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Andrew Ference on Jason Chimera's hit on Adam McQuaid

Mar 30, 2012|

Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference joins D&C to chat about his feelings on Chimera's charging penalty on McQuaid and if he thought the hit was reckless and if McQuaid put himself in a vulnerable position. Andy also talks about the team's play down the stretch as they near the playoffs.

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Our -- conversation with Andrew -- is brought to you by Verizon bios and -- ahead and -- your local Boston area Mercedes-Benz -- and the complete lineup Mercedes-Benz for -- all wheel drive vehicles visit and be USA dot com to schedule -- test drive today and buy it reads very -- if that -- -- -- You've got a good 1 good morning -- how are you. What was his last night's game for you personally a textbook definition of mixed emotions you score the game tying goal but the team loses in the shoot up that's kind of mixed emotions -- -- it. I guess there really isn't up and down game I mean it it says but it chess match for the first fiscal period in the total breakdown -- and restore -- news up and down back and forth feelings. The so you know report trucks. I I I know what you're supposed to say publicly at the gold does that mean anything to me since we didn't you know. Since been lost in the shoot out but when you put your head on the pillow last night were you satisfied with your personal effort what you were able to accomplish. Well I mean if you don't score and you know and I've used music and so be satisfied. With -- we've played I mean that's. If that's the definition of good team is you know. Quote truck tires and probably -- that are and so loose -- and villages and potential also. -- it's. You know -- into the year so not too much votes. Looking like that. You know what I'm I didn't even though you lost I after regulation it was kind of went to bed you guys don't lose shootouts I just assumed you you won another one -- when you sit there and obviously. Defenseman he got nothing to do right you -- skates and sit on the bench and watch and and do don't you expect to win when you have to Thompson in the shootout. -- mutants certainly pretty period this year I mean they emit some -- goals in the first of it was. It's in really good group Sawyer talked earlier you know -- goaltenders. On the -- pretty typical that are that are or excuse. If you ever participated in shoot out. Narrative really what would you do -- assure you would go forehand backhand five -- what do you do. No. Pressure from where like the Blue Line. We're creating. -- -- it would surprise them. But -- because after a church you know political and. How fast is your show what how many miles per hour. I'm in the ninety's we're. -- I'm what so we do those team. You know still events. Or didn't think our route even though we -- -- airports. Stick to those slots are minorities. And would you be -- and better at that the miles per hour or break in the plates in a book or was -- you'd be better break in the plates. Did it to do that up and Calgary Olympic competition on. Said that our credit Eric -- zero. You won 45 alone. Pay L would you think -- G customers sit on Adam last night. I didn't future in the -- start last -- and the analysts. And as -- played them in it's like I got suspended theories or a million miles an hour. You know it. I see a lot of similarities bird you know that the position thousand right at because from here was it reckless was it. Was it intentional and Butler but yeah. That are no matter what quality -- quit when your deposition and I -- atom equates position but the -- position he he and there's going to be a split second when you know you're gonna make contact with the guy when you know you have him lined up. Does that occur due for a half a second -- like give this everything I have -- why not try to intentionally kill this guy and ease up just a bit does that moment take place in your brain. Overrule low -- -- yes and no I mean the thing -- she did he -- You know -- got up and that's the second. The the other the other half of that equation that you expect. The player that's getting the puck. Could be you know to be breached and to be ready to put himself a good position. So it is. Pro nuclear coming into the at its. It's almost helpless feeling and you realize you know the guy is ready for you know. For the -- so it's. It's tough spot and elegant and someone -- back to the park. You know. I don't care -- rule books that I have a responsibility ready I'm ready for. Those kind of situations because yeah me get her pretty you know -- -- if if you recollect did. Did Adam put himself -- a bit of a vulnerable position by turning at the last second. -- a bit bigger I mean that's. I don't know he's such we're coming in. Or not there really such so. But it but it's you know -- contributed to. I was gonna ask you a you know the guys coming in here can you sense of what's the what's the feeling when you have your back to the play and you know. Somebody ought to be coming down the mountain. I'll order and I don't think you see. I don't know I didn't talk about you know -- summer but in is we're -- because it just kind of that soft little company in Canada and a pretty slow change right. And so I actually that's why I change it student and most of our guys did. And I think children must got to jump on the change this. He used. You know final electrical back republic you're expecting a more controlled break code and rhetoric and swing. Sets -- in -- -- a stores that -- out. Torture and so. I can imagine that's exactly is -- that's how it could be out of acrylic so. But it surprised. -- Andy I'm gonna assume that Mario LeMieux was the best player you've played with is that correct. Witness witness Ciara rank and is he the best defenseman. The best offensive -- for sure. He I mean. I mean equivocal really still players I sort of player ever in the is in between Mario and -- and cold blows. Colon got the best and replace. Part. You're doing got to make sure jogger -- -- Like watching single loud you know that this stuff that you do. But for sure Mario. In part hasn't vests and then he got a daily journal again are forward. One of the best that's ever played. Back general. But different from non essential structure but in the end they -- he has. At the luxury of watching. And so it's I was in junior an -- And so are seen -- progression and assume from that point until now. I think yes and you better appreciation for the security assumed that you lowers just really good. And always dominant but he wasn't he wasn't the greatest -- worldly views within -- and he. Yeah -- really developed his game. Extreme -- he's done extremely good job or are and really earned. You know it does the status that he's he's. Would you call him the best conditioned guys have ever played with and do you see him playing along you know into his forty's planned you know maybe mid forties. -- -- Pride alone will take them -- pretty deep beneath the I think that those troops Arctic air and -- -- You know he works extremely hard in the the -- it is that you know sometimes it could Laura from to slow down you know because there's such -- -- overworking over training. You know solely if he he's he's found a I think -- well last few years. And I think it shows and just play you know the he. You're not exhausted at the end of the season I think it was years back when. You know it was working or playing so much where they ought to just take it so what this city these. Is learning and developing self. I'm getting better better career so stops in slow down it turns out. Any final question for me I'd be interest in the status report in your opinion on how the Bruins have themselves position for the playoffs I ask Andy Berkeley this earlier the week in the week. At the Bruins caught fire and got their act together just in time for the playoffs and he said they're getting there but not quite there yet what do you think. Yes it is still the still. You know somewhat via. You know attitude think there's. We're definitely very direction and I think that's. Know that a lot more positives that it -- -- lately but. I think some stupid little more consistency. You know from from land line where. Instead of just. You know -- and had a great night going out there and cause trouble. You know we need that warrior you're following an opposite next tree line and and the suspect constant pressure. That would warplanes were -- there's there's really no rest for the other -- and you never got off the hook so it's. It's -- it seems like it or know -- -- getting there but you know I don't see. It is that consists -- to order. Straight girls went. It isn't productive third line aptly imperative for success in the playoffs or them playing this well is this just an extra added bonus on top whatever you have. If you -- the music yeah for sure I think you'll farming. It's. And not just third line I think you know 41 partner and get minutes here I mean when you're getting into those -- longer series. It's. I mean that's what -- well clusters. There's guys coming up energy at the end and being held in the end and and you know -- for flying contributing and and also eating options and chances in the future after. We should tell you that Andrew and other members of the Boston Bruins organization had the opportunity to visit Spaulding rehab hospital and share with patients and their families. Stay Apple's balding help patients each day. -- strength consider supporting their work by making a donation small or large every dollar can help. Visit Spaulding rehab dot org slash donate online to make a generous donation today it -- what he had to keep up the good work we'll talk next week. Andrew Ference and Dennis and Callahan on AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds up the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. Our conversation with -- Andrew Ference has brought to you by Verizon files and work ahead and buy your local Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers and the complete lineup. A Mercedes-Benz format all wheel drive vehicles visit. MB USA dot com the scheduled to test drive today and buy it reads very shed if -- says reads ferry you've got a good -- Quick timeout doesn't Kelly but I'll get sick about invested a great weekend everybody on us and join us on the FM side not the three point seven.

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