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Adrian Wojnarowski: Ray Allen won't be driven away by relationship with Rondo

Jul 3, 2012|

Yahoo Sports NBA columnist Adrian Wojnarowski joined Mut and Paul Flannery to discuss the latest offseason news in the NBA. He touches on the whole Dwight Howard saga, if Josh Smith is a legit target for the Celtics via trade, and what's the future of Ray Allen.

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Our two wider Tuesday Butler and 937 WEEI Paul Flannery are selfish -- WE EN dot com hanging out we have been. Hoops crazy start the show old do a lot of basket earlier today not just Celtics because it really is the silly season there's. So wait to sign contracts until what July 11 yes. We another week this wouldn't of it's going to be fun on and the guys been all over much every story Ager wars around ski. A Yahoo! Sports joins us on the AT&T hotline Adrian itself -- and Paul flattery here Boston I don't now. -- wonder where or were all walks of like -- sleep last night UN this Dwight Howard's story my guess is this is gonna go on for awhile. Seems like that doesn't landscape is changing here for me can't get trade the Brooklyn now is going to Brooklyn now Orlando's got to wait. Where all right now what Dwight Howard. He he's not going to report its its its. Very unlikely. That there's. -- windows on interest in. Accommodating what the white want that they're going to make the deal that they think I am. You know is that the best return in the you know the white led. You know last year. When he would seem to want it -- white -- a rental. He got the real threat every -- pretty. At the all -- -- trade deadline or for the season or whatever it would be. I'm just gonna go to Brooklyn and create that cap space what he doesn't have that threat anymore the nets are loading up all -- cap space. As we speak. And so you're in right now out there whether she's been or how -- Or or anybody. -- you have it you know those involved believe. You know if they'd make a deal for the -- -- -- -- -- people people haven't heard right the BO pay the most money. And what team out there at cap space next year that will be appealing now Atlanta. Has been parked on a lot the last couple days because of all the money they're getting -- but. -- and a big part of what the white has been doing -- and wanted to get to a big market. Specifically new Yorker like it is that the deal is where you got it will be completely current war. I'd be in New York corral like so going from Orlando to Atlanta while it's on our own and Josh -- the -- friend and may be appealing at some levels. It's not going to get in the patriot he's -- here. Right -- -- Paul. -- -- But. We with the white and you you've been given all over the -- -- remember you wrote -- and at the thing about mid season about why he would not go to Chicago be on the same team with Derrick Rose because they both have that -- -- affiliation. How much is Dwight damaged himself throughout the NBA with with his. I always say antics but that this is this is weird this is this has been there's been an awkward situation how much is he damaged himself. That's a much with fans but without with with -- a team. But the goal I think he probably -- damage and help -- -- the general public. On the he has what he's he's by the greater value. If he's healthy I mean you can't really underestimate. What he meant collateral and -- you when you look at the supporting cast around them. And and really how much they -- warm and then the plan opting until finals. Eat he really impacts when you're losing popular that we -- championship well. You you're not gonna wait what out there that we we haven't seen any team. That. One player won a title LeBron could do -- -- that he and he has been able to do it. In Orlando art but I -- it -- -- somewhere else with the right supporting cap will work logs you out but it is the leader. He still -- the tremendous. Talent and and a city credible force under the Clinton and so. On I think eighteen are still I don't think there's any. Trepidation with -- about. -- for him. Because of all that but there's that reputation with fans yeah I think it's been. Is that severely damaged and again and that's why do you think the Atlantic that your interest in the -- for the usual story line it can go and Allman. They can talk relevant. -- but I don't all that going to be enough for him. Right and it's it's it is interesting because then I wanna get back into the Atlantic will because it'll bring -- -- Titus and Josh Smith personalized Celtics fans have had interest and and in somehow for -- Josh -- to get the Boston but if you're handicapping this right now and of Brooklyn doesn't have anything good to offer. Is this is LAR the lakers still that team could they still they they still can go -- Is are they still there are they -- favorites. I guess they are and hurt because it it -- purely a dull and well you know it you to reconsider the deal that offer me broke open the marquee piece that he's restricted free agent he wants. You know money just south of the masks and -- what it looks and maybe you'll get from there that can make it 55 year fifty plus million dollar deal if you Orlando. You wanted that affect our money that guy who averaged four -- -- -- I mean -- -- indirectly you know value but in this. Is that guy you want to build I think it you know I know the answers not so. Aaron. Orlando right now you know through the net expert had valued at an -- If if they're going to give them the -- Dwight Howard and apparently and then Joseph Johnson. -- -- was going to be drafting in the mid to late twenties. And so those -- don't mean anything going forward they don't want Chris Humphries. In Orlando they they have a right hander saying they distract the hitter -- an -- out for men and Humphries has not got her rebuilding team. So they're just. That there's nothing to suggest right now that. Which is that Orlando in the next. And -- Houston has. Some you know I I think -- more there's more entry to the magic with what you -- as well they remain team. That. You know have bombed you know because of Andrew Bynum the 24 year old law or senator who you know who in the -- wouldn't be willing. To build around him I mean anybody would -- he's not great but as we know. But the -- not out there. Adrian in terms of Paul bringing up the Atlanta Hawks and -- very clear about eighty million dollars in cap space. Oh the text that we've got the most your last couple days for guard one of Atlanta's players -- Josh Smith and -- Celtics find a way to get a sided -- it's its two part for you did what Danny Ferry did yesterday. Affect the likelihood that Josh Schmidt has moved here and what type deal with the Celtics have to put together if that was a possibility. The idol good looks likely now that they've moved got it because. You -- if they're -- -- -- free agents. Especially Dwight Howard light and not let their best friend. At backed -- old dot I don't know I right now and they may be are you don't -- some time and and Josh is going to create mode now so. I don't see the benefit of them will be they've got all the money that you got to cap off. And so if you're gonna attract what if they didn't they do try to attract. Chris Paul lecture or the wind powered you've got to outing -- and -- -- there are purely. The vote -- players and you know you still use them and signing -- potentially adding more what for their jobs that. You're gonna do is sit side triggered Orlando offered I think. That would be a player that Orlando and how interest insult I don't know that that -- election how to move. I'm Josh Smith I think he's a little specially if they wanna go that flight route they eat out -- the year to help help make that happen. Yeah act I mean I I totally I totally agree with -- sentiment and I think that the choice of Horford or Bynum is an interest in one. And I saw you tweet -- yesterday. You know people discount Horford and how good he really is because he was hurt -- a lot of this year but. And if I'm Orlando I'm I'm I'm thinking very seriously about about that possibility how do you follow that Horford or Bynum. I think I ordered a GM really odd about this lately is the -- respect yeah I would say and it. That are at work in the day we are talking about yesterday he. It's. His ball was delete or for I don't -- play hard every single night he helped build culture. You -- it and it is. He he's got a complete you know I was using -- -- and came back and played the very injured. An analyst -- active armed without any practice time against -- after you know after -- So. But but -- might think it it. If he would acting -- and the vinik and I don't think the aircraft carrier senator. Pat is that here in the league this year. On. -- very good start for trying to get. That burn a paper ball. At the top -- the -- -- the feeling he's still at war he's still developing. That some of these laws and and focus issues. And immaturity will change and that people speculative he's in Italy or seven years. It will use and so those -- the courses and those that app itself. We're talking major -- rusty Yahoo! Sports we're gonna come back to the Celtics here for a bit because I think Celtic fans Adrian are. Pretty excited about Kevin Garnett three years and 34 million bucks. The next -- seems to be involving Ray Allen where what are your thoughts on ray and does he end up back here in a Celtics uniform. It'll and I I'm not sure -- were all columnist. I really thought he was gone I really didn't think. They were going to bring him back on when they're putting it together I was. And not go out there there are gonna opera eight year deal. But. You know and I and I don't disagree with the decision I just thought there was acrimony there I think had to be mandated. Between them and I think -- in the process to do it that. I just don't see him going -- Memphis. I know that offer comparable body but remember when Boston and Memphis. Added. Talked about it appealed the trade deadline that all our. I know that ray was not excited about these sentiments and even on their playoff team. Heated -- Tuesday. Real desirable locations that are now. Maybe he's changed thinking and that may be just leveraging -- but I. I don't see him leaving Boston for the expert I'm I think geography important direct -- and his family obviously you know. You graphically being closer you know what that the -- you know I think an extra gold rather directly out that -- the the possibility. Because of that and -- -- buying an intriguing. Because you don't get the chance to get a big stage to win. You know Michael features very much in doubt they. You know ray would come in and play a big part but again you have to -- less money did you adapt and back that Boston. As shown. If there are two years six million per. Arm which I think is comparable what I've been hearing like Jason Terry is being offered -- team around the league on the you know then. I thought they get bought some of the chance to go to retain. Well and that's the question right they offer the most money they can off the most because of the Contra situation -- Legal back and say there was that relationship whether it is right in the team -- Jon -- of the kept him going back to the Celtic group. I don't think he'll say it but the fact that there's been. What they. That they would Ray Edwards John technique is that mayor. What people vote always said that and now locker room and in the organization is whatever issues they may have had with each other personalities. And that they never ever carried on the court. And never. It never was an issue on the court which at the end of the -- he has all that really matters. Only rating note how much factored in I think -- eight actor. I don't know that did not activate that it driving in the wire that it would drive away. Com -- You know I I I know it's. Then eight consideration. Again I get. I don't think you -- the -- back going to lead ought to beat it doesn't get along are shot on both did it have a great relationship no they don't. But again I think the fact it'd never expected how they play together is really. All of. Routers -- -- AJ adamant I thought when the season ended that maybe two maybe 20% chance just as he never saying never that ray would come back and then. You know I I've I've now predicted the fifty at best just because. You know he'd he does have other offers its probably for Koppel money have always thought the clippers were an interesting idea although. They are the clippers and you never know exactly what's going to be what's gonna happen there but if they don't get -- Is I mean Jason Terry seems to make a holiday cents how big is his market how competitive this is market. On what I've been -- is the offers for him at all committed very similar. That -- six million. Ranger or around that level for him there's a lot of interest and and he's he's he's reciprocate and the team peaked that there are two year deal. It he heard the or thirty by the army the younger than right but -- -- -- that at thirty ranging. And you know. There's a lot of I think it is market could be ticketed on what rate thousands and -- -- makes his decision. That we can all put quickly here. -- alas what for me the Easter conference author a bit of a shake up getting -- the Celtics -- you thought OK Miami's one if they bring the band back together there a clear cut number two. How -- -- Brooklyn jumps that it'll make the Dwight Howard deal in -- Airways back in Joseph Johnson. -- top fourteen in your mind of its back group of Williams and Johnson for next year. William Johnson Wallace smoke has -- Brooke I mean. I. I think it's. Yeah I think. Fourth places. I think it's the net for the six range I like now not then they're gonna automatically like they really aren't that great chemistry together we'll see what they do -- group. You know maybe the next you know their best player better food best player but. I'm not so sure. Like Joseph Johnson in the big market. -- would be really curious about that -- You know he never wanted this he's a small -- it. -- -- when it Toby and he he's he's from the south from small town. On I don't think the big city has ever appealed that he had chances in the got a great deal of Atlanta I don't know how Joseph Johnson Gordon who. Armed react playing the scrutiny that comes at all the attention that -- come on booklet initially. It'll. What you put Dwight Howard and all that seem that there are out there. He's AG awards around ski and he's been all over this MBAs stuff that when Dwight Howard ends up getting traded help -- have a first Adrian thank you so much enjoy your 4 July Holiday -- Report talking down the road. Here is the best and of as always coach -- -- on the AT&T hot like AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible could've done that for. About the -- -- -- just to hear how tired he is an MBA yeah we heard this isolate. That Dwight Howard this crap.

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