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Could the Llama be coming to the Celtics

Feb 9, 2012|

Mikey has made no bones about his feelings on Pau Gasol, what will he do if the Celtics trade Rondo for Gasol? Also our buddy LB calls in to talk about the Patriots Super Bowl loss.

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Well well well -- fight is our only chance the lakers right. So again it is my view last know what so this is the big lead me this. So you crunched of some of that fudge. And left it on the table Korea. -- have a exuberant about it maybe you're your last chance to see this audio Laker uniform I don't know I don't think that happens like. I hope that doesn't happen writer that would be chosen drag me and it's not happening. Yet they use -- I'm pretty sure you're so. I feel pretty confident. Strange things -- but I don't think you know me and Rondo only negative you know like you got him encryption eyes on me and Christ known for I do you know -- phones since he started the Celtics I've always says. I've been an advocate of Rondo I don't see him in a Laker uniform -- noisy the Lama. But all that hair on his neck. Sticking out of the Celtics the Rangers either but we'll see them you know meanwhile tonight though you know the game itself and and really does it. As far as anything before they post season activity might happen. There are some out there that don't think you can happen with the issues Celtic team I disagree on -- -- lakers will be there. That's maybe that's the way they don't meet the lakers the lakers -- in lakers aren't going files. And played pretty poorly overall this year's Laker teams ago and the era maybe there's a disarray and that team. Who knows and a you know from a perspective here who cares about them except for tonight. I would go get involved at 8 o'clock down here TB -- down the street from where we are virtually -- rightly so those of you were on the way to the game stop by here -- you know 730. I would planet Mikey show and two -- pregame show starts on the WB guys which reduce network also today. Obviously people talking steal and to this day. About the grunt thing could run gate you know he's appeared Davidson. And -- -- with -- shirt off I mean just -- of the duke. Is that he's 22 years old right. That's correct these -- -- young guy that's a big part of it Mike went through a stressful season he's out there haven't I don't care about that just doesn't look good when your. Deal with an ankle injury you're jumping up and down well I -- is supposed to see the guy. Crying in the corner you know -- opening -- -- whatever people to witness stand. You know -- -- -- 22 it's good deal more belongings and move -- -- -- to Wimbledon lost yes. He probably wasn't real happy about that maybe that's the reason yet so much to drink I don't know. But again once the season's over -- in his spare time I personally. -- if you and I or anybody else has a right to say you know what how -- shouldn't be paid. You know what you. It's shut down cry until the next season begins and is and we were still talking about sports here John right. That's right Mikey and I think I'm sure that the pain the ankle probably ease a little bit afternoon a few shots. Allies always works for me whenever my ankles stiffen up by who -- the shots you know and it worked wonders. -- out well we'll open up the phone number. I'm here for you folks out there won't talk about each and -- one of these issues. Or down -- the lakers importance in the world today or just bad mouth Kobe -- with all that 617 -- -- -- nine. 0850 total freedom opportunity 52550. Now I don't have a tech support John I suppose you might have -- I do. Of any good text command you -- your recent suicide because I don't have one aren't in August play well so far there's not much there's only there's only three up here yeah. One of them send a team. The theme to your show the opening -- idea that we've been here that this excuse that's OK it's only 27 seconds longer -- -- game. We can into that but in the meantime you know here we go Gasol -- and and -- -- he's one of my more -- Celtic. He did go lakers he's not. Really honestly as it as stacked up in the past. Now these Laker guys he's like you know third fourth fifth on the list of of lakers I don't care for which -- right at the very very tough. And we'll we'll see what happens. Tonight with -- and that the kind of the newly defined. Defense oriented. -- it's weird how they've been winning games -- with him winning a lot was at night at ten at nine out of ten Mike. Which is a damn good to. Run for these guys and I think it's five in a row from it is democracies nice extras that. So a lot of festivities going on down here a lot of beautiful. Beautiful people here -- hurt -- royalties that certainly includes the yeah. The waitresses like goodness they failed to report tonight so if you get a chance to stop down and say hello. We've got to see you in the meantime let's -- let's talk to some people some human beings up there we'll start with. Correct me if I'm wrong in this I pressed to write for a one for like one that are due to blunt okay so LP. On line to. Hello there. Hey -- -- -- but I'm jealous you're here in a rally and I'm gone armed might here all that up and yell at. -- And -- is little William wise to back. Obviously. -- worked aren't they are on the wires all. One large march down here the Laker game. Bobbie can -- I'm in charge are well and I'd be sitting down I mean a lot I'm with -- -- I'm Eric via. So you've got some thoughts on this this wrong party thing. -- and old alike. Plugging here -- simmons' -- yes arrogant old record and very. You think that old -- and open a new England and and all it in an eight out of my. Yeah. And she or. I have and you -- out -- -- -- -- about Rodney Harrison used HE HO HH and certainly that I don't know what he did after the loss the last Super Bowl the giants. Cuba you know but he wasn't much we can see much of him it's too bad Rodney Harrison's two was done HEH with a -- in the Super -- might have been there for that David Tyree catch that he -- it. I want you guys aren't -- either. I know I'd get you know the -- all of these these. Judging me it's great seeing you only one more and more warmly and when you make this ball. And this year you really don't want -- yeah they -- pretty -- Watching TV it -- -- -- and to have -- -- and -- the ball over like. To look at the weekend and then you know he's when he years all. And if you're and it -- well. You know -- you know maybe LB. It did Brady said -- -- that rather be here I'd be here and -- -- not be here at all and -- that's to a degree that's what you're saying here but let -- -- 22 years -- that's the -- -- that's what is -- because 32 so what if his way of cut loose after an entire football season win or -- -- to -- -- you know let him let him have -- fun right. I think he -- he earned it. I'm at public injured at that you don't lead and the equipment on -- -- Well I'll -- -- important as -- and all into the -- securities. Your record is here. I don't care. A bit out of. Parachute I. I might just do that like the look -- next step idea of people perhaps. Hey LB it's good to hear from you man every morning and on accorsi Hill Man Morning Show -- be your friend -- you have a great night -- will all right. It I love you god like -- Bailout now thanks I'll talk to you soon. Take care -- LB. You know who I think probably knows certainly about it winning and losing and about party. I think he's probably qualified speaker on both issues.

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