WEEI>On Demand>>Pats LB Dane Fletcher likely out for the season, plus Matt Chatham, did you guys really "hate your coach"?

Pats LB Dane Fletcher likely out for the season, plus Matt Chatham, did you guys really "hate your coach"?

Aug 10, 2012|

We discuss the loss of Patriots LB Dane Fletcher, likely for the entirety of the season with a knee injury, plus we re-hash 2003 a little bit with Matt Chatham, and ask him if the infamous 'they hate their coach' comment was actually true.

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Mobile when like we you know do that in any situation like -- To the doctor said. I'm not doctor -- you know. Bill Belichick talking about his favorite topic injuries injuries injuries in that case -- think he was talking about -- Fletcher. -- Appears to be out for the season. Belichick said it doesn't look very good. But he wouldn't give up any more information after that Sophie says that look very good Chatham you know this is probably. Or another good really really bad India and it's -- -- -- -- is a good kid and he's ruler or worker -- -- -- actually it's pretty close games last year one when things got a little -- -- You know he played at a high level and afterward you know south of -- kind of thing and he's productive guy and special teams and obviously gonna soft spot for that stuff so. Can be gathered -- interest to see where roster moves around him I think -- open source for some of the people on the -- Guerrero -- more snaps yesterday. You know -- -- -- their number. I'm 47 I believe. May open the door for. And -- crew you know I don't know Nikko could be dismissed in the right. Was made -- get your guess is as as good as our -- for some bubble people when this happens every such as anorexia Amazon will roll with the you know this is this is what happens it always happens somebody goes down somebody's got to step up and he was an important part of the mail last in the last couple years team and somebody -- the movement so. Six. I love the Texas here or combat Texas as remember that pre season game that when you blew up Donald Donovan McNabb in Houston off the year that way. That was pretty. I was real Delray house 2003 I was saying hey Kurt it's the same day Tom Jackson. Looked into those cameras and came into your government said they are all kind of locker room. Don't know when I wanna say it is very clear. I think their coach Wright and -- season could be over depending on how quickly they can get over this emotional devastation they suffered because the lawyer Malloy. And coach Belichick can not get them back. They have to do this on their own there to come back and bombed the football team because they wanna wind and maybe in spite of him this group. -- CI a real focus on the hate their coach but. I'm sure not to sit out there was actually a little more outrageous can't get him back before you start dying here. -- object dies it's not terrible you know I'm really is that -- focus. -- -- as saying oh so -- you guys you guys talk about this at all they hate their coach. Did you hear about it before the game. You it was anybody's watched it it was funny you sort of really seriously I mean that was those solar field it's just -- you hear things you -- is now on I mean -- -- rules agree player himself but. I understand that slide and the analyst chair and you know try to say something sort provocative and after oil wasn't and that's that's why you're here that's as I would try to you know got to stay out got to say -- -- -- -- -- -- listening to -- America but not. I mean and a source comment there's some guys. Bill. Remember field when the government Porsche wanted sharper quite frankly. That was probably one more shocking trend can entering camp counselor remember career sore but that said. I don't ever remember. Her -- coach because somebody cut other than maybe. The district eight collier immaculate ought to for a second music they. Were never did cal. And please don't call me at this -- talk about the weather for about -- the private conversation to listen to what the weather's about to Occupy Movement. I would achievable over here give back to work your phone -- 61777. -- are 52 or 38852550. Josh is in New Hampshire was a judge. I have to go -- a guy who was. It's Rick earlier Orlando U Matic and the -- -- back and I look up more and installed it sure Ellen I would not hurt its lethal Lawler chief. But that they went on. -- just a little bit or being in the situation. A darn thing eight trade advocate for the light in the immediate future rate throughout. It was done with fresh color shot -- EM -- coach. I would panic panic Liang. And not take any -- contract and alt edit your body Andino maturity straight with Brooke we'll and that it in March number up. Independent straight. But I got -- -- -- might not is that everyone and. You're in the Orlando Magic are gonna be terrible now for decades it's over they did not reveal that this how I had it is how goes the MBE trader franchise player you know getting back. They're not gonna rebuild pig at my politics. Is not gonna work nights like a work. And we take all they call the five victory against Carolina or Iran injury and protecting your protected next. Aperture at least three or four probably lottery expect couple years help you can land by you can daughter Alice. Soeharto Josh here here's the thing that's why the NBA's so hard to get good you and I understand there are the -- back to you have to be bad. You have to get lucky in the lottery and then -- to get lucky in the watery in the right year. You know can't be a year where it's not a franchise player who try to take first from a year the tonight. -- airborne on aren't yet you went up with him in ended the first overall pick at that second yeah that's why he just hasn't worked so. -- -- -- LeBron James Beck had a pleated White House -- any Dwight -- out there and work they lost and so why am I to believe now to get another sign him for 130 million bucks you understand the Laura Disney World. They can free agency once orbit or maybe maybe the tax situation in Florida and -- -- Dwight Howard wants out there people are gonna seven wanna go there I don't know. I was in particular I guess a fear as he threw them a long time fan of you have the magic your longtime fan of the magic. Eagle one of two ways you can fake -- general manager. Really screwed this up force or you try to rationalize it. One take back any big bet big contract which they did. Al -- contractors. But that's not and a decent -- counter for a guy like Al Harrington welcome nice. A nice player Reitman. Would you these guys I -- this -- Just had a nice player whoever wants and allow maybe Al Harrington and in. Go for their grandpa been around long enough you can see -- on. Them they have if it crossed that threshold what he sounded like he was about fifteen. So it's all they've been around his entire like you goes back to nick Anderson someone -- who. Commanders -- those -- spent about -- are sure about. Anderson. I want to bring this up Bewkes. This is something we hear all the time we had a caller -- 25 minutes ago twenty minutes ago said. I'm I'm tired of how things go at Fenway Park. Everybody goes they -- sweet Caroline nobody's talking about the game. On and on and on the Texas remains -- once again. I'm so often tired of people that attend games saying they're tired of people that show -- just missing and don't know the game. If I buy the ticket it's my right to go and do whatever I want. -- -- -- -- Israel is. You know not to criticize -- I mean it's it's almost as if -- if you go to the game you feel like you know you have the right to this is this is this is baseball only conversation that you and your picture you don't want or don't want -- superficial stuff. -- understand that the texture the caller earlier when I first when I first got the Boston I was amazed. And how informed people were that the games now this is this is three. This is three hit 33 Lucchino. The -- Brain. Monster seats in yes the whole little at all I think the whole thing but you've got to get nobody is if some if you asked a question. At that those you ask question art why isn't. In the cold coming on a regular guy somebody behind them deal. Right and it was just suggest that its last three points again it was it was that it was that type of atmosphere which is very cool and I think you can still find that at Fenway Park. In pockets and maybe the whole opening kept saying is not as announced. As we say it is. I you can find a lot of the a lot of the superficial stuff fifteen years ago in report now that you find some of it. Maybe people are going too far in saying. It's an epidemic. I don't think it's an epidemic it just exists. It's just you know it's something that you bring it in my -- game two -- week I discussed it with her yes. And I can't is it embarrassing yes but the -- beating your driving acting. But their people enjoy. That's it. I'm honestly Caroline guy you know I'm not a guy on your -- we don't let me. I'd -- to go to watch a game and I understand the world has changed. It is a -- -- when it's all it's changed and some people cannot sit to a baseball game or football team passed by my dad Cecil took part. You would sit there during that no entertainment totality -- no little -- out of my the other glow over the pre game magazine article I read we talk about you know. What what it's doing this year with the rockets are doing. And the game would start in those days are over. -- Do you not find the I'm interest of news -- which only takes place between innings which knows still understand through the the distaste for that yet but the thing to me that would be a little more obnoxious that live gain maximum score on and if you're a guy with a body into the box on the back here you know whatever your program. It's the wave. To me that's been the thing that -- Tuesday night and to me that was -- thing the -- -- an eruption of actual action on the field people that are busy waiting for to make its way around you. I'm saying if you're about to die hard packets are being urged an -- people around you are paying attention enough to meet the the song between the innings as old paradoxes but I while things are -- -- does that we can. -- Now many and you know you did this if it's about eight saves as the river by stupid for this would deliver this -- cut off with a -- be appropriate. Other outward up but go down to personal pride it's as I -- you -- -- you told me that my homework with the rights mustard. Listen there's always a gradual press up and tells Robert depressing music to be good junior and ultimately. So what -- -- ram or what what -- on -- -- plan for where Parker exported just I don't light -- a plea glory days all. It's become rising price of one they -- border and border or girls coming up don't forget. Next hour whiner line in the lightning round.

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