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Michael Silverman, Boston Herald, Joins Mustard and Johnson to Discuss the Huge Red Sox/Dodgers Deal

Aug 25, 2012|

Craig and Larry are joined by Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald on the morning that the Sox blew it up. Silverman has been a major reporter of the details of the deal since its inception. He gets into the major components, the future of the Sox, and if this means that the Sox will try to re-sign Ortiz and Ellsbury. Also, are the Red Sox done dealing?!

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Mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WE TI would get back to those telephone calls is we continued to dissect and analyze the quote unquote blockbuster deal maybe the blockbuster deal for the ages according to Michael Silverman and others. It is completed. You'll see Adrian Gonzales. The next obvious the baseball field along with Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett in a dodger uniform here to discuss that is mr. Silverman good morning Michael. The morning aren't aren't pretty gut and you know what people are kind of hedging their stories were on the verge. An agreement in principle you're much more definitive in your -- you say the deal is absolutely done. Yeah I mean we don't have they are actually some merit club desperately I haven't checked lately. I think we'll have a throughout the later on today and I mean as they cleared the medical. Broke into the final from the medical. Review the record saying it just second call -- for -- agree to betrayed. And that routine to have agreed on the prospects. And the amount of money it's exchanging here. Let me ask you this. When this thing first surfaced yesterday. A lot of people -- that's interest staying but it's never going to happen the percentages were low that even -- Alice going to. The Dodgers much less Beckett in Crawford also. Being shipped out 3000 miles west are you surprised. At the dimensions of this deal. Absolutely that -- and -- them. Basically -- this is an historic. Land deal I mean we're talking a quarter billion dollars at the from pop floating out there -- books -- a -- -- -- especially the Red -- And and given that the magnitude of the name towards the -- -- technically think now I think. -- property still. Fortunate for it and kind of a question Mark -- last season. Aspect it is no longer superstar that aren't -- -- -- in all of the factors. Armed. After the -- the field so. They take a while by the time that kind of reached the public's side opposite the that this have been Scott. -- under wraps pretty successfully. And I say. By both teams but the very end and -- is nearly complete. Michael for a deal of this magnitude to take place. It's obvious that both teams. Wanted it. In needed to happen why. Well the Dodgers I mean that's I think it's easier to understand from the Red Sox. Perspective because. I got opportunity get rid of you know finger on so our sole body cast -- them well every year and they are out. You know in street in pre season. -- that they need for an overhaul which pretty apparent. And then you accept and with with that -- you have a brand -- sort of owners. Trying to make a market splash in their own territory. Where they're competing against. The it'll locked into the Angels and I think that I'm not a two hole and having making big deal and they treat themselves. This is their opportunities and strike. So is -- -- -- I mean it could -- represent. You know an understandable draw. Attacked -- Diego -- when -- can perhaps help with the Hispanic. Interest level the team. Perhaps. And also get in the here and have a good they have some very good young players who may not. Opportunities from now for -- Crawford -- Josh Beckett in the mix. I mean for the Red Sox they let him get the way these guys if they hit the starter or to take them. So. Immediately clear win for the Red Sox a question will winning for the Dodgers but that's so map for them. Money sure. It's taken on and I think from baseball perspective. He can argue with exceptional Gonzales with situations. Banking for the long term future with Josh Beckett. And it's a lesser extent of proper. Let me ask you this Michael -- we understand how desperate the Dodgers are there in the middle of a race up in the NL west and Gonzales move on and off the field -- a perfect fit for them. Is bench Arrington now in control of this baseball operation was he the guy behind this -- this come from elsewhere from the Red Sox perspective. Well we get -- panic. Unveiled the -- -- that straightened find out who approach and first but I I see I sense that there at the very much. Insurance and acting. With full confidence in support of that the owners sewer is spot but after all and I think day. -- that they understand the financial logic. That and are willing you know what it's become official and that starts where they're. And we can't think -- -- -- How they acknowledge that and how much you know our ability to date -- for what happened in the game and I think you can -- -- -- -- comments about -- -- -- -- -- the last -- years. -- -- signing and now we have a chance to start fresh start all over. I'm I think insurance and acting very much in accordance with the philosophies and the new perspective yeah that the owners. What does this deal. Means. To David Ortiz. Pillsbury and Valentine. Do you think it will affect your future and how. Well. Pick one that -- I think balance kind. I think for her now. You know I think there's some that figure within the immediate sort of about what this means for them whether they're disconnect continue to make changes -- -- that. I thought the -- conference he got. Combined with you know getting the pitching coach you want it and -- also they traded a player it was not on that Kelly Shoppach. I'm excited that the event he has the support of the owners for now and you know they've had these -- -- the end of the season. You know that course leave open ended whether they're gonna reevaluate that but I think in many ways -- -- -- -- like -- -- gonna -- -- announcement. -- start a fresh start with the team that we relate to each with injuries all year plan that I'm I'm. I'm slightly leaning towards the end sticking around for not being here concerned about the second year but so much can change. I'm not so sure. Let me ask him about it I don't -- Ortiz and -- just -- that they would about time for second. Did you believe that Valentine was gonna survive before this trade was done. Sure a year -- yeah. -- -- in the right into the year that's -- -- like yeah I think that they get in its -- the end of the year. And then it's like all of that's rock at broken could you kind of alternate at eight. Look at the Red Sox and not you know. Totally replaced the injured like it did additional. So a lot they would replace. You know how old the Atlantic. I think they apparently got the -- they -- it as soon to try and I think that's a I would I would in the offseason and now we're. All that Rafa whether count I'd be part of that. -- -- Bobby Valentine year you probably have reason to cheer along with many Red Sox fans because now perhaps. You have an opportunity to prove yourself. We're all the the malcontents out of the way in the guys are under perform. Yeah I think he's got. More control and perhaps some players. You know that that's the other thing -- guys like that and -- and they repeat the potential to get time. Now feel about that though wouldn't they feel about the future of the pica and -- suddenly facing -- three year rebuilding project or. How are the owner is gonna tell the players like look we're we're not gonna to sit on the money in the -- -- gonna. Think right back into other contracts. You know that -- that -- -- while. Let's start about Ortiz and Ellsbury for a minute. What does this -- how old is people say well they clear it all this money off the parks. Now they can definitely sign Ortiz and in re sign Ellsbury if they want I do you think his -- -- -- possibly affects. The a futures. You know what I think we're keys -- the looking for multiyear deal and it was good production here. You know I think they're pretty good position and what's it for him he got hurt. And you know that's the concern of the Red Sox that it is you know at -- -- hit -- out -- out there up long term but I think. You know it might via rocket scientist. For the Red Sox. To I would think that they would be leaning -- some -- cooler maybe a three year deal again there's a lot there's a lot to. If you and by now. He's whether he's still remember it was so unity that last year when you think it's what they are the only roundup. You know accepting arbitration and you know getting -- quite a bit of money. So -- -- -- Do you think they're keep -- It it hit an -- stroke you know rocket Sports Radio but I don't -- that kind of thing. I just talked to -- -- The public. Look at the goal is -- go in certainly he's not making a great case were herself on the field this year but those who foresee Jacoby Ellsbury. Being with a team for a lot of years always believed abroad would never let that happen of course he has to go out in the open market you'd never re up with the team while you're still playing for that team. But that does the future seem a little bit writer for Jacoby Ellsbury in Boston after this deal. Yeah I think I think the Red Sox can. Attempt -- persuade you know program I think they're -- prevent them from reaching free agency. And hopefully you know they'll -- signed through him. Well before camp whether they would be successful or not but you know force usually keep that has that since. It does -- that we're now hearing. Whispers are indications that you know there are -- to be -- since -- also. On a court here a couple client met him making that is that a viable option I'm athlete plays the game and so. I think we have a lot to play out in Jacoby they're not. Like it's it's such -- that looked a little less than four hours after the straight went down. And you realize the magnitude of what kind of moved there without captain makes north took so we'll all agree thousand Beckett and Crawford and yet he's in the -- so that you know that they -- -- what would happen it betrayed Jacoby Ellsbury. What I -- not part of their future I mean you're talking about that significant trade. They and maybe that's part of the puzzle we just don't know. Michael you don't always puzzled me and -- we've got some outstanding. Beat writers in this town but most of a controversial stories that were breaking. Were coming from national reporters like Rosenthal only. Jeff pace and they put people like that. Why was is it that to you know do guys just went to wait and trying to. Source that they couldn't be connected to or do you have any opinion on that. Well no. -- definite opinions machinators. There are a lot of really good and talented baseball reporters. To mom who worked in the business and they they explode in around the base of Red Sox. -- quite frequently. And they've been around for a long and not only can present all done in. Captain you know they have contact they understand that whether or are there working at. And well and you know. You know I I -- them and talk about how the -- beat reporters you know they knew of that and you know they've just been afraid to report it. And I don't I hope they're not the case. Whether or why we didn't get some stories and for national or. Did I think that sometimes. A reluctant from certain sources that in the Red Sox to single out certain outlet in Boston. Not all the time so that's -- they'd rather make it easier this go from the national debate he'll come. Oh well that makes that we asked a little bit about Gonzales and is certainly. A variety of opinions about him we we understand he's. Consummate professional hitter terrific first baseman. Pop but was he eight problem spot in the club -- in a problem. In a cot and the contributor to this -- rotten culture there was the Red Sox from last year so. Well. I don't know about a problem but he wasn't a good fit I'm I don't think you ever entirely. Comfortable here I think he's sort of -- if you lay by his surround it not a leader. And you know -- that -- there were some. You know there is some bad reports that the from bandaged up. And the first period -- and keep quiet. Is that kind of respectful veteran and been affecting here I think that the seat and so you know worse and it went south. I think is is that he would. Kind of went there as well I think he was dismayed by some of the soap opera tendencies. If that's the part of the daily life of being in the rats like universal. From the -- probably say you surely don't you think it's a bit. It's big culture shock and I don't think he ever really felt comfortable in its clear -- it's comments. In the middle of the season that he was so. Not happy here. You know we got it to the court course and -- me. It. Beckett obviously leaving did a lot in terms of helping the reds -- won a World Series. What is who is Josh Beckett I mean you just the guy's been ripped all year. A couple of stories went on that probably he dessert but you're with the team all the time. Is he was he really a bad guy because I never got that impression. I would handle let -- -- others spark that person that I just kind of it is very contrary and very stubborn. -- really give a crap about what what people think about her about that the persona. In the end he's. Almost it's a bad fit for her for a spot where you know -- decided. You know it it's kind of not. Not the kind of guy right here in the present unlikable. Guy I don't think it necessarily the really bad guys that it's. You know lots of experience here at ill at and that a lot of -- and sisters. Do it this stuff the ministers' concerns attitude that's as well. I think that's kind of what happened here and getting some of that other. Our characters that he would hang. Out front -- -- in the situation. And I keep using that word -- -- our. Last question to of from me on this trade. Was this also were shot across the -- on the ownership to the players. Spent a lot of money the payroll is ridiculous. And we're not satisfied with the performance. And if you don't wanna be here will do everything we can to a comedy you. It is that's a legitimate. Our take on the what does that -- John -- won't be buying them headphones. So I don't know I think there's still pretty. -- owners approved -- litany of players and they always will be aren't. During their complaints and responded to them and I think there's a lot of players back up such -- probably. Understands that. As at something that was needed and -- state that there's no way to opposite you know Matt. That anywhere in the clubhouse thinks it's certificates situationally -- spent the entire season and I think they should -- What is straight represent. That it's definitely not -- -- the -- went just a reminder to hate the and where that you know -- -- the -- -- government but let you know it's not like a -- that. I thought they represent the owner so it's great for the fans and I think I thought I -- that. So Michael what happens give us a little time frame here when you think they'll actually make the announcement and things will be come. Completely official. -- I'd say no later than tomorrow -- probably today. Sometimes I really heard exactly they don't announcement to announce that I would think it has that. I think will be a lot of elements and sort sometimes. This afternoon and -- just pick up on -- -- it. While -- appreciate your insights and you're great reporting and we'll catch down the line thanks a lot thanks a lot Michael yep thanks for coming on Michael I know you're very busy thank you very much Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald right here on Sports Radio W yeah I.

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