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Rajon Rondo to Danny Ainge, Celts Fans and National Audience: How ya like me now?

Mar 5, 2012|

Rajon Rondo saves his best games for National TV, as he went off for a triple-double against the NY Knicks... which of course reignites the debate in these parts... is Rondo the guy the Celtics want to build their future around?

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I guarantee of their a lot of people. Gonna take yesterday's game was Rajon Rondo. And suddenly. Make -- tradable here today. Now let me ask you the question we we. Write -- game we -- weekend's. Wild and that's Matt pilgrim with the problem is before the -- without it the the whole grain variety when he got that there is and we that's though. -- And given healthier option low sodium whole grain. Odd noise and Andy knows all about in the in the seniors you have Brazil -- at the Andy knows all about. You know what Maurice switched -- -- moved I was gonna say is that let's come with a blender it. A good idea rob -- -- from. Everything -- normally should yeah -- different you know. Some systemic issues with the spirit that. Actually this I don't I can't go right -- well if it weren't writing -- -- and that's it collaborate all of that. Out with my -- my argument that sanitized. And anyway you restarted samba genre. My biggest problem is when you have three games on one time. Let's face that the reds baseball game was. Something wasn't that relevant so you DVR you want to deliberately -- -- the course of the course of the day. But -- the real problem. That I little DVR and the two games all the Celtics and Bruins. That you've got to go back and forth because you got to know what's going on. It's it's -- of -- I need to know what's going on right now. I don't have a problem while. If you're gonna DVR game. My only problem was ignoring the scroll does what in the celtics' game live and DVR the Bruins game and -- right after the Celtics game was over live. I watched the Bruins games having no idea what happened get that's why don't like my lord I ignored the scroll and I ignored any kind of updates from. Joseph Hagerty and anybody else a follow on Twitter who is. Primarily Joliet 42 -- wage I get worse anybody else a follow on Twitter that is focused on hockey. I ignore them during those situations so I ignored them I had no idea I knew that's that's great self control -- and knew that the Bruins got down early to -- After that. Shouted down -- jotted down a set out it was -- and see what happens in this game. I can't -- -- now I end up watching. The games twice because I've got to watch the entire game when it's over -- 4 o'clock in the afternoon 5 o'clock in the afternoon watching games all over it. While the game's going on. Gumbel Stevie award. And yet I'm going back and forth and for example -- mr. Bruins goal. I'd go to the the the -- game. And then I back it up so that it can seem to go. I'd need to know right then and there I don't know what it is. Or at net I have something in my personality -- catering a fortune reader know right now they've gone and tightening have to know right now like this are so I was I was right. This -- and I got here is that you're getting there aren't -- I have to tell you what your product you're figuring out though are now are you -- you know average on right right is that when I'm no I don't I don't you know -- in my opinion does not change. From what we first started talking about Sean -- we get back talking about Chris -- I would've traded for Chris -- why because Paul is a better player more complete player in my opinion. I think he is more likely to be the magnate to get the other pieces. To form my new championship contending team. The problem I think you still have with Rondo here. Is he doesn't seem to be that -- I don't know why. Because he's a damn good player now stopped consistent. We know that that's a flaw in in his makeup I get the DVR flaw he's got the flawed and consistency. With his game. What he's a terrific player he's the best player in the -- he's their best commodity. But as I said the other day I'm not trading him away. For durable -- I'm not doing that for Deron Williams I'm not doing that. Unless I can get another piece. Which -- outlook -- Williams is the magnate to bring a Dwight Howard or another big to the Celtics that makes sense of well. -- -- There are no -- in the north east unless they are in the top two markets in the country so unless you're playing in New York. And end our -- northeast only only magnet to the north laurel Brooklyn no -- in New York it's New York. It's still -- It is still the -- It was just could not jurors are anymore right that's for it until it's -- well it's in the world right okay darling. Manhattan Brooklyn Staten Island long out of all our morals and New York's shelter. Whether you're got to be in New York. War. In -- they'll league's only way you'll be a Mac man in the midwest -- Chicago is going to be top two markets in the country. Otherwise it's not happening. It's just not gonna happen LeBron James. Could not lure people to Cleveland. The best player in the game. Depending on where you stare at one of the top three players in the game -- not. Say come to my home town come to me Chris Bosh come to me Dwyane Wade. Miami. New York Chicago. Los Angeles. Phoenix. Orlando. At times but apparently Dwight Howard doesn't think so and I think he can be a magnet. And draw people to him what they would or would. Accused in Orlando until Darrent Williams to come to you instead of you going to Brooklyn. So I don't I don't really think it's a slightly but that's what it's all about I don't think it's light on Rondo that. He's not a Mac should be based on his game this is not always about -- -- -- these players wanna -- In certain cities whether it is for endorsement reasons org it's the whether it's state tax whatever it. They have their own little quirks. Use your word in my own little quirks about why they wanna go to certain place that's the reason that Danny has been looking to deal. It's for that specific reason that he's trying to build. The next Celtic contending team well you know when he plays like this and that's -- -- big win. -- and he plays like. You can build around. He plays -- he gave me has goals Rondo gains. ERG what does he of those around okay. Net interest. National TV thirteen of the seventeen triple doubles have come on national I don't think is good as the Celtics may be down the road I'm not sure that the networks are gonna put them on 82 games. That's his problem he's got it. He certainly looked at the Jeremy did the live Saturday at the last three weeks -- said -- -- giving some of that when I get around Arizona right. It's on national TV ratings are get a hold and I don't care for college -- to sit there in front row it's a big win his wife. That's our might embarrass the Harvard -- game because if you can move up if you could win the division changes a little bit of what you're dealing with here in the first round. -- stay away from Miami he could stay away from Chicago is a lot at stake there. And that's what he does now watchable over the next three weeks you think you'll continue to play like that I I -- -- -- delegate numbers which are pretty. By advocates but it perspective. I know it was a close game. And I know it was it was just against the knicks on a Sunday afternoon in March and Boston. With nearly two guys in the history of the league. Of games like that. In the air all time great player Wilt Chamberlain Oscar Robertson a -- and Rajon Rondo but the company. Well Oscar in Rondo. I've said before when Rondo plays when he is at his best. I think that there were right now regularly sees that their best point guard league in my opinion I would that's fair up football rose and Donovan I think I'll put him and number three. When he is at his best. In their at their best Ming. Is kind of opted take anybody -- -- One when Chris Paul is at his I think I'll take -- crew has always -- I don't know if you are scarecrow from what he did you watch on the road in Philadelphia. In net Kinect game yesterday but. You want Philly was played to -- -- whole damn single handedly pull them up all I'll pay go to Philly. I'll go -- going to the garden forget yesterday's outstanding performance and their road record. Had twenty assists yesterday and internal. And scored single point yesterday. We came here and we sent John Rondo went scoreless. In the at twenty incidents. And he didn't turn the ball over that much Wheatley said it was an outstanding game that thing at that point and you add the rebound. -- -- Force the gazillion turnovers as well the other -- what does -- tell you though. About the Celtics team right now and they have had a couple friends Coleman's will throw what do you think now maybe and so we schedule in the championship. I shouldn't listen to them tell me this and saying OK so you have this historic game. By your point -- the numbers -- off the charts including. How we play defense and how we protected the ball. You're playing on your whole floor. The knicks have not played well -- -- picture of a ball over a lot of unforced turnovers by the Nixon they did not play well in the game. And you needed an off balance. Awkward three. By Paul Pierce. With four seconds left in regulation to get you to the overtime period. I'm not sure I come out of that game yesterday. Other than having great respect for a phenomenal performance by Rajon Rondo said to myself -- -- -- that are up so -- today than yesterday. I you do that well. I don't think yesterday's game makes them. Championship contenders makes you think they're gonna win or -- get in the NBA final older. You get the conference. Get the conference finals I could affect you at -- I don't know if -- type in Rondo is that epic game forces that many that -- turn overs for for wind and point guards in Baron Davis. And what you expect that you walked out of there and got fifteen point. Unnecessarily. I don't think that's him. Dry he could drag and I don't have a problem with the performers. At the Celtics put up yesterday ordered around open. I don't have a prob get out my -- -- -- I'll say this if they lost the game. Then we have a conversation is at at one point it look like. Rondo is gonna have this great game in the sub's gonna lose and you say who care will look lost and are trying to -- I didn't but that's are trying to say. He took a miraculous shot by Paul -- that was a miraculous shot took that shot -- he doesn't make that shot you don't go to overtime you don't win again look at the minutes. The the starters play but doctors doing right now because he knows he needs to win games right now is ignoring the bench. He shortening up the rotation right now guys have played more minutes. They're not going to be able to continue to do that with these aging players I'll tell you this is a blip right now that you're enjoying. It's a -- -- yesterday that played in the forties yesterday right 48 minutes for Rondo. I credit and pointed out -- five reportedly 404800. Victory that's amazing. That is amazing to me. -- The winner -- yesterday I'm happy they won they won because Paul Pierce came up with a miraculous shot as Gray Davis Rondell played. Paul Pierce doesn't make that shot you are correct we sit here talking about eight loss by the Celtics against a team that they have downloaded it at all. Over the years in this building and you said isn't meant it I'll carry kid doing. Artsy and here's here's the interesting thing about Rhonda gave me that -- Thirteen out of seventeen triple doubles have come in nationally televised games I think it's -- it's over so now north not a coincidence. So -- one hand you look at players. And you say I don't know how to guy's gonna respond and the lights are bright. Hoping to play a big game -- what we know with the Rondo he -- play it big play in big games he's excited to play in big games he's at his best there. The issue is. A Tuesday night in Milwaukee. Thursday night in Sacramento. A Saturday night in. I was gonna say New Jersey but now that New Jersey because that's one of those situations where he's trying to prove something. Because Deron Williams is on the other team he's trying to show people aren't yielding -- wanted to best point guards in the league. Let me say -- -- ultimately -- say what I can do -- Deron Williams the Saturday night in Charlotte. For him if he can get it you not a triple double. 7475. Times this season that's great players do you want them report 75 times. They are great when they shoot the ball rebounding passing doing something great. Most of the time they get to that point you can built around -- question if you get that I don't know. That is the question because he's is he capable of doing it guys capable of doing it would only city yesterday well we've seen on many occasions. In big games he's played bigger games in the playoffs that he has. In a lot of games of the regular season but you can't beat the guy you build around he can't -- the guy that everybody looks up to that everybody's following because you're the leader. Without playing consistently good basketball greatly student Kobe does that. You know LeBron is at this moment but certainly now he seems on playing pretty consistent all about it which is the opposite okay this is what. What they -- he plays great every game and -- is -- is -- the big moments the big moments right now we need -- swap. But that's what -- Rondo Rondo can teach the Bronson things about turning and on the lights are bright. And LeBron -- -- -- doesn't but here's what happens though Michael if you got that type of player and you know doing it consistently. The lesser players to guys who don't possess the same type of athletic ability the EU is gonna sit -- and things like it. That's what makes Larry Bird Magic Johnson those guys so great recently they brought at the table. So they forced everybody else to play at that level you don't play at that level that you can be -- -- -- -- -- -- and that's -- Rondo does he takes night's off yes. Games in which you sit there and I know I don't know I don't -- answer and that's that's something he does not take nights off. -- nights off he drifts. I don't understand. -- -- -- having kids yeah something happens I don't really get three yard wide with something else bored maybe. Drifting you know taking its office -- of plays into boredom I am not saying that these sit there consciously saying tonight. Which over opponent mark played at night. It's something that was during the course of that game wondered. I mean I start when -- Irving went out of the game in enclave on the Obama. -- played OK to that level of -- on the game suddenly. Guys out I can take it a little bit easier. He can't -- objected to excited about playing Ramon Sessions except you can't do it but yeah I -- -- -- that's what that's what great players do and if he's going to be a great player. A guy who was -- guy who's capable of doing this. And he's done it four times this year the only player and only to have multiple triple double of the season. Not a fluke anybody can have a great game once all the Brad Smith scored 37 Michael Jordan and Jordan you know. Carved them up the next night in the -- -- the next armies on with OK I'm Michael Jordan and Bradford Smith who was -- the flow elders it can happen once in awhile but when -- do it. As often as Rondo has done it. He's a very talented guy can he. Any channel it into being -- -- -- great player probably got a lot to talk about -- committed to Leo Bruins as well. This whole idea of what's going on more than a world thanks. It's amazing how many people are kind of backing up the saints emblem hole. Process here what we'll get to that as well during the course of the day Wes Welker this afternoon should be -- affected the very near future you're the next hour to. Should be given the the tag the franchise tag by the New England Patriots won't get into that and why is it that Mario Williams name. Is being mentioned with the patriots in the same sentence. I didn't know I didn't know Rondell played are aware of -- when it's one is 1718. It's going a song like that that's that's sixty points right there. You know from from wrong -- He played extremely well tonight -- put -- -- him in his back. Carmelo Anthony talking about Rondo -- performance at the end of the game Carmelo disappeared by the -- in the third quarter to notice that. And by selling -- disappear in a majority for a quarter ordering her Georgia. Talk about inconsistency. -- came back in the fourth -- what -- the Celtics did a phenomenal job with. Was shutting down the -- and maybe that's why Carmelo backed off a little that he likes to drive. And they really shot down the -- very effectively. Now here's the thing that I don't like about the Celtics is a game to game it'll go to the -- anymore. If you noticed it's don't want to pick and roll its pick and pop. And it's Kevin Garnett setting -- -- so that he can actually pop out further away from the hope. That they can outside jump shot this match and good drives -- right here but. Michael if you're not doing anything inside that eventually catches up. You know you've got to have some balance to -- to your game and I think that's one reason sometimes Rondo needs to do a little bit more. Because that's the game to -- and if you were shooting further away from the basket. A lot more times. You're not taking nearly as many shots as the opposition which they're not and you're not taking nearly as many free throws. That you should be shooting from high percentage from the outside where you're screwed. Yes -- who we we're we're looking at the AT&T text line here. And the people jumping on you for now being positive enough about the Celtics. And ends of folks talking about what they think that might this team can -- the champ car maybe they don't mean maybe they did -- well ha -- That is your call we can there was a -- who disagree with my ranking seniors sounds crazy to put. Rondo over Williams and Rondo over are we Irving and and and Russell west proposal called Bryant for some reason. Well Russell Westbrook. -- Williams that is 57 yesterday. He's a hell of either -- player you really. I just haven't seen him and I loved him in college I haven't seen him. Consistently. Take over games. Take over games. At his best the way the way around -- has scored 57 last night. What Rondo Rondo is doing here is very difficult regular 57 after -- doesn't ever forget. They're not a lot of guys who could do it Darrent Williams wanted to have a game like that be with you if you go out to I'm gonna have. When he assist in eighteen rebounds. Seventeen rebound -- gonna do. You couldn't know it's hard. Is that at that thing about Rondo is. Because of because of the focus on the jump shot lead and have a jump shot any day he support free throws you're okay we look at that there are well. Anybody who can shoot aren't -- -- for about got a Dell tries to call -- a major flaw but anybody who can -- in the eyes of some fans. Is a better point guard in Rondo. Let's go back to the position point guard. Got to control the pace. You gotta set people up you got to feed the lower court vision is a part of it. It's the number one thing in the job description you've got to be able to see it you gotta be able to control it. Your quarterback. He's one of the best quarterbacks in the league. I believe he's a better quarterback than Russell Westbrook although Westbrook is -- better shooter right Kyra Irving is going to be their real soon balls and you promoted past all of. Hold on the idea that a lot of people. And I don't necessarily agree with -- but lot of people have the idea that if you don't have the Big Three here. And what you need is a point guard that can score a lot war because that's the one weakness that Rondo had so if you have other personnel wrapped around him. But can't deal with those of the three guys can do right now. And he can't score -- he can't make free throws because he's driving to the hole they're constantly fouling up the Euro weaker team. That's what people are so that's why I think they're looking at somebody like Williams or even Westbrook and saying. If you take away the big story. They become a more valuable piece. To what you're trying to build I will repeat what I said before and people are not obviously I can tell by the techsters. Who claim that dominating on on Rondo they -- apparently not listening to. I would not just trade Ron dole way to trade Rondell White. When I bring in -- Chris Paul form apps -- Ultimately is a more complete player. And does more in not only building your team of the future are great -- to our group -- a magnet because other players want to play wit him. That you have a better chance of bringing some of those orders any. The only way I would do a deal. With with Williams and it looks like New Jersey may end up getting that dream team of Dwight Howard along with Williams is -- Williams becomes the magnet. You bring Dwight Howard to Boston because just to switch places with Williams. Makes no sense if you believe -- Max did the other day that Williams is a better player than -- battery isn't -- -- like I say. The pay. An extra billion dollars what do I went right to do that that it's better player what I say and we're not gonna be able to get it. That's eight million dollars. Could actually tricked into being another significant piece on your team next. But I say to -- that day when -- Williams play. And go head to head. Max it hey look Williams is better Estes less onerous to Williams slightly I said well apparently they play it and I don't see that. What happened what happen now are on Friday night as -- -- the game was New Jersey Yemen Friday and Friday night. Williams looks like he's ready to play in the first quarter and he did he do that beyond disappears through Asia. -- a game as a matter of fact the Celtics were running you high school coaches should be proud they're running at 2021. Press. And they were causing some discredit or did they were disrupting when New Jersey wants to do and even though is causing problems. Williams was a handle on the ball against the press which is confusing to me -- If they're giving you trouble with that and -- got to this point guard. This great point guard Timmy handled the ball got to calm things down but. What happened for Avery Johnson and I don't know. He's just unconventional. By. Like tested before the game he's one of the best in the game into the and so I you saw a stat line tonight. There -- many guards maybe no guards through it and then put out some like bad and so. Do we did you know we can do a good job containing him and you -- to control the tempo of the game. Jeremy -- you didn't do good job containing -- prop. Talking after the game about the performance of one genre and I took a phone calls we go here to -- show as we await for the patriots to officially applied franchise tag. On on Welker this afternoon and chapters since Tuesday. Matter of just -- in the paperwork or whatever. It's amazing how many players have been franchised around the league but we shall say wait for the official work here's my keys in Connecticut I. They would approach it like. Look at our -- is game goes today I hope this kind of shut up the Talking -- there yet in about Jeremy -- you know it's cute story when it first came out. -- and it took the world by or quitting -- -- nobody's and he couldn't play any kind of the outlook however. But as we've seen the last you know week or so. Eagle begins looking to complete -- and the guy is -- similar to an average role playing point guard and be -- next libretto and Davis for anyway. I disagree I disagree with this spirit that completely and also. Mike and ugly and haven't you noticed. This story has kind of gone the other way that Jeremy Lindsay let's not only an upper in the beginning. People were excited. He he was he was the underdog. Here from Harvard. -- Asian American player Taiwanese descent not many players. Out like him in the league and it was a refreshing story in no Mike you're not don't want registered and I -- Now it's almost like yet Jeremy land. He's not that good at what the point that that's and that's the little horse she's not as good as he appeared to be at the start of his. At the start of his knicks career. But the point was here's a guy who has come out of nowhere to be productive he's thinking he's there are I don't care what you think Mike is the best point carpet that ain't no question. I think I think I disagree with you might not -- -- might be saying what I mean you look at what he's battered bay and like I disagree Aaron David like mom I gotta tell you. Like I I think it I think you'd better leader out there in the or you I actually look like -- control -- -- and he got a doll I do not at all analyst at if chin in jail that he. Three give -- To Chandler underneath he could hold onto the ball that's six points right there. I'm not I'm not saying there's nobody in you know the other guys and explorer with -- ultimate disk when -- in the game yet but it from Ike has. It looked like when bears and gave up there it can make use of the more under control mentally. They get some of the same problems I think because of the defense of the Celtics of throwing -- but it Michael's -- -- point we built a mop. And so his branding is number one he becomes the most popular guy in the NBA in -- that. Everybody suddenly assumes. He's a top five point -- He's he's date a guy that came out of nowhere. That suddenly. It's a pretty good morning a decent. And we'll have to see how it plays out every single and -- is enough sampling there. This -- That the have got themselves a pretty decent player he's not top five he's not hot and art and I know I thought they didn't have an average. -- our corporate but -- -- -- to sing for a guy who was drafted who went to Harvard. Duke and today he's an. Average to point guard starting in the league for the New York Knicks that's a pretty good story still I think genetics. The story is the same it's just that some people have gotten tired of it some people have -- it didn't expect to have a bad game. Didn't expect him to turn a ball over against you know the likes of the the Celtics in the heat who really did a number on because he's brandy was number quick time. I get a guy they believe me I'd get it and honestly that's like it was it was a great story but when you see guys like -- you know the public you know -- because of the story. And -- you know like our guy run -- about to defend against Glenn. Kind of -- disrespect in front and the possibility stupid ridiculous trade rumors like Chris Broussard and actually accused of expand because. You're -- not getting respect that he probably deserves now. Talking about Rhonda -- Michael there have been a single point guard in the NBA they can do what Rajon Rondo did yesterday not one Eric Close. Not Chris Paul not to -- Williams in -- especially not. Russell Westbrook -- and I'm sorry I wouldn't trade Russell Westbrook -- genre and do it they screwed up. To be obviously because the guy if you. If they throw what. It's all fun. And a big -- If states are -- a little bit Erin and we want to swap out my my my stocks down illicit purpose of all what did not trying to do what -- what what -- -- ask -- question if you -- -- way of like a first round pick. And YouTube and first round picks for Asia and endeavor so whispered I still wouldn't -- Rondo because she. Actually I don't wanna got this -- -- thirty shut the game and the point guard position. You want Kevin Durant when they play and I watch allowed Oklahoma City game. Kevin -- -- that look of frustration on the space like most strange used to around here when Antoine Walker would end up behind the three point line it's absolutely frustrating for the iPad playing. And you look at the. Welcome but these guys have -- shall we talk about it over the last couple weeks. Shall this frustration. And that Paul Pierce -- one night took the ball to hole in the first five possessions of the game after. Delegates scored what 32 points the night before. That was all about it it happens with every team. But that the what was Rondo that you're missing in this is what you people like you -- love this guy. Arc -- trying to classify me as a leader. All I'm trying to do is how do you build. The next Celtics championship contending team he's commodity. He is I'm sure I'm sorry he's not LeBron he's not Kobe he's not Derrick Rose he's not god that I can look at and say. On loan. He represents the biggest the most important piece of my team that's going to be a championship contender now he's a tremendous -- And you are absolutely correct because of his rebounding prowess he did something yesterday that you're not gonna find any of these other point guards able to do we have very unique life. The same respect. He has some qualities that -- -- negative side if you wanna talk about Jeremy -- Can't make free throws and -- he's driving the ball to hold all right well guess what. Take out the Big Three. And he can dish the ball off to the Big Three and you force him to take the ball to hold to score. It's easy as the other team all I have to do was follow continuous right. -- all -- I don't that we missed is when you take away the Big Three. People put too much of an emphasis right now on on scoring and shooting for the point -- I mean. Rajon Rondo can still score did the track where you can play compete often meet. Trying to -- you know Mike I would agree with you if you had him wrapped up around him. You had guys who could school. Because you're right he can create stuff for everybody. Takes up into the hole create stuff for everybody else I actually think he's scoring a little bit more right now. Because these guys are not taken the -- total in front affected Kevin Garnett is playing -- five now the smaller line up. He's not spending a lot of time down the -- he's doing everything outside right. So it's it's he has to score more. Because for Rondo. All of that little dish -- up underneath for. Baskets that that big a deal that created it 75 or 80% he -- no -- living easy baskets are no longer there. Yeah out of out of his 20 assists yesterday am -- sort defined as easily with a with a shot chart out of those twenty. How many were layups. How many easy baskets that he get off of his assist. Know a couple of my entire remember a couple of them are you know -- up in on a jumper appears on the job. Brother rob metrics on it they run a pick and and Iraq all the time right run that could consistently during the course. We're. Saying that the guy Sox. But he's a step. It's just the opposite he's the best fighter. On that he was and the only way then I gonna help him the only way ideal because if you abroad if you Colby if you hit it it -- I'm not the electable -- Look at the only way I deal him away is if I can get up pieces laurel. To build the next championship contending team that's the point -- -- six point 7779. A 0850 let's go to Steven in new statement. Avoid going to McElroy and I'm great. As an amazing game let's say I was there heroes back. And when -- that the game into overtime brought the crowd with fever pitch. At southern England. And that but how you might -- at the next day they left pose absolutely right and he's giving it living in the moment Clinton. I love this game I stop playing gentlemen to produce second and in appreciate the great play the Rondell does that. I I do appreciate it if you remember. When people were beat him up in the first few years here I sit here and and argued day in and day out that he doesn't have to develop great outside shot. The great player yes develop free throw. Got to be able to make free throw line. But he doesn't necessarily have to be this great outside shooter and a lot of people felt that that was something that had to be part of his game but when you're talking about bill but Steve. I'm talking about how you build. The next -- Now I would today yesterday I love of the game I don't wanna pick of the future right now I think they have an outside shot at -- what you produce I -- -- -- if -- -- it did. So a lot -- is just an outside shot of of the winning it all yes. Winning the championship. You can not that nod and say good luck look at a lot of thinking that right now Miami the team that oil last year no one -- -- -- -- like never I didn't put it. I don't second orbit or not last year because last year that that Joe's argument didn't win it last year they're better this year. And last year they beat the Celtics and it Michael -- never -- you talk about that Miami not winning last year they beat the Celtics in five games in the second round. -- and number your product last year what I talked about this year. But this year well most. That that the Miami Heat in Chicago Bulls. Are the favorite in the what are those teams who dwell on the crowd whatnot on how does tell and you. Realistically. One of those teams will win the Eastern Conference will. Can I just explain some Steve because I know you you get -- music image and I'm not want this team I love what they did in a way. We got a championship out of it and came close to another win game seven of an NBA final but did exactly what they had it was wonderful it was a great. Ron and I enjoyed it thoroughly so I'm enjoying what this team's doing right now because. There it's like the curtain call he OK they're there Rondell White. I did -- any thing like the changes got to be thinking of how you get to that next championship contender. I don't think he's sitting over there in the opposites right now like you are Steven. Who's in eternal optimist that bullied because of what you saw yes -- that this can -- what it was fun and it was great they would want to that this fit easily. Win yeah it was incredible playoff atmosphere -- national televised game right incredible. Absolutely I thought it would it would -- let me ask -- prospects that nobody at two Emmys because then we -- we're -- bogus thing up I mean -- I doubt there are guaranteed they are looking at it far more logically then you'll -- and they don't like it is -- is emotionally involved in it even though they are very emotional about it they would lie. It's either team -- championship this year -- they would love for you to be right but. They also have to exhaust. All possible. Sources. And possibilities here before march -- -- He wouldn't let them play it up this year I that you cannot -- -- like you said they could somehow get Dwight Howard admitted that that's a big if you know hoping you don't mind my best friend going on the Celtics walked tall woman -- Of how to out there working away as KG wasn't coming here KG wanted to go to lakers or Phoenix out of that work out. Worked out great I will always meant wedeman what was being thinking at the time. -- -- -- everybody said it's -- in ways that just I remember doing jokes. What a bleep is -- wasting his time trying to get KG he wants to go to Los Angeles he wants to go -- clinics he was diligent. Stayed where they stayed on focus kept on working deals finally got to deal Ray Allen that was the deal apparently led to KG coming here. That's what you do if you wanna build the next championship contending. But by the way speaking of championship contending teams and in a different sport. Greg Bedard of the globe says it's official -- down numerous reports Wes Welker. Has been it has been franchise for the -- so Wes Welker is that patriots franchise player that means at the moment. We're talking about nine point four million dollar -- truckload for one year. So nice spirited to point -- I've last year but I don't think it's gonna in this way I think he's gonna wind up with with the deal with the truckload I think I -- -- you don't act -- cap friendly your deal here's one you don't like Karen nine point four. That first year -- I think it was a good about a week away we'll we're week away from the start of the official start of free agency and you wanna make sure you're well positioned the go out and do whatever you have dreamed of doing whatever you'd decided you gonna do when you're in your post season now breakdowns and those needs meetings that they have down there. And I don't think it it is good business to go and going to free agency with a receiver making nine point four million back to the phone calls residence where a truckload. Just playing along -- the biggest thing hasn't got the win you know he made us you know descends in overtime and I was big horse knows he's -- the type and I'm and you lose. Those kind of room. I was a good game both -- where are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Amazing looking at the at such machine out lot of people agree. Where that caller who said that he believed he -- but yes even it. -- this team has a chance to win the NBA championship this year. I don't mean that Steven. The most recent gains here where if you look at the minutes they have been up by the the starters. And the reason to doc has done that as you're coming off of the all star breaks -- a little bit of rest with some of those guys she complaint a little bit more and he needed to win games so you've shorten the bench right now. To really eight players tonight player gets a couple of minutes and doctors is said this himself he ensure the bench. Because they need to win games right now but as it -- -- of their bench also now -- the bench would would be a strength of the team. You know really outside guy -- I just don't unduly. To do for nothing. You know Wilcox is a good bench guy from he runs the floor well all -- -- -- reform. I think -- When he's healthy but he again immediately began yesterday. He's constantly having physical issues. But this lineup is better than when you put Jermaine O'Neal. Outage you're starting setter and and move KG took a year to the port right out that if the playoffs started right now the Celtics would be in. Seventh place and they would be playing. The Miami Heat first round right here is the issue but getting. To try to move up dramatically up in the -- get into the fourth or fifth spot. You -- wooded if you lead the division you can get up into the forced by -- -- -- it right here's the issue with. You have played. Little over half of the games for the season. It's a 66 game season right and they played -- 36 games after night. You're going to you're right now enjoying -- old final homestand of the year. That means from here on him the most you'll play in a row at home will be one game. Yet they are going on the road you've got to make up eight road games yet -- -- -- -- -- -- all your fourteen room that's super. So yeah I'm I think but people are excited. Are excited about it you should be excited about that gain so Willie B did Danny does something that the performance may -- maybe they well. -- -- I don't begrudge anybody or from looking at that performance yesterday you could not take your eyes off for Rondo for for long stretches -- -- was ratings unbelievable. But just for perspective the last four wins have been against the cavaliers the bucks the net in the next. The best team there the next. You play their battle under the seat right now in the eastern currently the muddle -- to keep some perspective I don't think people keep perspective of looking at yesterday's game and they're going over. I hear -- products IE for. A technical. Arm while other prep as the spurs won by saying that I totally hear and understand what you're saying about Rondo has value and how to rebuild using candidate has had been at. At that I I disagree in the sense that we need that's only Rajon Rondo who has Jeannie still so. He wanted to be more difficult to find. Assets in in the NBA is a true point guard at this -- there -- so -- them. The people tend undervalued and just by virtue of the fact that they don't have a basis of comparison. There aren't that many of them out there who wore a -- -- -- and floor general type point. It eventually and hold on it depends on you build your team. Because I could tell I can tell you why -- Miami doesn't have that and how is that working out for. What you have got two of the top five players usually that then you look at the formula of how you win championships. -- Did you go about it I mean it's you can get -- take good. A number of complementary player around -- -- cool you know kittens can score consistently and he actually distribute and Internet. I just -- -- sure but I disagree they have complementary players about Koppel tonight that's not come what may your players here's the question he Ethan. And we always say you know as Rondo -- top five point cart where does he -- at the script that argument it's -- when Rondo. It's it's primed to say he's there right now. Maybe he'll be there next year two years from the east -- -- your. Where he does he have the potential to be a top five or top ten player in the league. Regardless of position. You think he is that guy we can be top five player in basketball. Well I mean again at at -- -- this. Nebulous thing not an ambulance don't it's that we're like so much on -- What are the steps yet not a mean I'm not gonna hold you down to a stats argument I was gonna ask you if you think he is a top five talent. Yet the potential to be that you say yes from the. The so he he got the potential will it mean that I don't know. Here's a better. And better reason for how you build a championship contending team -- I don't think you can put complementary players take the victory. -- -- And it complementary players. You have championship contending team you don't well it depend on it yet you know you have a championship team if he answered yes. He said yeah Rondo can be a top five to play on that point you're not one of those gallons a top five player in late in. You can goal with a complimentary route you think that you think the I disagree I'll tell you I don't know -- I'll ask. At Los Angeles Clippers in Western Conference contender. All they are the outside they're probably a player -- player to. Not a contender I mean outside Oklahoma City and wells. It is going to be Oklahoma -- conference I'm talking about playing in the playoffs the one thing about how many games you can win during very regular season I think in the playoffs. They probably. Are are close but they've got but at -- -- stars. Going -- they've got they ambushed or your best player at their best player. Is -- star -- is -- top ten player in the league right and that allows them to kind of build everything around their car. Chris balls and photographers more than complimentary. But he's got a top player in the league nobody could be down the road might see -- But that's what right now but the clippers above where you resurrect what they were they were revived because of their point guard being out of the best guy finally go back the -- what you have a better chance of winning at a future Rajon Rondo and then you. They Kevin direct -- eight top five player with him. Whatever players you want war Rajon Rondo will be complimentary. Complimentary -- Which team do you think is a better shot of being a championship content. Obviously. Obviously. Complementary players. Will not work. But union and I'll let you gotta be the second best player in his team. For the team to do what complementary players use it don't work for anybody Williams and view is if this guy becomes. A top five -- which is I mean that's that's. That's rare air. If he becomes arrogant -- you can't win with complementary players when you've got a top five talent. You can't push him a novelist you need another one of those great players with a luxury can be a top five player to beat top fifteen maybe. On what you need another player whipped him. Another star player with him to make it work complementary players don't get --

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