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Tom Brady, Patriots QB, reflects on his NFL journey, his excitment for Sunday, and what to expect from the Giants

Jan 30, 2012|

Patriots QB Tom Brady sits down with Dino and Gerry for a personal interview. Brady talks about getting older in the NFL, living out his childhood dreams, and what lessons he has learned that he will take with him in his fifth Super Bowl.

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Welcome back to -- and Callahan on a patriot Monday our conversation with Tom Brady has brought you by northeast electrical distributors. Brighten your day with electrical solution capabilities the constituents saving energy. And reducing cost and by auto trader -- -- brand spanking new cards and special offers side by side at auto trader dot com. And by Lexus of watered down to invite you to a new level of excellence. Conversation with a quarterback brought you abide Dunkin' Donuts according to our reward him. You're going to be asked a million questions probably 999000. Probably stupid all of this week you know stuff like -- boxers or briefs ginger or it will you marry me do what they're -- -- to -- we're gonna try to avoid most of that here today as we ramp up toward the super bull. I start with this I saw -- picture in the Paper front page of the Paper Serra high school. -- about the same little skinnier -- younger but -- -- And I'm wondering when that picture was taken -- and honor about the time that characteristic did you have any inkling that it would turn out like this for you. Certainly -- I I. Mean you have goals them in and things. As an athlete in in I was never you know the greatest athletes even -- throughout high school I was. There are so many other guys that were potential. You know division one caliber athlete you know and and I really didn't start growing in my body -- You know I was I was -- to work hard you know those price to inform parents. And to finally have the opportunity go to Michigan you know I was like the seventh and the depth chart I got there but. You know even that was a dream you know I'm -- and you know anything about mission and the helmet so to have a chance to go there and and -- your seventh on the depth chart now you know I know if I'd ever get an opportunity there filing an opportunity in my fourth year -- and -- -- -- -- there and then you play any on your -- -- a -- I -- a decent job and and no picture and then you're like man you know you don't get invited to the senior bowler. You know I played the shrine bowl which was. Gil Brandt was one of the guys do you know selected me that are so I always felt like I've always been had to work really hard Ford and there's always it's pretty cool about these days you know -- even. You know warming up and running across the field you know and I'm running next Chad Johnson India -- these kids were like fastest kids America. In their high school class that the best athletes on every team that probably ever played on and you know your mom warming up next those guys that they -- man at least that -- keep up with them a little bit you know so. We come along way -- -- I I have so much fun doing what I do it's. In every day is fun. From me when you told Bob Kraft is the best -- deal if you've ever made. Is that accurate exactly so what you said hey what did you mean to demean Obama start among that this team in the playoffs we're gonna win Super Bowl what did you mean we just. Yes Marta I wouldn't be as Smart as I don't think I said like I'm and I don't think I've ever say dad I thought I thought what I said was. You'll never regret picking -- You know and I think that was probably more along the lines of a what I thought I said. Be careful with this craft just keeps secrets she's hesitant secrets well Tom. And you know I've I've got such a good relation and -- him he's. I think the growth of our relationship over the last twelve years has been really important for me to. Have been a long way from home for long time you know might my home secretary of California might threat factors to look at the same house where I grew up. And you know I went to Michigan when I was seventeen so -- but only -- sent -- -- -- away for just pretty much as long as I've been home he's really been kind of a second father for me so. So it's Sarah -- looking forward you can see it is coming now looking back to where you are now in in quiet moments. Alone moments -- league -- -- of the room reading your contemplating you know what this has become. Did consider what you've accomplished in and how your life has turned out I mean do you ever sit back and think. And but look look at all the stuff have been able to do and accomplish and and play a five Super Bowls and all that give content. Like that I think I realize how fortunate I am. I don't. And don't take those things for granted -- -- I think because it's my life I don't go out look at what I've accomplished you know I think absent from a locker talking McKeon -- his locker mate. We're like can you believe this I can news. And I don't think is that that you can ever imagine that you. You hope for the best you know and you work hard for it and if you get the opportunities a lot of things he'd come together for to make it to this -- you look at the Packers this -- that. It's hard to get to this game it's in to do it five times like. I think that's gets crazy and I guess it's you you don't take for granted I think the best part is you appreciate all the relationships you forge like. There Willie McGinest text yesterday like dells that my Big Brother like -- a California guy like I came here. You know I looked up to Willie and now you know he's like hey can I sit down and talk -- for five minutes. You know on on Tuesday so those are things that -- mattered most. No I know what you're gonna resist answering this question we're gonna try to drag this out you -- you don't wanna select and complain everybody all seven billion people on the planet look at your life everything -- wife and Monday and fame and fortune and lettuce as the analyst sort of stuff and -- nobody on the planet has a better life than Tom -- I would say most people would say that -- -- at what is the downside. What's the what's the pain in the ass about B and Tom Brady bill and as you also look at competitor you identify -- Died I don't I don't think that. I don't think I look at things like I don't think man you know this author. I think like any human being you have your moments you know and I mean I'm buddy -- myself now that I've ever been and I really don't do anything these days it's. I think that part is a little bothersome -- like I wish I could be -- to be social and is probably more challenging me. Soup for me now than it's ever been because I'm never really in social environments and kind of in the locker room in a moment how's that people wanna see new -- they come in my house my. Probably even 67 years ago Friday night becoming a town where he has wanna go to dinner votes go to -- you know even Luis -- -- state I don't need to do that now which. You know I think I. I don't have as much energy as I used to to. I really feel like -- my energy for this team and I need to be emotional and to bring that it in by the end of the week I'm kind of spin. And I need to regroup for the game because that's how I play the game and after game exhausted like you know a -- change if we win the game right. I have all my best friends you know they're likely come over him like no -- marketed -- an -- -- and I -- I wish there was a part of -- -- felt like. I could be a little more social going to go to vote you know so that game which I'd love to do but. To me it it ends up being more of an energy drain then some -- really. Is that because of the recognize ability factor -- you would walk and a straight -- waterfront. And try to have a meal just because they're going to be chaos well I I feel like that you know if if people get the opportunity to come up to me in in in introduce themselves to me. I wanna -- you know I want them to walk away feeling you know what like those nice experience and I think there's -- don't have that energy he would be. Put on a face for a fair -- great like -- I sucked in this game I wanna go out there and like you know shake hands and saying you know I just wanted to go home in. And really be myself and I think the place for can be myself with at home with my family and my friends and that's probably where I'm most comfortable. You you met the Pope don't want them and you met the president you've met all kinds of sports stars is there anything that impresses you now I mean I'm gonna view on the cover Sports Illustrated. And you probably that doesn't mean much to you and immortal as you look at that say Campbell -- Monica roadside. And retired by every time every time I I get the chills just you know is if you put out by. Nice to hear those covers off and put him up on my wall you know why. It's pretty unbelievable thing to to see that Internet thing and like there's kids that are terror and those -- put them on their Waldman. You know that's why I feel I think a big responsibility. In terms of an athlete to. To represent yourself in a certain way because you you really are lucky and and it doesn't mean you have to go lighter weight every single day to make people's. Lives and experiences better because there it just means you know you are blessed and we have the opportunity to share. You know certain things to some kids are some of those schools are so you know it's it's really great things -- you can view them against. We know you weren't happy with those paparazzi waiting mean no shortage gunmen take a -- but. If you -- a -- pushed over the -- duplicate really annoyed some aspect of being Tom Brady. Other than on the field you know surprising -- this stuff on the field there. Off the field. I try to you know much -- -- like -- stress like I try to do a better job managing my stress and and because. And that Lex had like he did of the week you don't really want to ask me for a lot of favors -- on a Friday -- work. You know it -- I didn't feel like the last three weeks are really been. A little bit worn down so. You know you gotta find waste or groups I don't you know like if -- cut you off on the road on I don't get pissed off you know -- price drive slower now than ever used to -- I think a lot of those things don't really pissed me off it's hard to give me this. You talked about when you're younger tearing the cover off and hang them on the wall if we're walking to Tom -- else would we know what your house is there an eagle room -- -- trophy -- there pictures of you playing football or would we not know that your place. Well in my house in my permanent Bosnian you'd you would know yeah I don't have a ton of stuff I have a little like the TV room. And I haven't the Super Bowl MVP trophies and then like some shoes from the Super Bowl are really cool and like LeBron James gave -- issue once I've you know have that in there and that's some cool little sports memorabilia things looked like I get like when I got to play golf with President Clinton and President Bush come up in Maine had a great pitcher Jim Nantz said. You know we all -- to have back a picture of me west working out together. I heard we knew when -- soldier last place closing the deal -- to sign an autograph tell what the guy who were close on the deal and accurate into. That's developer just saying we regret the guys held up by your place that I was critical of the every day and -- that the fact that hey you. Now you've seen that the film watch tape do you really think you sucked that bad against the ravens was it that that. I think there were two plays that that I wish I had back in the two interceptions Eric that we can do great jobs or and in a paternal or hurt you mean there there's nothing in their core relates more to winning and turnover turnover ratio. And I think coach Belichick said when you're when you're minus two and turn over your 17% chance of winning in the playoffs. So when you think about that you pretty much -- -- you know it's like me and yeah we won but. It's it's not gonna happen you know 70% of the time so it I'm responsible for that so when -- sit on the sideline you -- -- Baltimore. Go down the field. At the end of the game your thinking you know I. I blew this game for a you know because of those two plays and when the team. Every fan and every player on this team every spam of the patriots you know when you hold that football. You hold the hopes of every single person. You know of winning the game with with that ball and into turn over to play carelessly with that is not something that you know pretty hard on myself. Everybody in the country who could spell the word football is gonna analyze and dissect the Super Bowl coming up we have Herman Edwards -- Cheney's and Dennis and Callahan and all these people. And it struck me that everything we thought that was going to be true about the ravens game did not come to pass I mean generally accepted this that well if the offensive line. Protects -- like he did in the in the deep in the Denver game then you'll pick them apart have a -- day and all that sort of stuff and you can't turn the ball over what they -- protect you -- -- -- great day and it did turn the ball over and you didn't lose the football game there what's the one element beyond all the obvious stuff but all the analysts are now saying. Do you think it's critical to this game the one specific thing. The -- happen for this to go well. I think we've been in you know we've we had a budget we've been in eighteen games this year 9018 games this year and even a three losses have come down to last drive of the game our last suggesting that last drive of the game so. Mean will we work on the two minute drill in practice. I think offensively or defensively it's gonna come out. So whoever excuse bassinet last situation I think when he. And and the giants are pretty good at that so are we. So. I hope we of the ball you you I know I I'm guessing is an organization or as players you. Tired of the questions about the 08 Super Bowl giants the last matchup but if we -- -- One here. Most of knowing that you mention new England's hopes and dreams are not -- -- the ball most of New England work was convinced. That was W -- was no way in the pages. We're gonna lose to the -- that day where you guys convinced I mean not that's not a bad thing your company going and going in the game. -- you convinced that you were going ninety in known within the -- here. Sure I think we I don't think anybody thought that we would lose the game. Not because you know look we just throw helmets on the field for the patriots are -- and win because we thought we heard about their play. A great game and we played them. You know earlier that season and came down to basically 13 down conversion -- Kevin Faulk made on a third nine. Where I threw it he made a great catch -- -- catcher -- and we enough score on a drive at the interception on -- -- So. It comes down to 13 down conversion when you look at the last game that we played against these guys you know we're 25 in the red area there were. Three of five you know. We had one more third down conversion that game to you indicated they had one last -- they win here. So I think all those critical plays when you talk about you know the we have sixty to seventy offense played this game. Warner to place makes a difference and one or two plays made the difference. The last. We can't say you're better it's not possible can't be better than any -- you know and your offense that year was. The best NFL is overseen but in some ways you better you more equipped to take on the giants team and and and win this time. Well. Every every teams and every team's different I don't -- the giants listening to him I don't know where the same team better or worse that I think there's things that we were exceptional at that year that we've really learned from the guys are part of that team I think there's things work. Exceptional -- this year. Whether that amounts to you know who plays the best game you know -- from you know on -- on Sunday. Who -- and I think that's why. You're excited about the game. You talk about managing your stress levels and I'm wondering are there. Levels of anxiety pregame the change in other words. Will you feel differently five minutes before kick off in the Super Bowl for just five minutes before kick off when you're taking on the windows calls for example there are levels of anxiety. Well I I think there's there's probably. I think the Super Bowl is a little different you know animal authors. If for everybody else that has to rule I think for the players you know use the pregame warmup is there's a lot of people out there you know you're not part of the circus as you run in. You know quite a bit early in the neighboring all of you know the but the balloons and all that crap on the field where a -- -- getting ready to play halftime show we don't perceive that we don't see the commercials you know where their -- game. There's a lot that goes you know probably media day on that Tuesday is when it really sinks in for the guys that well okay we're in the super -- And at for the most part you want to prepare like it's a normal week you don't want you know mail exchange area because it's a simple notes there's a reason why we're here. Let's try to understand those things and end. Ultimately it's about playing your best game and in and that's about preparation that's about. Be confident which are doing. -- although things are important. Do do you hate the than the nervousness the butterflies and you probably use that good players use it like the night before big game with a day of the big game. When that feeling starts to take place you really dislike it. Comfortable -- it for me it's probably a stat of the night for the game it's probably. You know right before we run Elton. And I think the more prepared I am the less I feel. You know here and it costs are certainly be very prepared this week I feel like the Super Bowl has been you know I played for them and I feel pretty good at the start those games. I was feel like real pressure you know massive super ball pressure. Big big game pressure favors. Brady and Belichick just visceral thing I'll look you guys say. This is your time do you do you feel that way when the pressure's on I mean maybe. Not a -- every teammate when you look around the room when you look around your team you say. This this team is as good under these circumstances. I think we are I think the pressure's on us every day in practice in the meanings in the -- and I think it's a very. It's highly pressurized situation -- in so that when we get to those game situations. We feel like we're. Look where big used to you know it's like -- coach Belichick comes up to practice never -- kind of you know sharpens up au coach watch and he jokes. And at the beginning of the year. Then he'll say. Listen guys I'm gonna be at every game so you know. The idea being nervous because I'm out there. I'm gonna be shown up so I think he -- -- others there's pressure others anxiety users nerves. Part of being in this position and a lot of guys that you eat a lot of guys that played big time college football. You know aside from you know probably the rookies from the small schools this is this is. It's a huge game but we've been analyze each game is -- -- playing Sunday Night Football against the jets at the meadowlands that's pretty big game. You know I -- play in Baltimore Ravens and is he chipped it that's a pretty big games so. It's not going to be a whole lot different than that. You know the -- power play in terms of our nerves. I think guys are gonna settle of the game -- can be football game. It's well documented that when you have a bad or mediocre game in terms of passer rating interceptions lack of productivity your next game after that is generally off the charts give a theory as to whether this. I mean you go from the outhouse to the penthouse in the next game. -- I I hope I don't play too many bad games period you know within have you back to back it certainly could be I mean he could go out there are three interceptions this game. Sure hope and I don't. -- are working hard to concentrate on you know those things not happening. But you know. If if you do it by threw two interceptions in the first half. I better play pretty damn good in the second half. Did Tom Martinez helped you Monday after the FC championship game with with any information that use it and that's that works that's right -- correct -- -- we -- you know we talk quite a bit and he's got a great sense of you know my comfort how I feel. How the game's going and so forth. You know we worked hard throughout the season. You know nailed down my mechanics I feel recommend a good place -- can you share at all what he had to say to you reveal some little specifically -- told you Monday. To some of the techniques that we have that we've been working on -- and it's nothing that anybody would really understand. You know what's going thoughts that the thing that's what it is -- I mean I think that it's football throwing the football accurately is about. Mechanics and if you mechanically you're on sound the ball's not gonna go where you want to say the golf course so if you're loosen their golf saying. You're gonna you know the standard. Hope we stood on the fairway when you don't it but I think for me I wanna feel like I'm nail it down apparently. Every young guy goes to the Super Bowl like in his first or second year and doesn't go back is always expects as I thought it was going to be there every like Dan Marino in a second year he thought it was going to be an annual thing manned trip to the Super Bowl. You know what's 34 year old guy's been there five times do you think. Do you ever think when -- Prepare for this game this could be it this could make my last Super Bowl. Sure sure I thought about that you know the other day in the -- because we've been there for years and like I said last year we had a great team I thought we had a great team and we lose in the divisional round of the playoffs. Green Bay had a pretty damn good team this year you know and they lose in the division so. You can have a great team you need you need some things to go -- way to and ultimately -- of things we can rituals claimed it. So. I'm not taking this for grand -- join every second of it you know did the opportunity of playing this game to represented the patriots. Are ticket program. I'll bet you gronkowski. And spikes on they think you know we have very we have Belichick we get. We're going to be doing this hot in on this is not -- that. Special. They have to be thinking with this team to go whenever you're gonna tellem that's not that he's a picture and active we've already you know talked about that several times that. You know to take it there's the opportunity because you may never did it again on that subject what do you think Albert Haynesworth is thinking right now. Talking about missed opportunities. And I Jerri and yourself when you were him into play in this game there's I you I'd give anything to play this game in hand and it just didn't work out from over I think that's all -- actually great relationship with Albert and I was hoping he did great because that the best for the team. And it just didn't work out so. You know I feel good for Shaun Ellis you know play for the jets are all those years and not going anywhere and then comes for -- -- when here and play and I feel good for -- would movies and you know these guys have been around that that. You know look -- been on good teams but you know not a team that's the municipal. You know how much the winner sugars for this. Game. And we have to -- if you win how much money you get massive -- -- Some like you it's an amazing thing you -- make a lot more in the regular that he gets. 68 at 7000. It's up to 8088 down eighty but -- letters -- for the winners. Mean nothing them and the amazing thing is guys don't care. It means so much every no one ever says it's not a big deal I don't make that much money and make more in the regular season. You couldn't get to have enough and I felt. Her and it. -- -- For forty tickets that I buy all the hotel rooms and tickets -- a -- that money on this -- a loser that says is what 44 -- Gloria -- Final question for me should we expect to see something from deep deep deep in the playbook on Sunday something we haven't seen. At the edge that is just tells wouldn't share the -- you know we have word. Per game -- teams so. And we watch all the tape and what we think we. Get exposed authoritarian do so. That's a very good team they got a lot of strength I think that the you know that's why they're in this game they can cover. They can Russian. -- stop the run but we guess they're -- finally do it. I think we you know we're gonna. We're gonna have a lot of confidence in our game plan how many plays have we not seen there in the book generally immunity to talk and dozens were talking a hundred we talking five. The the playbook for us is massive yet massive man and there's things that aren't in our playbook that we end up front and -- You know things that from the beginning of the year. You know -- have evolved into what they are now and looked just looked really good we're complement that with this play and I think that's how he -- -- opt out we're gonna go hey look we've run this play you know fifty times earlier this formation let's. Do we get an example I mean that's you gotta give different looks so they can't. You know really doubt things up and -- And this and you're suns aren't old enough to the elect gronkowski you know appreciate this year the other building -- that. And rather stay at home a real immersed in home. -- into the conversation. Good luck on Super Bowl Sunday we'll foresee in the game and watch and -- -- -- our conversation with Tom brought you by northeast electrical distributors brighten your day -- electrical solution capabilities. The constituents saving energy and reducing costs and buy auto trader compare brand spanking new cars and special offers side by side and auto trader dot com. And my Lexus of watered down to invite you to a new level of excellence conversation with a quarterback brought to you by Dunkin' Donuts.

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