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Jerry Remy: Sox should expect Crawford to return to his Tampa Bay form once he comes off the DL

May 30, 2012|

NESN’s Red Sox analyst Jerry Remy joined John and Gerry to chat about how the Sox will replace Pedroia’s productivity. He also comments on how well Daniel Nava is playing, why Carl Crawford struggled last season, and how productive the Sox will be once they finally get healthy.

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Care our conversation would Jerry Remy has sponsored by a RS restoration specialist property managers and insurance pros depend on a para -- cover all the disaster bases when it comes to 24/7 emergency services. Swing -- ARS serve dot com to see what they can do for you'll. And by dragon speech recognition software dragon makes it easier for anybody to use a computer you're -- it types visit get dragon dot com and by Lexus of watered down. Inviting you to a new level of excellence 1800. Go Alexis good morning Jerry Remy how are yeah. Well that's incredible -- you know we were reading the promo last night it. And that we waiting for the huge announcement to come today and outside of that Billy Donovan. -- are Jerry are you know endorse a candidate for this job did you carry a lot of weight fluctuation. Is it like did you know Larry come and on the show. To put a personal invite out I'm sure he's you should be in the running. -- we're pretty sure this big announcement was going to be -- moving the Red Sox to Rhode Island for loan guarantees. That wasn't it at all yet but in the urinal cakes and -- -- well commemorative urinal cakes for the hundredth anniversary and don't you sit right near the public address announcer Jerry. I'm not quite know we're about there were about five moved down. Focus you want to stare at mile crawl space all night. -- -- -- you out of the window -- Or -- back to do that. Hell ask the question I asked Larry Lucchino and I know there would bumps in the road down down the road. But do you think this team by and large has turned the page from beat horrific September and the horrific spring on to bigger and better things that has them. Play more at a level that they will consistently play at for most of the rest of the year. I hope so I had you know last night was -- it was a huge win in any time you can. That the best pitcher in the game would Verlander and you can come out with a win that day and you know they did before that they got a big break on a foul ball. So it seemed like they decided to two and a little bit in that direction. And when you look at the standings right now as bad as things had been at the beginning of the year that we and a half games out of first place. So you know you got to feel pretty good about that and the year it's been interesting watching the club I mean you'll try to piece it together. Every day trying to piece together a lineup. And then it -- you know the play good baseball so. You know -- have the good thing is nobody really ran away at the top and he got it and you know 1012 game lead. They gave him the chance to hang around. Get themselves a little bit helping give -- -- play good baseball. And the you know the Red Sox right now are doing very well it did it on the watch. Not to throw a wet blanket on this party but I like -- Dustin Pedroia is injury a lot better when it was a sprained thumb and not a torn abductor muscle. He knew qualifier and quantify what it means lose in the sky for a month. Well that it's obvious you know that -- one of the top players in the game and to lose him for a for an extended period -- -- not got it back and help it moderate. And I didn't know that I I you know I just -- that -- read in the papers than there was no result and what would happen I thought would get the day. And you know he was hopeful it would via. Extended period of time that he was going to be out and you know what they do to replace him I don't know I guess I guess temporarily. You probably put -- and second base if that's a long term thing. You may have to go to the minor leagues get a guy like Wrigley refused to come up. And then the committee will reveal the second thing but I don't know what their thinking is on that. But to lose a guy like Pedroia you -- in the I've told the ballclub. And the last time he was up an extended period on the Red Sox play below 500 baseball. And you know it's just it's and it's another blow in and in -- year that has -- well you know injuries that that that. That's got top people that the people you count -- and so. You know. Is that is that the government that the latest news and yet. More and abductor muscle -- -- they haven't says he's going on the DL but just yet they're gonna wait and see how how it feels today but I gotta ask you this. -- the leadership qualities that a Dustin Pedroia brings on the bench and in the club -- translate when the guys on the DL and not on the field. Not as much now I you know -- that he didn't get involved in the game can be you know on the bank sharing in. And doing what you wanna do an -- people up but the fact is you know you need to out in the -- right and that the got a very talented obviously that you. You need in the lineup in the Al for a lot of reasons offenses defense. You know his leadership role waited to have double plays of the way. The ground he covers you know saint Ryan's. So I mean you know -- you have an extended period time is that it is definitely -- A -- last year Carl Crawford 506 at bats and -- such uniformed is you off the top he had were any of them as good. As Daniel novice at bat in the fourth inning bases loaded. And I mean you know you've you've got to give not a lot of credit I mean. In the Verlander amazes me I mean that I I play behind Nolan Ryan. And Ryan was 9900. Under one all the time. This guy goes from ninety to 99 in a heartbeat. And and that had that last night he started not Iraq with pitches that were you know about 9192. And then when he went for the when he had to go for the strikeout he goes up 100 miles an hour on. It now but pitch that ball to the opposite field result. He played great baseball you know since he came up and I'm sure he's really surprised Bobby about because about I don't know landing about a you -- up in the body and a couple of years ago when he came up here and -- didn't see it at all last year play was in the minor leagues. -- it comes up there and he's doing his job offensively or middle leadoff spot. Because he's -- a lot of pitches and then he played a pretty good defense also so I mean. But that was a great at bat last night it really wasn't and you know when you think about you put it altogether and think about who came against I mean that's that's -- pretty amazing. And I said a lot of young guys I'm guessing it would give up I mean that. His walk away but there they know their face and Verlander they. Intimidated at all giving up just mentally and and when he is in Portland and coming up rotation you know way. You like to get a little bit intimidated because you know if it in the bat but on the other hand you know you hope you catch him on a night -- maybe he's not as bad. And I don't think he was added that last night you know he was good but not as good as we've seen him in the past in and the Red Sox took advantage of that and that that's a great time. Do you when when middle brooks' first got hot and you -- Lewis was out we heard venture to say. Youkilis will not lose his job injury well it turns out he sort of did I mean the job at third belongs to middle Brooks now and that's a good thing I mean he's. He looks good he looks like he could hold that job for the next 810 years and -- productive. Hum do you think too often they look at that in baseball people say look at reputation or maybe contracts and say. We can't move him like I mean there's nothing now but can do to take -- job is there. Now I'm not no I mean it got caught with healthy right now outcrop it would be quiet and you know I have to be honest -- would do. You know I knew I was very nicely Crawford play this year you know yeah I expect to see the thing that we started at the back. I think last year it was a total adjustment that you have that you know I've been brought brought a bit of a little bit uncomfortable the first time he'd been in the big market. Like Boston as a first time he was not a big stop -- you know these stop on a team. And I think a lot of things that affect on him last year and I think that -- that I'm up in the offseason -- had a chance to think about it. In you know he was getting himself prepared for this year I think we'll -- -- see. But Carl Crawford that you know of that that we had seen and -- batted -- are you ready to play tonight. Crocker would be -- -- I mean it's just is that simple I mean he's he's their left fielder. The guy that you know they they paid big money to get and you know you would get every opportunity to -- to get that job and they would be his job. And that would go back to being you know a part time player. Who's the right fielder when Crawford in left Ellsbury isn't senator whose plan right. Okay Cody Ross and Sweeney. So I don't know how they would break that up I I you know -- brought it up to a good but I do and it's when he's playing great baseball also. There would be pretty strong in the outfield they had all three of those guys going right now I you know I don't know how about I would -- of the playing time between Ross and Sweeney. I -- I doubt it would go left right left right because you know that would give brought a lot of playing time. So but those two guys to be buying you know from -- spot out right deal that could be that one pretty good outfield. -- -- -- -- Darnell McDonald's job away do you think 'cause he's a switch hitter. And possibly -- you know possibly you know about old rehab and right now and you know there's a lot of things he can do. You should end but I I think if it happened right now yeah I probably made -- the hot hand and and then but you have that you don't know who has. How effective you know is -- the better playing every day. They'll all got to cut you all or is he going to be just affect coming up about some guys can't be effective coming up about. And you don't know that would be the case would not let you know he's getting a chance to play every day is playing very well. If he was getting you know one or two about simply about where about a week. You know we'd be productive in it that that was the case you'd better play in about it took away you know and have somebody else is accustomed to being a part time players the big league level so they gonna take those things into consideration but unfortunately for the right side that I had that situation right now. If Iglesias does come up and -- is essentially until although he'd be at shortstop in -- to probably go to second base does he get a break on the fact that he canceling a Major League bat because until not doing it in his place. They could be but not that I don't think they have an option brightly and when you think about it you know that I mean they love his defense and and and and went in the Red Sox played this year is great beaten. And in -- at shortstop has been outstanding I mean I I never expect that. I mean I didn't expect -- step forward -- -- truck stop and I didn't expect you know the way he's played. And has been very very very good and then you know they did -- is -- that bad up. So I mean you know you take it one guy out of position and that he's played very well and put him in his second base where he's played people ought. And and you know oddly his mid -- at shortstop if if that this is what happens. And you've been -- lose that much defensively you know but. Yeah you can't replace Pedroia defensively that -- nobody. And and so -- you know I don't know -- that we get it to happen would that and then you know I I know that he's gonna make every effort to try to get back there and talk him into it. But you know it may take some time and they may have to make -- Jerry what do we say you would we illusion is still there. Look at when -- win numb when we see guys who we don't know much about Bill Parcells would call -- jags just a guy the Sweeney's the podsednik the Bob does the villas. Fill in for major stars major players on this team and do very well is that. On them because they Rose to vacation or stuff on the manager who empowered them and had -- than to put them in the position and and asked them to succeed talent that. On the play I mean I think you know they have to come up they get an opportunity they have to prove themselves. And you know hit a good example is now ever as we talked -- -- Valentine -- -- -- them. So it's not like he's called to the minor leagues for a guy that he knows has the reputation. And he he's that I love this guy from spring training and I want him up here because he didn't. And so you know now that come up improved -- improve their Valentine that he's capable of playing at a high level. At the Major League level so you know I think -- on the player himself but we need to get that opportunity went together you get a few good you have make the most of it. And if you don't you're gonna end up right back where you work so. You know it's guys react differently. And it's an -- guys to get called up and come up and make an immediate and actually abrasion to the manager. I'm reading -- -- clobbered Red Sox notebook in the Boston Herald this is my last question and don't get this this worries you were concerned you're always talk about Carl Crawford's a rehab assignment he said Carl has been working with athletic trainers on developing a new. Throwing mechanics. Designed to ease the strain on his elbow and prevent a relapse of the injury Bobby Valentine describes it as follows there's a mechanic which we'd like to -- -- used but I think would be helpful there's a turn of the body. Step the glove. The late rotation with the upper body rather than earlier rotation with the upper body and that's the kind of movement from bottom to top. It kinetic link from the feet to the plays that being propelled. We'd like to start seeing him use that -- -- sounds like he's learning to throw a baseball all all. Yeah Jerry are very consistent. At that I think I think I put it and that show. They're just trying to get into it you know in in that position. You know if you forget what it was approached him yet. And -- be out for a long time when they do they would cut -- mechanic yeah. And I think that's basically what it is I think you know I think that the big paragraph that could probably could be. Square it up and a couple of sentences. I I think that's all I try to do right now go get him going through the motions. Going to -- quality -- elbow response when he wrote that still a concern of mine because he hasn't thrown yet. You know and and we'll see what happens when when he finally does do that I think he's a week or two away from. From doing that according to what they were talking about yesterday. So but I you know I think the whole thing is just that it is like a picture. You have to -- a long -- -- what they work on obviously you know I'm ready. And then they would and the mechanics that the pressure up the elbow and I think that the talking about a couple of crop. -- -- Jerry wants more publicity and more exposure. And and and as you leave the park don't forget Rem dog is older now I guess it's -- take care -- talk to down the road -- his conversations sponsored by a terrorist restoration specialist property managers and insurance pros dependent heiress to cover all of disaster bases. When it comes 24/7 emergency services swing on ARS serve dot com to see what they can do for you. And by dragons speech recognition software dragon makes it easier for anybody to use computer you talk it tight visit yet dragon dot com and by Lexus of watered down my good -- -- UC inviting -- to a new level of excellence 1800. -- --

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