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Wyc Grousbeck talks about Celtics' success, the Big Three and the offseason plans

Jun 15, 2012|

Co-Owner of the Celtics Wyc Grousbeck talks about reaching the Eastern Conference Finals, free agency and Austin Rivers.

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Lot and Lou we're live at Dave and -- not a 37 WEEI any team that they'll -- lot of expectations and now a lot of people excited about basketball and joining us on the eighteenth the off line is the owner of the Boston Celtics which grows back wickets while Lou how are you guys are doing. We're doing good we ask players all the time Wiki how long it takes that. Get over -- lost solving Gaskin owner how long does it take to get over a series -- game seven loss like that. I won't get over it and so we get past those guys. We got to beat him. So it doesn't happen in a week -- month taking year they go along it's about one. We look back at this team whitbeck in February you know not performing well I think underachieving at that point of some. Questioning how this team came out of the locked out were they ready to play but. They just turn this thing around the poor fans they're talking about pride Tucker both know the famous Britain balls comment from KG. Did you see that in this team did you see this kind of run. I guess I was thinking we had all hands meeting yesterday with all the business that we were talking about these and then. If you told me a year ago when we're going into work stoppage that we're gonna come out of it with a closer connection -- -- and more aware of -- he's basically. Strong word but you know it is more beloved team right now better connection I -- been -- I do know we've even save the season. I didn't know. After we started -- season Howard guy's gonna respond and then they just put it together and gave. As doctors the end they gave him everything that they have they gave us everything they had. It was a it was a great run so. I'm thrilled with -- I credit that he might. Credit to stand the chance that you and it seems that. But those Celtics was just unbelievable -- the best moment ever and you know it's been a great year. You match the lockout I wonder -- looking back now do you feel like it affected this team heading into the regular season. Well it did affect there's no doubt heading in the regular season I think this sudden settlement which I was involved in in December. Adding that. Both revolutionary and the few players know happen. Quickly and number and I I think the right thing to do we can for the players and -- I won't speak for the players but I mean I I think with their deal and I think because a lot of people by surprise and I just don't think you were. Ready to play starting this statement early having said that people gathered. And we made. Which we know for. There's obviously a lot of uncertainty moving forward this Big Three when you look back at the last five years and you see. You know a championship two conference finals. 22 NBA championship appear to read and three AC conference finals appearances. How you look back and reflect on the last five years to be an opportunity to do that yet. Well I know I've reflected a little bit I I have no problem reflecting on no weighed in when I'm sitting in my courtside seat there. I. Occasionally especially I'm getting up for the cup. And I look up but you always -- right of the go with that I'm proud of it. I mean the company Anderson seventeen because and then my first press conference ever. -- what you mean by that night that I I mean we're gonna win -- seventeen or I'm gonna die trying. That is from my first ever press conference and probably last -- Roanoke but. I've I'm proud of that and in a lot of people do a lot and that was what the puck well but a lot of people have let you. -- that that the job when you run the Boston Celtics or pick it over. You're taking over in trust for a lot of people start with Red Auerbach and Walter brown and Bill Russell and all the -- back. And one that by winning championships and we were lucky enough to get one. -- -- in the day about how you know looking back when I was grown up my generation of of bird McHale and parish and DJ and Danny you know there was at Celtic pride and I feel like this group here and ineffectual or five years spanned. Is the next generations of Celtic pride I think people look back at this there in the old judge. Future teams I think to this team is that something as an owner of this group up that gives you great for a. I totally agree with that and I think when you Paul Pierce. -- know however many years thirteen years in green whatever it is and we're working and you Rondo. -- it in and signing extensions -- then. Kevin Garnett Ray Allen coming in from great careers elsewhere MVP quality careers for me and elsewhere. And becoming identified with the Celtics and with a championship and a great team it just it just the last. But stopped -- we go around the country other Arenas there's a lot of greens and just like red the I'm sure the patriot if ruined when it's we're often times the number one road in the league and for. We'll -- in retrospect sell the -- here with what and Lou we talked to Kevin. During the regular season and he talked about that move from from four to five and Alex struggled with that it why do it but in the end. -- wanted to do it is it too simplistic quick to say once that move was made. That Kevin Garnett how to put this team on his back for computer time and let them to where you got there at the end of the year. Well I assume that he I mean he just raised its payment every manner and could raise -- from the worst part of the fight but I think what -- -- meters and I don't think that that. Different in -- the it's somewhat it's somewhat. You know interchange but. I just think -- Paul and ray and Rondo and Brandon bass and Avery Bradley. It up and there's a -- but I think Kevin really. You went to the -- you went. Where well we maybe he thought though I don't know you got -- up anyway. That that he knew we could do it we're all -- that he did it and what. There's obviously a lot of uncertainty with him people speculating will Kevin Garnett retire Willie returned really return here in Boston is that something that. You an opportunity to sit down with them though is it too soon -- as you -- that is gonna take a -- you think KG would stick of some time here. Well I think you know get what Kevin speak for -- make his own decisions. It's been a great run with him he's obviously. You and others are obviously people that would be in the conversation. But I think we've got to let that stuff play out. That draft coming up on the -- it's always -- talked about on that point seven and 48 on the draft day we've got to first it. We've got a lot of cap room essentially. There and so there's a lot of moving pieces but. Evidently it is to be this human you know. What is. And he'll speak for herself with her -- -- team's standpoint free agency with the salary cap and and and cap holds and everything else. Is it imperative to try to figure out in the a quick about a time here. What Kevin's going to do because that will be sort of a first domino in the available cap space and roster space you guys without going forward. I think it's fair to say when you look at the roster he's under contract for next year starting -- Rondo and here's. And then -- the written under contract you know which is obviously a number of very very good players to come off field. Losing. All the way to bring in the best interest and other people. -- opting out or B freeagent. It's it's a if if it. This picture that is not in place and it here yet and there are free agent available this summer as well mother came. And there are a bunch of the agents available that and potential. Here -- -- with the future of the Celtics team it's funny is these movements and Avery Bradley. If people get excited and in the youth and how we we went with for John Rhonda how they played together but. That wasn't easy either we got a guy like Ray Allen who it's the ultimate professional. Who was a hall of Famer who everybody loves around here having him coming off the bench. How difficult was that back then and in going to a reality saying you know Avery Bradley is going to be the starting here. -- like did not have that covers it reality and that's not my how white you my role on the team but. I think that. Avery and re having an embarrassment of riches is they would say having a but an old phrase but having having choices like that you know can help the team and -- the national. -- is. You know he's been fantastic here every minute that you and yours and -- seven when he signed up. And and Avery you know just about doubles -- shoulder surgery or not have a second one and you know you've got to come back so I would say that debate is still in flux. In the future Ray Allen I'm sure that somebody -- the police at the respect is there is that something we use effective rate ticking time and and let us know what you think it. Well we're not releasing anything about it and right now and if you haven't noticed but you could -- -- and -- that's been there and whatever you want to. It's quick -- -- nerves and that the team building -- play out with the weapons we notable the what kind of team we one mistake and had one C contenders. If we possibly can but we really wanna get injury -- and sometimes. You go Ottawa in the but. You know the other was -- -- you match in the four guys on the roster for next year I think that's pretty unique right to -- that you guys locked up with was that part of the long term plan that at some point. They were beat you have a little bit of space here try to figure out and I don't -- rebuild but tinker with this by having only four guys signed up. Well I suppose. I mean I guess we could have expanded guys sooner but I at some point especially with the work stoppage. It can't negotiate contract than that this season -- you sort of find yourself here I wouldn't say we're looking with them with what we're not looking. You cut ties with people as much as I mean we've spent it all. Several years ago on a long term deal we expended Rondo on a long term deal as you about. You know we and it got last year very important I think decision for the franchise and and that he wanted to come back for five years. Was great news for the Celtics organization. So as things come up we try to make the best call we can and put some money on the line as needed. And you know and try to -- the team in recent years. They are watching this run here news conference finals that could help but think about hopefully OJ Mayo just sit on the couch and didn't wanna be part of it for some reason but. You know not that Doc Rivers needed to prove it to anybody but this run here with this team and how they finished up. You -- believing you know both free agents not going to Colombia those rumors and talk but. Doc Rivers has to be the ultimate recruiter you have to look at him. It's wanna play with the recession in new guys that came over what you hear about Peter's talking about and that's and key on -- you mentioned -- coming back is that what the important pieces of bringing guys it. I think so very much and I think Kevin Rondo here to be perfectly honest you know a young point guard if if I were a basketball player which is anybody's obviously -- school you know I'm not. But if I were -- coming right they want it can deliver me the ball perfectly. He's going to you know you'll and we found an offensive rebounding and I'm gonna have the all right -- and I -- my numbers going up. I was. A numbers guy but I think it's a great place like basketball and I would be I'm optimistic that we can recruit people here very up. -- the Celtics owner but I've heard you talk about I'm a water -- at what you I've heard you speak so eloquently about the matters and I gotta get your take on the officiating right now. In this league we get call after call about the inconsistency from play to play quarter -- quarter have to half. As a guy who is they argue courtside seats jumping up and down I've seen yet at some of these calls. How do you rate the state of officials right now on this week. I've got to say that very truthfully. The the league reviews every call and video after the game and give the grade and at. That's for feedback and rate the officials in the reviewers are reviewed and had to be reviewed. Again I mean there's two or three different levels if you review of every always -- and everything. Having said that it's obviously it's into -- issue. And you know about -- there's a lot of effort going to make it better now I've heard talk about. Cutting down on flopping even from the commissioners say you know swapping. Or deception is -- we gotta get out of the game we have a meeting in July. The league meeting in owner's meeting and talked about it and if we can do it. Know the answer is taken some heat you know -- interview with Jim -- talking about the draft order and on the warns that the number one. -- back there talk about that how about that is in the back room before he becomes a with the announcement. I had to go back there in 07 and when I was. That was the Kevin Durant Greg Oden draft that we were in the lottery. You tried to fix that let this -- No and I wore my lucky dude I have this green suit that was my lucky dude and I watched the -- the lottery ball machine that goes around him there's no it's not rig in the slightest bit it you know you watch the ball it's been out of this thing. And we got that if it -- that the first or second do you burn to suit and the -- thought oh my god this to let me down and and I realized later. As I'm in on the duck boat holding the trophy. That because we got that if we were willing to traded we traded it for reality which led to Kevin Garnett which led to. -- operate so it the lucky who is filling my club. You look at this league right now they just came out the numbers back to back 118 overnight ratings up for these first two games with it appears to me that the game is headed. And healthy direction is that what you -- you -- even room for more growth right now in nearly. Although the league is and that's I think that the fact that we meaning a group of players and owners. Were able to say season is phenomenal for the game. And then we've had a great tendencies and our ratings. The Celtics all the way along the starting Christmas we were yet to hear her ABC's highest rated game ever read -- -- And then ending up with a couple of people reading records nationally and in Boston and Miami or series. That we -- on the ratings out. Every single we could hear in the finals and others about what it either but nonetheless I'm watching. They just because the draft he would sit -- 21 and 22 and a much of the players going to be there enough but Austin rivers. Is -- in this come up an awful lot and and I'm just curious as it is not just docs on is it's a great player. How -- that dynamic work out do you think if it was to happen the guys in the draft Austin Austin rivers I think that will work with -- his dad being used it as coach. I don't know we've you know that's a tough one to speculate about all the indications are that often will go higher than that. But but I don't know what will happen and if I can trust not to do what's right for the Celtics at all. He is a fantastic position you. Felt that has been since when everything you know five or whatever was and you know I'm not worried about any. Anything like that if if he's on the board in in our basketball guys wanna take my actual -- and if they you know I doubt you'll be on the board -- which would probably just hypothetical. -- you're as. Here is I guess seen as any owner in the league when you're down those seats that joked about before he got nice to say about the official put it. Which you were talking to those guys there they can never give it back and forth it seems like -- pretty into these things on the court side. That you ought to ask them about me. -- we actually have a really good time down there at this point I'm nine years and years in the this and so it's it's it's just humorous at this point. Felt at one point an official years ago said to be one more word at you and I'm throwing you out of the building and I feel well one more word that you're you're not -- in the playoffs. Which was just an empty bluster but I'm probably -- both sides but. And we looked each other and agreed -- Politico that was years ago now it's just it's really in in in good humor and. You know what it's -- -- Joey that's CU and Joey Crawford figure that out there as -- now. We you know I mean. Always felt brought out expelled for -- that's like making history so and really he's -- -- -- holistic yes. He's imaginable brawl last one I guess it any chance you root for the heat in this series where. It -- pretty went into that. Had asked the question -- prospect you'll go on the Celtics thank you so much for your time here today great. Great season for your team you got a lot of fans as -- said look at this team now as a team they can tell their kids about I think it's something you guys an organization we've very proud of. He EIU guys have done a great job for many many years and in partnership with us we appreciate everything -- -- it was well well -- -- -- Whitbeck was so what we're prospect joining us on the yet AT&T hotline -- eighteenth -- Fourteen LTE with speeds up to ten times faster three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible which would it. Give us a scout report Alston and is that if that's the stuff nowadays there snuck that in 92 break we'll continue with you -- -- -- live at Dave and --

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