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Andy Katz, ESPN college hoops analyst, breaks down the NCAA National Championship game

Apr 3, 2012|

Andy Katz joined Dennis and Callahan to talk about the NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship game between Kentucky and Kansas. D&C also snuck in a question about how Austin Rivers will fare in the NBA.

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On the heels of last night's coronation of the Kentucky Wildcats as you're national champions in new war and joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Andy Katz senior college basketball writer for ESPN and espn.com. You join us on AT&T holing good morning Andy thanks -- -- a couple minutes -- John and Jerry in Boston how aria. -- -- -- -- -- some kind of historical perspective what we sought. Capped off last night in terms of the entire season with Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats managed to achieve and what it means in the big picture. Well. I think in the modern era of the one year ago iron which. There's not a that both defensive Dutch soccer -- -- It's a fact anyone in the country would pick and Anthony Davis. Or Michael -- jokers. Regardless cannot execute. You know -- -- the number one and -- guys recently including not nervous but in this modern air rules put in. From the NBA where. You'll particularly at this one here college if you want it to. This is by far the rest. Particular pyramid scheme you probably. Different air we're not seeing. For some photos and then you'll -- -- but I mean all we're not seeing. -- liked that day. You know 34 years her junior college counselor council was -- who. Under the program and are not obviously. You know on the sure experienced team and we've -- like that do you. That the -- 2001 that who have NBA guys on it felt that by -- Williams so I think in this modern era of the rule which is not. That long. Of the exact time period that. So many years of mister -- -- sort of you know I think this is by far the best team of that of this new era. Hey Andy -- is is one and done approach becoming less of a stigma because when we first were trying to get our our our arms around it and digest it all that's just it's horrible it's horrible. And I'm hearing more and more basketball insiders like yourself and -- bill listens mothers say it's the rule it's it's the way the rule is set up Calipari is taken advantage of it and it seems to have less of a stigma that it did a handful of years ago is that fair to say. Yeah I'm able. It's CME is well. I love when people try to draw and threw a lot of talk about oh how it. Will be NBA loud and -- the end PA's rule the NBA that we know a lot out of me at a new collective bargaining agreement. In that collective bargaining agreement they could easily. All players got to -- two years or three years. From the pay particular site global weather outlook for a draft. It didn't do that we can change one bit. Ruler David Stern and vote and India and India EPA agreed to. Which was. One year out there got to get 319 years old and what you're removed. From your high school graduation yelled -- in the draft so players don't have to go to college of music and obviously. I'll make their way to Europe they can sit out -- -- they -- Go to the -- -- but obviously they want the exposure. Of playing in part about all the high level. You know and you know look you didn't do Kevin Durant and you obviously benefited from -- -- -- -- -- collagen is out of the all -- so. If it is the does the term but fortunately that college well under right now by the in the -- Eight and coming at it this if I gave if you gave John cal Perry choice. He's got six potential draft picks. You know least 31 round is six NBA guys if he had his choice of keeping all six. Next year or letting all six goal the MBA which -- choose. You know after winning the title. Yes like right now this morning again obviously if the six stay that screws up the whole. System because he's got a bunch of new guys coming in who have been promised that they're gonna play next you right. -- I think you would take what I think will happen which is there one the national championship. They all move on in here and that means that obviously got a preview -- here. And you know in contention for two of the best players are true. That are remaining and it because it's about bird or twelve. They're out -- -- in the polish about Mohamed circle along with already. A solid recruiting classes and so. To be back to mid sixties and again and that you told me last night. -- interview after after came up the podium. -- here and then. And I -- what next obviously we'll put up in the everything which I'm not convinced. You'll do against any citizen actually and he wants. Two completed an undefeated season. The last coming up and obviously lose Indiana 1976. Yeah you -- beat anyone hear him. Short of that -- do you know what the semifinal in their duped in 1990. Recognized he won their 341 should senator's not happen. And is that that are nice war you're sort of eating the piece obviously thought uses but that's what they expect. I was Ali you look that you Ellis. This and and and we heard that we've played them in view that was interesting -- -- -- And he's -- -- out there and this is my next challenge if he stays but -- system. -- way doesn't work if Anthony Davis the best player in the country decides how welcome back from the the year. That it's kind of screws up the whole caliber system doesn't -- Which is the brilliance of and all of -- are these guys have to leave. Because there's another -- -- -- Heard you -- inside. You go to guy yet I mean. If you get me here this is mine will announce via computer scientists say. You know I would bet that the system I mean it's solid. You'll see recruit the best players in the country and that's part in the country. Reminds. The only play one here thought that in those I mean. It if they could that they would go back in the -- which. Oh we ought to I don't think -- it's. I think it should go that the fuel query which is he give up the top. A -- oh god is. Word go directly via via because if you look at this roster right now okay this could let you roster. The deputy Gator I'm not convinced. Would have gone right out of high school on me not -- -- count. -- -- Not necessarily -- war. Michael Gilchrist for sure. Would not upon threat the other guys will. Yet not -- -- That. You know that he -- Italy and your like better -- that I don't really believe seven gorilla now. LeBron James obviously you view from the beginning that he was gonna go directly India. But I'm not convinced. The -- different guys would have done that now these two are talking about right now that are out there available from -- shoot. It that the rule out -- place he would go directly to India. If it went back on the rule. Because the market right now I think we would bet they're there to copiers and that it would -- -- you're an organized. Well that'll be nature that would. Here about Austin rivers. Are. That you -- What are we don't want here. Are you surprised as a veteran and called masculine guy any surprise that. Duke is now a one and done place. No because much -- third perfect job of adapter. You adapt to the practicality out. And you know or. You -- The chance female reporter once he's in other -- -- with carrier ring last year and Eric. You know that would cut off from the national championship here here or so. -- that no that's referred portability and Roy Williams recruited -- -- Marin. Who easily could have left after his one season. Can and the way you wanted so he came back for a second here and so -- an example by the way where. They are you might have -- -- -- it once he. Speak to. And because he's it is true that they are not at the intruder Kendall Marshall they probably would have to play -- -- -- -- the messenger which. You know but it seems to me that courting these one and done blue chip kids on a high school is is so brilliant in its simplicity. The coaches who don't adapt like coach -- has will be left by the wayside if you have a winning team and you're not -- those kids who who won -- just. Played their ass off for one year and go to the NBA. Then you're not getting baskets out their I mean it's it's just a simply brilliant plan is not. What reality means that at the current system. There and and some of these guys. You may think they're one and done and maybe they'll perform obviously at that level -- -- something like that happens. But that's unfortunately the system that they're dealt. And very for the most part will probably say. Go back -- rule and then once you get every I get the sense. That if you report college basketball. Which we have to agree they would like the baseball rules. A modified version of the baseball rule racially based all want to get that Major League Baseball side is not in here and you can go directly. Through the pros if you decide to go to college. I'm not mistaken here to -- Three years. In College Baseball. And so they would like that could be applied probably probably get you at least two years the college basketball. But. The NCAA has no power here is zero this is the NBA's rule just like it's the Major League Baseball rule. In the NFL's rule. Ending a two part question here if Kansas and Kentucky played a seven game series for the national championship. I'm against the Kansas win. Our elites want you out. And we'll stop over that same thing I guess here that are sure. They'll do if it is Kansas. Come out. And the standard certainly Doron Lamb the first. You know we're here to way to defenders like. They were right there I mean they were a couple possessions away you -- last night. They just have a tendency of the season to adopt these slow starts. It consult some old and then the -- sort of climb out of them. Yeah and -- that you don't get elected but you just cannot do that -- been against Purdue there were it state. What the Kentucky he would struggle let him back at last I just got a little bit too much for last. -- -- think -- win one out of seven Kansas -- at least one out of seven of their play Kentucky seven times now to the more outrageous question we've heard the debate a lot ramping up the last night's game. If the Kentucky Wildcats played the war begun Charlotte Bobcats. In a seven game series would they win one. I don't know that Larry broadly it would. Of that storm animal boy that is. You know it's still to be determined. As out of the deputy davis'. Let's see how he handles. The brutality to India. I think Kevin Garnett certainly -- Problem victory in nearly use of the NBA play -- -- iTunes. -- played poker. In. There'd be some part ultimately at but he didn't throughout the -- You know whether or not. You know physical -- -- PSA. And right now I think you were a part time we'll see what happens. You know come November assuming your -- I Andy you're you're guessing is that coach cal is staying. In Lexington. If he does and does he do this again next year. Really if they get from the park for our country there will be determined that the reason I'm not I in the NBA right now is. Here the king of around electing them I mean he is take off there as we note in BofA is. Apparently. Phil Jackson. Pat Riley and unfortunately and tell me one approach. In the NB. Without question. You know sort of has completely complete control. Of the team. I mean you know maybe there's a darker I don't know but equally New York Mike -- -- didn't. In here and you know I -- navy -- -- Popovich senatorial. I don't think dark helped Eric Gordon MBA and have the control the at Kentucky. Where personally get paid well over three million dollar sort not a money deal. Because. The -- not -- like. Come here and why would he want to go to a franchise that not one -- that's right now in terms are ready to wind up high level we have. The top we can argue that one of about three. Programs because -- Already know the season's over what do you do with your time you're on vacation now -- other stuff to do. A little little break yeah man and accurately -- How good is Austin rivers going to be at the next level where's he going in the draft and then a good Willie -- next. You know it's funny we were debated. Among ourselves vote. My producer. It is from -- like myself. We. -- that they were not. We're not talk in the the Celtics were draft observers. Say if you go to wherever they are -- they moved up to gentlemen. Personally all because they're great idea and I don't think it'll happen. You'll be somewhere in the first round -- -- and so that. He -- as high -- maybe he thinks he will decide to leave. He is not a true point guard at all. He's more of a combo. In and you know he he made some big shot. By. He certainly had a moment where it's certainly early in the season where you are not as dominant performer so. I think it takes a little while he is the year of the major contributors some format I don't think it happened in your one. Well for what it's worth doc told us last week that if Austin fall to them he wants them on the team you'll want to draft him and of Danny resist the -- a big fight about it but Danny gets the last call -- -- wants it to happen if that's possible. Now usually fault or little they've brought to get them. I didn't that we didn't talk about moving up these that he felt him they're talking 151617. It sounds like your thinking he might slip all the top ten as well so there sort of in the same neighborhood and he. Yeah they are they are. I don't know that. I'm convinced that the greatest thing in me personally might be but. -- out a little that would work then what would you do go to work -- coach has some. Well we -- we ask who we talked all of us Friday and and and and it most of the same thing he treat me just like you treat everybody else ready the kick in the ass to get a kick in the ass on the paddled back but I guess it depends on the other players perceive. -- relationship with his son with in the context of that team I suspect. Yeah I mean I. I think you might work better. You know the second time around in other words media goes somewhere else. Disorder get a few whipping up via the trade and then down to the alternate. You know a couple years later I don't know. So work necessarily be and the reason I say that if -- not you walk. To accelerate when he got there I mean it. You know what you were. You know what you're Kyra you're living in Opel which I think -- -- new belt which is to get Cleveland. You know he was going to. Beat immediate impact player -- little not just not quite sure what's gonna happen. Would cost rivers if that was the case I wouldn't hesitate at all with our coaching assault. Is -- Katz senior college basketball writer for ESPN and espn.com and that's the time this morning after a busy busy weekend for you I enjoy your time awful talked it down the road Andy thanks very much. Are prepared and get to those who Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE with speeds up the ten times after the three GAT and T rethink possible. Will say goodbye to our friends on NASA if -- -- to -- the -- last -- the program you can do that on 93 point seven over on the FM -- fourth and final -- DNC straight ahead.

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