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Could Peyton Manning be headed to Denver? Not according to our "Tebow Guy" Michael Holley

Mar 9, 2012|

We discuss another potential landing spot for Manning, this time with the Broncos. Glenn sees the fit, Michael does not... Tim Tebow is already there.

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I did you had a big day yesterday. -- popcorn. I did -- -- -- like any -- created a second bet on to get more fun no no I just want to remind you about a but the would you mind. Starting quarterback in the Denver Broncos. Remember correctly. Said to use it by the end of next season. Tim Tebow would not be starting quarterback for the broader you know what can we go to double it -- the last start to see what. -- -- are totally forgot about -- -- what started it about that bad. Double and the I really I think in the next two to three years he'll be my best quarterbacks only. Originally especially let me just add to what I was in -- -- Let me add to what he was saying especially if he's got Peyton Manning as a mentor. Ado about whoever got -- John Elway. Big Brother Peyton Manning again professors. Speak. The charitable way deal. -- -- Market you can not deal ink accountants you can not all the Ebola a deal -- apparently already -- let's let's just recessed. -- you know football you've written like three books about football right right so let's let's let's bring you back here would you devise a system. And Peyton Manning as your starting quarterback. You can have Tim Tebow was the black guy who comes into the game is this is the change. You know I can -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- as they were going to -- I don't -- act against about it and applause. After -- -- but congratulations to UMass management 7771. Over temple and they made the free -- at the end that's right it freed not a good free throw good old days straight. Where's where's John Cheney and John Calipari analytical look at the post game press populist. This is great widget on guys do that anymore and tables there -- -- large budget. At this season -- patriots that are. I'm gonna work on some things and improved. And John Elway said he's gonna become more of a pastor I believe I don't believe it. Oh John Elway probably was the first. Guide as it maybe -- dry the tears as he got on the platform there. The -- the former agent shot out like an east of the Denver these maniacs out via -- -- Many ads all think -- like Italy has the promise land well John -- Smart. He played the position he understands what's required for the position. And he knows that Tebow was great for him this past year because it could masquerade in a lot of stuff. It it got him attention is the most popular guy in the national football except for Brady Quinn who ran it eight Denver was a popular team. But he also knows. That this guy cannot lead -- to where they need ago. -- many of these healthy again. Simple it's simple raw the only way yeah. I can't argued in Tebow over since Peyton Manning Kazaa a loser when everybody knows that it goes let's show you I acted today this. It is not a bad thing they have Tim Tebow on the roster and Peyton Manning's. Bad to have. Tim Tebow same film Roma played and I don't think that he he can get assistance can't -- -- well that's. And flawed logic goes. Up enough. Here's your brother like I now believe he's what challenges that he is quarterback this is where your logic breaks. You gotta have a back -- could run system well there -- no -- who can run the Peyton Manning's. -- -- boy I got to -- It was a -- -- hurt his trainer and a surfer. That's the surfer later he wouldn't sortie he ran he ran it just didn't run well okay -- Dan Orlovsky our guy from you cannot do he ran a better. You read better elevators didn't run it now. You can't do so anybody -- a patent is not going to be available. You can keep Tebow once you get him convinced. That his role is going to be as the wildcat. He's going to be a separate at a separate -- is going to be running back. He's gonna be a guy that you can use back there that can be out of a multi function quarterback that can run the ball we get to audible but you using it in. Limited gimmick place within again that's what years if if any is there. That's what he has you're probably gonna need a third quarterback. That does run a system close to many not honest there's no question he's got to run it run anywhere near Peyton Manning but you got it in third. This is all developing. For a very nine nicely for us here in Boston. I'm not talking about Broncos patriot I'm talking about Sunday at noon WEEI. Because beats -- going to be a match here -- that right now. And if -- technical it is as they did it and we ordered her chair of mud and made it a lot of damage on. Hours with three Christian heritage here and -- on Sunday. End of this -- gripping his theories lot of -- collapse remembered -- -- this guarantees that Latimer will be the first call just figures -- biggest problem today. He's trying to get the -- sure that he's been wearing for the last few weeks off. It's three sizes too small and seven different Dolan don't take it off does that have no respect enough to put he has -- the -- Manning over an accurate take it off. Revealed. Listen my guess is that if you're John -- right now. You can't empty -- there. You would try to deal Tebow away and maybe you will look at the offseason say there are so -- teams out there. The desperate for quarterbacks. Of week it'll up Peyton Manning and Manning is flowing out there is meeting with them tonight. If we can block him mopping getting to come out here forget. Then. That's one other quarterback it's off the market. All these teams are dying for for quarterback is trying to move up to get Saint Louis suspect right now in the draft everybody's you know. They use it yourself -- -- We we get something for. Let me ask you this Michael do you think you get what you pay for first round draft pick. You are -- Now die I don't know for you now bill right now don't be so good. -- show -- unity can do this at the NFL level. How is it that it team on draft day. Drafted him in the first round that's and he may any -- get you probably 81 round draft pick out a -- after years of war going you know this. Well -- whisper well. Haters. Their hater I don't understand genius at this there right now it's empty and alcohol used to the standard okay Kenny about it standard offense can he do it like. Like other people have got -- feature just don't recognize they don't recognize that you. They're quarterback future for quarterback gig at a I don't understand don't know that's -- that this is historic. It's the John Elway has figured this out all right John. John John Elway has got this all figured. He already knows right now we got to go have to -- and we got to make a serious run for Peyton Manning. And we have to get wrapped up by Monday night because we have to get Reggie Wayne bored by Tuesday when we open up freeagent. That they're gonna -- series push myself why would they if they work if they weren't if the body again Decker got to -- time -- Reggie Wayne I'm sorry Eddie Royal pretty good -- defensively pretty good. They're instantly in the year in a picture and conversations -- -- but it was another year of Tebow. Story Michael did not the picture John Elway knows that. So the fans can buy a -- -- paraphernalia they can make the most popular player in the national football -- for you and others can become a cable guy. But they can't look at it that way you look at who's the most popular -- now. And I again meaning got a chance to get Peyton Manning. For most teams in the league for 80% seemed only to do. Is they know. They know that there -- news. No chains would know what they can take this team to the next level agency to make it had no making -- executive of course political leaders -- you make it and document candidate Tim Tebow problem. And it is only get a negative that it doesn't working or not over the this guy's gonna be as it all noticeably well. Tebow problem still buying the team those babies born Leslie yes. Other than a social media and you know it in on DMZ -- everywhere yet. Star as an employer -- count rises. Always finds love. Yeah I think it'll I think it gets the most out of out of what he's got right now yankees get most. Of what he can get out of his ability I'd give more credit the world he's a hard worker really competitive. What a port where a judge -- to it he went skiing the -- matters open -- would he come out of nowhere. On went to Florida Hollywood Florida it is a you'd probably husband stroke how old are you -- that she dubbed a national championship -- to care option a better body of work. Professional war. Out of Jeremy -- that I have I'll have to keep. -- well. Jeff Brown Jason will come down here we I got to a -- revision. Okay I got 21 crack before the crazy act before the show we had -- might have helped silica would -- -- don't we don't that's unfair. Because if you. He scored 38 against -- does -- against Iraq Bryant -- -- for our -- that it under radio. Activity literally to our customers after secret that Iraq could hold your aperture. Out of my -- not program credits have gotten help before this broadcast and I don't take some white powder probably -- a program but it does inevitably. -- -- I don't understand why you think that. Tebow showed other than last year what his team kept him at a game and he could make a great play at the end -- he can drive at the end. The body of work to complete body of work was very uneven. The statistics were were terrible. No action or or another look terrible when his season is that we're that's passing statistics office running is that is. Right that is the -- for good. There's running numbers. Routing numbers were good passing numbers -- not interrupt for a lot of -- -- mentally wasn't at the top 32 quarterbacks. For completion percentage -- the top 32 procurement opportunities are here just saw accurate you know I don't care but the top act that means -- -- the backup quarterback cent higher. Percentages are you went over the top 32 or the last twelve the last twelve quarterbacks standing as as in. Which quarterbacks made the playoffs they were not a playoff team public matters and that Tim Tebow all they got I would tell you this I don't know what it meant I don't admitted sure there are better he never a better team. The people gave him credit for US Peyton Manning -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is what -- -- you're so you're so -- I -- You know he held the ball you have so much resentment toward it in -- empty boat got his what you -- -- -- you got a lot of attention you personally are you mad at least popular what is it you're purposely mischaracterizing. It. Started by Colombian drug a kid now a -- like that like a guy they -- It may Peyton Manning visiting Denver is not a negative on Tim Tebow it's get a chance to get Peyton Manning. A lot of teams it's a negative because they're telling you that the guy that they if Houston is not good enough if you win okay no knock it up to win. Not get an up to. To be on Peyton Manning's level the fact that if he -- to visit Houston. Is that a negative on national -- is just that. It's Peyton Manning he's a free agent we don't of his and we are not doing artwork and iPod music as you -- Houston yet anybody know he's going to Denver. We know he's going to Arizona -- going to Miami -- of the three Reno is going most teams and only to be making a phone call Peyton Manning is a free -- it is your job as a general manager to make a phone call even if you might as -- I don't show it to get a few of most -- Even if you kind of sort elector quarterback it is your job to make a call the Tom Condon and say okay well how does he feel about. Hours it here's the difference they don't title like they're quarterback the fans do John Elway does. You love that they don't even kinda like him in Denver and they are looking for replacement. Jeff Brown Jason will come down here we I got to a cracked where this year. Okay I got 21 crack before the crazy act before the show we -- quite yet it should help silica would -- and if not we don't that's unfair. Because if you. He scored 38 against Toledo does better against guerrilla Bryant -- -- for arsonists that it on the radio. Should I should I be carefully are part of this sort of story. Peyton Manning visiting Denver tonight. Has been reported by what -- -- Tonight it should be a little bit privileged to be careful by not. But the idea if they -- just dug out of context -- my -- it does. Especially after he does but it still forty page. It's interpret what the context tell you. You know he's also you know he's a hall of fame voters. -- -- -- did not know. -- he is an NFL hall of fame. Voter woody -- well now I know I'll Bill Parcells -- -- them all -- it probably Vodafone and many are when he David John Elway speech. You have to make those presentations we have in the room in -- presenting the guy when he was presenting woody Paige and nobody is presenting John always that a Princeton. Ladies and gentlemen John -- thank you and he said down. Statement his his his political statement there -- We got to spend a lot of -- talking about John Elway I really don't know why you guys are in this room. And pretty good pretty good line and he was right. Of course to -- all of them are just amazed at what he was able to contain himself and not speak for five minutes even though he had nothing to say. That's not like what now what is he likes to go on and on and on. But the recruiting. Adventure. Apparently starts tonight in Denver with a trip for Peyton Manning tonight in Denver that he's off to Arizona. And then he's going to Miami. Assertions are saying that twelve teams have reached out to Manning. But we have not heard about him. Meeting with -- any of these other teams for an example. Notre plan for Seattle apparently no trip planned for Washington -- -- projects. In go wherever he -- you know -- representatives and those things maybe not. Miami which OG you'll be Daryn back in Kansas City you know there was a radio report out of Kansas City today that that claimed. That the chief said already made an offer to -- now. You don't achieve so I don't think they were pretty well. Now I don't believe that it no I don't think they do it seemed strange to me they wouldn't do it because it's the first offer I know Scott Pioli would not make the first -- scheduled -- -- -- -- You know why you throw the first one out -- you that that's not gonna do you're. He's gonna get somebody else and absolutely could help another franchise won't help you and no. Scheduled trip to the -- here. Wouldn't give them think why. Before you judge is god. That period and things in this room. And it would be nice. Can't he would do is gonna say anything and little practice Tuesday. But it is true. -- he needs. Do that. -- -- -- Oh that's not that's not really George Michael I didn't know them really out of this is. Part of society right now if any event happens. Or anybody because it isn't a celebrity on Baghdad and then there are curious you'll find it was like this is part of the Internet or part of the YouTube for mentality. You'll find at least a dozen. Songs out there by struggling artist you know people -- -- just try to get some attention and like idiots were so you're giving them. There their attention. There are a million different remaining songs that are out -- at all. Have been written here in the last day or two because they'll pertain to him leaving. Indianapolis and going somewhere what I at all solid David Britton in the last -- what I just sort of by Tennessee fans right Tennessee fit trying to get him to go to the titans. Well that's what's happening. Indianapolis is writing the sandstorms as he's only been so in Indianapolis that writing. You were crying so. And then all of these other cities where the fans want him to come to this city are doing one of these welcome -- please -- -- What used George Michael. Who -- mr. George Michael fan maybe. -- rest rooms -- are -- -- that you see the video guy tries to look like. He's a book last of all that really enjoy it when you meet you too shaken that it's Georgia agree that. But that's that's what you've got you've got these amateur musicians out there. Who figure if I -- cash right now because this is still. Get a little music. Well let's let's say that if art body Cashman can make it of the Baseball Hall of Fame. These other you know does -- -- figure why not -- -- the same maybe -- Well it is going to be fun to watch it be fun to see where he winds up and and fun to see what happens to me away from the the big states the Peyton -- days. You know there are some under cards going on that are pretty interesting and if you're looking at the patriots for example one. What they're gonna do -- free agency. Would they come up with a deal for Wes Welker. -- able that take him off that you know nine point four million dollar tracked when you be shock franchise player has shocked if they didn't. I would be shocked if that if that income of the day of Welker and then also. A great to decorate like Brandon Lloyd has been talking a lot. And talking a lot about Josh McDaniels and how the system fits -- -- likes mcdaniels a lot you know maybe maybe maybe Brandon Lloyd. Maybe Brandon Lloyd is is one an early sign he's of the patriots in free agency and boy he is playing in Atlanta up year old man he wants to be here. He's playing it up to the hill very interest in. And like I say earlier. I'm mark coach bill I admire Tom Brady admire how. They run things over there and and and tell us. You know I think for any receiver. To be. Considered. To it to come in and enclave. On the doing with pictures and about -- is going to be excited. And just because of the history of success though I'm sure once they start talking to Mike Wallace -- Vincent Jackson they're gonna have the same excitement but. I think it's just different for me because I do you have. An immediate connection with coach mcdaniels. And and I have had. Two years of success with them so. My name comes up and and I get to make quotes about itself is fit when this official and it and it and it when it's official. You know then now really start. Visualize and in picture myself there and seeing how things work. Out little slip right there when it's a well I think he's talking about when they when it's when it's time. When it's when it's time to sign. Sixties when it's official I'll start visualize. Visualize and apparently maybe maybe it it was a slip maybe there's yet official and it and it and it when it's official. You know then I'll really start. Visualize and picture myself there and seeing how things work out -- we know you wouldn't know because what is officially in and out to visualize. But we know you're not supposed to block anybody before the trading the the deadline for free agency starts with next Tuesday -- correct there. How is that the somebody gets signed in the first hour in the first hour. First two hours north comedy card with the interview there right there Metallica the -- time outs it's not that Tom he's on this Tuesday. We raiser Tuesday I'm worried about what the Beers gonna look like Tuesday because he made -- an amendment attrition finished days you think that is with it for this carpet doesn't match the streets there all the right. -- little bit different. He's trying again it's he's he's trying to give it a different look. Months old when you don't have to be sold because I can tell you as you know Mary -- now. It's not if we're glad -- weight thing through which are colleagues think. What you want and so his wife might like it wipes Taro or or is wipes are given a shot. And and she might put the kibosh on Mexico and they don't want you know what knowing turn east and it -- wasteful. What would you say that's not out -- and it. That's don't -- Andy why -- creating this and look at those -- is what you call the show to build a show and there's that huge does that every once in awhile. The middle of like that's before rescue efforts. His tendency to pick it up the phone -- magical Tuesday -- which really. Relief thanks. But no Lloyd makes all the sense of the world I find hard to believe Michael that there are tons of conversations. That are ongoing in the days leading up. The two free agency that it really isn't charade is that this you can't you can't. Talk until. Tuesday at midnight. Trying to get a leg up on all of this and if you're an agent you'll want to know exactly. Where you were well it is well. Where you guys where the money right so. Absolutely and there's there's going to be a lot of activity and there's no way teams are gonna be about it. Put together contracts as quickly as -- be announced to mean you you. You've heard guys and don't 1215 -- he was at my door at 1201 or about 1215 we had a deal he didn't we had a deal about two weeks ago. They just announced itself. And I understand it's it's a big game and. If you're representing I don't really have a huge problem I don't either because everybody's don't. It's not like what teams getting an advantage and that the that -- that a bunch of the teams as it backs or your rules. And there are ways of doing it and being discreet about it. You know behind the phone records you have. Separate cell phones that are part of the or himself or talk about other players to what other players that agent may represent -- on your roster. But we know what happens. My guess is that at all of the team that the two agents for those two players walls. And Lloyd have a good idea what are the interest it even if they don't have a deal. They don't with the interest is so that when we get midnight. On Tuesday they're ready to now work the figures and sharpen the pencils and get the numbers deal. And. Well I didn't -- Back. You. And. Well on and you wonder what's your answer is -- the world baseball world in these ads. Asking. Scenes of revenues. And that. -- and earlier yeah. I had good taste in music used. As I've -- about the setup and it's. Nice tweet about -- objects can be -- That's off the table for at least for this month. I want the content right there like for content owners somebody's viewing bedding is contents right there are the -- -- temperature -- musicians all over the country. These songs about what happens at -- world write a million of these -- I let's get to devote culture -- a -- -- might get a car Mike. -- -- like. I played -- LA yeah. I got a couple and gave me -- -- -- there -- -- I never agree with the big outlet I gotta agree with that minus summit that indeed you know it. This bench warmer I'd bet the rest of history there and outside Michael but I am glad you got -- in my talent. Our target -- to apologize to me yet has yet have been a bit toward warmer so far a bit again today I'm wondering hot how to do -- here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They did admit there's only when they wanted to vision. Made the labs that. Yeah -- want to have to look at. Stats start arguing that. The thing I need a big strung out kid but you can't you are daylight yet you know going to be quite locked in on that. It's just the fact that can hurt this year. What. -- get hurt this year. Your project you just -- with reality with what I've seen. You're going I don't know would you base your phone based my info on things that it actually happened I don't know what you -- And -- it is I saw everything I just said to my daughter has sought to gain a solid guy lead his team. To a division title and we'll let you know Poland he joked he might as I can get as a guy get his team can -- help contribute right right I saw a guy. Contribute mightily to a playoff win and get -- By team that lost to the differences to great quarterbacks with a very good ones lead your team they make all on his second year quarterback down. I don't think he's greatest quarterback who I -- advocates of the third you know pretty anyway I -- -- that I have my if they want and gave they have come down. Iowa got -- -- back -- -- that they look hey let's think about Peyton Manning is. Personally I thought he should be tied it okay. Didn't. I've looked at sobriety so plain honest about it I had a -- -- I would not be going -- to patent it and I'm like -- is why would you. Look at it if you don't have a cornerback and at the end it. But it is I want I think it would. We're -- obviously John Elway does not believe he has a quarterback. There and yeah yeah Michael does but John Elway apparently does not picky as a quarterback or. He wouldn't be going -- what we -- get quarterback. There's no need to go out there and get somebody like Peyton Manning because there is risk involved here. You don't know how healthy years. And it's gonna be short lived it's you know you're not talking about you know playing them for the next five or six years here's -- in Springfield Massachusetts jail. And you guys don't judge them. And one question -- opinion. Com -- -- on this tour go cart would. People in November GM's. Vice president's. In this dark illusion yet no other free agent contract until after midnight on Tuesday. The structure of the structure their that that's on players are ready guitar players. That the chiefs for example we're talking about them on the quarterback from the raiders. It was -- he was he was released. A Peyton Manning was he he was outright released. So he is he is now a free agent. And so you can -- -- can you can sign them. Leave the art -- like Tuesday the in the new business year begins. So in essence guys that are still property of their previous team and have not let gulf. Are like Peyton Manning was our employees of that team until Tuesday that. That's the difference. Yet the -- or do business right now it appears as if there's a street freeagent. That you see and you wanna sign them you can you don't have to wait until Tuesday concern right now. -- Mark -- it starter -- but you know give you Brandon Lloyd is an example. He's still considered. A member of the rams and will be until Tuesday admit it because. They don't let him go and why should -- because supposed nobody else picks him up about the you're not gonna do that awesome pick up. Why do you do that if you're that team. Until then you get to that period. -- I I I condensed in the confusion because you -- this is accusing -- looking at wise Peyton Manning. Eligible to go around and talk to everybody else and these are the guys on you just talked about it and these other guys are talking. There are not directly talking they'd probably not sat down and had a one on one -- Bill Belichick yet as people talk I do under this. Peyton Manning wanna go to the Broncos are gonna understand. Were for many reasons why the Broncos won Peyton Manning award many teens want and Peyton Manning. But for him. Why would he want to go there. While I wanna play there it couldn't get in that in that city. More specifically in that stadium. Not a -- not a warm weather played very unpredictable city award and so as the political right. So he is he is a man of routines. And I think it really helped them. That to be in a dome at home and to know. Are these are gonna be the conditions this is what I'm going to be able to do every week we're playing it playing at home I know weather is not gonna factor into it. He's not a great bad weather quarterback. It agreed won an all time greats but if you want if you wanted to pick on on Peyton Manning you today. Playing outdoors playing cold weather. Okay it's not terrible but okay. We're we're sitting in speculating with all of it could be that once again. Comfort of life is wife likes the city likes Colorado likes the area maybe they've spent time there -- of -- of May Day. Could cut ascending order to carry -- but maybe you know he he. Wants to. To vote to raise the family there you know during the during the regular season currently. And and fall and winter months we're knows he could be looking at saying. -- look at the division. There -- warm weather cities Oakland it's usually pretty decent weather San Diego's Ludwig in our cities problem it'll cold out there but. I don't know. I I don't know. May be some of the reports that we're hearing today in Miami. That he's a little rattled. Adam shot after I had the east that he's a little rattled the the paparazzi in Miami are all over apparently felt the golf course and helicopters to -- All over maybe maybe maybe that's getting to our -- Temporary though mess that's gonna happen -- size and he -- he sizes somebody to go away and we've never thought of Peyton Manning as a guy who is. Who is I am beating off the paparazzi. As they tried to executive then just you don't think I'm just quoting him. I missed an episode I'm just quoting you repeated so -- can tape at this time around and do. Just tell lament that Peyton Manning has never been a guy. Who you'd think of as as beating off the paparazzi. So therefore I expect to hear that before it fifty times these guys you in the proper context I've never heard I'd never heard and a sports context. Should I say things that the price had to have hit a record I never -- -- heard that before we start the show that was not part of the arrangement -- That's the thing the great unknown and we don't know. What he is criteria. Is. For the team he's going to select everybody thinks they know they throw stuff out there. But it coach Tony Dungy -- talking about stop thinking about Super Bowl champs and stuff like that it's comfort for -- wife -- family. Those shortages. You know maybe he looks at Denver says. I'd like that he liked the offensive line like the defense to keep in games they get the ball back before turnovers. I don't know I like the receivers Reggie Wayne -- of that group and we got so who knows. Have no idea maybe just loves the city of Denver thinks it's great meets an elbow. These are some his best games against the Broncos. That's a great ones whether it's an Indianapolis or endeavors that some felt maybe you should benefit you don't I like that he's played two different stadiums out there. In Denver like he was there for the old for mile -- so it may be looking at saying I just love the city is something about it like I played well there. You know I play well a mile up I don't know. Who knows what the the credit we're all trying to guess. And all trying to figure it out and most of it is done on our standards what we think is most important to loss of life we -- it in his hit. Yet -- Peter King has his list of a top fifty freeagent. And he's got across our rising -- but this is not surprising his number one freeagent. -- Peyton Manning. And I think they'll probably play out not not necessarily in terms of getting paid he's going to paid but. I'm just guessing a Mario Williams will wind up with the larger contractor or Brandon Carr went -- -- contract Manning -- just my guest went. Well because Gloria Williams is all of your years younger yet now and we'll -- but his his ear hears -- stopped and he's got Manning for a huge rate has got Mario Williams second. And what you can of the -- don't you think about it and it was like OKMR final answer yeah okay here's the that Cortland Finnegan third Carl Nicks the guard from the -- fourth got Matt Flynn fifth I don't play Matt -- fifth are well. Renting -- six Vincent Jackson seven. This is a shocker. Number eight. -- former draft pick of the patriots. Jeremy Minh city. Jeremy mend the -- -- what he says and in -- comedy is too high for. Yeah well let our political -- that Brittany Britney now is about getting to the quarterback and he does it is it's a passing game ever. But he but that's -- it's easy one dimensional. I'm not sure the -- that -- -- -- -- -- kind of says Stephen -- of these lines and -- is Broderick Bunkley. -- Broncos but -- was old and using -- round. Com -- -- Lloyd by the way is number sixteen. On the list. Is another when John Abraham. If you're talking about the possibility of no Carter go into Sunni -- This is a guy up there and -- that you can bring it for one year John Abraham. 33 years of age I'm not sure he's gonna shuttle -- -- counter -- and is shocked if not you're talking about only 33. I'm shocked that he's only -- -- -- would agree with that -- like biodiesel. -- -- it wouldn't be that it wouldn't be the worst move but I'm I'm thinking. They probably wouldn't. Because -- -- since he can rush the passer Newton you've got some sacks on your resume. Then you will get overpaid but taken a fall. Peyton Hillis is number 37. On this list. A year ago. There write songs about him all those amateur musicians -- write stories about him in the cover of Madden and now he's over 37. On the pickings for -- -- a believable.

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