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Wednesday, August 15th Whiner Line

Aug 15, 2012|

"With so much drama on Yawkey Way, it's kinda hard being a Sox fan at all these days..."

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed the wind like this -- -- like ET TE Chris Cox -- This -- discretion advised. And Morris and now you know you -- your time. Our goal from the worst airline. That manner that I -- here it. They're from him and I. Great job. And earned a lot of -- now. At their need help Italy and I'm now. But I would rather be at LL ENN dot com and yes that. This very flattering and exactly WEEI. Whiner line you know just that. You do know is why would you say. Hey our guys did what airline gold -- really very good Kurt -- Yeah I'd be here rain and eight track -- that -- funny it's gonna be really. Dial 779. 3535. Dom crap kicked in -- That probably deserves everything that you and yet that's why you -- and uncle Billy Talent like Greg our North Carolina you're probably your culture for -- -- -- red lobster fishing line you're alive and you're ignorant and sounds like you're probably -- your brother go back go back up and that's hey don't going to NASCAR races and now and women itself. Now that's nothing to -- it -- piece of crap from Carolina probably I told. The -- every day it's have a big Mac. That's the highlight Carol of that WEEI. Whiner line. It was the next in the national organization. -- There. -- Is it. This team -- Talk about yesterday's brand it is -- from. Carolina. And he did have trouble with -- to a thing. Are right on water park. Throw eight innings Felix certain men and legacy elements as a perfect game that's Detroit went -- -- -- -- players to play in my. Five teams of the right side still believe it's actually announced they go out and -- seven well 45 to life you know life ago but you're right well I'll keep -- And by the way that was it was still brought about 262 -- makes -- -- sure. That you called that you see Cabrera now. -- -- -- I can't deliver. The -- alliance powered lights you DW I leveraged and arrive on -- android Blackberry device. Brought to you bought AT&T AT&T forgy LT TE speeds up to. Can't worry GAT and T rethink. Possible line and -- program. Great to have you back. -- picked it if it can't ala. And it Garza just couldn't get the W. And they don't much -- -- apparently you're doing Niagara of this that Europe and its property prices if you need to get I. After the reactor of WB John that is me just try to pop news. Well. -- did you at all. Man my car and I don't -- -- it anywhere. Except I can't get -- Is it or not quite the impact. Aren't. You. Mine. I. Seven wonders of the world but I heard there's an additional one who's gotten out they want it it will create. -- -- -- -- Guatemala attitude and that we got -- gotten. And that is -- steep Fall River. That -- sound like Google -- is not a candidate Steve from Fall River history. Plus he doesn't say anything negative or -- fall off the last you can hear the kids in the background to use whining. Didn't want probably a bit and feel bad debt and god book and enigmatic figure had in his wallet. You know yeah. You it would have been quite a while not that wanna go out there waiting. I. -- pumpkin. And and yeah. And it's about a lot of -- now look pretty good right into the wind right to begin examples about a half block well it adds there is good since the last should this opinion I gotta get out of this bird. Good Bob reported to be -- when you're probably better -- better way. But it looked for the whole block the best you don't think -- often we're out but this year old guys. What they can't they have different Buick. And what's in front -- -- of course it crashed just stay off the -- over Fenway last night. Andrews has got to recognize same faces up to 37 Bruce come on it's it's the same people every night and this is for you achieve the -- Who on -- and policy that Jimmy -- execs at least sees. It. That you see guys wearing like the coconut bras to come. Out stickers. -- I didn't I am glad -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey quiet. I had -- -- that bandwidth the book about let's talk about. I you can. Pity on him. And that. What does Andy do sweet Carolina Mikey aria is a song blows -- Well you book. Both great about nobody there are probably rapid that they are -- going to be. Golden nordic group -- Are there are in dialog and I'm glad you thought it'd probably nobody waited for hours preparing and you -- -- -- thought it was globalized they'll located in beautiful new neighbor reported. The -- -- -- -- -- put more in our ballpark baseball book like no I don't want -- 800 who brought. Body of water you got booed him Bob. No gold will be except that the -- got to look for the clearly my Kabila. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bob Pedroia I got a new nickname for your buddy pop and rock. All. Not that -- well -- the fact that intricate. Yet the -- part. Boy -- map below the -- of Leo -- and a polo. Challenge still. A little pony Dustin Pedroia. -- glad I don't think -- borne out -- -- brought. Cried a lot that Pittsburgh -- -- a bit. And -- -- got a couple weeks that last month the public three we can and general is working caricature QB -- That was my fault all the rats are worlds they were serious. These states to try to do from that. In. -- -- Did I hope you didn't take it personally and I slipped while look at it. And I don't Bob invalid and that the Pedroia and all our equipment and advance that it would -- yeah I'll -- -- We -- Barack. Al Assad stop rat dog back. And -- ballot pointed out -- a kayak there's. And that it was strange moment wasn't as a way was he whispering in his -- with the casting doubt it's one of those your god the father -- it was like you've got father the are picky reasonably -- -- Body body but wireline. You want the -- glad he. Yeah yeah obviously having problems keeping things in order -- it is here. It's a -- yeah it was -- seventy Bob management. -- job anybody doing in the club house. And -- -- five music. Six. Place its. -- do. You know there. Don't like that side. -- -- -- And -- -- It to the. Period I guess what they -- well what Bobby Valentine fire Caldwell and it mentions. And trained to. Come from really fast plan that was. Look forward. That's because didn't have. Members plan for Beckett. Yeah I thought -- have Spybot and but yeah did not qualified. Had no experience and it better bet they didn't quite an automatic. I've -- here -- aren't they got off. She's still around but it's just point she did a -- right. Did you -- porno to eat -- out Chad Johnson ball borrower's card. They cannot that that all of the problems are pretty -- the -- if you thought -- he would -- Bob why don't general. And did that Jon Lester -- goes -- flowers. What are very short after the break that you thought -- -- that wouldn't last 400. Not seen this video you sent out in these individual yeah I don't know the -- -- yeah I'm not I'm not really sure I don't know about three years is starring Damon may borrow some already John Dennis this morning and in direct talk from 93 at Chicago or in. Apparently was Lester threw some policy to what's -- counselors don't that -- joke was it was it serious much everybody was smiling now and it didn't seem like a big deal that it was hard to figure out that you just put discuss slow slowly this function repair. Barbara good -- delivered story. I was out I was writing my disability that would particularly Baltimore and down I -- well I don't -- it. I have often quote he could says. -- on how that happened to me when independent said that that's always been awaited I hope it isn't it could be pivotal in the I was. I think it. And drop in the bucket of sounded more like all -- man. What it could argue why it was that bother you went back at all. The world Barbara Bard who want more out of -- Mike Horton editor -- brick board. And Michael closely articles get guys got a complex when it comes to us to Bobby V he thinks that Bobby V red. His book Michael's book with Terry Francona and thinks that he's. Toady of Francona and won't give Bobby -- -- it. And -- and and it got an affiliate billion. That's that's that probably -- -- and that's certainly last month that some bugs from -- -- it is disastrous to tell me to -- -- -- -- -- that arsenal while it is that depends. But the team that won the street and -- -- what's -- with 280 baseball. Read the book the white flag. Me everytime they bring in but -- have the -- about the white flag. That's great I. Bought the -- -- -- -- -- people lately hasn't had a stretch of 45 -- re doing it will line but that's comforting. And not let them. And I know into the Greinke. And he and. I guess. Again. And what you people -- do I think what does this golf -- go home. And and -- those people a pet fat white and yes the fan. This stupid don't the fan. Attempt at aipac and they act that Kuwait. If Tibet but as the years went. -- out in the ninth inning two outs away from a perfect game for Felix Hernandez. Because Chicago catcher. Sent crooked hat. -- what are. Kinda bought out there -- -- can't generalize. About how. -- ask Tata. Car every kept -- need to get aboard a but it won't. Probably what you guys. Public -- I don't know I don't come up with Cuba I can't help but. And nothing that you're ready to talk but only recently and create this stuff I mean crap happens that we would -- to ignore it but if you want. And take part the -- you know they've got like a twelve year old daughter that is. In the same gadgets of the teams aside before the season started switching it and. I take on Harry here until -- back on the body. You know that's because it was to him. It can't. Go secret photos of Bobby. Take an hour. Indo. Canada prosecuted. And great. I I'm done I'll -- the same time it's powered by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to different times faster three G-8 AT&T rethink possible.

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