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Jack Edwards talks Bruins-Captials

Apr 17, 2012|

Jack talks about the physicality of the series so far and how that has been a big factor in the Bruins taking a 2-1 series lead.

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It's -- -- forty -- he's got to stay with the all on the line. Jack Edwards a ladies and gentlemen from NASA and TV voice to the Bruins Jack I don't -- it. Our -- our frequent lecturer and hijack -- for you -- your best bunker care -- are. That -- -- up to another original tolerant and extends well it's a a survey of literature comes up. You know what you know what. That is good at this time -- year. -- yeah well you know now's a good part of last night's game did you think we talked about them getting more physical. I thought they got a lot more physical last night. Yeah they did get more physical and they -- and creativity in getting ought to -- aren't they got guys there when they need your and they exposed Braden all he has a pretty good HL calling which is what he is right now but he certainly isn't a top flight that's a lot they go. I think perhaps the most compelling. Dynamic of last night's game is that. If you look at all Sri gains the -- -- getting better. And Washington has not getting better Washington came out and really lockdown mode in game one. And deployments. Really didn't know out of Austin and let either that -- bunker Q well. But abroad have been figuring out out and they have been getting more and more physical and I believe. That the -- lack of discipline shown by Washington and now quite at this moment nick was back should use. Supposed to be here and we're pregnant and I are a lack of discipline short while watching that reporting now that may be an indication. That -- start crack under the under the pressure brought to bring to our. Well I was stupid getting back to hold a how much of it do you think the first two games he was well protected with a number of blocked shots last night. They got through we did they can have -- block shots slot. Not sure they didn't have blocked shots last might not it is brought to a little bit more creative in the neutral so there were getting into the attack and so with speed. There were a lot more lanes. Also Washington -- because we're playing at all decided that it wouldn't acting in quite a -- we're going to see in games one game to. And I didn't want cures itself. You know halt its its could only. He has the chance you really pretty neat anecdote career but he's not there yet and when it comes time to make these huge saves for -- I'm honest with you wanna want to go rotting -- people point blank and saying after the game you know I actually saw that -- -- And you know what Thomas did not vote. That's that's or goalie got acute lot of upper trickle out it up it's about one that he stopped right there. Jack adding there's something you and I again agree upon as usual. I think it. Dale hunter. Mean how delusional can you be here he's talking about -- chairman -- -- -- is crossing the line you pick up -- -- -- picabo all the stuff biased and hunters the coach. But -- could be realistic about this. Inevitably. Seems like. The personality of their head -- it happens in every single sport and there's there's really no way around it when you're in professional sports and you're living together in essence every single page -- 689. Months at a time. So but he tendency tend to Wear off on it it was actually never know what it. What you cross checked early light across the face and you've got a suspect that in and everybody expected him to get suspended for. Ottawa's orbit dirty player in NHL history -- also. On those rare -- with a very -- Very dirty player you -- on about it during a like say well -- due to an assassin's body you don't really tricky shot. I Jack what do you think's going on here in the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year usually when you get to the whole season. -- hitting increases the fighting deep -- we're not seeing that you look at the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh series and it is just out right vicious. What what is happening here this year. In our beautiful -- a I mean this is this it actually that danger. Of Gary Bettman suggested. Realignment of the National Hockey League where you were turning into -- division. And the stuffing your division is important to play more -- -- -- Bible than anybody else but the rest of the leak become generic. There or abroad will play the Philadelphia Flyers just the top that they play the Colorado Avalanche in the Anaheim Ducks. Back with that they idiotic your forty years of equity in the bitterness that is built up. Between regional -- even -- But are not seen or all of divisions such at the Montreal Canadians -- the the Buffalo Sabres. -- -- -- If you go way back it up the opportunity. To -- -- try to familiarity breeds contempt that units in the first round playoff here. That is what makes it all went straight. Almost all of us who watched hockey. While the confrontational. Aspect of and when you get seems like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh who know each other inside out play -- six I'm never regular season. And that every. What year are still end up playing each other well. -- when guys bring up -- -- -- pre and you know and and they remember what's been going on here for years that. No box all the scene outside now and so either that or organization that in the a couple of weeks ago. The reason the Philadelphia Derrick and he is not because I think it or not you'd better team. I think that I'll but it did get beat the guy didn't check the serum. Of how we get into that need and use it against when -- -- got all the freedom but it worked it -- -- of -- that. Now while I was a little concerned that the gulf woods was playing better and was a good acquisition for them this year but in this -- -- series. They -- scoring at will listen I love it I can't shut that series off on the other hand I do think it's going to bring up that debate once again. As you know that happens on a regular basis to this is more like regular season it's not like playoffs the way they're playing. And -- and this isn't carry over in these other series Jack I wonder the players are looking at -- it Nazi like we do our series. Yellow that's the thing that this slippery slope. And we're sure upfront and Shanahan that -- and that typical thing for him because he's got to try to. They individual situations every single one of them and individual situation. And apply -- -- guidelines across his rulings that are going to be interpreted it ought collected Kuwait. Across the league you know what you get a situation like Chicago's Andrew sought to -- Mike -- entry -- goalie. And getting three games straight out or you know everybody now understands that we're literally. That if you Hartford bully you for your shoulder it was Sheehan behind his own goal -- Evelyn fox -- you're gonna get regain. The more typical stop its first. You know the Shea -- but because what a lot of people overlook. What network server ram Webber and we'd make mention about like that. -- that's -- at the end of the game where I am rich purple you know what you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It clobber him but he did a pretty part of all the way. Or wholly unnecessary dispute and so yeah that's a tough spot. -- know what I I still have no problems with. The overall body of work furniture at about worried about people saying it's like regular season. Hockey because it's only that the people would pay attention real hot and now. That it saw a couple of notches that that they get ratcheted higher. I did get a suspend -- from just because he's so dumb jacket that's why you said the game is over there's actually no call for -- can debate whether Nazi suspend the ball hit that's five that the two probably was. But to do that spot in the game's over suspended just for that. -- without an it just so vilified and it actually dale -- election oh and for the forty else. That it was cut I think that you received from -- or during his or anchor. And what Geithner is talented and necessary at the back from -- away you know Washington drops. Games or all that come back to Boston down one tree not exactly scenario they were stopped themselves. What are the may have put it even that out of position -- doors open while still the. Was. Bread Marshall was he trying to lure a couple of possible penalties now he got to stick -- McGraw and I know that. And that and that was pretty obvious I think that one if you were nearby he was probably talking and singing soprano so that would seem to be legit but just seemed to be. A case where he was trying to see if he could buy a couple calls at -- right. Yeah yeah it's current set in like the way exaggerated the last what delicate reverie that instance I remember saying that it it -- saturated. Barcelona at the top player and -- is -- guy not re going to any situation. But the -- -- know that as well and you don't need to sell anything you you know earns. The number I'll what is that you were brought on by his opposite the corruption and that is willing to get his nose dirty and or broken. I I don't like the impulse that even a little bit I think he trucks and the way the broad flight and I don't know anybody spoke to look today. They didn't skate but -- we're gonna talk about law. I wouldn't be surprised at all so be it because she's still hurting this ultimately don't wanna do is start getting the reputation of being a diver and then. The commercials -- -- against it. And they'll make it be more and obvious that it's a -- soul like you just keep it straight at -- -- 95% of the went to work out. -- going under appreciated players in on a team in this city authorities great postseason last year has been great so far in this series. Really good game last night decide -- back up but once again just another huge game that big spot for him. What are -- this guy I mean. Yeah actually relishes these incredible collisions with though that's. And his like the executive dust toy you know look along with the that all there that you kind of the other Nicole you know they backed off an opposite direction. That there have been at least half -- -- World class collisions between those guys in the first three games -- Seidenberg don't quit smiling going yeah this is really bought one. Pretty soon not spent. But right -- he's a tremendously talented player. I think he's got the best seat in the National Hockey League utilities and no front Seidenberg played the art. -- 84 for two way. Technically -- skate and make a play out -- that that really could backfire and actually eat at the skirt and a chocolate has trouble with those guys thank. -- Seidenberg is it is critically getting forward Julian this morning said that though. You ought to write it right there were charge. And everybody knows -- values abroad but actually put -- right there with we're fixing it. Since they don't play again until Thursday how quickly do we find out about backstroke. I think we're gonna find out a letter early tomorrow. Shanahan usually -- to wait. That long after it during the quarter side you would render a decision. Check it out pretty busy agenda I don't think you ought to get them back larger you know change militants -- you are so. Let's. That's the way it's gone this spring but you know what sports pilot back a couple of years ago when Colin Campbell -- a wonderful guy was just -- whale at. And we're getting blocked by the type thing. These hearings -- happened under the black box and then word would leak out through some of the Canadian media contact the Campbell at a over the years and then you find out that your own belief in our water -- -- -- that had so much hurry or YouTube where it really understand. It's not a proper maps and Brendan Shanahan but -- doing it quickly he's doing it transparently. He's trying to provide. Some kind of guidelines player conduct during well it. You know nobody wants that job but I think -- jobless. I just go straight talk and you'll talk to you so much but like that or I'm Bert tonight it's on -- you've got. -- nice that -- to go along while I was pleasantly surprised walking a force confrontation. I would never do that that's. Some guests to be a big show receive a gift cartoon Dhabi of northern Italian steakhouse. Locations in Boston and it patriot place in Foxborough. And the ready for this I mean I believe next year. League fees and other location in -- feel. Ot we'll get right back to focus and would give back to the -- or Red Sox situation at 617779. 0858885250851. He -- -- a deal we don't quite aligned with the got a 5461777. Night. 3535.

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