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Planet Mikey: Uri Berenguer and Kay Murcer

Aug 23, 2012|

After he was informed that he may not be able to have children, Red Sox Spanish Broadcaster Uri Berenguer talks about his time as a patient at Dana-Farber and expresses the joy of beating the odds and having a happy and healthy child. Following Uri, the guys spoke with Kay Murcer, widow of the late Yankees outfielder and broadcaster Bobby Murcer. She talks about her husband’s battle with cancer and current local connection to The Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber.

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Like from Fenway Park. It's the eleventh annual Jimmy Fund radio telethon and we have we've had quite today we recorded 22 day period is always have a lot of amazing work being done by volunteers of people from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. People all over the ballpark that worked for the Red Sox people all over new wing blend. Raising money to people mining the man by the phone banks on here -- people volunteer their time. But some believe the cause and we -- just hope you can you know volunteers some of your money. To be perfectly frank with you that's what it's all about raising money so get on the phone right now 8777381. To report joke stick Leodis it would be. I in the studio at Fenway Park. And Joseph this gentleman to your left is a guy who fits right in to exactly what we're talking about here my -- years -- -- your. Well you're he's been whether it's for many many years on the radio comments for that sixteen years as a Jimmy Fund patient and that -- What twelve years Spanish broadcaster. -- that it -- out. And I you don't. All right my guys who have good man are you guys wanna see you guys are beautiful little boy he's awesome duo of Annan doing that's so really -- -- image that. Plus I think that that's when Logan that. You know it's that you look at some like -- -- the birth of views on which for anybody and anybody that the birth of their child is just a huge momentous occasion does matter what you accomplish in life. When you have that baby you know it becomes the biggest thing that ever happened to you. But put yourself back in time when you were dealing with cancer and then look forward to with -- what you were you are now with your -- it's got to be just like the greatest story. It's actually phenomenon mean that's actually one of them. One of the big medical I mean this on so many miracles that have experienced. Through the Jimmy Fund in and of my life. I mean one of the one of the yes side effects that that they weren't sure about the one that in north felt if I was gonna be -- it would have been as another in a thousand it would have kids. And down because of all the other radiation all the other experimental drugs that I tokens I had to that to take over rise sixteen years treatment. But sure enough there's Logan and you know what I can only look -- and think back in and have those conversations with my mom and in my dad and and I'm of the summer season with a while with the president I call my second mom and he Frazier. Everyone was scared they were afraid anything that was gonna have any offspring but -- Logan he's he's quite it quite intimate. Beautiful kid I -- and their mother showed me of ram and a it's just a great that's a great extension. Of the good news that is your story here in and your involvement with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Naturally make your when he was that plug -- all the the patient was any different. Not much it was a wise guy -- volatility and but then you know he was. Stealing bases and hitting home runs. In the -- -- on the have been hit home runs and aren't that that the peace plan -- -- 26 basis that I did lead the league but if -- just don't read it edited out you know that's that's something I mean impress us to use that right now undermine the home run. So. You can make you make your -- -- make your own personal appeal right now to people based on your own story to get with it get -- right now in this final -- partner Jimmy -- radio telephone. You know and if I may mean but when I kept on saying that -- my broadcast. Was that I like to consider myself you know just just proof of one amazing work is done at the Jimmy Fund. And what amazing work as is done at the Dana Farber it's not it's just that Jimmy -- the Dana -- as a warming my mom was treated at the Dana -- route to get the Jimmy Fund. It's it's a wonderful place it's it's an amazing place for miracles do happen and and I know that I've benefited from it I think I'd wanna what you wanna be in this official on position to be able to give back. And how can you not challenged him want to just give just and a little bit and you little bit every bit a little bit helps his cue from Panama who had no hope when he was two years old. 130 euros though you thirty years old now and having a wonderful life things to the Jimmy Fund. And you got Logan to prove how wonderful you lightness and -- goes back there -- many times a year. Thanks series for coming by your good guy we know we don't you know we've we've noticed or what time we like here and every single year is every -- is by it's a testament to work they've done the work you've done to correct the problem I think you guys thank you. -- is the Spanish broadcast for the Red Sox has been for now how many years -- 12. Don't says that when he was eighteen -- say you know it's as a Red -- Spanish broadcaster you know. Charles salute she is a guy I've -- -- -- billion ties ballpark year after year you come through for -- big time and every as ahead as security for the it. All part. Good to see you Mike how are you -- job that the good thing Q and also we go to New York. Yeah but we need a lot of security. I did beat yeah it aren't you can always use extra help born in New York. Well you're a good guy it's good to see I know that you everywhere you're you do something you go out there -- you take up a collection and use whatever manner you can't collect as much you -- -- when you come up with for the Dana Farber cancer. -- -- like is they might every year we we passed that Iraq would do the same this year between our game day staff last night tonight to security department. Raise the an amount of 1346. Dollars that I like to get you on behalf of the Jimmy Fund. And again actually to recognize on my idea security people read parts -- Red Sox really stepped up and it's a group of guys -- I don't evening and scary really need to be with their real nice guys -- miles I hear aging it is an array yeah I know that they get in a lot of these guys. Again I want you would imagine most guys always want to attract a lot. Really happy to be out of this and -- does support this great cause another. A donation. Will continue as long as we can. You do a great job Charlie thank you so much like I want to have all the great security guards when you might do picture right now. I don't know if you -- that Kashmir be -- about what you're right Jason he's -- Look at how I've ever get out of -- escaped through here. Mikey immediately get an escort out to -- and I at this group -- -- -- and they wrote -- security -- -- such a tremendous job. I mean artistic -- realize that things they have to deal with during the course of of baseball season here and it and when it's time to be generous -- you -- -- they all are as well thanks again to -- you like to additional there's I put my guys. But just like that all this -- like the wrap up a radio telethon -- more and more and more donations. And more people coming in you know last who kind of coming through the last minute. For the Jimmy Fund and now it's our pleasure to go to our telephones where OK Mercer is on the line. And K is that the winner of the great Bobby Mercer and we've of course talk to Bobby's son Joseph over the years and I we welcome back -- the program. I Aaron -- and K this is due August Leo thanks so much for joining us. More thank you for having me I might spend tide had to pass that off to me this year because he couldn't come on what you guys that I was very happy to take his spot. Well all started of course -- Bobby when we love so much and he was the personification of what a true Yankee really is and a wonderful gentleman that. Really showed so much courage and did so much and during his lifetime through the fight against cancer. ES and you know unfortunately Bobby. Older brother and stand after Bobby passed away his younger brother they all to -- died at different kind of cancer. And dad you know though. It was. Ali is and you know project that we had to act -- our hearts and good friend -- here in the state of Oklahoma for about twelve years. So you've been on the on the yeah foreground of this battle -- for years sadly for personal reasons but you know we admire your courage and and getting up there and aunts and fighting against cancer. Well I carry you know I think that it it expects every family I I know. So many of our friends here back in Oklahoma. I have girlfriends children. You know I don't think any family rarely has been touched. And -- I think that's right your campaign is as -- as I hear you guys have racists and mantle and night in the. Got over -- really brilliant yes so far today we know what we're not done yet we still got an hour left to go -- and I think some. Donations won't -- throughout the course tonight as well so we're still up their fight day. IQ IEA it's just stopped at my I've kind of you know followed along a little bit yesterday and today is Avery you worry and it was just it's just wonderful and of course I remember I mean when body that the player and I remembered tending to and away and sitting in the stands. Over you know -- we had Francis had a box that was over right about the -- Visiting adds that gap and so we just -- -- I used to that are over there and that wonderful ballpark. And I remember that Jimmy and you know I remembered it this expanding that often has had for -- how many years that it now I'm. He's since 195306. Hours. Loud and I get to provide you guys because you know it had. It's just and -- -- a tremendous effort and -- that I know the whole community -- there you you keep people from -- registered the collar that was before me. And that we have former players coming back and combat -- Big cheers to coming from Oklahoma street guy. KEA you share an email with me about personal love. Situation you have their personal connection with the youngster. Yes united those strange I think you know. People are brought and you're alive I think for a reason and and I think we're always felt fortunate when people across -- path and and dad about 08 months ago I I came to -- stringing -- out. A young boy beauty brand name but he says as he had cancer. In his name -- -- -- mighty and he I'd never met this family that I became very question brings with him through emailing and he's taking treatment at there in Boston and so I'm gonna make a donation -- night in his honor. And day he and his family. You know -- they've come there and they're getting treatment and have laughed I -- have support you guys comment and and a donation in his honor tonight. It's one that's a great Kate thanks so much for that we hope to see him at Fenway. Well I hope so I I you know I it's strange I don't even know you know he's. That it's a very young family and -- I don't know and what -- -- is that there and Maine I don't know maybe they are are ready read our bank and I'm not sure a. -- there and made is a very very good possibility of that fact I think by law. You know hey you have to be a Red Sox fan I. Had I know a great fans you end Bobby year Bobby was of the Oklahoma Sooners course I've become a -- my namesake CAD is a good friend of yours that. He certainly I think you know what's so funny -- I have to -- Did -- -- I have had emails to and for arms both you and joke because we aren't. Act as it is because it's about time for sooner football so I start getting infected -- And patent so yes it's so I. I I sounded so funny when Lou you know I found out that you weren't getting bigger -- and all that. At dollar invading the Kansas on by that name is over the line eventually they'll be able to take -- running everything. So you know I think ballot that Ken -- on that day. Well thank you you know I've -- -- Joseph invited me out to Oklahoma game this year and I they take him up on that I've never seen the boomer sooner and this donor and all that. Laying out why my anger I know he's coming to Notre Dame game -- it probably is in Dallas that he's. Got tickets will become an -- can Notre Dame and then he'll be its debt I -- you. Check this game down there. So we think you've come this way you've got to let me know. K we want to thank you for not only your grace and courage you know in the face of all you've dealt with -- as it comes to a cancer victims yeah but you're you're donation as well tonight and -- we wanna thank you for talking to our audience and I'm letting him know. A little bit about your story and and it's just been a pleasure to talk to you or. My 650 guys I'll be I'll be looking and tomorrow in this week and he what you end up with Richard title and that. You know I hope our our paths crossed somewhere down the rent. Well thank you barely army is Bobby you're a wonderful guy yeah. I agree with you rockaway that and we thank you so much for your kindness and -- and Mike you guys take care and I OK Kate thank you to. I Mercer of the Uga really lovely widow of the late great Bobby Mercer who was such and it. And a broadcaster for Iran over twenty years with the Yankees he -- to Crawford information about in the Red Sox players up from the -- sure. We exchange that we did get together. In New York here hey Jerry -- sales restaurant the former pitcher and. -- have much pressure on him Bobby Mercer did you know coveted trying to fill the -- of the shoes of Mickey Mantle I mean that's not the toughest thing in the world of baseball sense to do nevermind in New York City. And you know he had that maybe his biggest game. When he was the spokesman for the Yankees the day of Thurman Munson is funeral yes any any game winning home run for the Yankees. After the off flew back to New York from here in Ohio was. Bobby left the Yankees in the was heartbroken when they traded with a giant I don't bonds and Louisiana cubs still for finalize cops yeah I didn't like -- -- the only. And everybody say negative word about any -- at Candlestick Park -- and -- -- wind tunnel are anybody -- I didn't have to play an apartment 750 home runs at -- came back to the Yankees at the ended his career and and George made him a broadcaster in this and a good one -- for a long long time and he really personified. The -- tradition of the Yankees. And of course he passed away who have cancer and that was just how many years ago was that joke but five years ago about -- had brain tumor and it. He actually came back to work after surgery was doing pretty well yeah and relapse is is one of. Interesting we've had so many interesting and heartbreaking stories and uplifting stories here's one story want to Dick clear we're making a push here for 3.2 million dollars. By midnight we wanna get to 3.2 million million so bad and with any little thing you can do or big thing for that matter you can do to help. It's a text message okay. Text or KK gets added to zero toe toe toe donate ten bucks at least maybe more AT team will match up to fifty not getting confusing the John Sterling text message which of course is a Mark Teixeira and run which I've -- are you brought up at this late date Thursday. But he's like 250 -- 87773812034. Is a telephone number. Please now's your chance as we wind this thing down toward midnight. To get involved. 8777381234. -- the last number we had we're what three point one point five. We can we kept a secret we know that yet not right now get out of -- just pick it up -- -- candidate yet. At least ten bucks right. -- don't we give -- ten boxes. If we get enough of those they add up but I'm sure there's somebody out there listening right now maybe he's been away babies to sleep good maybe rip it wiggles out there you're not aware of what we've been doing for two days. Maybe it got. Pilot cash at a windfall or maybe you're just feeling generous and feeling good about -- foxwoods out I mean if your family is not. Has not been affected by cancer. That now that's that that's a. Motivation for you thankfully. To say thank my lucky stars I haven't had to deal with this and pick up the phone and make up pledge of some money. For the Jimmy Fund Dana Farber Cancer Institute it's big it's huge and -- what we've done so far as big or you do between now the other night as big as well. 3.2 -- our goal or or almost there. -- given number one more time I wanna hear wring out every of people standing by waiting for your call to take whatever it is you can possibly afford. 8777381234. You know tell you think about ten bucks okay not in a ballpark since you know it's a hamburger and drink. From a parking perspective it's a quarter of your ability to part of messages have been virtually nothing you can do. It does it ten dollars. Ten dollars that's a couple of coffees through that was your week and it's easy I was bombs have yet at thought. That they -- you people get really give the there is some activity. Now we're gonna be out talking to we have another guess coming by our our way just a few minutes but in the meantime -- just one of stress. That as time winds down we're now what 36 minutes away. From the end of this eleventh annual radio talk you know -- what amazes me I've met -- Outside what a beautiful beautiful girl she is. What a wonderful personality Seles joyful he was on our pregame show where she was yesterday and today on the radio telethon and a great zest for life all my god it's unbelievably talk about in -- You know from this girl who is just lovely cheese you know. I mean they they took on a tour today as -- everywhere today and everybody was so just pleased to meet her. Because of -- Schwab did leave her you know her zest. I feel like that a -- French -- -- it might least expect look altered. The joy of life -- you reverend a which direction ago that particular Norton live by the way that. Get a sense that -- we're gonna take a quick break we're -- we're involved here and we want you involved in the eleventh annual. WEEI. -- and Jimmy Fund radio telethon will be back -- for every park.

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