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Andry Brickley Boston Bruins talk

Mar 28, 2012|

Andy makes his weekly appearance to discuss the Boston Bruins, and if the Bruins have turned it around at just the right time.

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Our Wednesday conversation with our good friend Danny Brinkley has brought few blind or for power equipment they have 0% financing right now all the -- detractors is at -- -- -- one pay in rent them. 102 adorable robot on line at Norfolk powered dot com and also -- brought do you buy. He Chevrolet and Graham the first place at the last palatial ever need to shop for a new or used Chevrolet and by precision fitness shop. Where the pro shop and you Berkeley joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Greg how are you. I've gone great as we're out what to do we talk with you we always try to drag in and somehow assimilate our previous conversations about other sports into the world of pocket aboard one of the specifics of the Bruins and I'd like to do that again today. -- how much you been able to hear but there is a up much hue and cry about the managerial style. A Bobby Valentine and Curt Schilling came on this air yesterday and -- it's not working he's ruffling feathers. Guys are rolling their eyes in the clubhouse based on the performance of September that's absolutely fine with me. But I would be achieved and what's your experience with. With hard ass coaches and players coaches out of one play off of the other you know in a hockey dressing. Well -- -- difficult to appear based on -- art in -- my experience up. We -- absent an entitlement issues we really didn't have a money issue with a coat tree making our last the elite players almost to the players -- opera. We played teams sport about -- baseball truly a team sport that it agreed at hockey years but I will say this that. If you talk to people would have been NG in positions or coaching positions in the national -- you have to have the right front GM in coach. If you don't have that. Then you're in big time trouble and then -- stat to really see issues with. Coaching styles. And not and not giving what you need to get from -- play as a result of that you gotta have that united front at the top. Seeing Don cherry and Harry sinden as a USA yet historical example of that. Oh absolutely -- actually -- coverage ability -- Stanley Cup finals and I wanted. You know it's I would read -- back in the day at Pittsburgh and there was a conversation I had release that would Brian -- -- the GM agreed to trial allows it -- Their belief their philosophy -- this goes across the little lost it would coupled as I'm sure that. To we have these players let's say reality it was a treat them like royalty which feature that it was gonna make sure that it culpable it'll eliminate the excuses. But the reality is that we have that at the rink every day they earn everything -- yet. In the bill that we as -- being coached him again if you have that. He never really -- You know I think would be great entertainment Andy would deceit -- CN a National Hockey League coach such as John -- or Allah or probably anyone about. Handful of guys that you played four. Get up the grill all the way they get up in the grill of hockey players behind closed doors not embarrassing them publicly. But the screaming and yelling and the and the dissatisfaction with something they've seen on the ice. In the face of some star in Major League Baseball probably Peter Hanson just going the fetal position in the locker room in baseball wouldn't -- Well I don't uttered all but. I know that hockey players are very fixed in. -- -- Celtics in and they look they wrote game. They look at the beer for the most parts of their career Derek I'm rationalize a little bit music playing better that you are you don't lose it like being picked on but. Yeah I can't speak for of that sweet but I don't hockey players and certainly it was. But finally you have to walk it cold twenty in the player's face even at this behind closed doors and -- -- not a power player. The media have trust -- and have brutal honesty times from coach to player there are times when you have to just he apologized out. There was oil -- public to -- even media. But you gotta have that trust that if you have trust player coach and you get right administration only got a few more people look it will exceptional problem. Have you ever been part of a revolt the mutiny Andean and what form does that take today guys to stop trying. I've never been part of one geriatric stories. -- of this of this little. There's -- oracle around about it is this New York Rangers right -- to -- what happening in the postseason when they actually won the Stanley Cup. With the -- was really controlled by Mark Messier Houston the -- police used personality. He also that team that it'd be a lot like Q did it during the postseason whether that's true or not. I'm not sure -- and their but I heard rumors to that effect but personally I know that on the side. Do you do is would you call -- a player's coach art earned his he would. Is the is -- all players coach in this in this damage him in there are many Mike Keenan's left other. I should think of no but I think it's been an involvement. Of the player believe that the money's. So therefore that the involvement of coaches both coaches that keep that separation between player. In his position. Delegates to assistant coaches and the liaison and the good coaching the orbit morally evil coach RC assistant coaches are concerned. I think it SA coaches keep that separate and it's nice and thick that you know that she's in charge he's he's the or cease area. -- we follow his lead he uses up that instantly and if you established that earlier on. Let most of the players that he shouldn't you gonna get the quality players -- character. Guys that are willing to accept roles and relished the role should be reopened the rules keep an established that tickled that that -- relationship -- keep an established that. There are solid separation between a player. All the players coach. You know -- -- drill sergeant. Whatever it is it's may fall somewhere in between those two descriptions. But you're pretty good at. -- Eddie does Zdeno Chara who is the what is seat in the historical perspective of this game and it does bring up on you without had to give you a little time to consider -- all the great defenseman in this game and they all are and where he fits in summer between you know. All these different guys but by doing this again what is his legacy be when he finally stepped down. The CP. That's crazy here a lot when we talk about David Ortiz artist got Blake. That that side that region that -- -- special with that strength. And what his desire to be the best at shutting guys down especially the top talent. Across the only that will be just like it's. When you watch him play if you -- -- -- great to say it's a bit control became the controlled but no. Not on your parade for peace you know he's not a -- party mode that lets you re not that kind of player. And I think we take for granted just a -- used to play against because we see chipped it -- shipped out. And he so big -- like he's ruled that bad knees but that dynamic has been carried out well for their. But it like he has you know my -- he played against this guy that they get anything done out there and really grossed forty different viewpoints actually Ares I -- I mean anything easy all that'll really good leader -- awesome the first couple years seems to sort that out. On pressures that be aren't free agent lot of money. A -- -- transition. And now he's really involved in or real at least he's got a better sensible offer better sense of mullah all the scary personalities that are in that locker and how to leave it. And is truly become the -- particularly. If I ask you to list your your your most. Prolific your best defenseman top ten if you've ever seen. Obviously or Bork a lynch and park guys you mentioned would he be a top ten conversation or somewhere outside that realm. I think should be somewhere between five internal -- does so that you don't keep the bill right yeah. And then out poppy isn't out you know I mean -- this QB nobody wants drop all this guy international -- be part of the game so. He's an option we're lucky to have near Boston. Takes care himself is a great role model. That he appreciates. The individual artist but he knows what it means to win and he knows what it takes this a fight since he truly appreciate being a team player. If you have a lead like that -- -- it'll be eight minutes. That such a great -- And little -- crude at five foot nine the freeagent just signed a contract of the weekend shows a little clock he won a number 47 quote he says. I'd like to think it's a little bit of pop -- or and ray Bork a mix of the two -- symbols displayed both advocate. A. Yeah -- it's funny. I touched it -- awards night at Michigan State. Followed a Michigan -- -- a -- I didn't think that would be in its oil water hazard but yet know he's he's got personality apparently I was the morning yesterday just curiosity. To see this kid in the person jumped on taxes is decidedly not a very big guy at all. It's a lot easier spin out -- next to -- at the professional keeps what you're. Adobe's grizzled guys these warriors that have been through wars and battles and have one -- -- and see this young kids smalley is relative. To these men on the -- -- but he seems -- email apart in truth it is okay this -- got a chance. Is it bigger smaller the martian. You -- smaller and believe that while. Anyone to go back to Ciara. He's. Last spring we had ray Bork on -- said chart is a better defensive defenseman. Then I was ray Bork said that or Bobby -- was. Would you agree with porky on that. Well I didn't hear the interview and is -- saying just on the defense of sight of the -- period. Just said it better defensive defenseman Brent is cents a can't rush in their own and can't. I guess I can -- -- what he's saying that you know if you come down one on one kid beat them ought to try to get positioned in front of the net he can't win that battle. If you battle on the wall Egypt's awaiting that one on one. I got it ten times probably not your favorite. But I hit city of already. An agreement was maybe -- little humble. Try to promote Zdeno Chara the -- and and and natural that. Britain was probably the most humble guy -- -- what troubled superstar that I play were charged Bobby touched just a different player much different game altogether mean. He played decent speed -- that company. And then Chara there's no end in sight is there's 34 he's played. Seventy games or more for eleven straight years but everybody says the best conditioned athlete on the team maybe the best in the league. Is can he do this into his forties. Absolutely and that's why the Bruins just kind of collect so contract that they did they were considered the money that they were giving him. Choose the term that they it's hard to because of that fact it's. This commitment to fitness now that's not to say that. You know he's not one shot away from breaking a bone in his ankle couldn't block shot and that it happened just about anybody no matter how sick you are but as far as his conditioning. It is a relative to his age absolutely in this Toledo. Restaurants play in 25 minutes a game and he's forty -- was no reasons to -- in charge into. You know it's gonna make it even tougher is that -- stick. Mean that things have -- -- -- that a cross of the channels blind people and I'm sure he's thrilled the get a night in the hotel the team game in the hotel for I know. Well yeah they emphasize anywhere in the world because he is weak global person. Right I was told that if he weren't. A hockey player he would be close to world class level as a psychoanalyst at least twice as tall as the average cyclist. It activating it's it Beijing. It's it's a little strange they had such a passion for slightly in the -- that really a whole lot -- From any hockey players certainly we do a lot of trading on the bike in sometimes. You can enjoy it but -- -- time which just means to an end but the street -- passion or. Huge scale of the sort of France and you know is gonna watch these guys compete has trained with cyclists. And obviously be a special bike at his sides but. Yes you know it's it's it's great unique individual ability to speak multiple languages as intelligence. Then again you know how we lived his life used to be my. AM the overall general question have the Bruins figured out a way to geared up in just the right time in your estimation. They work product. I don't think they're quite there yet -- they needed a change their attitude their mentality their approach to the game I think that status become probably all star eternal little bit -- against a little. They seem to have their goaltender that focused and I really play well you knew that birdies and have to be great postseason but. As far as where they are in and what they wanna see how they wanna play. They're getting they're not quite there yet but they're getting there it was good to get rich heavily -- to -- a lot way to get everybody's want it to where they should be in line up to complain at all. -- via this except the recent success of the third line is that's central to the bruins' post season. Success or just an unanticipated really nice benefit. I know it's it's critical to them go deep in a postseason. They needed Brian Ralston stepped up his game if he was gonna play significant minutes east it's -- -- we'll -- challenged by the coaches do we what consistent. You know there was foreign or is -- an outline that he's been real good Chris Kelly pics like old -- intelligent player. Deeply Kelly -- anybody that's going to be an effective lines of Ralston got himself in shape which are both physically and mentally. Hopefully I can be consistent use his skills -- that is going to be a real good -- what happens is. Try to keep and tried to keep fortunately we wanna shut out was try to shutdown -- relied -- duplicate what we're preaching in his wingers. That he get a third set it heat matchup that's very light from Boston and if you get better that match which is what's going on right now. Egyptians awaiting obviously thought. And we end with this are you really really upset the golf season here in New England has already come and gone. A a a a that you really. You're nuts your on your mind 000. All right sounds good -- docket -- docket this week. Okay well -- Brinkley joining us on the AT&T hot line brought to you Biden or for power equipment right now Norfolk power equipment has 0% financing on all -- tractors. This at Norfolk Colorado wrote one -- and rent them route 102 and -- -- out online at Norfolk power dot com. And by McGee Chevrolet in random the first place and the last glacial ever need. Shop for a new or used Chevrolet and by precision fitness shop. The pros go now a little homework assignment for meter Jerry and me and blisters and viewers on -- -- about this. What's the most outrageous. The most creative thing you have ever done in your life. To get out of the day or two of work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That little measles on your face you know when you were up. It's in sixth grade tiger mom you had measles can go to school you got -- more creative than that but would pick them up with you can't top. We have for you.

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