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David Ortiz wants two year contract

Oct 2, 2012|

Mut and Merloni discuss David Ortiz's recent comments about wanting a two year deal and if the Red Sox should give it to him.

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Butler not a 37 WEEI. -- L. At the start the show now it's -- off the air conversation going on over here erratic LA and Callahan a meter hanging out. It'll be interesting interesting we didn't a lot of football stuff but last night was an absolute disaster. I was one of the suckers who tuned in and I bought into the spoiler crap that they went to new York and they'd given. -- two more craps. Let's go one on their buckled got lit up and they gave via. -- two guys who started here in the major leagues in that a lot of pick up their doors blown off. Buy a home run that's their new York and shame on me for watt should be you know what -- back tonight come back tomorrow the playoffs troubles steer the -- soccer ball that the Yankees will -- wouldn't. I'm a -- for me just -- knife in your hire some unlike a lot for punishment -- You look at that line up gold against CC sabathia forget boats -- you know I mean. He got a team like Baltimore they called some young kids in the years that some a little bit of excitement that some players did that are OK and they just. Paralegal play good baseball owning a rule in the Red Sox season last year. This team here when you look at it and say come on me or against CC there isn't a patient hitter among them. Any of them mean now -- -- their real seductive just whacking away even a boy I love Cody Ross -- second most -- guys that -- clear somebody one pitch and are we struggling. H one -- in the area it's about it's a couple of hits. -- give -- a lot of pro quickly let you give me your reaction an argument line up and tell me what one word reaction would have been if you were somebody in the Baltimore front office. Syria Rocco -- Ross Gomez -- -- way Saltalamacchia. Valencia. -- not Jeremy -- chase one land. Iglesias at shortstop -- through Baltimore won't want. You know really rains come it's easy to sell bottles are all yearlong Baltimore Orioles think they got the -- -- oil and last year. Needle what do you want out there. Yeah they are they holding guys back. Jacoby Ellsbury big health field you know what the hell's going on there Jacoby Ellsbury a couple of games and we're -- some of Bobby to comment but. Perry Dustin Pedroia is -- this is what they got this is yet. If -- you pissed off the Clay Buchholz. Is the got a one up there and to the ball pretty well after his. Awful what first six games in nine ERA. He goes up in did you biggest stinker of the year is we're start is immediately career yeah -- I look at this lineup -- legacy issue without you want. Clay Buchholz goes up gives you an inning two thirds and eight earned runs that he should be pissed off about the epic stuff what a lot of Bobby put up there this one individual. It's it's a barrister I mean look at that lineup right now. This new image come out and say it is still at the that your young kids out there -- and don't try to -- out -- and embarrass themselves part of all these people that it does meet some to New York Yankees people are watching still. -- -- -- -- -- That line up. They got their last night in a four home runs in the days when they went nuts and I stuck around for cassettes. Well we do here I thought maybe a little bit of a spark here this week. But the Valentine in the impending departure and firing a Bobby Valentine. But this team play in the Yankees it took a hit appeared to final Pedroia has the finger revulsion part of the game he's done for the year so it's -- is out of -- -- sort of scrambling. But it was still disappointing twelve million dollar line. We need vs almighty dollar -- of 150 some of their salary -- pick a player to more -- who fall million dollar five yankees -- aboard the Red Sox this year and the Yankee line at Red Sox lineup card when you look at the first spark -- only have left and I thought maybe just maybe your next couple nights they give you something and the wrap your head around heading to the offseason played down it was it was a laid out of Baltimore and debacle to the service back to back lay down pitchers and a 787 miles now rate on the middle. Get the ball thrown get the ball thrown get the ball thrown I'm sure Remy -- -- these quick last let me give back they'll -- watch TV. But it was that a bad able see these next couple like his. -- should realize that like you know. He's -- next year get a salary. Some what's gonna wanna have to pay of some kind of money. And -- can go up there with this attitude like I don't care given to -- they used to throw 96 there one point. At a ball authority 790 miles now whenever you go to the ball a ball park does he realize that people are actually watching him and it was gonna have to -- hire him and pay him next year. -- is losing money. BP just went quietly. You know into the set -- role and didn't have a CRA just actually ballooned to over five words -- so last month five point 36 of you realize of people look at him about the goal you know the trade this guy because he's the offseason because he can close he can start may be in long relief into a lot of things. Now if you watch him -- huddle I want him for. You know I need you know what's in home right you know that he's just lost his mind and he hates his manager he hates the situation need to be near any. Go through the motions but someone -- gonna pay this guy. He's -- money. The addition of service to some team will be part of the offseason. The other parts can that the Red Sox do with their roster and Eric -- questions will spend the entire next couple months here picking through the different issues one issue that always seems to be here is David Ortiz. David Ortiz in New York final couple days of the year. Starts chirping about his contract and he sat down -- rob Bradford and others and talked about this all see how this offseason is going to be different. That last offseason 2000 letter was offered salary cover treatment -- -- Like. -- -- -- -- We. Pretty much what I know. Play. The bottom line minutes. There's gonna be different this year. You know. Okay. And up running going into the good thing that I have been going through the best over you know season. So we'll hopefully. We don't want to go there anymore. And up to David Ortiz what happens this year how it goes down marry -- do -- -- wants. Mean the reality is nothing is gonna change and I know he he makes the for -- the point that you know. There -- decision makers last year right Theo is -- gone the manager it was influx right I mean bench Harrington was the GM and maybe that's a reason why -- took some time to get this thing straightened out the reason why it went down the road that it did. But I don't think honestly I don't ticket he's gonna change your destiny. Is up there yet as a pair -- you can refuse coverage ration. -- I'm not to make thirteen and a half million dollars. I'm going to be freeagent. Yeah and there's any chance in -- David Ortiz would turn down the chance to make thirteen million dollars guaranteed three season at 37 years old in November. The Boston Red Sox yes. Why would he do that lie in your world mainly due to estimate there's a chance you're asking me I think that it's mark or anything else but yeah I think there's a chance. Because last offseason. I think you went through this process and said -- I'll go to arbitration. Well except that it won't get that far get a two year deal. And at the end to be realized he had a one year deal Dingell we want we all know that he wasn't happy even though it was a fourteen and a half million dollar salary which is pretty damn good you know we want a two year deal that 2530 range whatever was eating get a and -- this offseason. Is it about money uses it personal with him I mean yeah all these things -- gonna play you know play into -- I think. He's gonna sit there and say he's he's an emotional guy. You know and I would be shocked one bit because agent now I'm not I'm not accepted -- I Castro. And gigabyte hard headed goal but how does the -- look at David Ortiz go find it'll do what you wanna do -- listen all the age 37 -- there TH American League are now out landing spot for David Ortiz. -- being absolutely. -- to turn down that thirteen million dollar operation -- his present the case. And tell him give him would his opinion is. Or give -- advice on what David should do after that it's a that a player. You know it's up it's up -- players so. If he doesn't want accepted because it gets personal with him he has accepted. Not only find a two year 25 million dollar deal out there I'm not so shore -- You might buy a two year deal with federal won an option. But I don't think it's going to be for you on average of thirteen 1415 million per year. He talked about this in the process of trying to get a new contract every year as a DH for the Boston. There's two different things one. I got to come here every year. And try to do something just click here to announce. But I don't think I have to prove myself and more money -- -- So. What damage in the -- Right. -- -- -- you know examine. And -- put -- -- that I am the problem. When -- -- To go on there. I don't think it -- points to as the problem. I just don't get the disrespect any guaranteed twelve million dollars backed up by potentially. I guarantee thirteen million dollars there's no way the Red Sox offered him two years and 25 million dollars last year correctly all the same page okay. That's it to audience at spaghetti -- Red Sox offer arbitration. So they get something to be signed some moral T except in. -- essentially get two years and 25 million bucks almost two years and 26. On the Red Sox these past two years. Bad thing what what am I missing here you're so disrespect the key get turned out what I think is. More than your worth right now thirteen million dollars for one year deal -- -- -- -- well right now. It's more than his worth -- -- with this team and I think you locked it up you bring him back -- too many question marks with this team in this offense. But unfortunately for David. I think he's right the last couple years when he's on the field. Is no question embodies performed at a very very high level but this once that a particular it's gonna. Caused the Red Sox -- knocked him a two year deal. Once that particular we'll talk about that stat and David Ortiz and a two year deal money -- Not surprise me. You know saying I mean you got voted no might -- I don't come back here and play here. -- If we walked into the -- situation that can change. You know it is. Demanded that I see there. Things are going to voters and we will let you and then I'm gonna kill myself book these things like that that important you -- -- -- -- -- That is David Ortiz talking about his contract situation yesterday it's not -- ID 37 WEEI clearly wants a two year deal. You're alluding to a stat heading into this last break cutie is gonna. Heard him in terms to get a two year deal here or -- that a point of Rio would be stupid to turn it down in a testament to appoint a Ray Allen took less money. Now for different reasons. What's still right you don't know what's gonna guys -- wide Graham take less money lead the Celtics go to Miami. Is something insight he can't be inside of a guy and in ninety different reasons but David -- and turn it down. This isn't like the situation here is almost a plane that gauntlet down now on the rats forget to get rid of the word almost he laid the gauntlet down yesterday -- if things go on a certain direction I. I probably won't be here now I've heard a lot of people say you know with. With the collapse of this team in this offense and with since David has gone down it's given him even more leverage to go into the offseason -- you -- with this team is like without David Ortiz. Not a great when you lose a guy that you know. -- what I would. There are two thirds of the season it's one you'll run point three home runs in 318 as the -- yes over thousand he Miguel Cabrera only two guys in baseball and have that. You would sit there and say yeah well he's got leverage in his -- value because she can't afford the loose is bad. When it comes down to a two year deal to me just ninety games. He's played ninety games that is the one stat is the reason why Q -- -- get a two year deal. Is that there's this is no question when he's on his movement a lot of question -- production when this guy plays he just hits. He just does even the years and always known nine when he really struggled out of the gate. -- we still came back 090 -- still came back in. Then I had great five month stretches right before that month stretches were Hewlett OK there it is not bat speed -- mechanics we talked about it back then. We don't feel he can hit. But if you're questioning whether you wanna give a two year deal to -- aging slugger 35 years old. You know who had a great -- at 309 point nine bombs almost a hundred stakes. What makes you think you wanna give a two year deal two with 36 year old DH who only played nineteen games. Result reproduces. The UN would you invest in -- long term or any kind of long term deal multi year deal it's about games played. To begin a discussion about Jacoby Ellsbury in the last two illustrious guys a plate how wanna give him seven years buck 44 that salaries on. And three David Ortiz it's a reason why the two year deal will be either. Because not because his production field this year is getting older and that Achilles is a problem. That's that's the once that ninety -- to disguise stay healthy and giving a buck 45. Official with thirty. To make EI incidents they -- -- keep waiting for this got to fall part hasn't happened yet but here's the first year really his body fell apart. I think that -- -- the injury itself is significant you know this was some sort of -- -- just be the Achilles as a significant injury doesn't have the surgery. Right but this is a lot of time I think we all admit he's a bigger guy not to call overweight. You he's not repeating pavilion. But he's a bigger guy that needs you take 3637. November you talking about he be 37 and 38. When he's playing out the two year contract. And not unfortunately I don't wanna pay for PR I don't wanna pay for what this guy's done in the past. And there's one text during the last couple of minutes here that that sums up that the opposite how I feel about this. -- calls me a a bleeping idiot talking about David Ortiz here not about his war it's about him being the face of our franchise and performing year -- year route. It's about security he deserves it. These bleak poll the last four years given out stupid -- contracts that people don't perform -- as well as him. He deserves two years that all in caps and followed by a period. Falling caps. I don't wanna -- David Ortiz the last two years. I gotta pay MO what I expect going forward you mentioned ninety games I'll mention Achilles all mentioned the age. I don't think he's worth two years and let's say 24 million box when he's -- for a year ago. Think one year at thirteen it is bad again I'm not him I'm not as agent. Oh I don't get is how he wouldn't be invested fully and and feel this respected. I guarantee thirteen million dollars for a one year deal the DH the Boston Red Sox. How is that disrespectful I wasn't there to ask these questions to David we had a model for talked about this. I don't get how the guaranteed money significant dollars -- a year is disrespectful verses two years what the Red Sox want for pure dollars. I mean I understand and nobody wants BO when you deal. You know it just doesn't happen Ameritech a few years back. Needing care -- when you dearly wanted to be able to come back for two years you want to sign a contract and over the next two years he be here in Boston. It worked out that we're at the mutual option in the picking it up when he was here two years. That I think -- -- David it's he just wants two more years from the from this team. The last off season I thought he should get a two year deal appellation given two years point five. Because split a 146 games -- -- indeed pick up the interleague games which on the -- he wasn't playing but still. Buck 46 and 390300. You needed that familiar line. And I still think you need him and familiar line is that now with the injury there there's some doubt on the gates that's it. Because -- I don't when's he gonna slow down. -- here in this for 45 years that David Ortiz has done that he can't catch up to an 88 mile hour fastball off -- years being here in this it hasn't happened yet. -- I don't think it's happened next year or the year after. I don't 3738 years always DH is not run around center field right field or playing third base is that designated hitter. In came in shape this year in better shape the -- we've seen a long time he ran hard this year played hard this year that we've seen. So trusting in shape physically. Cardiovascular -- he's fine. The -- killer -- the body at that age that was that different thing of the body breaking down the agent but again it's not a -- on that he's just infielder and outfielder designated hitter. He spent his whole career. To a 37 years all his body isn't taking on the damage it's somebody else has that played center for ten years. Well played right like Vladimir Guerrero. Right and then what the DH try to save his body. He -- DH. Defies position player goes to -- look at -- still got its in his early thirties are where repaired his body. Achilles' and issues of big big Fella than nine the game one year option one year an option in you throw you gotta get so many games later so many at bats that's a communique Q. Art we're gonna get your reaction to this type -- different elude -- 6177790852. All 3888. 5250. Repeat -- -- your phone calls we'll get your thoughts on Ortiz and a two year deal. But coming back will do little football Wes Welker wide receiver the patriots is gonna join us we'll talk about these first four games Wes Welker next.

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