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Happy Birthday Tebow! It's enough to make you puke.

Aug 14, 2012|

We get it ESPN, you're on Tebow's jock. You're trying to milk the crap out of his popularity. But birthday cakes and 'best wishes' greetings from your staff. Everybody dry heave!

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By the way we've got fifteen minutes and I'd like to apologize to everybody out -- we've got fifteen minutes in this program and we have once. Wished happy birthday to Tim Tebow ESPN's doing it every three minutes. On the on the right on the on the spot we have to be please -- records were content part of that commitment you know we're the FB -- and I got to do a terrific job I just think the sport they think is a complete. It -- -- little job in some areas it is not one of them is over the top embarrassing what they are doing with this it's absolutely a disgrace 45 birthday happy. Are they Tim Tebow a junior birthday present -- -- give you a conductors that that's lot of conductors that. So you can read the conductor of the train that actually -- from New York. Following out of Florida you you and you could -- and not funny when you like in -- conductor that. No. This is the executive that sent callers to ESP guys don't think we -- have come up something here. For Tim Tebow is 25 birthday a -- forty if you fiftieth you've accomplished something in your life maybe it's a big deal eight. 25 what she accomplished he -- Backup quarterback in the National Football League worst quarterback and that's one of the work of the worst starter. Some of these some of the most some of the most horrendous -- quarterback but she adamantly -- people. -- that's quarterback. Michael and I. Argue this one out on a regular basis is he still is that the -- -- -- TiVo's going to be a terrific quarterback. To the point that you know we have argued about other quarterbacks in the league and whether. They're gonna be better he he continues to stand by its -- I will take this right now. Watch Indianapolis and watching to watch Washington watcher RG for. Those are two quarterbacks. Luck if you saw any of in this bracket and those two quarterbacks that. Have an opportunity right now DB in the next. Great. Young quarterbacks in the national football. Tim Tebow has zero -- a degree of of ever achieving that's what I. As well it's what you call -- attention what is at the bit that gives him all of this attention. A black the religion that would affect a lot to do with that and I think right all the old I don't know idealists I have no. Probably you've had problems with people with -- and in the past few nodded his conversation. Where guys preach from the game is over thank the lord as you have pointed out correctly so they never thank the lord for lose. And a loss that night whenever they get upset at the law so -- when I'm gonna -- -- 92 break we come back. Will get into this -- because I don't have a problem. With him preaching -- religion it's fun. They think you know what it's not his fault. Well it -- his fault that it's the media outside our building this got. And Andy's already taken a massive ball already it's already use our commitment to our Ron Jaworski -- -- broke Donald quarterback this year had him dead last night. Wouldn't say -- and iced it and brought back games he had last year it a couple of nice plays but he had a great goal kicker and he had a lot of awful quarterback -- to -- quarterbacks going up against that six it's terrible. And then if Marion Barber fumbled the ball twice I don't depicting Tebow get straight amendment and beat the jets because that would out of that we got the playoffs. There's so many factors that went into how Denver Broncos sweet those games out and Tim Tebow in my opinion that you know yet about 5% doing I'd. 92 break we'll get into that we'll get into the Red Sox and the Orioles if you're looking at any opportunity. For the Red Sox to make the post season. It is imperative that they sweep these three games can't went to lot of three dot going to be any good this is -- you've got to knock down a couple matches. On the on the wild card. Pedestal. So you've got to sweep the Orioles. Happy birthday tipped well you know I love you -- ago. If -- your birthday I wanna get you some privacy -- yummy on dog tired talking about suddenly you get tired being talked about. -- all seriousness. How would you -- Some game rip some tar ball actual lives snapped power -- criticism about you can't -- You up with 316 in the playoffs you could well you can play most need -- -- -- bird. Because -- football is an idiot to me favorite guys -- zero yes I shot back any archives and see if ESP and celebrated the Manning's birthday or Tom Brady your Eli Manning Philip Rivers. And could quarterbacks in -- today ever celebrate their birthday. Birthdays the buildup to -- -- for Steve DOC that's great yesterday but justice it was terrific yesterday was about to handle government agreed to. -- gets it you know I don't -- those that read the patriot fans pissed off for the then he gets it because he understands they want the team to win Freddie Mac terminal but saint tickets are gonna have another while I was a little bit out of that house proposal put it dummy. That's I think a -- -- some experience doing that. But it was a natural. Busan. I here's here's -- you ready for this action. Blamed. God for a dropped TD pass against the Packers and escort but it was hilarious Tebow was a marketing stream since Billy -- I gotta tell you Pete I think just the opposite. When you're staring at the abyss trust me you find god I -- I think more guys take heat and you've done this before you've criticized players for for using their religion and and and and reading the Bible -- game is over. I think they get more criticism in this day and age. Then doing just the opposite doing with -- -- I just like it's. I've for whatever reason media has to go up on a pedestal while I don't know where I don't I don't know I don't I don't know why could have never seen anything like it I've never seen a guy put up. As -- number says he has in the NFL. And be put on this kind of pedestal and how. Out ESPN can devote 90% of their coverage to a backup quarterback -- when the other interesting stories going on camera on the NFL attempt to me it's beyond its -- to -- can embarrass. It's even -- -- it's even more because he's in New York now. And so they have close access to it's it's going to be even more. I -- you ready this season is just turnaround wrote such Red Sox have just made eight trade. Will open up the phone lines to talk about it it's 61777. On steroids kept the Red Sox. No Red Sox have traded away. Kelly shop it to the New York Mets in Spain. For that lawyer to be named later covered about. Kelly -- surprised to -- memorized. It. -- Reviewed just cleared waivers to promote where were left cleared waivers that made him eligible retreated. Let's get to the notes let's beautiful coastal talk about the Red Sox just a few -- driving around in a car first up on today's edge on John. Has gone on. What to look so good because there are rumors upbeat terror alert but of all. Chad -- I'm gonna take the under on -- August -- that they get back together. I'm with which the hype surrounding Peabody he questioned that -- -- seem to be addressed or maybe it's not about neat. We sent -- or without our combine them with the exception of what needs that he gets here it's become and you know that cornerback and a leader in their quarterback. How much this is a guy and I read -- defense and figure out what to do and or his mechanics are that. Canucks more than reading the France's Edmonton and it -- shows from last couple years. He's he passed 2000 passes in a row he's -- all of these DC Tom out. He's seen all the difference specific coaches. And he gets a pro like. Four plays and any reports back proposals style and -- through one bomb last year because that that defense that Pittsburgh played in the playoffs. You saw what happened in reality one reality came back to all the good natured game got annihilated it what I really left now is Rex writes rap about how. The wildcat and you know don't don't use the you know. But that's going to be some special. What kept or gets separated onetime 2008 Mac -- starting quarterback rumored to -- -- against Miami after that go look at the patriots number stop and wildcat. And most of the team in the NFL. It doesn't work. What -- war eight you don't quite worked it worked for Ron Ron Ron Brown. Ronnie Brown but it's also a little that was something new that day and then look what happened next and played Miami Cassel and the patriots destroyed -- might think they rushed from the wildcats standpoint that game it's time. Which depicted one in Miami by three touchdowns and it was 44 point one -- -- Ronnie Brown out -- -- while cat Arctic I think they'd rust wouldn't and that formation at the eight. -- eight years -- art what'll what'll happen in New York. They will on the -- he will be a special team players at the start of the season with Sanchez is distorting quarterback and he'll have some success with. Because he couldn't run. When you get inside the twenty he's got that running ability which beat the jets last year. On national TV -- -- exactly that Obama -- by the end and we don't culminating with a 26 -- rock at a stretch it expects right he won't do some of that stuff. Then what'll happen is probable takeover. Players will take over that Tebow is the better of the quarterback value put him as the starting quarterback and you gonna get exactly what you got last year. In Denver -- happen to believe in the numbers don't show went out -- the entire season. The Denver's defense which pretty damn good -- -- rob Denver's defense -- Mr. morrow came in late because he was he was hurt and -- in the season by game six game seven he was in pretty good football. The other thing that happened is people was three and out. That -- let's get no time to spend on the sidelines of what was going on with the other team's offense they got no time to take a breather it was. Quick three and out the defense was back up the field. Peyton Manning if healthy. We're making dramatic difference I believe if healthy the Denver Broncos are going to win themselves 111213. Games this year because. One he's that good -- that defense I believe is very good. And this is a -- won't move the chains on a regular basis that defense is gonna. Why don't I distill -- -- that and that's the worry about pre season with Peyton I still think it's a huge gamble -- going great so far. -- and he has one guy he goes down once he's done that only be -- -- we know that I don't on the premise that. That he said that he stays healthy in the next god I -- I agree and I agree because I think it's approached I still think it's a huge gamble on their. -- -- of course it's a huge gamble but they're going into it after. Doing an awful lot of a medical test the armament and they believe right now he go on the I hear people that watch demand. Really have a strong -- never had a great strong mark that was not really the strength of Peyton Manning hit accurate yeah phenomenally. Accurate -- -- -- defense as he could. Greg play action although it is the best play action guy the that that's ever played again okay -- -- -- he sold. He's he sold that he sold it as well as anybody. The market but that defense is better than people -- of -- that's kept table game and the table come up with a couple of big plays in the fourth quarter but it we get all excited. Jacob a couple of big plays and also came up a lot of good field position and despite the one driving that with the jets and dug a -- drive on Thanksgiving night but that game -- handed to them. You go ballot or just go back and you look at the game -- came at -- look at San Diego rivers came in last rivers had one of his worst games ever. Yet picks in that game was terrible and you had Novak missed a 53 moderate that I did what -- one game -- that so you know the but Detroit came to get annihilated in the opening game was Palmer's first game back again he threw three interceptions epic. To look at sixers -- one with a pick six the Kansas City 1710 democratic. About why you feel like Tebow get all the credit. Tebow got all the crying out last year. People and talk about -- the -- or Prater was the main reason might be why that team -- -- he -- every clutch field -- how do you compare plots. To get that team were wise and by the way did it make you make field goals outside of his range sometime kicker -- people couldn't get close enough. -- six point 7779085888525. 0850. With each shepherd filling in for Michael -- Anthony's picture.

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