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How good of a fit is New York for Tim Tebow

Mar 21, 2012|

Ryder and Kirk are talking about how good of a fit the Jets organization is for Tim Tebow and what that will mean for the organization in the future.

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I don't think it's a good move to New York Jets I'm a big believer in harmony in the locker room that you win in the locker room first and then there's no question when you bring in. A powerful person I like Tim Tebow there's going to be some division some of the players taking sides. I know there's a good football aspect to it the package is he can bring. -- what -- in leadership standpoint but it if you're Mark Sanchez I think you're gonna lose some of the guys now locker quite honestly. ESPN's Ron Jaworski discussing. What's going on with the jets and Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow of course this trade is still in jeopardy I still think they'll get it done -- you Kirk. I don't know I mean. To say the jets are a freaking mess right now it's unbelievable I mean what is going on how difficult this first ball. You have Sanchez what you think is a franchise guy would agree that he is that clearly. Made a commitment hear him whenever once a week ago 56 days ago yet two weeks ago -- with a three year forty and half million object. -- music Asian guy I can bring in Tim Tebow. For reasons I don't know for so I think he was a lousy quarterback of the Brigham and as a quarterback and -- and went to the recommended to Brad Smith I can live a departure not bring in Brad -- to bring in Tim Tebow. All that baggage that's the reality that walker. And now they finals some some language of this contract with the -- about what is going on this -- -- what a disaster I mean -- salute. Total soup to nuts disaster right now in New York they really are and by the way -- Sanchez struggles a little bit even out of the gate -- first game even for half. Wire Bob was a publishing that was on the irony that I know Bob issues there was just no way and held by the way and -- -- at their old Ford was twelve interceptions no I touchdowns and being yanked -- -- been yanked. Nevermind the boys -- for drew stand -- it would build Celtic is -- -- vis a vis what quarterback in league in the guys we know. Brady breeze fraud they're -- for. Sanchez is only very. Extraordinarily thin ice right now what you -- I'd. Doping you don't have a 40% to completion -- as it gets but given who he is and what he's done what he's done against the jets. Jets fans in pressure in that locker room because he's our -- lose guys Jaworski -- there's no doubt in my mind if they're always want in -- -- portly. To be caught for Tebow like crazy not the answer to that they're gonna want an answer because Sanchez. You know it is not is not the guy he is the jets is completely schizophrenic behavior after patriots fan. You should be. Laughing it -- right upping your patriots pajamas in -- right now because in New York Jets. Our disaster the dolphins are disastrous as the bills' game Mario Williams fifty million dollars is gonna get hurt. And the Mark Anderson -- among the pickets are in the catbird seat right Jon it's and it and I still -- He. The patriots. The top contender in the AFC favorite in the AFC overall nevermind the AFC east. Another symbol still to be made but. Does Peyton Manning makes -- now stand -- -- that they are legit contender at eight to one I think they're pretty good team and you know I gotta go ten -- six as the debate. Right they're they're gonna in the AFC west probably in the AFC west in and you know. Winning game may be in lose the patriots are today. -- average took its open right now through -- -- it moves a step back it was meant on the same thing step back now status. The matchups healthy and accused Houston bar is good even still although they've. That Dallas Mario Williams DeMeco Ryans they gave up last night betrayed but so he's no solid players and their rebuilding that young defense -- I totally agree I think. See where the jets were a year ago today. We thought boy there is going to be a challenge for the patriots if this sort of delicate shift -- ought to just -- 14 road playoff games they've played. Really admirably two years in a row Rex Ryan all that's -- the patriots. And a shake you up to boost the jets are home in the post season two word is how you feel like the jets have to well 500 steps well Sanchez is regress. -- much Rex Ryan if if they start off say old for a -- gets off to a rough start he's gone. If you now get Tim Tebow in the mix you've already got Antonio -- -- Tweeting and other players unhappy as well about Tebow is arrival and and this whole thing about well -- maybe the bringing in Tebow. Because of his work ethic and his leadership. And that's Sanchez will be a little bit more motivated now that Tim Tebow is there in working so hard being worried about right if there are about Doug actually gave a guy -- an -- billion dollar -- John you've really got problems. I don't think Sanchez is the answer but the jets actively Sanchez as the answer couple weeks assume you're gonna do that if you're gonna say this is our guys. You don't do they just did it makes no you -- -- -- see this coming I thought the jets I really did not yet did you did you well I I said awhile ago that I could see maybe in this before Miami -- with paid management. And about a month ago I could see maybe even buffalo leapfrogging the -- for -- he's just because -- some -- these bad contracts these veterans -- Buffalo's the second best team of the united area and violate I think the -- worst I think by the Miami they're pretty damn well -- -- some defense. Pretty good defense. At the -- jets -- neutral field I'll pick them over the jets the jets are a horrible. Mess test matches on Sanchez whether he can bounce Packard and how much good luck and good luck with jets fans ever on that let's get some phone calls -- and end up first up is Russell and Kingston a Russell. Well -- I guess you're delusional. Pregnant just a question. You'd think other people and straight start by saying. You can be retrieved that -- read it in like some kind of prevent almost I feel -- -- welfare -- -- think it's simple we -- knew about it. I'm going to be no different at all last year. Yeah I don't. I don't think so I don't think teams are going to be approaching this differently because I think a lot of players probably around the league knew about it before what was going on dancing at a direct I think you know the idea that this is just kept in that locker room in the idea that Jeff Fisher did. This is beyond affable guy played coach would -- Tennessee -- I mean -- Washington it gives connection able to -- it was Jeff Fisher -- saying the punishment justifiable was yet to do at this point deficit that now are on his body -- I was at a Russell I guess so here's Michael west pro -- energy from us now. The dog out. -- -- -- And -- their their course for you one of the few voices that I heard that thanks as the punishment for the saint Lou well. Was legit dot yeah. Sort. Question here I mean look at that spike is saying you look at their thing that's going on with the saying yeah you know. The commonalities obviously are no fault lighted -- world war under and continued. -- With the patriots you know outside of -- and one draft pick in those suspensions. And the same way. -- suspension and you know draft picks and in in fund. If you think that this was accurate do you think that hatred toward what goal what was not a week where the local. Should've been real problem lies between. You know once you don't think that he doesn't like and you know aren't a billionaire 500000 millionaire I. Without get a five MB I understand what you're seeing with the fines for sure do meanwhile -- into the pixel stiffer. I had for spike it. Secondly yeah it what do you expect collective middle ground on its well art when you look at that if you look at it it's like -- and -- models are. Here's the thing -- Mike here's the big difference in your right there RBC some commonalities the big difference is you know as well as anybody to Dell. Is completely fixated correctly so now at this point is a loss to -- two on player safety. And this is a -- the saints players for three years gave -- middle finger about this they kept doing it -- they lied -- organization -- That's a thing micro talk about years and years of -- for the thing -- Dell. Israeli hung -- hat on here. Publicly is player safety. I I get that but you know the same time when. Look at our situation look I'm noticing since I'm not trying to send them are accomplished but the sheer. No it's like they -- The bottom of the auto -- guys' ankles and stop me. It took a man almost come out and say look it's been going on and get this thing techno and they're guilty of these. Well not contract on the summer -- be the right word by it's. Scary bears here. You know and not confrontation outside of your your your contract if they might have violated the others are. Played captain -- Iraq. Why they lied to -- about forever that. What you're right in. Well it patient and other pressure wanted to caught -- -- -- their thing happened with the patriots where one later Kotnik that they partner. Warning and I'm -- aware of the ruling I mean I wanna say if you wanna see the patent shouldn't. -- you know explicit or. Cutler -- a comfortable with the difference in all of this is you're talking about. You know cheating and trying to get an edge in a game situation. Whereas you know would do with a patriots in this is talking about potentially. Ending someone's career were limiting him physically for the remainder of their life to -- -- like human being like we talked of before the public things we don't know about Dick -- on those that are gonna come. Holes but we don't regret that we don't know the extent either of power -- this was in the league -- how much who has gone another place not -- Obviously this set a precedent.

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