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Week 5 fantasy football waiver wire podcast

Oct 2, 2012|

Welcome to Week 5. Another action packed week of NFL action is behind us and now it's time to hit the waiver wire to look at this week's best available free agent possibilities. Pete Davidson of Rotobahn sat down with Jim Hackett to review this week's top options and offer a glimpse into next week's action.

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-- -- We've your host Jim -- -- Peter Davidson from wrote a month ago. He's everything you need to know about famous people involved of Tennessee football blood test on WEEI done. It's welcome to reach five here with. -- upon senator. Contents. Provider Pete Davidson joining us here on WEEI dot com for the week five waiver wire and looking forward to weak -- NFL Tennessee football podcast. -- -- I'm doing great doing -- As a resident patriots fan it was a great week for us up here in New England. Quite a spectacle on Sunday to be down 2117 -- you know put 52 points up on the board and protecting people from across the league. Across the country probably thought the blowout. Yeah I mean I think people -- bathroom breaks in that game came back and -- -- -- channel or have been at a time what that -- Everything happened in the span of about fourteen minute trade. Yeah I was -- day literally put up. I think five touchdowns 35 points and about thirteen minutes. Yeah you know I think we can probably do -- whole hour. Ordered that we have a mean on the patriots and that game it was just. You know I didn't get it and I've watched it since since you know. I -- it live but -- can't believe there's so much going on in that game from football vocal input multiple entities to import. Gosh where to start a new one play that stick out to me. Where are the build safety -- gronkowski touchdown unbelievable display right up the middle I mean nobody's anywhere near the guy I just. It's been built defense is perplexed I yeah I've got I've seen up close a couple times now and I mean you know not embarrassing given up big numbers the past but these guys got lit up by the jets. We quote yeah so I mean they're starting to become one of those teams where -- at -- you're looking for them. You know if you got a tough -- choice when guys played -- guys that are at play in the bill Politico. -- right -- you got to roll against the bills. The next week they've the other going to be at the 49ers in this plenty of options there are so. -- does a good opportunity due to you put it -- on the bills I would think in week five. Yeah that could be the kind of thing where you know I'm sure we're gonna talk a little -- Brandon Bolden but perhaps Brandon -- -- next week could be Kendall Hunter -- hole where. -- then that they're gonna get way up and the other perspective back and get some carries hunter last week against the jets last week for the for the same reasons although it you know it it. -- -- -- If you can't carry -- -- -- you know when the game was decided that we need to as you know and all pictured and so. He was getting you know getting touches pretty much throughout which was interest. -- he was involved who we talked about him a little bit. Last week but I think it's I think it's definitely worth. Expanding on in the talking about his role you know the patriots with Steven Ridley and Brandon Bolden did something they hadn't done in thirty years and bring. 2100 yard plus rushers in one game and talk a little bit. About Brandon Bolden fantasy football owners know all boats even relieve the high draft pick drafted as a running back to across the board I think four -- -- very high flex option the -- involves a guy that. People probably didn't have their eyes on unless they really. Took took note of that of the depth charts and an indoor knew what was happening in New England in the pre season. Yeah I wouldn't even if you didn't know what was going I would do it in the pre season I mean you know -- -- opened up until -- hurt his foot. And so those were watching that game I think it was pretty apparent that you heard it significantly if you didn't put that thing down. He just popped I'd like. And by the way Ripley with -- -- -- last week took so you know value -- of these guys back there a lot of talent put open in the pre season and anybody's undrafted. You know did they bring in a guy you've got so many backs to look at I mean you know the only reason you're looking at Bolton really apart from the fact he looks pretty good and so from college -- Is the patriot factor you know the guy you know released about these guys you better learn about that that's that's the way they've been up and you know. I don't I'm tempted just you know call this guy like. A group. Brave bold and green Ellis is to keep an -- I didn't that he secretly having these. Did did the trick -- a little short you've got to throw them a little bit. Our companies and undrafted back. -- a little bit similar in style to green Ellis I think clearly you've got a little more in the way of burst. Yeah it seems he looks ebooks that you finishes as Ron he runs angry which I like ninety. Finishes runner runs. And a lot of young backs are going to be like back to try to make a name themselves and you want that obviously -- -- -- to send my opinion. An and -- can sort of get lost in this game a little you know because -- I thought he made some really nice breaks up tackles and you know I really liked the way Wrigley when it's time -- -- -- pad level nice and low. And he wins he win that battle at the point of contact frequently. So you know. It's it's variation in terms of what what's gonna happen in the coming weeks in the New England actually I think one of the things that we -- really. -- remember about last week came -- there are a lot of fumbles. On both sides of the ball and I don't know how I mean how many times you see your own team how many -- for the pats -- don't -- maybe three maybe four. Yet at least two there was gronkowski Welker in the and they put on the ground against a share. Right Olympic stumbled a bit it'll lose it right. Al Ridley fumbling is good I think going to be a big factor going forward to because I think one thing that really could cost him saps. Just put the ball on the ground and we'll be open from what I've seen so far. Carried the ball pretty -- securely so. The other more things change -- more there remain the same the New England -- this is you know as much as I think a lot of people like -- we're gonna have to keep tabs on it and I mean I think we can also coming out there are going to be weeks where people put Ridley and there at the end of the day you're like. Call -- -- only you know ignoring Russia's or whatever is at. But that's the New England back field and ended up being. I'm not -- moderately or you know not an excuse devastates marine. Now I able the other person -- gonna bring into the into the equation but before duke. But what I remember about Wrigley too and there are some trust issues last year with ball security so absolutely you know that that there are people out there emboldens probably on some way of -- and another got to keep an eye on and never rule the rule out is that Danny -- head. You know -- -- you dig big role against the ravens a couple weeks back. He scored this week he's certainly inconsistent. In terms of his Tennessee production but he's active. Yeah I don't I mean that's that's the problem with the patriots back field not for. You know New England but for fantasy folks. Is you know how do we make sense of this when you're going into week I mean is it's you know the -- over we're looking back -- these -- -- -- when you're going -- How do you project. Release hard enough but how do you project what's behind -- -- it's it's not easy so it's. You know it's frustrating to have to play but you know just from a standpoint talent I mean -- really I mean he showed me something like like you said the burst is good. What I like is the -- he seems to have burst in all directions pickup -- a couple times. And was able actually -- and sideways burst vertically up the field which you know you'll see that from very many backs Ray Rice -- so does that. Since he's been treating them very very Russian player. You know for the patriots have had some trouble with you know. Draft picks offensive players and draft picks you know the last you know whatever ten years but clearly in terms are running backs that they've had a good couple years. No doubt -- what you know within weeks five we've got a pretty significant the first four team bye week with the cowboys got the lions the raiders and the Buccaneers. On the buy. Each of those teams has a pretty prominent running game the cowboys with DeMarco Murray the lions with Michael ashore from the raiders with. McFadden. And the box with some help me out here David done. The -- to about -- -- the -- -- -- and pentagon I want you in the -- on this -- could -- this sort of got back into the action last. He did. And indeed the question I was gonna suppose with those four teams and their backs and all the players in the -- Looking at running backs that the guy like -- some other people that you touched on earlier in the conversation Kendall Hunter who some guys who might be able to help out -- owners that are attention this week. This week for fairness seems to question. In terms -- -- you're sort of saying one week help kind of deals. Yeah or just yeah I think as we -- to enter the bye weeks. There are probably some waiver wire pick up something that you're gonna highlight. And where some people that might be inappropriate said. If -- out for teams that might have lost you know McFadden or -- are sure. There's nobody blinking. Red that. You know men and all I think -- the guy that we really want people to pick up this week because of the upside. There's no guarantee. That he's gonna play this week so in terms of trying to get a little you know once you know the guy next -- I we -- this week maybe not. You know maybe Ryan Williams you could even though we didn't do much last week. Could be a guy the rams. Probably a little bit stronger on the pass rush. The the run defense for Carly going to be at the rams this week. It's so you know maybe change you know and there's a little bit of a you know -- -- about heavy workload that's the early game this week so maybe Ryan Williams if you really curtain is a guy you might be able to pick up and some links to who could help get. Perhaps small all on the jets you know we're really not sure at this point it's you know. If and when they're really -- sort of -- east I think. Jockey is Rodgers could be a guy he even though he's been a little disappointing. Kiki is sort consistently involved he. He's a guy could help it until -- open there is a guy yeah. You know I. The real question with him. It is you know I I think game conditions are going to be a factor. And you that you get what of the -- government -- next week correct that a Broncos did a pretty darn good. Then the one thing you really have to do against Denver -- anywhere -- that you have to run. Because if you do not run your quarterback is gonna take it if if they can zero in on the on on the pocket. In between the ages they bring so much wood with a pass rush it's just ridiculous -- I do I do you think you're gonna see a lot of running next week for the patriots. And you know I I I sort of feel I don't know what that the general feeling up up north this. But I think the pictures really have to make some kind of commitment to the ground because -- to me. And he's still a great quarterback but he still throws the ball. You know real well. He doesn't look to me to be -- quick moving around the pocket you -- -- looked to me to tell immediately what is quick in terms of if you just put up all that it move. He doesn't get you know took -- back up as quickly as he used to I I didn't think we're were entering. You know the point of Brady's career we at the start think about wouldn't know protecting yeah because he's such a huge asset and now that they have background game. You know it as I could bureau in this but I just sort of that that's sort of the feeling I get it doesn't look I mean Brady was never quick or fast. But he had good pocket movement. Yeah had a great first step into the pocket to do that rushed. That he still has that feel in the pocket you don't lose that but it and you know maybe it's just my perception -- to me he looks like unseen to an age on him and -- I mean. Let's face it. And -- 35 is all good. Selves and Belichick tends to be ahead of the curve in terms of you're doing. And not doing what the league is doing -- doing his own thing and you know they start up passing and splitting people up five wide. And the league asks us to do and he says that it will Mabel are on the -- -- it could time out well in terms of where their offense is going. You really good point and in terms of Belichick being sort of ahead of the curve he you know he -- -- I think if you look at the NFL everybody sort of going to that patriot model everybody used to tight end. It would be sort of ironic see the patriots to the first person to go to the next Tuesday night. But I'm not saying the patriots aren't going to be any less exciting. I just sort of have a feeling that they're gonna you know they have this running game. I think they're gonna use it as it at least to the extent that we -- this I actually got a little we thought they would try to run the build off a little bit heavy debt. So it's a great point -- about the pats it reminds me of quarterbacks obviously and in this week. Is an interesting week as it looks like there might be some quarterbacks on Tennessee owners' radar on the waiver wire. And as a couple people that stand out the could be there. One that I drafted and subsequently released as -- NL on the dolphins he's starting to turn into something -- Well and we obviously not going to be a weekly option just because. -- -- activated 240 yards or whatever was that a -- -- every week. Although it sure they do it again you'll want to Indian my opponents slide up a ten foot -- what. But -- is a big sturdy kid I think that we talked about this last week I like his make up I like the fact that he gets up. You know we've and then he gets the tar knocked out of -- gets up with a smile on its face like that in America. I just sort of like Billy the Kid plays and you know. I am not inclined to like dolphins so you know this. At some fictional. I. I you know like we said last week unfortunately it seems to me that the dolphins may have found a quarterback. Which is a shame because they've been looking Shalala -- -- but yet to kill the guy I think when the match is right. And especially these receivers at best an -- -- continue to play well. That they continue to run the ball and you know they don't have three backs who all. You know. You know bush obviously playing very well the rookie Lamar Miller is strong player and you know -- that -- -- sequestered in a -- is not not a step so. The dolphins are except for the receiver position that you might be underrated as far as how. To build it down at the other quarterbacks that are out there that the some that are on the you know the higher end -- I assume. May have been drafted but -- that could be leagues out there that don't have them -- one name that just hands out. Bright lights is Andy Dalton and he looks. -- he's making an impact almost on a weekly basis. Certainly the inversion of ten that opening -- I got nothing against Andy Dalton who we we wrote a really strong -- your -- on him just because we thought he was strong. From the neck up we know we thought he had that. You know just the toughness mentally to play in the NFL and played the rookie which he would -- of you know polymer and I got. So we'd like Dalton but he -- gifted you know I didn't have a huge arm. He's got a great athlete he's too good want to come but the thing that makes golf so darned intriguing profanity is all the -- he's got unbelievable. I mean you know AJ green obviously is an exceptional talent there's maybe two or three guys in the entire NFL group playing at a higher -- -- right now maybe not even to -- He's that good. He likes going to him do you wouldn't it and the thing about green is people like Calvin Johnson and that she tilts the field. And she's you know that they have to lean towards and they have the other -- -- told that and they bracket and they do all kinds of stuff. And so you've just got you've got one on one coverage all over the place and when you get guys like Jermaine Gresham in one -- one and and the new kit Hawkins. These guys -- gonna get open. You know and they've got in you know with with the law firm there in the back field. They're able to sit there and you know David really lost much from -- a little offer so far so. That's that's the -- -- that that they play with balance they don't just throw throw throw they do mix the run in and you know. Did that we you know. Billions of having good -- it got dictates so long touchdown they can do a lot of different things on offense. And it makes it easy to play quarterback and that probably eating away at our rankings this week but. Realistically he led the way last week so but the bottom line if you are still available and -- Yahoo! which we felt like you know what what's thrown out there richer people at least take a look forward. Yemen in the middle of -- weeks now Tennessee -- should take that advice. There's a couple other quarterbacks -- -- -- could be on what the could be on people's so waiver wires and -- -- -- -- one one I think. Personally could be a longer term solution or at least a good. Solid QB two or at least a three on the team the other might be able to play a role more urgently and I'm talking about Matt Hasselbeck on the titans. Who obviously Tennessee football fans are very familiar with. Talk a little bit about the injury a locker and how hassle that might be able to help the team out in the short term. It's conflict I -- locker that the authorities seriously hurt but they have ruled him out for this week so this has -- feel right now of hassle back at a one week replacement. I mean I suppose if Cassel back lights it up and lockers and -- percent could turn into two but it double look at a long term thing. That's ahead. You know it is especially -- -- a really big league media fourteen team league and you know maybe locker was your guy and you know maybe Mark Sanchez is your backup -- something like that. -- innocent areas such as bad. Yeah I mean Hasselbeck could open up this week and Tennessee. If they're healthy we don't know -- to play this week but if all the guys are -- Tennessee's a little bit likes infineon that you just got a lot of really good places to go to football. Chair and then an excellent quarterbacks job a lot easier -- Yeah and Chris Johnson I'm sort of catch up Chris Johnson you know of finally. Actually showed up a couple of weeks so. That that could be a factor to know these guys moto go. It's good that you have a tough matchup for us this upcoming week though that the vikings it is a defense we're gonna talk -- -- That's true that's true and Hasselbeck -- optically mobile so you know that that that pass rush. It's certainly affect them all the you know -- do something on the -- Based LSU the last couple weeks. Probably throw the ball to where they defend the run pretty well to vikings overall urged playing really. Yes surprising -- at all yet. Very surprising to the other quarterback I want to touch on who might be -- longer term solution at least through the bye weeks as good quality reserve is Kevin called on the cardinals. Yeah thanks a lot carbon you know I really like -- seen from him in that these you know. I don't know what the word -- -- -- users but you you know he. Getting really easily frustrated if you looked at last -- pre season this year you could just tell one before nine yard touch on every play he wanted just don't want to go all the way. You let people stop talking about him as a huge -- you know -- second it you know you can't blame him but the other side of the coin is. Go to play awful in the -- -- and what's gonna happen you know I'm sure Mark Sanchez is particularly happy right now. So of fewer interceptions so competition should book that would come out he used. He's sort of grow within himself peak now playing a little bit more. I hate the term the game manager like. And I think it's. The good news did you know if you're rooting for killing -- if this is what's gonna keep him in the job right. Is play the game against doing that wasn't spectacular it was a beautiful but the end of the day W that's been looking for and so once he. My take on inequality gets back and feel like he's the guy that he can expand a little bit start taking advantage of all the weapons they have done their FitzGerald. You know. And all the other guys the rookie exit from Michael Floyd so. Yeah he's the -- is going upside I I sort of feel like he's got incremental growth. Between now and him being like a real fantasy option -- but I I do you think he sort on the way and I think in largely I think he's worth. As I do believe you you have them. I do know he's he's a quality fantasy reserve on my team -- it. Gets -- And I want to move on -- different positions but does that name that you shines shirt you know given the struggles that the jets have had I don't wanna turn on this and -- Tebow time but from -- perspective. He is a play -- we've learned. Recently. As recently as last year they can really make an impact so. What's -- What's the sense in New York. Around the team and when or will or -- Tebow will emerge. Well defense in New York is that people are finally turning. The jets Chia. I mean that's that's essentially are cannot actually sharing a much about -- because everybody's just so livid. About the way the teams played in a global block. And you know I care about probably should go as far as -- That's tricky because you know we haven't seen him do that much it's jet. The jets don't have the kind of receiver so -- that they had in Denver. You know that I could be a factor. And so it's it's it's it has its very good endeavor also -- a superior offensive line to the jets. You know but then again -- it has to make a lot of plays sort of all by himself right so you know. I like the way -- -- and here I you know obviously he's in our waiver wire column today so yeah we're always get. I don't really is the kind of upside he has in Denver. But I think if you're a big leader -- our long term league and keep those floating out there if you're going to pick him up. Now's probably the time because Sanchez looks like he's gonna last -- Definitely I would I would agree it's it's certainly does seem that way. And if you're the jets. At -- you know granted the jets are known for making sort of perplexing decision to Ryan is sort of sort of doubled down contentious at least for this week. But for the jets. A way to integrate now you and you need to game changing his -- changing either of them a mood -- you need some type of dynamic shifts. If there's one thing people did. It's all of that yeah sure and so. You know if if for the jets right now you're out Revis you know you're you're to -- but recruit who's kidding who they have played very well be -- to. Yeah I mean you know the Broncos waited a little what won it 41 in five to make the switch to develop up the jets probably can afford it without. I would -- particular in the division that has the patriots and in the and indeed. You know that they're there out a strong -- into vs a questionable -- into that the jets are close to that right now. Yeah I mean I I'm not -- jets fans -- Well I had no idea but I think these. I really do think that if you're at it realistically for the jets -- never really chasing the patriots you're chasing a wildcard. Now the patriots of sort of inexplicably started out. Two in two but. C'mon. This is the pitcher to go in twelve or more and and the chancellor. -- -- That's that's for sure Sophia we'll we'll take and use that opportunity to segue off of the quarterbacks -- a couple people you wanna talk about. I wanted to head into into the wide receivers and the reason being is that you when you. Kind of scour leagues and you look at waiver wires that seems to be. Where there is some talent that pops up on a week to week leveled a bit more consistently and there are some guys that we targeted. On a road a bond that I executed extrapolate on a little bit. 1. I am not sure how many waiver wires he will be on balance in this might be the last week is Randall Cobb and the Packers is when I watch the Packers. He looks like he's almost -- go to -- It's so weird because sometimes you watch them play a couple of games this year. And you're like all out this is that you know they're gonna start using this guy and then he sort of it's forgotten about so -- I don't have a real great feel for McCarthy's trying to do their bottom -- game situation a lot of -- due -- injuries. You know and and that's another thing they don't report a lot of injuries these days cops definitely had a slight hamstring thing. In weeks two and three. And you left the game in week two. That would shoulder contusion. And -- he played sparingly after that so I am of the belief that he was banged up. In weeks to entry in that weeks one and for probably the weeks to look at. Vs weeks to a prison terms is evaluating. -- that but look out you know that's. That's my -- Okay based on what I saw. You know they were doing shoulder -- from the sidelines she was reacting very well to it but he's really really punt -- they wanna use and I think that's really released in the game. Because he was very limited in terms steps after a script. But anyway -- is a guy for them. They use him he sort of like a cross between -- -- -- Hernandez yeah. You know where they use him you know as a running back. And they then and that's one thing that. In that particular game. After he went down their check initially you can see him lighting up there as as a running back again back -- right probably committed ornament of the block any moisture is blocking got a lot bigger than him. But go forward. They don't seem to be using out -- James Starks seems to be sort of a dead fish right now yeah. When they're going somewhere other than coop or. Benson I think cut is gonna get some snaps back they're sort of like Aaron Hernandez will will -- what we saw the page is just sort of toward the end of last year here when all -- -- I mean I. I've got my first reaction is to did you get -- to -- the it's tradition as a -- to -- -- picture this and they did a couple of times. That same kind of been the top of the community cares and -- buildings here lined up in the slot they also use him outside. So you are on what you find cop. Please not a sure thing yet but it is the one thing we want to keep people upside. -- -- PP our league that I think. You know a tolerant of upside. -- that's a good point. You know it and video poker and endorse -- -- -- -- now those guys that don't win they'll win a PP -- lethally -- guys like that. I want to understand the receiver position from moment is that doesn't mean. I wanted to run by you for a little little little bit of time we talked a little bit. Last week about Ramses Barden potentially being handcuffed -- -- but. There's another person in that in that giant Smartphone -- -- at -- it has stuck there is is a chance for redemption date there's another so there's another player another receiver in that giants offense Domenik -- that aren't familiar with that offense. Yes and it looks like he stands to gain a little bit with given mixed consistent injury trouble. To quote. And -- is concerning right now. I mean they -- the way conference said the other day he basically says you know it's it's been weeks since we have really -- that is -- not looked at but you know basically it's been a week and we've seen no change. In the condition of his -- that's a little concerned. Actually it's you don't change some. Positive but no I -- so -- could be. You know this could be a long term thing for him. You know he could be playing at -- such celebrity to be missing games we don't know yet. So this is an important thing. When you look at the giants and the fact that they throw the ball constantly. So it. And aggressively too and they throw aggressively they are afraid to. Go deep mid range they don't you know it's a lot of dink and dunk but man. That's that's definitely true although big guy that they really trust -- Is next so that that addition to see how that unfolds I don't know that they have that I mean -- is one of the best receivers in football in terms of defending himself against the quarterback on the sideline and the people I meet people like guys are physically a lot of balls in the air and then make the catch him he's just. A phenomenal talent in our garden that many others it's too bad he's hurt but as far as fixing goes you'd you'd be keeping peace familiar. In the offense -- -- been around for a long time didn't seem for a couple years couldn't get any CEO and some other stuff. But. Talk often is real big on guys who've been in the system. Yeah he's real big guys who understand what they're trying to do crucial up on time -- -- precise. Obviously he embellished sort of -- from the same place in that regard so. I think you're right on except I think six and as -- -- -- performs is gonna stay ahead of -- because he's a -- a guy and they trust him yeah. You know Barton is a guy with tons of upside talent edit edit -- is going to be out aren't gonna get his time to. But yeah I hit it appears that we jump the gun a little last week important. At this -- really does have a bigger role or is he healthy. Do you think he's got the -- -- thought if her fantasy football owner of next. -- might be the got to go get. Yeah yeah I think he is I mean you know obviously. It it is -- very fluid situation to -- don't know. This -- for all we know nick showed up and play this weekend we just don't know yet right so. Right now it's. It's beneficial if you're a big league just collect these guys and they're all -- haven't jerk. You know just because like you said they throw the ball deep. It that if throw the ball a lot. You know you can easily have three viable. Receivers in that offense. For example last year. It got to a point where you know. Crucial that we could start everybody restore you know this ride wherever crews -- -- he didn't look quite all right -- with next. But Manning there was also a guy you would see people lineups -- -- -- what happened that's so there's no reason that that offense can't support three guys against. Interesting and is that there are other offenses like that that that seems to be emerging that the trend at the receiver as a sort. Which goes right into what you were saying about there being so many receivers. Right that's why. Yeah exactly the right end to end is that another team out there we talked we talked about the quarterback a little bit earlier. But the cardinals have some receivers that could be out there one as Andre Roberts is a guy looks like he's getting used to the end zone. You have Roberts. He sort of little a little mini Cris Carter. It's killing scores touchdowns as the if I mean he's. He's tough to figure. I sort of like Kim but they don't give him much in terms of volume. But he's very active when they get close to to the red delay obviously that they obviously as a comfort level is routes. You know that does the big thing with Roberts is obviously not a big dog and they have got -- number one draft pick. Sort of nipping at his heels right so to me he's not something you can count on. But right now -- like what you're saying hey what what running beverage pick up for this week well if you watch out this week Robert and LT. And a bit at fault if you set something that's interesting let's let let's have only been asking a question which is. With the -- weeks upon us you know -- we talk a lot about these players that are there might be on waiver wires -- -- should keep an eye on what do you look for. When you come into the byways in terms of people that can help you are you looking more. At the receiver position for instance looking more activity and targets in receptions -- -- you know -- that person's more involved for. Are you looking more for a guy like Roberts who. Can get you the quick six. May be a little bit more consistently than some of the other guys. Who was it was at that Wendy's commercial back that -- parts is parts of thank you -- point just points so I don't really careful how the guy gets -- good points you know. Hundred yards. A touchdown and forty yards or whatever price in my points on. In terms of what I look for in you know targets and so -- that we don't use targets nearly as much as most sites and the reason why. Is because we go. Sometimes too painful lesson to pick her picture up at 2 o'clock in the morning watching football. Catch up for second at the WEEI dot com. Listeners should know that wrote a -- watches every game. Tire tirelessly as if film is being broken down for next week's opponent so he -- of what he speaks right. That's that's without getting into who we actually watched the game to watch the snaps. I feel like target numbers are really for people would concede game. But you know. When you're actually watching the full football game you don't need -- don't the targets -- and targets don't tell you intense all the time. You know and I don't know which they do do -- he does know who the guy deciding who's targeted at a particular place that's not you know it it it seems committed to guide it through the ball it. Which which means he could have been different option -- So you know targets are nice I do you think it's something that can help you here and there. But you know what I'm looking that is the quarterback's eyes watching the leaders whose progression and are looking -- -- -- wanna go and that's why that's important to. So you know we try to look at the full picture targets being a part of that. An and answer questions and so long winter and sorry excuse it. You know when it comes to picking players up so much dependence on. The number teams in the -- -- The -- size -- you know regardless of leak site specializes sort of you know. Separate you know you can be potentially lead was short bench as you -- -- in -- -- -- bench so depending on the rules of your specifically. You're gonna have to make decisions. You know if our Little League with you know twelve teams in big -- You know yeah -- it's I'm looking at things a little bit differently. Implement a small lead with a small bench no wind I would sit in -- one of these changing leagues with a six man bench. It's got so much. Finding a player to get off the waiver wire there's lots of them. But the trick is how to light how to land management roster right so I'm not cutting guys I don't wanna cut. So like there's nothing worse than having to cut a good receiver. Because -- to pick up a defense like. That's structure I think -- has it right so that's you know it's said that the dynamic of leaks as some thought to do it who we pick up why. I generally a little bit stubborn I tend to think more long term and short term. -- That's the benefit of having a good team and being in good position right Q1 and -- your own or you're thinking about we try. So it's horses for courses you know if if for people who are out there and have to win this week yeah you're not you're not looking good and culture running back this week. You're looking to pick up Donnie Avery here somebody's thinking that ends up. Share in the flip side of that is if perhaps your three and one more strong too into it may be. Really fortunate to before -- and you have -- a potential -- for a lower and handcuffed the might be out there. No one else is going to be looking for that play -- good time to scoop them up. -- abs absolutely absolutely and it's it's all about your you're your current footing in fantasy football. And sometimes -- the record you know sometimes it's just the way you feel after good weeks right up yeah you know it's 03 which you win everybody would not to put a 150 points now everything's going to be fine. -- picking up itself took the opposite of the way -- and still. -- at a adjusting so speaking of sticking -- jets fans feel I think it might be it just in to kind of turn the page a little bit and if we can take a look at. Next week through a broad lines to see if there are some -- players that may be emerge. In your mind as we look at some some games moving forward. And speaking of the jets you've got the Monday night game. Against Texas now. That could be. And that's what did you want this classic in what they wanna be a national right. It but the reason I picked that game out -- obviously the Texans -- a team to watch -- and there's a lot of talent there. Talk a little bit about what's happening in their backfield with on the Ben -- pulled an injured opposite -- the guy might be the guy in the leak. But -- you break on the backs a little bit there at the could be helpful. Well I mean here that all three of them are are good players are the top two -- stunts and in the Foster has turned himself into a stunt. And you know I did and it quite frankly he's one of the players we didn't get all relevant when you were actually higher on -- when he came out we were Foster. Now granted Foster had done a darn thing that -- point. Are they until it broke his ankle and and then the rest is history. But Foster what foster's done in the recent -- It was like flipping a switch effect got its. He stuck with -- coaching. You know he's learned Kubiak system EU and -- if you watch -- Foster he stayed he stayed with the play as well as any back and forth. And that's a real good way to be a great player of that offense couldn't stick with the play without offensive line. Did you know you're gonna get a lot of almost sure you're gonna either you're gonna take a lot of chunks. So yep fosters a -- as part because. I think this total up to downplay key possibly could be missing practice this week the reason we put Justin Forsett. In the waiver wire what is so much as -- people around pick up Justin Forsett but you know. Personally got a decent track record he's always been a functional running back up the -- on tape that until the last couple weeks what he has been in the game. He looked real good yet so to tell us. It's just sort of sorted out there like hey there's a third back in the backfield if for some reason something happened to the top two you know long term kind of way. You want Forsett. Absolutely -- -- -- it's a what it's a wise move. Looking at some other games where there is some Tennessee football moving parts. The Buffalo Bills coming off a tough loss to New England visiting the 49ers there a couple players and those -- is in my viewers targeting this week. Yeah that would Tbilisi guts and interest in flux at the tailback position. I thought both backs looked. Pretty much healthy against New England. You know -- going out of the frying pan into the fire as far as going up against. Episode guide dogs loose in San Francisco. I mean are they watch some more frescoes. Action and they watch a little bit more buffalo between now. And -- their lineup rankings try to get a feel for what we think Buffalo's gonna do with their backs this week the you know right now there. -- up to me right now and and ultimately they're both sort of strong -- place yeah. As they get healthier. I think it. Conceivably could both movements -- B -- status. It's sort of hard to see either one of them being a little old one back with the other when healthy. That's sort of the way I sit down as far as playing. The 49ers for the bills who. Tell us off -- -- I really I think -- -- really does not have the arm to compete against those guys. In terms of zip that no -- -- you know try to for the top of the 49ers defense anyway. I mean I don't know if you call that -- play last week I. I would say it was Donald Jones double digit got beat by a couple steps up and I mean Fitzpatrick threw a pick on the play. You know good quarterback was an easy six and Fitzpatrick just couldn't get the ball you know but Brady is to -- sort of passed to walk in touchdown. So Fitzpatrick limited player. You know to meet this game as a total -- potential and the guy you might want to look at. You know if your curtain and you got some -- Kendall Hunter could be a decent play this week sure you know to be you know -- -- -- -- the bench to play. Had a decent week last week. Yet you know and I I. I can't believe I'm saying this blood. Randy Moss so I could see doing something actually just just because I think I think they do want to get him more involved I think this sort of like -- so far. Ready may have found Jesus a little bit I don't know. But huge when he's in the game. If you -- better the last time we saw them you know where -- with the titans at the end of the year. After after the New England released him. Right so you don't actually if it's it is cutting to pick up when you watch the games he's had a couple touchdowns were the quarterback just missed them. Wide open in the into so Randy can still do a little bit he would be an interest in sort of reached play this week and then maybe fourteen seemingly. And then. The other guys and Frisco and that's probably it most most of their stuff but there's pretty standard. Bedard could be an -- continue to watch over the course of sixteen games and I'm really should see what they're gonna look like. You know we tendon on. The -- defense is usually the defense. And offensive line that cohesion starts to build once again into November and December football and they're already wreaking Havoc right. The defense is cohesive -- -- you know what might be the offense they're simulating a lot of new players and they haven't even got their rookies involved at all they've been an active. If you look at it you know what Michael James. And -- so those -- those guys have not been active on game day. Just an edit you know and I don't Frisco there freaking out -- bad traffic and know you're just floated for the yet that I'm really issues you are but those of that team over the rest of the season. To be fun to watch. It would -- on take a little the bit of attorney or wanna think about another position in terms of this week's waiver wire and heading into this week's games. Which is a tight end position which we we talked about a little bit last week. In turn everything yeah it's insanely deepen and there are some good looking names on the waiver wire. You want to touch on some that you think might still be available people's leaks there a couple names out there that are pretty prominent. -- all the guys a little extra people who were under 70%. On Yahoo! so you know there's a 30% chance at minimum these guys are gonna be available. Kyle Rudolph and probably Travis -- that he does so many things well and so cute and physical but he can run. He really fights for the ball very good there's a huge potential for that guy. Owen Daniels looks like he's back. It looked a lot like the player that was sort of forces the only a couple of years ago at Greg Olsen really each week it's a little more involved answers few looks like it could pick up. Pete Miller with the Steelers cut up the -- In new offense. Haley seems to really like Miller he's getting the ball more consistently used to sort of be one weekend one week out. He seems to be Indian in some more Dennis paid on the ravens didn't do -- last week but he was one of those targeted tied into football going into last week. Jermaine Gresham of the benefit the little quiet but I think he's fighting his way in the new offense I think. He will break through and in the last name on the list is maybe the most interest in war and -- patriot fans just got an -- -- the guy but Chandler at the -- yeah. I think we need -- big for him he's like structure something he's -- a huge. TV expert casting lots. He does and again it's back to that theory where underperforming quarterbacks are limited quarterbacks lean on that tight end position. And you can see it clearly if you watch that game -- it's Patrick Chandler on that first such study was excited about it felt comfortable that and that was all soon to change. For him but in that moment he certainly seems like up up. Screamed up for the premiere target for. How -- people without jumping that's always a good thing. Like you say he's got that -- armed quarterback who's Smart. Which just screams tight end and been on top of it when you get down close to the red zone. They are now without David Nelson. Who is another -- -- out there sure so you know if there are other you know Stevie Johnson you know it's a lot of coverage. He can do it really does seem to me that Chandler is not just sort of a flash in the pan he is going to be very very active target especially in the red zone for the rest of the year. -- and the last thing I wanted to touch on deep before letting you go and wrapping up week five. Is. Once we hit. The bye weeks. Tennessee football owners are looking for points anywhere they can get the unit you talked about that earlier like I don't care how they get a touchdown yards. And two positions that you you can't you can make a little bit of ground up in. Are with defense and kickers and there are some interesting match -- this week. Now looking out from where some defenses might be able to provide more points than they normally would. And touch on some defense is out there for fantasy footballers that might be out there and in my field to help you. You know get to the bye weeks when your. Number one defense is on the -- it. Pollute the treaty doesn't get out there this week are the vikings and chargers in the bag smelled. He's obviously got huge name Tennessee defenses but they've been playing well and we like that match ups over the next four weeks so that's why they're out there. You know what our lineup rankings this week we'll try to isolate a couple you know -- for through all the games we think there's some easy -- out there -- it will throw another defense out there. But defense is right now it really is it that if those sort of developing to have and have not Tennessee defense yeah you know you their teams -- comfortable with the big stakes. So it's it's it's -- -- really comes down to. You know like this week of why we threats -- that we think our Bible you can pick -- -- -- for a little while EU but we didn't throw any one week teams out this week. But you know depending on. How your season's going you and I don't love my -- and sometimes I just -- defense -- every week. Definitely think it the more the more rom -- desperate but when your when your tie hanging around 500 in your unit. And you do you know you might have a top twelve defense has a really bad match after checking the wire. Yeah I mean the way I generally try to handle defense is coming up if I can get a weekly starter great but usually you have to pay more than comfortable paying to get that defense. Generally speaking if you keep your eyes open and if you read robots we will. Probably within the next couple weeks start coming up with lists of defense is that we think. Playoff teams should looked it up to two -- what are we look for to effect a we look for defense that's playing. Well that we can count. You know that well coached that's. It's predictable if you will and -- the other thing we're looking for a playoff matchups. We -- contributed sixty. They had that Smart and people would be wise to keep their eye on -- -- -- dot com because he does a great job. In terms of helping you not only in the now which Tennessee -- footballers always need. But in the long term very very important and done with that said I think -- wrap up this week's. We excise Tennessee football podcast brought Dubai WEEI dot com powered by wrote a bond dot com and our guy. Helping Tennessee football owners out out there. Good luck with all your transactions tonight this podcast will be live on WEEI dot com as early as today available throughout the week and keep checking back. Or this Friday starts in sixty Davidson will have those up on W yet dot com. On Friday. And Pete I think you very much for the time good job as always. And medical wrapping up any last thoughts before we sing about. -- we can get to -- -- a decade decade grades are -- the rams with a player sorties slugger -- nearly got to go grab him but. But no that's that's about it for me in. Thanks -- thanks for the kind words. No problem and he's kicking indoors people to listen and act like it's half the time indoors at least and that's always a factor to have and you can pick up some extra points doing that. So while. Figures teach -- that literally you can pick up extra points but if so thanks again he will wrap optimal will reconnect over the week and look forward to. Getting your thoughts and starts and sits on WEEI dot com and I wrote a Von -- on this week Brett thank -- if you actually.

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