WEEI>On Demand>>With the acquistion of Courtney Lee, the Celts are better off at the shooting guard position than they were with Ray Allen last year

With the acquistion of Courtney Lee, the Celts are better off at the shooting guard position than they were with Ray Allen last year

Jul 19, 2012|

We discuss the trade for Courtney Lee, and how with Lee, Jason Terry and of course Avery Bradley, the Celtics are better off at the shooting guard position than they were last season with just Ray Allen and Bradley.

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-- Ellison knows that every one ever calls now going to be 36 seconds. Well she knows that every one of your calls will be 36. I have signatures they -- you ready for this. According to -- Adrian -- and around -- Celtics to acquire Courtney Lee. From the rockets and a sign and trade sending back. JaJuan Johnson. Now. How does that work networks they can do that. But now how's that working a sign and trade and they are they would I would work they and he you know they can't have to extend numb to want Johnson right. I JaJuan Johnson that. Is JaJuan Johnson's money that now what date they could re sign him to a new deal okay. That would be my guess -- out of to a new -- and and move them on to Houston recorded yes I had drawn just JaJuan Johnson's deal right now. Goes through 2000. Team has an option on him in on net next year to have an option on the next year. One point 120. Right now. It's a great pickup for the Celtics. Yet no matter how out no matter how they made it work -- the map -- I like this deal lot of picking up Courtney Lee. The bureau of good acquisition and what is JaJuan Johnson if you look at the roster right now -- is JaJuan Johnson -- fit in in the next two to three years. Where does he fit in good deal. I like this because that was the thing we talked about yesterday that I really. Feared. And I know people right now because they're kind of pissed that it Ray Allen. The kind of dismissing let's get David Bradley were fun with but now. But you don't ever Bradley for maybe twenty game that's correct anymore but even more than that Avery Bradley is not the outside shooting Ray Allen used. You know very few are the outside shooter -- The outside game of Ray Allen. Without that your offense is going to struggle this is not a good rebounding team it's a poor offensive rebounding team they don't get second opportunities. You need to open up the floor for the slashes the drivers in -- Kevin Garnett game. So to me. Courtney Lee is not Ray -- But at least you're getting back part of that game. So I like this election law there it's it's a good starting formula you look at the size of Courtney -- tomb but the same size -- radio am 65. Fix our guard and -- a guy who. He's not a let's not go crazy not Ray -- he's not a great player now. This guy shot 40% from from three point range right last year that's the difference in about 40% fourth career from three point range that's the part of his game that you if you take Ray Allen -- you really lose them you don't have that outside shooting game. And that outside shooting in the -- -- We talk about what has been successful for the Celtics will if you look at it. -- when you put the Big Three together they all had -- totally different skill set. But he complemented each other once they they arranged it where I'll give this up I'll give this up and will compensate here. It really the three of them fit so well when you add Rondo to the equation is set at all it really war. Well I'll tell you this. I know Ray Allen. Is upset and while he was upset that's why -- left. Boston and some fans in -- were upset at him from leaving Boston but if you look at it if you combine. Acquisition of Courtney Lee. With the signing of Jason Terry. There are in better position now than they were at the end of last. They're they're better off now with the with their shooting guard situation than their worth and of last year. And I you've got and I'm not even count on -- well I don't put everybody Avery Bradley as a big piece today about how does this while others. Courtney Lee NJC Jason Terry replacing Ray Allen are you better worse you better you better. Because you've got two bodies now and then now at Avery Bradley after 2530 -- -- I think Avery Bradley and the improvement in his game last season in the second half of last season changes every. And once you add him back into the equation you're an interest in -- not -- -- city or tell you that that it is good enough for an op Ed in the Miami Heat they are now. Now Chicago seems right now to be a real question mark veteran Chicago -- because of -- -- -- once wrote I was barrier all bets are off that changes. The other thing to watches to see what happens to Indiana. And see whether they in improv than. Are -- about them more worried about worried about India Indian is gonna get better next year or more worried about Brooklyn are they able to do anything else or rumors that it well I'm Brooke Wednesday's they're not they're not on that level but because they don't look at because they don't have Dwight -- -- -- -- actors -- look at you look at for the American Lopez. And Joseph Johnson and Darren Williams and Gerald Wallace and Chris and got a that's -- that's a good solid playoff team. About it they're not a championship contender yet but there and adjusting to his Google Courtney Lee would you call him a taller Delonte West about the crazy. And it. Well that are 677708. Of the we get right back to your phone calls next -- --

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