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The Red Sox blow the lead 3 times and lose to the Angels 14-13 in 10 innings

Aug 24, 2012|

Dale Arnold and Meter open the show talking about last night’s crazy Red Sox game which ended in another loss for the Sox. Was this the most gut-wrenching loss of the season? The guys also discuss a possible blockbuster deal between the Sox and Dodgers involving Adrian Gonzalez and most of the players not attending Johnny Pesky’s funeral.

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Do you think Bobby V years. Hoping for -- Hot start to the NFL season for the New England Patriots got yes hoping that tonight Tampa by against the Buccaneers things get off to a great start you'll see a lot of Tom Brady tonight. And see much -- so far so. Any album would be a lot I see it and bring it present for the rest they apartment maybe a rain delay for the rest they dial that he's gonna get a rain delay but at least he's got the patriots to take some of the attention some of the pressure off that might -- In a season full of unbelievably frustrating losses that now takes the cake -- Clearly. On -- -- -- that's the word to use to describe him. Like I drive it to Olympic and let's see how many bad losses as the steam that yankees won was always that the one for me you know they gave up all the veterans in the -- and I thought the same thing Olympic and wait a minute. This has to be right. There at number 16 up lead right out of the gate of feeling good about itself he kicked out away. Different times you have leads in the game your your closer. -- quotation fingers your closer. It's gotten -- Italy in the ninth and again in the tan. He asked the question was back in the tenth two witnesses that I've seen it's awful detail is just awful and like when they're down six or when -- when they. Have a six nothing lead. Flip it around on -- it'd safe. Let's. Whether -- sixty golf would you usually god you're -- -- out of the Kardashians not now. Another -- you cannot turn away at its its its its so bad. It's almost like it's it's shot and thrown at the moment. It's it's brutal. The the all time leader in the clubhouse had been the Joseph Kerrigan's. That was that was the low point of my Red Sox liked. That was the worst I could remember. Non that the back -- this night paying them play them management. Everything that was as bad as it is I can remember. And I've always said that you know it would be hard to catch that. -- might have caught on and off the 2100. Times -- have you heard that this team is unlikable. I'll locked hear it every day gap. Every -- and shore I just listened to the the replay of Larry who was on yesterday -- -- yesterday as well. You get the sense he's starting to understand it he talked about people leaving the ballpark early. I and and -- Qaeda I think as well a little field now may -- before didn't have a war. -- of people don't like this team -- like these players they don't like his manager they don't like this ownership. They don't like about this team and guys that they use the light. They out don't like I Dustin Pedroia is at topple -- I think as the like a lot. And don't likening the others -- one guy on this team with a Red Sox to trade or they traded -- Dustin Pedroia in the offseason. I don't think there'd be that much gnashing of -- Eddie shack up with his buckles. Where where fans might get upset they traded Buchholz at this point and young guys you know wanna trade middle Brooks who's hurt so he's kind of off the blame hooked on but but for the most part. There is nobody. There's this delicious story out of Los Angeles. It was hoping to get this there's this great story about about the possibility of the Los Angeles Dodgers trading for Adrian Gonzales but wait. It's it's like the second set of Gibson knives wait there's all our. According to the priests in Los Angeles the Dodgers would require you ready for this. April April solace. Carl Crawford he of the just completed successful Tommy John surgery and Josh Beckett. Every issue on every bets that the factories a lot of issues that this team -- And the doctor Kamal Kamal hey Magic Johnson baby. Publish those first purse strings this is so. Appetizing but so unbelievable and it's -- -- it can't and won't happen this apiece in the LA times. Written by Steve build back. And and what east pocket now I'll add this to them too little information pie here. Don't get too excited about peace and give -- This happens all the time. Of the Red Sox put Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzales on on waivers. Trade here in the last four of 36 hours. I say don't get too excited because virtually everybody in baseball it put on trade waivers in the month of August palace -- many -- -- And they were in some Arctic. Here's the deal you get placed on trade waivers. If no one puts a claim in a waiver claim and Hewitt and free to deal those guys. And the reason this matters is that you have to be a team's roster on September 1 to be eligible for playoffs. So you get some traits that are made during the month of August. After clear waivers first Yucatan and let's just use the Dodgers. Trade these guys to the Dodgers if they cleared waivers you can come up with a deal sure you -- trade and of the Dodgers. They would then be playoff eligible for the Dodgers assuming the Dodgers are a playoff team come October. If the team put the plane and on let's say Adrian Gonzales 99 times out of 100 what happens is typical player back off waivers. And you just say okay we changed mine where were pulling him back off waivers and he stays with your organization. These two guys were placed on trade as far as I know Carl Crawford was not included he may have been placed on trade -- prior to this. I wouldn't be a bit surprised as -- -- -- you know. So. But the LA times piece this talking about the Dodgers ethnic about the -- the Dodgers would be taking on. Adrian Gonzales Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford at the -- in the LA times pieces that. If you're the Red Sox the only way you'd trade Gonzales is that the Dodgers would have to be willing to take on some contracts you wanna get -- So I think it in the darkness there it kind of makes some sense here that does. I just can't for the life of me picture of the Dodgers taking on all that money. Taking on a guy who incur in Crawford's case probably won't be ready to play for you and tell. Maybe may maybe. Many jobs in -- in inspect its case early have to be to the Texas Rangers although that's the one makes the most which at that set -- offices and but that is absolutely had to -- it's a good idea I think you're exactly right but. -- necessarily negate this and here's the here's why it's not quick math sprint it's not -- from college. 268. Million dollars would be involved in this trade going. To the LA Dodgers. So -- our company that's sitting this is the only premise of the deal yet now you now you would legitimately sensible with the Red Sox -- getting in return Hanley Ramirez which is the first -- -- tennis. That the premise of this piece is that the Dodgers would be giving the Red Sox. Some of their top prospects that's which could be dealing for you'd be giving up Adrian Gonzales was pretty good about it. Josh Beckett who you'd like the red Evan Carl Crawford you'd be willing to get rid of and you beginning prospects in return according to the premise of this deal. You'd be getting guys like yeah ruby Villaraigosa. Alan Webster Jerry sands I know those names don't mean much to -- that's what you're talking about. Did they mean a lot to baseball people not so much -- but James Loney I think Ross will be involved in the deal as well as you get a first baseman return alone is open. And battled and always it's off the field issues to do but. You know bill we love blockbuster deals -- and dialogue is more than anybody tested missiles blockbuster deal you picked a much bigger at the back to the Nomar Iraq rumors there was. Kinda similar but not as much money. It's just it's just on unstoppable amid an and is still back Wright's sound a little -- be a little too -- stats from -- Adrian Gonzales -- or maybe not so much and then you know. Problem it tries to come up with some scenarios but it waited too. The name Nomar Garciaparra. Is -- from California to Johnny Pesky -- I'm Nomar Garciaparra -- from his home in California. To be at church and -- scan them -- so that he can pay its final respects. I bring it up because of back to the point you made a few minutes ago -- about the unlike ability of this franchise. Then they might have actually pushed the envelope on like ability with what happened this -- and I I just listened to Larry few minutes ago talking about. You know how he wasn't disappointed -- the inside track quoted unnamed sources of the profits was disappointed how could they not -- They provided buses as Larry pointed out not just for play from the organization. Attend the funeral services. But only four players it's either way that their their way clear to make it now. David Ortiz frankly doesn't surprise me if he had a very close relationship with pesky I say this with respect good for David Ortiz. For getting in at 4 o'clock in the morning and being there as he felt he had today. Op Clay Buchholz surprises me a little just because I I didn't know that they had that type of relationship -- have for him. -- Saltalamacchia is a guy who more and more meter. It's beginning to look like a leader on this year's. The Jimmy Fund radio -- death. He's there you know Alaskan people front -- he and David Ortiz are on the -- and sat together. Talking about the Jimmy Fund radio -- something -- to capture honest in this for a second look like a leader here as does who doesn't who looks great and we talked yesterday. I was shocked that dissented Padilla. Was the fourth -- and good for him. I am I'm I say this again with respect good for Vicente Padilla who barely know. But felt that it was the right exactly yes according to what rob Bradford wrote on WEEI dot com last night. David Ortiz urged his teammates to be. It would have been nice if maybe Bobby Valentine had urged his his players to be there. A few years ago. Would say about 20052006. Somewhere in that in that vicinity I'm sorry I can't tell you the exact year. The Red Sox family lost a person who none of you would know the name of -- I didn't know the name up he was. He was the cook but the Boston Red Sox and there was a tragic accident. In which via. A lawful parking garage Hughes and -- tragically. Killed in an accident -- Terry Francona and virtually the entire Red Sox team. I attended. To the the services in West Roxbury. This services for this young man he was a young person 2526. Point seven somewhere in there. Was the that they have a shaft they've been that the Red Sox have a a team -- a guy who you know cooks for the team every day and date. Felt it important and necessary to -- to services. Terry Francona was there. My guess is Terry Francona told his team you know what we need to do this we need to be in no uncertain terms probable. I don't know whether Bobby Valentine did the same and Bobby Valentine a little touchy about yesterday. Talking about it he found it he he wide orally for players that Johnny Pesky services. -- a lot of things yesterday -- was a little he's he's losing it and it does feel that way doesn't its costs yeah simple innocuous question like what's your rotation for the weekend. Yet it we're gonna get to that a moment -- -- -- his response first about the player's absence during pressed his funeral. And I think it's very insulting to the Stanley the pesky Stanley for people to. Be thinking then an organization that loved him so much did anything other than the right thing. That's my answer to that. A body it's not an answer it's not an answer the player should have been there the should have been more than four. I wanna put a number on it. I would say overwhelmingly. On the majority should have been there dale. Absolutely and and some of -- more disappointing and others -- com and needless to say Carl Crawford. Probably wasn't going to be there. They had a big meeting on Monday to go over medical stuff and decide about Tommy John surgery he theoretically could of them probably didn't even know. Johnny Pesky all that while by the time Crawford arrived. You know pesky really didn't have much to do with the -- day operation of the baseball team. Dustin Pedroia is very disappointing extremely it is off. And I didn't he -- did you -- anything about why he wasn't there. Well and and supposedly. One of the things I've heard is that his wife we do know his wife is pregnant. And that they had a previously schedules. Some sort of appointment now. You can understand you don't have a whole lot of off days you schedule these things at a time your wife's gonna go see the doctor about the pregnancy that she's in the middle of them. And you feel it's important to be there with her and I understand that completely really deal -- -- -- if if that's indeed what his reason -- as well. Am I I've I probably would be willing to give a passes disappointed as I've as I am but he wasn't there. It's hard for me to believe that 212223. Guys all had excuses that they couldn't get out of it panel that they were that to. That should do from the excused department where they're from David Ortiz to Jimmy do we have this also -- Ortiz. On his decision to attend a while others didn't. The question why the I know I can tell you I show. I had a friend that -- away. -- shortened simple. He he didn't wanna get into why. Other guys didn't show lot but needed wanna talk about why he did -- -- up here's the response should everyone have done. -- Are -- an army in. Probably it probably was with the best thing to do good Democrats say two ID. His opinion and things to do. You know and and and and and nobody caught it. We shouldn't issues that. But shouldn't we -- and so. I haven't hopefully. It -- are making a big deal about it. No it on me that I know you need to continue playing and and folks invented his own days you can go to the player. I think it I think it is a big deal and I talked to some yesterday thought it wasn't -- I think it is rarely is there were people assessed -- yes I talked to a few people that just friends of mine who said while I was at such a big deal are you guys spend so much time on. If if you know Johnny Pesky even just on the periphery dale you knew that he was -- of the classes does in this organization's history. And no enemies in this world that I know of and was one of the in most reverential figures in baseball so why would -- find the time to go pay your respects. It's. It's hard to imagine given that it was an off day that you couldn't have found the time and and I am -- in that group who thinks it it probably is an indication of and character issues that you feel the Toobin sensing all summer long are are an issue with this team. You have felt as the summer has gone on. That this as you pointed out -- not a likable group -- there's there's a lot of reasons why you don't like this team there's a lot of reasons why. You're upset and disappointed with his team. Doesn't it just sort of add to the list every time I think that they've gotten to them to the lowest point. Something else happens that sinks and even lower. It's -- it is it that's up kind of chocolate it's it's it's laughable there really is how bad it has gotten -- you gripped Eric animate those -- the kind of -- for me anyway but. And Maloney always talks about how awful it was in the clubhouse -- Mike Lansing -- company but I'm guessing it's probably close right now. -- writes none of your business who goes to funerals you Richard I'm going to. Okay -- -- you're right it's it's not our business who goes to funerals. But I gotta tell you the truth here while some of those guys certainly had excuses and Pedroia has excused. May have been very valid other players may have had very valid excuses. More players should have shown up -- -- the -- is. Airedale for you and the rest of the organizational wasn't just for the players as Larry pointed noticed. But the bosses there if it's there at 1130. God forbid you get in the four. You're not used to getting six and a half seven hours sleep I understand it's a grind your -- idea. Just suck it up for for a date second cup -- -- kit can come home and take a nap. Find the time to do what you had to do whether it's errands or if you have an appointment I understand that up to cancel it if it's not something that's life threatening. Cancel it go to the funeral for two. What's the harm and. A whole bunch of people. We're disappointed a whole bunch of people express that on the radio station of the last couple of days. Some people like some of the friends you dealt with meter -- saying what do you care what differences that make this is a media created. -- storm well. Larry might have said that as well week or so ago when he talked about the media being at least partially to blame with what's going on here and I got Italian. The media didn't make them go or not though the media reported. That only four went. By the way as the little Bobby Valentine was not knowing that was arrested the -- I don't audience. I would've been I would not be a bit surprised if he wise. There was a report the inside track report was really about the the players who were there -- weren't there and by the way it's possible they don't have a complete account it is entirely possible that they missed somebody. You know some of these players are are relatively. Unknown they are in in that that was what we get to what Shaughnessy wrote about today but that was a very good calm despite the wall climbers said he thought this was overblown. Because Ryan Sweeney didn't know Johnny Pesky. And he pointedly -- probably don't tell the report uses an exam at probably a nominal that I did that but that I go to the -- -- example. Jarrod Saltalamacchia don't know how well he knew Johnny Pesky as a -- that long now. I -- it is just it it adds to the list of things. And it's it's the other reason why this whole season is going back to 2001 for me this is back to the future. This is as as unlikable a team from a fan's perspective as we can remember here in along time. And it's driven people crazy. Problem John and Gerry are not here today you probably thirty figured that out my name's Dale Arnold John need to Perot is here as well we're kind of filling in for these two guys who will be here throughout the day. A -- talked to Kirk Jim. Major League Baseball analyst at 8:20 this morning Mike Lombardi will help -- break down the NFL at 9:20 this morning. And this is the game if -- patriots fan this is the pre season game that matters this is the third one this is the one where you know. My guess is your starters are gonna play into the third quarter. Welker probably won't play. He was at practice yesterday in shorts and T shirt did not participate full pads practice. Indicating something is probably wrong with him physically so he probably won't play but for the most part you're gonna get see your guys tonight. As I look back on on the last home pre season game in the 27 guys who were sitting on the sidelines. At least one case my suggestion would be it was a correct call on the part of the head coach to keep his quarterback alive. Based on how -- offensive line played in the first one I had no problem that I need no problem at all do you what would -- level -- in the pre season or the regular season -- that's a tough question we'll take a very quick 92 break we will get the calls would you guys on the other side and and helped give the numbers to the line dirty field will get to just couple minutes. It's that dale and meter in for John Jerry Sports Radio WB.

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