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Wednesday, October 3rd Whiner Line

Oct 3, 2012|

Cranky Yankees Bitches go head to head... can you tell the difference?

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-- -- views -- and pressed the -- like -- aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox. This in his discretion advised us. -- -- And now golden -- your time. You do get the impression that maybe you've kind of checked out if you checked out of this. But an embarrassing things you know barbaric butcher written about our code itself. Like Dell and now colleagues found out because you're Lleyton at a ball game last week. There certainly are because whoever wrote that know what happened that -- know. That might -- -- -- deeper kind of well -- is and that is why it was late. WEEI. -- Maureen your lives. Should apologize to these are saying they're extremely we not play well luckily we've -- They Richard delayed in traffic to this -- bid Oakland coliseum. Reliable way you know. Dial 6177793535. -- Think that one of these days confident. People were saying hey why you didn't score card you'll Joseph Manning gets better every day at work hard. Just for the record low lying airlines. That road that I ever played by -- and that really don't disagree are. In this piece it was -- -- of the global road. Did you really. That's really embarrassing -- and now we gonna gonna gonna do go around the club out. Literally everywhere for a couple hours and I show up at 3:34. O'clock every day the W yeah the early games he's lying there alive. The latest from the stupid Oakland coliseum it's the bottom half of the sixth inning in -- -- believe the Oakland -- down 521. Now -- Texas 825. The winner of this game. Wins the AL west the other team obviously is one of your wild card -- 85. Bottom half of the sixth inning I can't believe this -- -- just of academic issues at Disney World for a week and a half and I looked and writers viewers like you. He's not picking up twin goals at the airport -- strong work. Wiggles his -- His new dog he's flying it at its flying over from France. So recent. -- he's picking up his dog is new died when a star -- -- and yet pat beyond had a few Martinis and fled over can't -- -- they're gonna do that do you go to Jason wolf when -- DF official paperwork for that. Did to get the time I'll tell you why you should see what he's get ready for this to mean he's got one of those jeweled collars. He's just taken -- when he normally -- right. My my dazzled sweater like you're the dog the dog while they all -- a matching colors I'll leave it. And I visualize a line and listen -- management would get away. I usually don't want a lot of -- by AT&T WB yeah I live it's available to derive undergraduate black device brought you by AT&T by the way Michael. -- -- -- -- -- -- By -- it's enough volume and a journey into little -- -- -- -- it was speeds up. -- brits out ten times faster than ten right yes right. AT&T rethink possible I didn't you what's gave me -- particular day off to pick -- -- new HT TV I apologize I know I should've done that. Mean at least I got many years uses that it was -- -- dog that -- -- her last very sophisticated. Cosmopolitan -- the smoking cigarettes I think that report to. You hit me. No he's picking up his dog at the airport he's told management he needs the day off to -- open dialogue. Not because we love and he texted -- and leave the animals whenever you leave without animal that when the system okay. Some brits have a horse in the office of course. And I encouraged some there and we're dealing with -- -- I'm next week he'll pick up that horse of the year -- point that you miss work that's -- financial out. -- In fact I haven't read that nobody. Out of bingo. That's. -- -- generally have that we have a sweeter. For you have a weather and we eat at franks is old. I was just -- What -- -- -- to tweet about it -- activists say it once from Serbia to get in trouble but for others don't know his coworkers friends and can't do that. -- apologized for the very good job of that. -- Pope John Lackey did that don't have a very good. -- -- I am excited for the debate and I didn't draw. -- mastered the basis. Candace. -- Ethnic and tomorrow night. It was quite yeah. Four I've -- like. Canada to a football game out of our stores but that you'll be easier on Friday probably good good dog talk. -- -- at my site and get any doubt upon all great people all of these don't laugh off on a bit. And then he and -- -- know. Here up everybody would -- work work. Righty you know you're going to be the last one on I heard them on the 8:50 am very online betting. But a way that the people who have been texting in which -- -- like art seriously. I understand that ESPN is going on -- we know that was -- -- there's more to. We always a dangerous areas but beginning if you're listening to us right now when he fifty -- AM you need to switch open in 93 point seven. Because we're going away from the union like come on up to the to the adult like. They don't realize that somebody running at the end -- -- Nowhere in her lap development staff have been out dude and we look don't -- -- about what the -- yeah. Notice that as well it's good business to conclude -- it does flight should be deployed there. -- Me or. Where they show was they read like. See how I was broke nobody goes. Broke better than they did they'd give ray don't ask me happy I you wouldn't -- -- while I've never. And bill was so proud of being so broke well done -- bit -- How how much -- house I mean you could move like a whole neighborhood in Canada it's -- you're still a little bit -- Holyfield -- -- out -- left -- -- marriage -- -- right around now and. I have I'm gonna have bought this -- abroad -- -- -- Well it earlier that president they've called several -- that everybody dominant hockey player VP got. Final question is how to get killed and -- -- -- Hit the ball in Ottawa but I. -- the -- -- now I don't know I don't but I have a because I. Did that make up an apparent. At the bottom one eye on it and it -- every night. And he remembered it because I think you know what happened. On our app and the battle. -- -- -- but that's about what happened. -- -- -- -- But it caught you back. And I thought I could get up and back up and break out of that they've got -- -- ground. I -- out. Right outcome you know but I don't like that bad and -- and about what happened at a bad. At the pocket. I know where -- from -- one of those guys to catch at a party. That starts the stories and and it won't go away yeah cute shot at all architects are suggesting this is one thing he's -- -- play. Pick up hockey guys try to relive your applications acting. Late thirties. Picnic -- -- vote because that's the last few that the law. Vote after the trade. The -- rob you're viable run because. Pick a line drive. That warning track -- -- last night you know the one that was caught all of book. -- what would have been in the month it's been that way future. But it texas' hoped the dollar makes them in the monkey killed more right right gilligan's Cuba marked -- No respect as the one. A bottle -- might never missed a day of work picking up a dog. Now that -- thanks. The red and it's a big night. Beat. They called balloon that -- and it. But. The -- -- about that. It was that was the and ago I think that it doesn't it that's what that number -- mind. On the play with in the offseason different. I've got the benefit. As anybody I've been a bit about it got to do any -- Obama will begin tonight is are there aren't. Well guess that they were gonna wrap up the -- of the -- the united. Thank god. Writing like this case chance yet tonight pitched a gem I don't want what watched. What you would this absolutely insane season Daisuke goes out there and pitched a -- -- its -- that I got out of the -- -- you know what Aaron Lackey is not an accurate and well. Back in 1990 I am very active hell that I hadn't thought that's and they can somebody else but that the way to confirm button. And and it you know it's it's been around that -- -- not helpful and they go. And that was all along that Mike has gone by Scott as his voice. From -- for a vote. Hey Bobby Kennedy got the final candidate that it. I -- say now about pro app but is Candice. Anybody who would then go out debate -- wanted to ride the bicycle related you know -- ready to go directly. And -- I had I had. Perfect fitting in the season. Big guys that demanded that it. That Baghdad. -- can't. You guys. But they go out have a black -- Editors that I've got. I'll bet there are about to -- pick Hekerob. But up about it. -- If it actually went back off a while -- I didn't look like. I got application but it didn't bat probably impressed -- -- -- get -- I don't know how to add that it couldn't have yet to make certain. Back you stay rock -- probability. That the -- ample I don't know I didn't take -- quote him. You can look back out -- you look at the opportunity to get to a point it would give it didn't the company believes that the bad guys. Yeah I have David who point to open eventually it. I have avid -- it. What the president then. OK -- don't think that the democratic -- got some good point feel good and can't. I'm sorry I empathetic point which we didn't quote equipment that anything can. Yeah big house I could give me a little bit of -- but -- -- and I think the papers that are going to want I don't want shot. Perfectly earned you Rhode. And oh he's great got to shape now and let. I had -- -- about Andrew Bailey then. Okay okay okay a couple of Papelbon you know people we'll well you're gonna depend on continued to him. I'm fit. And a and I'm standing on the -- the last living man my I have them was. -- Stop. The -- and -- at epidemic now. I hope that apple just spit. Particularly relief pitcher confused with the medication -- -- -- -- meditation little you know you notice reports is deeper now yeah or did some strong and strong -- in -- and it is that it opposite ends usually I hear Mellon continent's political and late night. What's this guy Mellon con. And all that yeah -- key -- and ice and. Cap -- how about car out Cowell as. May I ask Alex that did that and I. Kind -- and I get my bet is get caught. Our class act and act -- I got -- is sitting next to put away and it popped up -- -- -- up what. -- I have got -- I think it down a car that I had. And you go sure why don't -- it's part but AT&T AT&T forgy LTD to do that. And times less than three GE TT think possible.

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