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Bill Parcells to New Orleans explain it to Holley

Mar 30, 2012|

We had to explain to Holley that Dino thinks Parcells is a hall of fame coach but not the right fit for the Saints!

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Bleeping kidding me that's the first time I've heard that are bleeping kidding recharge the yesterday yesterday about so I asked senior. Well first a ball -- have to get up before 10 o'clock to find out what it is I said or didn't say. Secondly you've got to get up but traders out of his -- I've never said he's not a hall of fame coach. As it appears that garbage related to the patriots prior to the Super Bowl -- Orleans. He's a hall of fame you're. Aircraft I didn't you know he's a Parcells -- the ball. Government now will vote for you use force definitively. Courses and it stopped that he didn't get bitten mean. Around here I've never heard were dissension everybody thinks he blogs and all -- right but he didn't get in correct. It was kind of ought to me because most of the movers and shakers in the media love be dictating. Chris mortenson these guys. Really really like -- was that. Important what the -- he will like it yeah the ones who matter he's great at that I was stunned that the would be unanimous. Was ever an explanation by the way talk about digress again digress and digress. It to ever -- anyone. -- compatriots or distant friend. Why he chose to let will Madonna break that story prior to the Super Bowl. How can it help Bill Parcells because very few things that he has happened or allows to happen. Don't do anything but help Bill Parcells. That didn't help it didn't help his image didn't help this team it didn't help Super Bowl week in -- and it didn't help anything that was uncomfortable press conference were you and bill Robert Kraft stood up it was like -- creepy to watch the whole thing you know what. I will McDonough break that story couldn't say what will I give me the story you can you can break Monday morning after we win or lose the Super Bowl. I think aren't. Kraft gave -- unbelievable access to. In -- interest remember. It's the will yes yes maybe he didn't think it was on the record but I don't know. I -- not have to go back the you know look at my notes why he let him break that story prior to the game prior to the game it was the ultimate distract. Maybe at the ultimately Eugene Robinson -- out -- and all this there's another one brewing. There's another one brewing status for the record face -- -- turn on and on an element and just a general sports distraction. Jerry. If by Monday morning you don't buy me a navy blue Range Rover. Wouldn't I am not here. I am going to tell the world you'd cheat at golf when your in the woods you have an extra ball in your pocket you go. I found it on that tell the world that if you know by the navy blue. Range Rover with an interior you know. It's one thing to extort someone for -- know million dollars. Short little imagination you got to give credit creativity your media. Carl Pavano still nobody -- better course of dateline's fort -- also -- Fort Myers poor girl -- well you buy and you believe in you believe what we all experiment height and has. Think it was a phase Carl Pavano yes Carl Pavano. And and we get the Minnesota in the Minneapolis start Tribune star's story with some details but. He's got to read the wire version today I'm sure it's the latest site tickets one sentence one sentence the globe has in the sports log. On the wire service ready yet. A high school classmate. Of Minnesota Twins pitcher Carl Pavano threatened to reveal. An alleged homosexual relationship they had oh and to write a book about it unless Obama apologized. And bought him. In easy Range Rover as UB. With and leather I like estate -- so I like this -- affidavit filed by police in Connecticut so. The question for -- you've got to buy me a Range Rover and it better be blue and the ten in the interior better -- ten. Prominent tell people you and I got a lot got got got busy in high school. -- in the cat out of the bag I was gonna say please procedurally what does that not take away his his Beatles is a leverage now. I think the cat's out of the bag would be what do Pavano -- again raised through the year it's not maybe it's lack. And the interior is blow. About it if this goes up to everybody so bad -- they go got a couple of -- We we hadn't. Had so does this eliminate that a good it was -- you Carl go back to him since that now -- -- -- By -- interior. That's. So what bottle. This isn't good this is -- Pavano. Turned him down. I Amin and high school and lot of guys in high school hey does this mean by violent turn them out and beat the you know how we overcome -- we come along that make you think. Can only if you are Abbas a year I was experimenting. Experimental stage you've gotten off and on me this is the US today in 2012. And -- Graduates to Stan says it stands there's nothing wrong with that enough throw that. McKinney did that. I think you're just sick system is that a homosexual relationship yes. In high school. -- up Obama okay that was residency in Massachusetts right Rafa snell. If or girls that say yes. That affect. And if it were like you know actors or singers should say so what -- -- -- -- I was researching a -- I was drunk you know it was. Who's one you know crazy night on the beach -- there he was journey was playing on the radio yeah. Just the face off but if you are a Range Rover with the Pina colada song on the got a movie yeah. Once. The ones you know along time ago it was finding myself that extort a violent -- -- -- -- day and age. I only not to dwell on a good decision now it happened I have pictures. -- -- A ticket went through computers and their owners uses it took to -- -- -- his computer in what you think he hasn't might have some. You know maybe they're still communicating regularly extort some relationships via I guess this commitment it's could be net but few. Extort someone you better have some proof right. But he he alleges it was high school -- high school on correct on an ongoing thing. A three year quote emotional and physical relation well one's no good without the other while both were not -- us a few that would give physical collecting get emotional related to stuff was Christian Bedard. He's in relation Eric. It's -- It's. Only when it's built people didn't like to look at pitch affects us if they were listing the Lady Gaga go and it -- up. I don't and have more researcher. At the next step it is this once you go public with -- it's over. It's over right why wouldn't -- in the Range Rover now we're talking about in Boston thousands of miles away maybe they have they still have an emotional bond. That's a bit ago. He tried to rekindle. The relations he was rejected by Karl. Via Carl Joseph which team he wants to play or -- -- -- I move on adjustable and -- as men. News minute who is. Who's the lucky if it. So I sent my wife -- could. -- just about high school. It's a big issue is man it's a big issue in the in the twins weren't yet sure and Hammond Stadium on the street -- -- -- and against this -- going to catch a break honest I don't know I. I heard there's the salacious story dateline Fort Myers it's gonna blow the lid off of and training of saint. What can this this is gonna be like. A week's worth a talk show stuff articles book by its Iran came out the wrong but dot Bedard calls them his quote first love. This. This and good luck. Good luck to Pavano. It's getting passes. Like -- -- to feed so we've done it Bedard has a long criminal record balances who's Sweden writes. Third degree burglary. Drug trying to collect objects or objects. Interfering with the officer and second degree breach of peace. Two do you size. He's troubled mission has issues but he misses because these are obligated no Carl's. If that unrequited love continued down the wrong path for wife and a problem Basil lot of money he issued on cash at the straight -- Mitchell was a 74 to 103000. Puts the ring. Less than a hundred -- for that I -- million dollar moderate. And I feel happened to be like the Boston businessman who gave the hooker. Wagoner. -- never blew it does that happen I know are the -- already gonna know that Harold has to be working hard. And have to maybe maybe not. Maybe maybe not x.s and maybe not may be thinking broader Range Rover with -- if you have mother recover hundred feet out of -- pay. You used the show by bashing all the Alex responded to his his false accusations. You accused him of sleep until ten everyday. But no no but he's wrong he didn't say definitively. That I think I've heard John Dennis and I want to misquote. But I think I've heard John gonna say the Bill Parcells panel fan code app so that he no he didn't -- in -- give all the credit you know he tries to couched. -- he's wrong about that he could say I did here -- it is bash. Ourselves frost has -- Parcells because. Ourselves a bit on the patriots. And it on Dallas at a Dallas Cowboys and the Miami little bit differently that's using -- it's the worst. At the worst form of sports. Malignancy you can have not a quitter not a -- nor does not after him ninth -- us -- that which is why he's the perfect fit he won't get bored. The grass won't appear greener it in one year and he'll have a good time. Of the language and then to step in its arsenal right near -- dear friend what what in front do you have that he will do a good job. Doesn't doing good jobs require involvement and commitment and grinding it out well to not friends not your figure -- all I see here. To be like Bear Bryant and Alabama let's get him up in the Abu. But. We now know what what I was going to be competent -- this was three million I don't think that squint enough I think. It might be even more than that plus a Blu-ray drove it. With the editor -- because these two are dear dear friends. I -- Payton said Parcells. Was his first love -- slow for a -- of yeah. But they're physical and emotional relationship from high school if you were if we were in New Orleans at our sister station in the world which you -- be on in the capsule rooting for this is that yes they. Possibilities threat that the normal and since it can. Knock. Into irrelevancy for years and go seven and 98 -- Unhappy Drew Brees is complain and because. Coach is gone and you have got to do offense missing -- of the season right right and Vilma gets bounced -- and the guys are suspended for 34 games. 8888. Was a problem it won't be a problem Parcells is there. This might do this quite established some sort of precedent. That that debt. Exposes. Head coaches in the National Football League to use the word you just used irrelevancy. Parcells comes in. And strolls in the office like he might want to do 'cause I'm pretty sure he's -- putting an eighteen to twenty hours a day seven days a week even for three or 45 million dollars. Be the head coach -- interim head coach of the world and saints. All is there to do a sort of don't tell the often recorded two offensively coordinate tell the defense of coordinator to defensively coordinate special teams got to do whatever he has to do and he has a couple of pregame speeches he want runs out there. Walks around and he's -- Smart ass when everybody's doing their stretching. Essentially handles the media duties which keeps Carmichael and everybody else from having to do that. That's essentially the the depth and -- that his involvement. And the team succeeds or fails on the hard work that the that the coordinators put in. Are we not setting a precedent here that. You really need Bill Belichick you know real -- he says no precedent set here 'cause this is on him. Unheard of the situation in the world -- Never been anything like talk about it a head coach Bruce Lee Ralph I was. No you're not is minimized if he comes -- that is successful and just goes through the motions and as you said is the hood ornament on this vehicle. And all the coaches coach I said that. I said figurehead figurehead put orchestrate -- and ride up -- the up in the -- a turtle the last 25 years and cannot state exactly just standing there everybody else does the work and I in the face of Penn -- -- he's going to be the face of the -- -- for years he takes his job. And it does very little else other then deal with the media and all kind of make sure nobody stops on anybody's toes. And how important -- head coach in the National Football League if -- defensive and offensive coordinator coaches are doing all the work as long as they have Drew Brees and Tom Brady not that important right right. And that's the dirty little secret is the quarterback is more important in the coat and in New England. And obviously in Indianapolis. Green Day in day in the war -- I mean we will forever. Know you issued term burn incense and Belichick's name yes and and -- for several call on the greatest coach ever. But. He's the greatest coach ever because ego like -- Tom Brady that's the primary reason it's a great coach. And he used the greatest coach ever in his track record proves without Tom Brady. About Tom Brady is itself from -- points -- he was five and thirteen. We Drew Bledsoe before Tom Brady came along here at one winning record I believe one winning season with the there is quarterbacks with Tom Brady. He just sends to the problem and -- a great coach -- did have a good quarterback Parcells is a hall of Famer he won two super bulls. With without a great quarterback and won a lot of games without agree quarterback UP -- -- Tom Brady. Anybody would think it beat Tom Brady and and in Belichick and Jeff hostetler if anyone would say Belichick's about a coach and the Parcells now no I don't think so yeah I mean you have to. Have a great quarterback can be great -- you know what happened to 2 o'clock today. Michael Hawley says I'm not sure Jerry Kelly and said this but I think it's -- Bill Belichick -- not a hall of fame coach Parcells about a Parcells to Super Bowls. Our enemies only once Super Bowl shorter Belichick and bulk of them -- -- upsets and one of the big upset. Obviously one of one. Belichick was big -- at first one but all three by three points apiece these two Super Bowl losses. I mean. -- Super -- track record is politics that much better than Parcells. Ourselves on one to which she was among ourselves without trouble and won't Parcells record. The other or check out Belichick wouldn't be nothing to -- he needs Belichick the same way Belichick trading needed it needed Green you know I'm. Weiss and Weiss and -- -- -- In in the -- dependent good what matters but I mean it's silly to say he's not. Well for -- and you agree and wanna get to one other thing. One of the thing Paul said about Curt Schilling and -- -- that ninety seconds in Washington race in order I have known have an -- excited. -- have. The justice. Suggests I look word socialist I look at it this is so good I think you will be. Pondering it all weekend will be thinking about it all week and it's so it's is that distracting from the things likes to do -- pearl was that in the lawn furniture out this week while you do and that's hard labor units ponder in its deep. And in meaning keep the -- that and Larry King does that just when you think is no point in life. No point living. We just animals you know which -- the animals eating sleeping. Larry. Gives you these these pearls of wisdom that that just make Q. Think there's more to life makes this. On -- a little more meaningful -- 92 timeout 6177790852038885250850. Since it's Friday that means it's the giant glass photo caption contest winner gets a gift certificate -- the great -- ago waterfront and -- Great -- nick Rondo -- very good care of you and of course the usual Dennis and Callahan teacher. -- Andrew Ference who was a hero for a little bit last night of them really not at the end will join us in the 8 o'clock hour. Joins us in the 9 o'clock our meter. -- go -- would have been a perfect world would have loved to have join us have joined us yesterday in the 9 o'clock hour when we had our other guest on. But we did dad yesterday we'll talk with the sun. The whole morning Jeremiah Rivers Jeremiah axles or don't like in Greece whoever it could be Austin Austin are awesome also -- Boston the Boston talked. And tweet we can.

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