about to go here. And you know the way it is these days that means someone looking for trouble. I don't even think you wanna do that so I just think you got to be a little bit smarter with I use of that stuff. Let you wanna ask you but the secondary get Chris Richards out their secondary coach in just the talent that they've assembled now we look at the -- the patriots team and in. You'd just think that Bill Belichick would have. The defense right good Harbaugh put together San -- But his defense and Seattle and the talent evaluation at they've done up there and even taken shots and guys and at last draft. Or Rick I can't chance so they got late -- hit on all of these guys who serve was out talking about. Yet it's so specific to that the Seahawks -- them in terms of the style that they play defensively it's really uniquely. Preserve and I'm probably it is slipping maybe today at the end of the first round or into the second round of the Seahawks don't taken sort of one of those cases in my opinion of a player. That's just the unique hit you know that he -- And the secondary. They're they're different than most teams they're big and and when -- when I. See that. It made me think of the last time the patriots are less than. I thought Wes Welker really took it cannot be -- to moderates can't remember that in 2008. Really made him look bad had to a couple holding penalties went off tomorrow with with the raiders and it's sort of stepped up to me that I'm I'm with you at eight they've assembled some nice talent out here. With the Seahawks but -- I'm just not sure. That they they're -- and attack like this patriots attack. Are you ready say that entire division like -- -- we were wrong about I don't know where you landed by attic before the year when Lou and I went through -- sort of made your predictions that are are sure to go wrong. I thought that division with Seattle and Arizona and Saint Louis is going to be awfully I looked down the role. Over 500 better than expected is beating up on on the oral competition. Well I would be better than expected -- but -- the only thing -- I'd caution on reading too much into it to release quarterback play I mean I still look at it and say. -- Seattle. How tech quarterback thing gonna play out for them that still question mark they're limited offensively right now an Arizona. Same thing to both -- a little bit unbalanced you know toward the defense I think saint Louis the arrows obviously pointing up Jeff Fisher has been going in the right direction. -- -- Cisco -- play they're one of the top teams they played great brand of football but offensively to some questions they're so maybe the best defensive. Division in football but overall I don't wanna see some more. What about the AFC. And it's awful top heavy right now and Cushing -- -- a big loss go to Houston and but a lot of people maybe -- give him because it at that said that they just kind of squeaked by the jets -- you sort of knocked Houston Downey totem pole may be is that fair to say where you have them. I I have and still in the top spot -- and but I think the point oh overall and AFC. Almost like my held them how the mighty have fallen and it was just a couple years ago that it seemed like the power of the lead with on that side of it and really. I think these three teams that sort of separated themselves as the class of the day at the patriots. Houston and Baltimore and you look at all three of them and I think you see vulnerabilities that all three of them so. I'd still put Houston in the top spot but if you're looking at it from the -- perspective you can elect affected -- getting them at home. In December and that could be a huge game and it. -- third straight road game coming in here to accept up nicely if the patriots can continue to maintain the momentum here and -- the big -- I would say this you have to be impressed with the way they dealt with -- -- Mario Williams last year so I wouldn't count him out just yet. He retired this week Mike you wanna get your thoughts and Kevin -- when you're around him and this team became all of us that they -- his retirement it just. I put him in that category if Troy Brown as mr. patriot -- -- -- Kevin -- is mr. reliable and forgot that it's six fumbles that first. What year 2000 at first second year. And then at the end of his career be entrusted Woodward for Europe were covering -- not -- punts for returning -- the biggest thing Belichick looks at -- -- neutral the football. What a career this -- -- with the patriots. We have mutt it was sort of fun for me because I would that I remember when my first years. I'm really working full time I was covering the patriots further -- newspaper patriots football weekly and need to do something every week where we sit down with Pete Carroll with the coach at the time and -- one on one in the office. And he was at the time when when prospects for coming in before the 1999 draft and where in the middle of our interview and have. And talk had been visiting the team on a pre draft this about it LSU and he popped his head in and said. He coached thanks a lot you know maybe we'll see -- down the road and Pete Carroll actually stopped me in my colleague at the time Brian Moran says. I got typical test for you with that player right there. And we didn't have the answers because that Kevin thought you might wanna keep an -- and that we might end up drafting. They drafted. And look what happened since that point I mean to me it's sort of fun to watch from that moment. Can grow had a early career struggles as you mentioned and in sort of growth both professionally and personally you get to see that as a media member of the sort of contribute a lot. You know -- release -- some struggles here but Boise electric I mean I love the way he runs the football and here's your thoughts of what happens here on Sunday you know Seattle gets after the ball they force a lot of fumbles. Bill Belichick allow these players atop an awful lot Michael -- ball security this way because this thing play out. So what I would say do I I think he's still going to be the guy. But maybe when you get towards it was in the game situations you manage it a little bit differently and that's just -- -- on my part but look at Belichick. And he's stuck with -- reporting from some early season up and down struggle. He stuck with -- even got doubt he and I know that's a different position. Why wouldn't you stick with -- these the only concern you have an and that sort of ringing in my ears it's what Tedy Bruschi always says hey you put that on film. These defensive player that's going to be like you know what shark in water coming after blood. When they know you'd -- the EU which is the football they're coming after this so. You know I think that the concern for the patriots but -- from Bill Belichick I think how you handle that you gotta be careful because this guy got it going lately. And I think I would lean -- that the the idea of him putting his confidence behind Ridley like he had with an accordion -- that he. More so than sitting him down like he did late last year. Mike and cares has been a topic of discussion this week some people think that down there's a chance that Wes Welker. Might miss you know the first drive he might not start giving is joking comments are an -- and a British by some both those guys do you think anything happens -- you -- I guess I'd be surprised -- that -- I mean I hadn't really thought too much about I thought the comments. We're sure you've got to understand the context of the match I thought it was different than the whole thing he did with you know the quick joke to Rex Ryan because that was sort of directed at an opponent where is this is more of an in house thing. Would it shock you Lou I guess no because Bill Belichick always unpredictable but I guess on that one. It has sacrificed the idea that you know you can get behind early by not having your best personnel on the field in this type of environments. Found that a little bit hard to believe. I have patriots 2320 NE SP a boston.com we stick without Mike. Definitely sticking with -- although the one factor that they didn't really play into that one -- was -- the weather you know I'd like he would give a lower scoring game because this could be raining hard here on Sunday. You know that makes me think the Seahawks could have a chance that. The pull off the upset here but but I'm definitely stick and with that the patriots I think they got to go in terms offensively and in this could be one of those games -- they need you can -- that -- and let's see how he comes through. That before on we got Mike Reese got you covered all weekend long all season long ESPN Boston -- PM Boston doc Tommy joins us patriot Fridays he's live. In Seattle Mike thank you was always look for talking next week. -- -- -- About good stuff -- with the patriots and around the NFL like and he joins us. On the -- hot -- AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. I Texas as good call the the the Steelers last night. Wah ha ha L allowed that we -- we -- that out Joey do we screw up the the -- call last night. We nailed that he's also got at -- the titans and Steelers the life is all right team right now. But I think there their coach as a chance to get fired during the year which I write it Pittsburgh's two good alliance for a half 55 and a half somewhere in there -- that Vegas line that we line or go what they think -- in Pittsburgh favored by. A little bit more even on the road. I'll still tune in this -- implications Ivan Antonio Brown skin somewhere. On a roster -- field wide receivers. He invested and Chris Johnson the line. -- -- We'll watch this what -- -- this one out telling them had to deal with a well let this one out at a we'll revisit it next week we've taken you pick and Steelers titans. Steelers Joey any interest on any shot for Mike -- -- went. No zero it thanks. Just gonna run for six yards notes here it's not like state by the way tomorrow and titans went. We had a thing all nailed. If not this week's rise -- matchup -- the patriots offensive line against a talented Seattle pass rush. The Seattle Seahawks rank fifth in the NFL with sixteen sacks. Patriots tackles Nate Silver -- Sebastian -- a lot to keep Seattle edge rusher is Chris Clemons of Bruce -- in check. The patriots to win this week's matchup was brought to you by Verizon the official wireless and telecommunications provider. All of the England patriots on every Friday at this time 1 o'clock would clear the phone lines. We'll let you jump in a top fantasy football with a guy and Michael fat beyond -- one of the best NFL network nfl.com. You can call and right now ask Michael your fantasy questions for week number six already underway. In the National Football League -- your fantasy questions 6177797. 9837. As the new phone number wool load up the phones for Michael's abbey on -- on your fantasy questions for this week 617779. 7937. Your calls the Michael's -- on next.

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