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Patrick Chung, Patriots Safety, on the Patriots 52-28 victory over the Bills

Oct 1, 2012|

Patrick Chung, Patriots safety, joins Mut, Lou, and guest host Troy Brown to reflect on the Patriots blowout win over the Buffalo Bills. The guys discuss Brandon Spikes' hard hitting, first half adjustments, McCourty's improvement since last week, and big offensive play vs. defensive play.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On patriots Monday's Patrick Chung joins us here to -- a big win over buffalo Patrick much blue and Troy how are you meant. Order. I've Patrick just wondered at halftime -- -- some missed opportunities so maybe uncharacteristic fumble was it like in there have to with your team. Are moving this would have no we -- -- -- you know we're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In terms of the the second half of the atmosphere it seems like said the play that your teammate Brandon Spikes made they're going into the half Patrick seemed. Light a spark on the team creating a turn over like that would you agree that that was what the bigger plays in the game get that fumble inside the red zone. That's where he makes he makes it -- all Henry he's. He's definitely are being made plays when we need to be -- And what what were your thoughts. In the first -- there when. You guys just couldn't seem to get it together and and buffalo -- able to get some some -- that was the patriots a few guys and a and and had a test chemical when he won. It's his -- when he won the seven man. Well oh we -- got you Patrick. Yea I remember I couldn't hear your quick you know -- How hazardous destroyed. Brown. I'm good man now it's -- -- -- -- on the first definite game yesterday and and are you guys just didn't seem to get it together on really either side of the ball. And just were making just too many small errors than it did admit buffalo didn't get much chance to go when he went to seven. Yeah I -- leg up so fast so we did you know we. We practice backed off that fast start and they're very well the scene but it didn't it -- force but it was partly genetic outside called -- about it. Got compose an excuse to respect. That -- recorders and of Fargo criticism last year last week with the fourth quarter play it's a big big drives panel pass interference calls me and big game yesterday. Heated talk to the media afterwards put. How good is -- for young quarterback in this -- yet is that he's still young corner to corner that have a game. I mean. As for the same parity -- is a great player you make played -- way to -- they would get a big play everybody -- straighter simply because so. He -- opportunities to develop this place. We talked till Friday about the he's running backs Spiller Fred Jackson and Tashard Choice you said there were all pretty good was -- -- surprise at all Patrick all three. Our post guys played -- Spiller went down hard last week -- all three of these guys part of a buffalo office yesterday. I mean they're up you know I give our hats off to America all real guys they -- on our -- at different -- bottom -- they. You know make inroads in for defense you also. And -- their career. Re created much at all from their good -- so I thought. I think about it and -- there's some of those big plays that. Buffalo they've been here and you guys in the passing game I think it was Jones might become another -- I'll have -- I'm sure bill talked about that and have examining you -- come back out. What we thank him at that big play from dollars and. Ought to get back on track if you watch what they'll do after. -- terms of watching the film go one ahead this week -- you'll start to look ahead of me you talk all the time about the quarterbacks you face in this league. I you face one yesterday arrived Fitzpatrick did you know he throws touchdowns -- -- -- -- but he also turns the ball over is that kind of a -- in focus going in that. Why if it's natural -- the ball up towards defensive backs in the UN DeVon and and -- bond. Got to be aware but guys wanna throw it towards defenders. Are you the very confident quarterback because you can make -- saw me when you know opportunity to take that was. We practice every situation is -- so open although there. I mean get a chance to get so it's -- you know that you're just that much dirtier as the receiver. We are Ray Lewis talking about going against Tom Brady's is that just natural next week. You guys -- against a guy and Peyton Manning who looked pretty sharp yesterday against Oakland. At the same approach to the respect -- that Brady up against meaning your defense up against Peyton Manning always need to make adjustments. Are definitely is a game yet the US BC gave -- this is a place you know always very -- very clearly got -- -- that we get this. Operate it like it might get up every part of flight -- solo. Last month for me you know you go to that game yesterday you're down a couple of touchdowns in the third quarter by the beginning of the fourth quarter patch or whether you noticed it or not. The fans are -- there in buffalo in that the span of a quarter he went from down fourteen up about 21. Did you notice the air come out of that building yesterday good crowd early and then leaving by the -- fourth quarter. Yeah I mean it's it's still it would Gary got you -- you know it is that'll replace it definitely looked better. -- -- -- -- -- -- Peyton Manning at Denver come to town this weekend he's Patrick Chung patriots AB Patrick appreciate as always we'll talk to you next week that -- better. -- is Patrick Chung joining us up on the AT&T hotline and we we get a lot of reaction from you.

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